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Poptropica Dragon Followers

There’s a new follower item in the store: dragons. When you purchase the dragon followers, you actually get three different dragons that you can use. There is a red dragon, a yellow dragon, and a blue dragon. Each one has it’s own special breath power. The red dragon breathes fire. The yellow dragon breathes a lot of smoke. The poor, sad looking blue dragon doesn’t breath at all–it just cries little blue tears. Awwww.

Here are some close-ups of the three different dragons.

Red Dragon

Poptropica Red Dragon Follower

The red dragon follower breathes fire.

Blue Dragon

Poptropica Blue Dragon Follower

The sad little blue dragon sheds tears.

Yellow Dragon

Poptropica Yellow Dragon Follower

The yellow dragon breathes white smoke.

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    I like the yellow one best!
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  2. The poor little blue dragon! So sad! *sob*

  3. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    I wonder what’s the blue’s problem.

  4. The little blue dragon seems kinda blue.

  5. Also, I accidentally bought this awhile ago. It’s not all that great.

  6. I actually like the fire breathing dragon best

  7. Fire breathing dragon go!

  8. the red one’s cute! 🙂 i wish i had it



  10. I want to have a Dragon Followers.

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  15. hey mighty bite! your costumes great…i love the dress!

  16. the red on is soooooooooooo cute<3 i just want it

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  18. hey how did you make that emoticon?

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  21. Esoteric Phoenix

    I like the yellow. He’s adorable!!! 😉

  22. White Dragon Girl

    The yellow dragon is ADORABLE!!! 😉

  23. Princess Middle East

    The Blue one is sooooooooooooooooo sad.*sobbing*

  24. Princess Middle East

    By the way nice picture silver moon!

  25. Too bad they don’t have a White Dragon. Haha, get it? White Dragon???
    They really should, right WDB? That, I would buy!!! 😉

  26. I also liked their other dragon sketches. They could have made a White Dragon with one of those… 😥

  27. 🙂

  28. To make the dragon exhale, you can click on the dragon! (It’s clickable)

  29. Silver Moon:
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  30. Polly the awesome girl

    hey! I have the dragon follower. It is right now on yellow! Go to avatar studio and type in Poptropicarocks4u! It’s the smoke breathing yellow dragon!

  31. It did not work!!!!!

  32. make a pink one that shoots hearts im a boy but this is just an Idea

  33. ughhh! i cant find the pink vest at alll! i can only find the blue one or the black one! ive been checking all of the chat rooms ! anyone know where i can find it ( without any credits ) ?

  34. Cool! I now know another face!!! :mrgreen:

  35. Hi How do you get that costume with the gold on it?????

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  41. I like the Red one. Its fat and cute! 😀

  42. Where do you get the golden pop star outfit?

  43. i got one i dont know haw to change the color

  44. i think ilike the yellow one the best

  45. All so cute! I have the classic followers and the Halloween ones, but not enough credits to buy these!

  46. Diana (White Moon )

    go to avatar studio and type in sandradee18 and look at my avatar I call her GADGET GIRL . (:

  47. Diana (White Moon )

    I might change my avatar so if it does not look like a gadget covered person I probably changed her.

  48. i have seen sum weerd followers

  49. i use the yellow dragon all time,his name is nick and my name is silver claw.