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Poptropica Froot Loops Sprinkles Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s another Froot Loops advertisement quest in Poptropica. In this mission, you must defeat the Witch Doctor, who has stolen the Froot Loops Sprinkles cereal in a series of mini-games. There are four different games to play and most of them are very easy. The only challenging one is the last one, where you need to hit him with a catapult while avoiding his shrinking magic. Here’s the video walkthrough of the entire quest.

When you complete the quest you’ll get two items. The first is a Witch Doctor Headdress and the second is the Froot Loops Sprinkle Dust.

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  1. The ad is fun but I don’t really like the prizes. I mean they’re okay, but not as great as others.

  2. Wow. Took her forever. Anyway got the prizes.

  3. I told the witch doctor I was in love with you. anyway at last the person who writes all the articles on here is trying to help someone who hasn’t finished.

  4. I didn’t know how to get across the falling bricks until I realized I could just run across it. I figured that out before the article. But it is great for people who haven’t that out.

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  7. i found a glitch on counter feit! in the underground hide out, right under the light bulb near the door, there is nothing there. but when you stand under the light bulb, you are standing on air! kinda like when you stand on air after you beat nabooti.

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  12. Hey i just got this item and i tryed it out. but can it be visible to other players when you use it on them??

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  18. Where do you find the Froot Loops Sprinkles Advertisement ?

  19. took me awhile. only at the last stage. finised this about 2 days ago

  20. i finised it without shrinking

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  22. i’ll try again. who likes wizards of waverly place?

  23. :mrgreen: thx. i won. but good luck super thunder and no name

  24. Hm, i put the witch doctor headdress on, but for some reason, it wont let me remove it! I dont know what to do, and it looks really silly when i put other costumes on top of it. Any help?

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  27. this ad isn’t here and there is a karate kid ad.