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Poptropica Costumizer

Using the Costumizer in Poptropica

One of the coolest tools in Poptropica is the Costumizer. It’s really simple to use but many people don’t even know it’s there. What does the costumizer do? It lets you instantly wear any costume you see another character wearing in game. In just seconds, you can wear just about any outfit you want in Poptropica!

Here’s how to use it. First, go find the character you want to look like in the game. For example, let’s say you want to look like the airplane pilot from Nabooti Island. Walk up next to that character in the game and then click on the Costumizer icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. The costumizer is the green t-shirt next to the map. Then click on the character you want to look like.


Next you will see a screen that shows you and the other character. Click on any clothing item on the other character to wear it and click on any clothing item on you to remove it. You can copy the entire costume of the other character or just mix and match until you get something you like.


The best part is that you can wear any outfit worn by another character in Poptropica. It’s really cool to wear the costumes that you see other special or rare characters have, like Mordred from Astro-Knights or Betty Jetty from Superpower Island. If you’re feeling really creative, you can come up with some great combinations that no one has seen before.

If you have credits from finishing the islands or you have bought some, you can use these in the store to buy costumes there and then combine them with ones you find on other characters in the game.

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  1. that thing is what i have!i already beat it!it was easy!

  2. i mean i know that sorry.

  3. i already know but how do you d modred it is wierd

  4. How do you get through the Giza island in Nabooti?I can’t get through it,it’s hard to jump up on the blocks in the sphinx.I keep falling,help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. this site was awesome

  6. i thick it is realy cool to be able to do that

  7. i know that too, but i only defaeted 2 island’s and i can’t purchase any because i don’t have a credit card of course

  8. hi my name is chava and i beat every island so just give me your username and password oh ya i beat early poptropica shark thooh and time tangeled 24 carrot super power spy nabooti bignate astronights thats the islands i beat but if reality tv island early asses come can you puchas credist thank you my username is loop917 password12345

  9. hi im chava agian i know poptropica cense december 2008

  10. lol i dont know how to do nabooti island and i dont get anything there and also i dont know how to do big nate

  11. i knew that already everybody knows

  12. Hey time tangeled is very hard please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.First go to super power island on your map super power is the in the middle of your map and click on it then youll be there.
    2.Then go to the comic shop and go in and talk to the guy with the freckles,the big glasses and the bowtie he will give you a comic book that he made himself.
    3.Then go to the maskes and capes shop go in and pick out any costume now talk to the guy with the pink shirt and he’ll give you your own superhero id card.
    TO BE CONTINUIED…………………………………………….

    4.Then go to downtown when you get there go in the bank and go right and click on the up arrow then a eleovator will come down then go left and you’ll find copycat.

    TO BE COUNTINUIED………………………………………………………………………..

  15. i already new it existed.duh.

  16. When i steel didn’t know the store i was using the costumizer

  17. This is so cool I got the princess costume (I think it comes from Astro-Knights)!

  18. sunny are you aboy or agirl p.s. duh it comes from astro knights

  19. its really super cool!!!
    easy peasy simple pimple

  20. I love the customizer!! I use it evrey time I’m on.

  21. I’ll beat a few islands than put my info (username and password) out there for ya.

  22. I have beat early poptropica, big nate, super hero, shark tooth, time tangled, and 24 carrot. I’ve also beat Dr. Hare’s secret lab. i did some of these on diffrent accounts.

  23. Thanks! I kept pressing the green T-Shirt, then I pressed the text saying “Select A Character” instead of clicking on that SPECIFIC character!

  24. I use the cutomizer all the time in places like the soda shop, the hair club, and party time tower. You caan’t get clothes from somebody if you need it for part of a certain island or they bought it frfom the store.

  25. ive alredy beat all the islands on poptropica but not mythology island case it hasnt com out yet

  26. lol. i named my mechanical owl Beanie! lol

  27. sweet exept 1 thing it wont let u costmize store cotumes

  28. lol! i just noticed somthing u can print the message decoder in spy island

  29. To PeyPey and evryone else that struggles on nabooti island
    To do the blocks in Giza, first go on the white blocks then hop on the 1 that looks like a person then the 1 with the water under a circle and then the 1 with the bird and cane, then finally the 1 with the eyeball

  30. 2 do hard islands go 2 youtube and put,for instance,Time Tangled Island walkthrough
    it will show u how to do it o yeah

  31. how do you get into the dungeon in astro knights.

  32. All of you are weak!!!! joke 🙂

  33. by the jars , you’l see a rope. go down. walk to hthe left you’ll seea a sign with the code, go back up and jump on the brick in the coded order

  34. (that’s for the bricks)

  35. Hey!!! in super power island I change my outfit to wear a super hero costume, but then I went to other island, and then I couldn’t change my outfit to my original clothes. Do you know how can I take off that super hero costume?? or I’m just condemned to stay like that forever???

  36. i have done every island it was hard but easy at the same time but i have not did the new island that is coming out on the 17

  37. if u need help for an island why not google it,or look it up on youtube duh :p

  38. Well sandy you’re doomed! i’m just joking you just need to go into a room that has other player and copy their clothes but you will never have you’re old clothes.

  39. on poptropica everybody has no heads it is verry freaky and wierdand this popular dolpin and wierd stuff on poptropica by.

  40. Oh, yeah, I saw that glitch.
    Chava, you don’t need to brag about beating alot of islands, Fierce Moon has walkthroughs, so you’re really just trying to get people to reveal their account info.