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Poptropica Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab Walkthrough

The new micro quest on Poptropica, Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab, was released. You can purchase the access card in the Poptropica store. It costs 250 credits, but if you are a paid member, you get it for free. It’s a short mission that is very much like the Race to Witch Mountain advertisement mission from last year. In fact, the whole idea and a lot of the background artwork is taken directly from that mission.

In this version, Dr. Hare has built a Rabbot suit for one of his evil plans and you need to steal it. The only way to open the case is to retrieve three colored access cards. If you can complete the mission, you’ll get a reward of 50 credits and you will be able to access and costumize the Rabbot suit. It’s a great deal if you’re a member since there’s no credit cost to do the mission. But if you’re not a member, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to do the whole mission for 250 credits only to win 50 at the end…especially if you already did the Race to Witch Mountain advertisement mission last year.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Talking to scientist in Poptropica

Um, nice eyepatch, dude.

When you first arrive at the mission, run to the right and jump up the ledges. You’ll see a metal door underneath a sign with Dr. Hare’s rabbit logo. Click on it to enter. Once you’re inside, run to the right and jump across the moving platform. Leap to the right and you’ll land on a platform with a guy wearing a pink labcoat and pink eyepatch. Talk to him to learn more about this mission and what you need to do.

Next, drop down to the level below and then click on the huge red doors to enter the second room in the secret lab. This is where you will try to get the three colored access cards you need to unlock the case that holds the Rabbot suit.

When you arrive inside the next room, walk to the right and then wait for the yellow electric beam to pause. Then jump to the right and go down. There is a brown crate on the platform below you. Push it to the right so that it drops down and lands on the same platform as the blue gateway switch button. Then push it to the left until it covers the button. This will unlock the barrier to the blue access card, which you’ll get a little later.

Poptropica Hiding Behind Carrot Crate

You can't see me hiding behind these carrots!

Next, jump up a few platforms and get onto the moving platform that travels up and down. There is another crate on this moving platform. Wait until you see the platform with another gateway switch to the right and then push this crate onto it. Keep pushing it all the way to the right until it covers the red button. Now wait for the moving platform to return, and jump onto it. Run or jump immediately to the left and then stand behind the crate of carrots so that the guard who is patrolling here won’t be able to see you. Wait for both the guard on this platform and the one above to pass and then quickly leap up to the next platform and then do a long jump up and to the right to land on the platform with the red card. Walk over to the card to pick it up.

Jump back down and hide behind the carrots again and wait once more for the guards to pass. Now jump up two platforms and then wait for the electric beam to pause so you can run through it. Run to the left and jump down (watch out for the guard) and there will be another moving platform with a crate on it. Ride this platform until you see another gateway switch sign on the platform to your left. Push the crate onto this platform and then push it all the way to the wall so that it covers the purple button.

Jump back onto the moving platform and ride it all the way to the top. Grab the purple key card from the platform on the top left and then jump all the way down near the bottom. You’ll see the blue access card on one of the platforms below. Go pick it up and you’ve got all three cards! Move to the right and wait for the moving platform here. Ride it up and then head right and back on the platforms to return to the entry door. Go through it to return to the first room.

Now just ride the big moving platform up a level and go back to where the scientist and the rabbot suit are. Click on the case holding the suit and it will open. The scientist will thank you for helping. Your reward will be 50 credits and you can costumize the rabbot suit.

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  1. i agree with kk

  2. Fun quest, but total ripoff. At the end the scientist just said I could customize the Rabbot suit and I didn’t get my credits. It took me about five minutes to do and hours/days to earn credits for it from completing islands. I do not recommend it.

  3. Green star, same thing happened to me! AND IT NEVER EVEN SAVES MY PROGRESS ON THIS!!!

  4. i got credits at the end but it still wasnt worth it
    btw go to super power if you beat it and if you go there you can still fly
    really helps

  5. yeah i know i was in super power then i went to that and i got the flying powers still it was awesome.

  6. i know its a total rip of thou i didn’t even get the 50 credits!

  7. Give me my 50 credits for beating that gold card thingy!

  8. Anyone know the next island coming out after Wimpy Wonderland? Need a new one to beat.

  9. red dragon is cpming soon for early access members

  10. michelle poptropica

    i think red dragon island is going to be awesome i play a sumo round when it was free to go

  11. this island is super easy.



  14. I never got credits from it. CARROTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Golden Dragon

  15. It never saves progress! I FREAKIN’ HATE IT!
    But some good comes out of it…
    You know how you can’t Customize Sir Rebral’s beard, even though you want to put together a full costume?
    Well, Customize the glitch-man’s beard. Believe it or not, it’s the same as Sir Rebral’s beard!
    Now you can put together the whole costume!
    1. Get Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab card from Store.
    2. Customize glitch-man’s beard.
    3. Exit.
    4. Go to Super POWer Island.
    5. (Defeat Sir Rebral if you haven’t and) Customize as Sir Rebral [everything that you can].
    6. Get Colorizer card from Store (or go to 24 Carrot Island and inside the “Carrot King”).
    7. (Mix colors to make Sir Rebral’s beard color if in Carrot King or) set colors to Sir Rebral’s beard color [Might take you a few tries to get it, though I did it in one].
    8. Click on my name or go to Avatar Studio (it’s free) and type in PizzaMan1321 to see how it looks on a Poptropican.
    9. If you’ve followed the guidelines correctly, then you’re now Sir Rebral, ready to wreak havoc in Poptropica!

  16. And, yes, I know that I’ve used a lot of parenthases ( () ).

  17. Lab is free now.
    PS press spacebar when wearing rabbot suit and electricity zaps in between the ears.

  18. BTW guys, click on me (next to the words) and you will be in poptropica.com!!!!

  19. There’re no more credits as a reward! D:

  20. Everyone, this island is now FREE. Yay, cos I just saw and got it. However, on my other account, I bought it and total waste. No credits at the end… WTF

  21. it wont let me put on the suit…. how do you do it??????

  22. now you can get dr.hare’s lab for free!

  23. I tried this today , It won’t let me customize it:/ And I never even got the 50 Credits!D: Waste of time :/

  24. I always get caught. Boring.

  25. some one plz help me my name is mo1458 and my pass word is nolikes plz p[lz plz plz plz pllllllzzz help me



  28. I got the credits!
    I completed it today

  29. why i dont get any creddit

  30. I found a glitch: go to super power island after you get the ability to fly. come here. You don’t need to open the gateways. you just need to fly over the barriers.