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Poptropica Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Returns

There’s a new installment of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs mission in Poptropica. This September, there was an advertisement mission for the release of the movie in theaters. Now the movie is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray so there’s another advertisement. The mission is new and so are the rewards. Your Poptropica character needs to be between 6 and 11 years to see the mission, which is in the Main Street area of some of the islands (try Super Power island).

This advertisement mission is very quick and easy to do. To start, go inside the building and talk to Flint. He’s the guy with the messy brown hair and wearing the white lab coat. He’ll tell you to take the helicopter to retrieve his invention on top of an ice cream mountain. The helicopter is located above you and to the left. Just jump up on the platforms (or fly if you have that super power!) and you’ll see it. Click on the helicopter to be transported away to ice cream mountain. Then all you need to do is jump up and get the invention. Then jump down and click on the pink spoon.

Next a mini-game will launch where you need to avoid falling food and jump over food obstacles on the slopes of ice cream mountain while you zoom down using the pink spoon as a sled. You need to survive for 60 seconds and have three lives.

The rewards for completing the mission are two new costumes, the Sugar Cone Outfit and the Spaghetti Outfit.

The spaghetti outfit in Poptropica

The sugar cone outfit in Poptropica.

Here’s the full walkthrough in video:

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  6. And ‘HELP!!!!!’ I found it in Spy Island.

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  8. in spy island to the eye glass store an do the opasite then go upstairs open the door and get the suit be inviseval go to where the B.A.D people are then open the door up then get the spy then he will give you a laser pen and something to help then go to the B.A.D house go at the top of the house click the block cut it with your laser pen get inside and get the guy he will give you a swinging tie get in the roof top swing with your tie right and swing right again swing up and swing left go inside get the cheery bomb and bomb the cage she will give you goggles put it so the side from town at the very left the lasers will be gone but it will come back you need to be a chef and get the fingerprint when you find the door put the fingerprint it will open get all the way up click the keybord thing you will be traped ditector.d came you type laser.click enter.type hair.click enter type removal and i am done you can figer out the rest to earn the bage


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  47. Silver Heart your name is awesome! Is that the name of first character you created?

  48. No its my warrior name its a book series called warriors heres more info go to http://www.warriorcats.com and you can see w name is just for fun and thanx.

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  96. no and like the answers are circles. and u have to mark them

  97. Dizzywood is just an online game but it’s not as good as Poptropica because it has membership and if you don’t buy it with real world money you won’t be able to get many things (like furnitures or clothes). But if you’re interested, the link is http://www.dizzywood.com

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  111. Then you just have to log into Dizzywood then type something in the chatbar at the bottom and click send, then paste my email into the blank box and click the ‘Change Address and Send Activation Email’ button

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    Oh and by the way, can you speak French?

  124. nope sorry do u? i speak spanish. btw go to the warrior web site and go to the message board thing and u can log in if u want i dont cause once again i need a e mail. then go to the books and clik on omen of the stars and see if u find one story that u like . some of them have fan fic on them then tell me which one u like.( well if u still go there. do u want the web site? )

    silver x breeze ( my mate)

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    silver x breeze

  130. up date : in on poptropica now insuper power island in the news paper thing im ruogh cheetah

  131. Oh. But won’t it be better if we could chat in another place…? Like Dizzywood, for example because you can speak anything you want…

  132. Or SmallWorlds. You need an email to sign up (but you can put a fake one, it doesn’t matter) and although you need to be 13, you’re already 12…
    Please tell me wheather you’d like to sign up or not.

  133. But if you’re lucky maybe you CAN meet me in Poptropica I’m Silver Sky and like to hang out at the Soda Pop Shop

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  135. Oh I forgot it’s another online game but when you’re chatting you can tape numbers and symbols but I can’t do this on other online games.

  136. I forgot again, to give you the link.

  137. To sign up just click Join Now and scroll up to click the small, black ‘World’ button

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    silver x breeze = 4eva

  140. oh and its the warriors message board go there it on the top left hand corner of the warrior wedsite ( www. warriorcats.com ) heres the site if u forgot. sign up so we can also chat there. 🙂

    silver x breeze= 4 eva

  141. ok can u do me a favor sunny? go to ur e mail adress sunny@3837970.qq.com and click on a link that says warriors or something like that then it says some thing click on a button that says activate tell me if some thing goes wrong ill try to see what it is. thanx sunny

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    Oops. Sorry. How come I begin to type Chinese!
    And I told you, remember this: You CAN use a fake one to play SmallWorlds, because you don’t need to activate your account!

  151. 你觉得我很像一个中国女孩吗?

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  154. sunny:) if i dont respond 2 dayill respond 2marrow i log off at 8

  155. l8er ill write a story 2marrow

  156. Story? Story?? I have stories but no one reads them! Do you want to be the first reader?

  157. heres the begining:

    All alone in a lonely night a girl named silvermoon ( al most me!!!!) was walking all alone in the forest where she lived. Silvermoon was an adventureous girl. she loved to be outside.
    tell me if u like so i can post some somewhere else. 🙂

  158. Somewhere else, eh? Hmm…I don’t think I got anywhere else for you and me to post stories…just post them here. 😀
    Oh and would you read my story?

  159. Anyway, I learn how to use these smileys here:

  160. sure heres the actual begining of my ACTUAL story 🙂 :

    “please,” begged a dark ginger she-cat. “Please give me anotherchance. I promise i wont lie any more”
    ” No! you lied , you couldnt trust me to keep your secret a long with your sisters” growled a brown tabby tom.
    ” i couldnt tell you I promosed her I wouldnt tell anyone.”she said.
    “well you could have at least told me. I loved you but now what dose it matter? Keeping secrets like this isnt like you!” he said
    ” But ple- ” she paused as a brown she-cat with white paws came. “I have to go.” she said sadlyas she ran along with the white pawed cat, as they went from the clan forever.

    like i can write more if u want. that last part is sad 🙁

  161. nd i would love to here ur storys

  162. chp.1 is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  163. Ok, ok…I should post the first chapter because they are so long! The story name is ‘The Tale of Three Flowers’

    A Special Visit

    I’m still a girl of the age of thirteen, but I’m always bored. One day, when I was walking on the Twilight Lane’s street in Golden Valley, I bumped into a girl. I was about to say ‘sorry’ when she speaks first. “Oh hi!” she said happily. Her voice is like the ringing of bells on the snow sleigh. “If you have time, maybe you can pay us a visit.” She added.
    Since I’m always happy to find something new to do, I followed her to a rather-small house. ‘72663-D Twilight Lane, Golden Valley’ a sign above the door says. The girl took out a key and opens the door. I entered, and found myself in a living room with lots of gadgets, toys and other stuff. “This way.” The girl said, opening a white door.
    This time, I was in a neat bedroom, and sitting on the bed is another girl. “Oh! I can see you’ve bought another visitor. Please sit.” She said.
    The girls introduced themselves. “I’m Rose.” The girl who took me in said.
    “I’m Lily, Rose’s sister.”
    “Oh…so you two are sisters?”
    After looking around, Lily said, “Would you like to hear a story?”
    “What type of story?”
    “This is a true story of me and my sister exploring.”
    “I’d like to hear it.”

  164. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jim

    “It begins on a plain, dark, and cold night of November the 12th, 2000. Up there on a hill, there settled a small village. In Wonder Street 23, there lived a couple named Sarah Mahima and Jim Salinger. Today they are taking a walk in their garden and Aunt Sarah thought she saw a dark shadow near their Front Door. She rushed to it but the shadow disappeared, and there’s a basket on the doorstep. Aunt Sarah lifted the cover, and was surprised to find a baby in the basket (that’s me and I’m only one year old at that time). There’s also a note in the basket. It read:

    Please, adopt her and don’t tell anyone except the members of your family.

    Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jim did adopt me, but they’re always wondering who really I am, and where do I come from. But they didn’t find out. So they called me Angelina Salinger and I’m still keeping that name.
    They treated me like my mother and father, and didn’t speak of this until I’m seven years old. I was shocked when I heard it, but, still, stayed because I don’t have anywhere else to go to.

  165. oh thats good heres chp.1:
    brambleclaws pov
    many moons ( monthes) has passed since thunderclans darkest secrets were reviled (spelling)
    “has anyone seen squirrelflight or leafpool?” asked firestar father of the 2.
    ” no!” he wispered ‘she HAS left the clan forever!’
    “brambleclaw , have u seen them?” firestar said , breaking his thoughts.
    “yes firestar i have after the gathering she left the clan forever thats what she told me leafpool went with her.”he explained.
    “no she cant” yowled sandstorm their mother “why would she do that. if she thinkswe wouldnt want them any morethen they thought wrong.we need them more than ever!”
    ‘ill miss u, but why did u leave me!’ brambleclaw thought.

    sad 🙁

  166. oh my storys name is:


  167. Hmm…good story name. 😀

  168. The Dream

    In Thursday, March 11th, 2010, when I was playing in the park at five o’ clock, a big chest falls from nowhere and nearly hit me. It opens (more likely to be brakes) once it landed and things inside it splashed everywhere, which are knifes, forks, and other things with sharp ends. One of the knifes hit my left arm and the cut went in deep. I cried out in pain and took the knife out, but my cut is still bleeding. I looked around, but nobody seems to notice a huge chest has just nearly fall on a little girl. Puzzled, I went home and Aunt Sarah said it’s ok and just need a few band-aids.
    At that very night, I had a strange dream: I was running in a wild forest with no leaves. I don’t know where I’m going, but I kept running and when I came to a huge tree, I stopped. It seems I’m waiting for someone, and indeed I am. After a few minutes a woman appears in front of me, and I immediately recognized her as my school’s science teacher, Miss Honde. But she seems to be a bit different.
    “Angelina…” she said. “There’s someone in somewhere that needs your help…” She waves at the lowest tree bench of the huge tree, and two flowers grew out. The colors of them are Blue and Green. She picked them off, stuffs them in my hand, and said, “Use the Blue and Green one to get to your destinations and meet the people that need your help…go! Go! And don’t come back!” She shouted, her voice echoed around the forest, it echoed around my mind, I begin going backwards as though a blast of strong wind has got hold of me. “Unless…” she said. “Unless…unless…unless…” Her voice had become a murmur, and suddenly I can’t hear her anymore, and I’m on my bed, clutching the three flowers.

  169. Oops sorry I mean…

    The Dream

    In Thursday, March 11th, 2010, when I was playing in the park at five o’ clock, a big chest falls from nowhere and nearly hit me. It opens (more likely to be brakes) once it landed and things inside it splashed everywhere, which are knifes, forks, and other things with sharp ends. One of the knifes hit my left arm and the cut went in deep. I cried out in pain and took the knife out, but my cut is still bleeding. I looked around, but nobody seems to notice a huge chest has just nearly fall on a little girl. Puzzled, I went home and Aunt Sarah said it’s ok and just need a few band-aids.
    At that very night, I had a strange dream: I was running in a wild forest with no leaves. I don’t know where I’m going, but I kept running and when I came to a huge tree, I stopped. It seems I’m waiting for someone, and indeed I am. After a few minutes a woman appears in front of me, and I immediately recognized her as my school’s science teacher, Miss Honde. But she seems to be a bit different.
    “Angelina…” she said. “There’s someone in somewhere that needs your help…” She waves at the lowest tree bench of the huge tree, and two flowers grew out. The colors of them are Blue and Green. She picked them off, stuffs them in my hand, and said, “Use the Blue and Green one to get to your destinations and meet the people that need your help…go! Go! And don’t come back!” She shouted, her voice echoed around the forest, it echoed around my mind, I begin going backwards as though a blast of strong wind has got hold of me. “Unless…” she said. “Unless…unless…unless…” Her voice had become a murmur, and suddenly I can’t hear her anymore, and I’m on my bed, clutching the two flowers.

  170. hmmmm very good hers next chapter:
    squirrelflight pov
    her paws acked of running all the way from the island to windclan territory. leafpool knew the way to a place where they could live together. they both knew that this time would come.now they left thunderclan forever! with out no one knowing where they are.
    ‘so this is it no more forest no more boarders no more family no more brambleclaw’she thought. “leafpool are we almost there?”
    “almost just cross the moor and we’re there.”
    squirrelflight kept running until they reached the cave. she went to sleep her dreams were filled with brambleclaw.


  171. ill writh moer 2 marrow good night

  172. Oh good night but me here is good afternoon (16:36). 😀
    I haven’t wrote much of this story, although I still have a few chapters. I’ll post them tomorrow!

  173. Miss Honde’s Hint

    It cannot be a dream, because the three flowers are right in my hand! Just then, I noticed a few handwritten papers on my desk. I pick them up and they read:

    Blue Flower:

    Green Flower:

    1p 2d

    It’s Miss Honde’s handwriting.
    I stood there, shocked. “1p, 2d…what could that mean?”
    After a few minutes I noticed it. “That’s it! The Blue flower’s destination must be Poptropica, and the Green flower’s should be Dizzywood! Last, 1p, 2d must mean I should visit Poptropica first! But how should I do it?”
    After breakfast my mind is clear: The thing I should do must be holding the flower, and then wishing I’ll be there! Without hesitating, I picked up the Blue one, took a deep breath, and said, “I wish to be in Poptropica.”

  174. Your story is great too

  175. thanks i had to go to a easter party with my family i just came back 🙂 ill write more :
    brambleclaw pov
    the day passed as squirrelflight left the clans he had an uneasy sleep. with squirrelflight in all his dreams.”squirrelflight please come back home i promise to never be mad at u”
    “i cant, if i could i would never leave leafpool if u convince her to come back ill come back as well”she said” besides i thought u didnt want me back”
    ” i do im so sorry. i do love u very much. please come back i miss u”
    “then come with me cross the moor and u’ll see a caveill be inside waiting 4 u”she said
    “okay ill be there”

  176. oh sunny do u know how to pass astroknights island?

  177. Yes I beat it on four accounts

  178. can u help me pass it im almost done just to defiet (spelling) the guy that holds the princess captive. can u do it for me i keep trying and i lose?

  179. Well, that one is pretty hard to beat for me too, but it’s ok. Maybe I can do it for you…

  180. That’s ok. 😀

  181. great heres my user its lunao5 my password is camacho thats my last name. :p oh and change any thing i already lost one of my characters. k? and tell me before u go in. u r the only one i trust to go in.

  182. sorry dont change any thing thats wat i mean

  183. ok im off the door is open. *steps a side for sunny* oh and don t buyanything im saving it


  184. Oh ok I’ll try to beat it for you this evening today is Tuesday and I need to study until five o’ clock in the afternoon

  185. To view the China time you can use this link:

  186. Although I’m born in Beijing I’m in Shenzhen right now

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    plus 1

  188. Oh…you’re welcome Silverheart! 😛 I’m just hoping there won’t be anyone that change your password, because I don’t have time right now.

  189. In Poptropica

    Suddenly, my surroundings fall back!
    It seems I was stuffed into a gigantic glass pipe and soon I was flying (at least I thought so) within it! The pipe was transparent so I looked out and saw two planets with something like two steel ropes on them. I looked down and saw the earth…but it’s getting smaller and smaller and smaller…I become very sleepy and fall asleep.
    When I woke up, I was laying in a basket, which I quickly noticed that it’s my Poptropica Blimp! I felt a long, brown hair behind my shoulder, and a pink hair clip was just cutting across them. I was wearing a white shirt with a purple flower on it and a purple skirt. I have a white coat and also a chunk of hair that covers up half of my right eye! But I was so busy examining myself that I hardly noticed that my Blimp basket was growing! And it’s not only the room, Furnitures had begun to grow out, too! When it’s about as big as a house it stopped. I explored the place and found out that it has a bedroom, a bathroom, a computer room, a storeroom, a changing room (with clothes I used to wear in real world in the wardrobe), a balcony (with a hole and a rope leading to the ground), a living room, a reading room (must have hundreds of books)…I forgot the rest. It seems that this has begun to turn into my home!
    Suddenly I thought of a problem. “Won’t the Blimp basket look oversized from the ground?” so I went to the balcony and climbed down the rope I noticed earlier and to the ground.

  190. Ok it’s 17:21 and I’m going

  191. I beat it. Hoof!
    Anyway, I recommand you change your password IMMEDIATELY after you’ve seen this comment for more safety.

  192. oh thank u so much sunny !!!!!! if u need any thing at all from me just ask. u get 11 smileys:
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    plus 1



  194. You mean my character on Poptropica? Um…just open up the Avatar Studio and type ‘Sky4202’

  195. OMG sunny where did u get the outfit


  196. I think the outfit is from Mythology Island and I copied it down in the Soda Pop Ship using the Costumizer 😛

  197. Oops sorry I mean the Soda Pop Shop

  198. Silver Sky is my favorite character. My second favorite one is Barefoot Bird (Sunny4030)



  200. Lost it, eh? How did you lose it?

  201. Oh and did you change your password?

  202. on the account that i told u no. i keep it the same. i only change it when i need to. i lost it when i got a jacket for her and then it was gone i m going to see if i can find one

  203. Oh ok…Silver Sky used to have a white jacket, a belt, a white skirt, a pink shirt too but she has that for too long so I decided to change it. But I kept her hair. 😛
    Anyway, I’ve beaten every island (except Mythology, which I can’t go on) on her and Barefoot Bird too.

  204. me almost the only one i need is mt other character( yudith500) on the same one but dont bother about that one i want to keep it the same .

  205. im only a little lonely at home since some thing very terrible happed to me. 🙁

  206. i passed reality tv island for the 2nd time yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


  207. Terrible thing? What’s that?
    PS: It’s seems great to see you beat RTV for the second time, but I’ve already beaten it six times, and the Medal card only shows one time. Not good. 🙁

  208. Oh and if I could speak about your other account check the username ‘yudith’ in the Avatar Studio

  209. Ah silverheart something terrible has happened on me too >:(
    First, it’s an imposter that fakes that Mythoman (someone who likes Mythology and told us a lot about it on comments) on a comment saying he’s in love with me then, another one (Don’t know if there’s two) faked me saying I’m in love with Mythoman too!!! I’m really wound up!

  210. And I think we’re posting too much comments on here. Would you like to move on to the ‘Santa Buddies Advertisement Walkthrough’ topic? Please answer me before you do. And if you don’t know how to go to that page, use this link:

    PS: I don’t think that imposter is going to come here since the topic is too old, but if he/she did, here’s a tip:
    I’ll always try to use perfect spelling and grammer. 😉

  211. UPDATE: You should know my name on comments are not clickable.

  212. kk ill meet u there that terribel thing was my cute puppy snoopy

  213. Ok see you soon!

  214. me try some thing

  215. ok ummm u just gave away soooooo many things u know that rite

  216. yep but idk i have lots of accounts so i relly dont care

  217. yess but i have a lot of accounts so idc

  218. A Beautiful Kick-Ass Ad! WOO HOO!
    Here’s your “In Theaters” Version:
    Go to any island,run right and talk to the Lady with the Superhero Outfit.Then go inside.You can see the TV ad if you want! Now,go right to see the crying boy.Talk to the crying boy because he lost the light switch.Now,go right where the Begin Mission is.The instructions will pop up:
    OH NO! He lost the light switch! Find the light switch of him before the time runs out.Beware of the guards! Don’t let them see you! You only have 60 seconds to find the light switch of him.
    Now click the start button to begin! Now dodge the red zap beams and find the light switch.Then once you find the light switch,it will say:
    Got it!
    It will automatically end your mission and talk to the boy is crying.He’ll say:
    You found the light switch!
    Then your ending pops up.Now take the items as a reward:
    Kick-Ass Purple Velvet Outfit and Kick-Ass Mystical Superhero Outfit.
    You could customize those two items!
    “Now on Blu-Ray and DVD” version:
    Go to any island,run right and talk to the man with the Dragon Superhero outfit.Then,go inside.You could watch the TV ad if you want! Then go left to see the lady with the white bonnet.Talk to the lady and you will begin your quest.The instructions will pop up:
    Oh no! Somebody is snapped! Find the friends and pets to win your quest.Watch out for the chomping 355 CT Transit bus! Dodge the falling pencils she throws.You only have 90 seconds!
    Now,click the start button.Now find your friends and pets.Continue till the screen pops up:
    Congradurations! You found your friends and pets!
    Now your reward is Kick-Ass Electric Pencil and Kick-Ass Green Monster superhero outfit.

  219. Master Mime has told you about the Steam Robot on the loose in Poptropica. Don’t forget about the other robot Costumes you can get in the Poptropica store.

    The Retro Robot sports sleek wings and big yellow eyes.

    The Renegade Robot makes his own rules.

    Don’t forget, with the power of the Costumizer, you can mix and match costumes from the Poptropica Store!

    I call this the “Retrograde Robot.”

    “Steamgrade Robot.”

    You don’t even have to combine similar costume parts for a cool new outfit. Here’s a Mech Pilot head on a Renegade Robot body.

    This is the, er… “Renemech Pilograde Robot?” We’ll work on that one.

    You can use multiple powers at once, too!

    What crazy costume combinations can you come up with