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Poptropica Froot Loops Advertisement Mission

Another week, another new advertisement mission on Poptropica. This one is only visible if your Poptropica character is aged 6 through 8 and I think it can only be seen on some of the Poptropica islands. I know for sure you can see it on Early Poptropica. This advertisement mission is very easy, but there are a few tricky parts. Here is a complete walkthrough of the mission.

The story is that a pirate named Black Beak stole all the color and you need to recover some treasure and a color laser. When you enter the cave, everything will be sepia toned (brownish) with no color. The first part of the mission is called Black Beak’s Cave. Go inside the cave and then walk to the right to enter the main game. There are a series of platforms that you need to jump up on while avoiding the pirates, who will knock you over. There are three grey platforms that you need to jump on to trap the pirates and clear the way for Toucan Sam and his friends. You also need to find the box of treasure and the Froot Loops color wand. You can only get to those after you block the waterfall with a boulder. It’s easy to do if you watch my video walkthrough!

Jump on the grey platforms to trap the bad guys

Jump on the grey platforms to trap the bad guys

After you reach the treasure chest, Toucan Sam and his friends will congratulate you and then tell you that you can use the wand to defend against the pirates who try to steal the treasure back. This starts a mini-game where you draw rainbow circles around the pirates to make them fall into the ground. Yeah, you read that right. I’m not making this up! Anyway, if you can keep the pirates away for 60 seconds, you win and you get a prize for completing the mission.

Push the boulder to block the waterfall

Push the boulder to block the waterfall

Found the treasure and the color laser!

Found the treasure and the color laser!

Reward Item: Froot Loops colors

When you finish the mission, you get an item called Froot Loops colors. It can be used on yourself or other characters in the game and it turns them red. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Not very exciting as far as prizes go.

Video Walkthrough

Here is the full video walkthrough of the Poptropica Froot Loops Mission. Please subscribe to my videos if you like them. Thank you!

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  1. If you look at the “color card”, you can select any of the SIX colors to paint a character. It is only temporary, and I haven’t tried it on “myself” (undo might be a problem).

  2. I have a question. How do you make circles? I have a ac and its immposible for me to make one.

  3. Whops. I meant mac.

  4. why can’t I find that place? I boaght some thing on the star but I don’t have bit!?

  5. How do I know how old my character is?

  6. that was a middle hard but i do like the part were gonna make a hole at those zombies and i like it when the color was back instead with no color and the reward was great because i color people!!!!!

  7. Like your videos? I love them! and one thing you forgot, if you “look” at the color card you can change the charcaters other colors like yellow, green and blue. There are six to choose from. Yeah I know it’s a late post.