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Poptropica Cheats for Spook Central

Spook Central is a fun introduction to Ghost Story Island where you search all over Poptropica to find and capture five ghosts. To get started, go to the main Poptropica map and click on the Spook Central button next to the Ghost Story Island logo. You’ll get a special device called the Plasma Net, which allows you to capture ghosts. You’ll also get the Ghost Files, a packet of information on the five ghosts you must find and capture. Go to each of the five islands where they reside and track them down. When you have the Plasma Net equipped, a small meter will appear in the top left corner of your screen and it will let you know when you are close to your target.

Once you get near the ghost, try to touch it and you will capture it with your net.

Note: only paid members can capture all five ghosts. Non-members will only be able to capture three of them.

Headless Horseman

You’ll find the Headless Horseman in the Factory area on 24 Carrot Island. The Factory is just to the right of Main Street, where you arrive.

Sweet William’s Ghost

Sweet William’s Ghost is on Main Street, just as you arrive on Shrink Ray Island. Walk to the right to the school entrance and you’ll spot him.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch is haunting Wild West Island. She’s inside the Trading Post, which is a few buildings to the right from where your blimp arrives on Main Street.


You’ll find Deogen on Steamworks Island. He’s inside the Steamworks Center and Museum, which is a building right on Main Street. Once you get inside, head to the right and look for him up in the air above you.

The Brown Lady

The Brown Lady is on Skullduggery Island, land of the pirates. She floats around the Main Street area of Fort Ridley. It’s easiest to catch her when she passes by the ground level.

Poptropica Brown Lady Ghost in Skullduggery Island

Capturing the Brown Lady on Skullduggery Island

Once you capture all the ghosts, return to the Spook Central area on the main Poptropica Map. Talk to the girl there and she will surprise you with her plan to release all the ghosts and take over Poptropica (it seems like everyone wants to take over Poptropica these days!) You’ll have one minute to re-capture all five of the ghosts and once you do, the game is over and you’ve won. You’ll be rewarded with a Ghost Hunter Suit.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. yeah! im the best! hahaha just kidding.

  2. i made a bellatrix costume!
    1.shirt from the girl in all black on cryptids
    2.Frankenstein’s bride hair
    3.black cape
    4.long black skirt from the grim reaper in the haunted house
    5.biker lips
    6.curly bangs with blush and no earings
    7. fairy queen wand or magician’s preferably
    hope you like it!

  3. you can also add rockstar 2 hair

  4. I thought what the ghosts were saying was ever-so-slightly suspicous.

  5. So is anybody here beside myself????

  6. I like your new icon Zippy Crab,very official looking

  7. hey guys plz leave costumes you made on here!!! I will post them on my blog, ( I need girl costumes because i do not have a girl account with membership) but I will say that you made them. By the way i have to leave in an hour.

  8. hey guys plz leave costumes you made on here!!! I will post them on my blog, ( I need girl costumes because i do not have a girl account with membership) but I will say that you made them. By the way i have to leave in an hour. ( I meant to comment twice)

  9. cool whered you get the life game is it online?
    and disneyworld is WAY better its bigger and every day they have contest the winner get 1 night free in the castle and everything even the rides are handicap i went there twice in 2007 and 2004

  10. um my cousin had a CD that had LIFE and CLUE on it and she downloaded it on da computer.

  11. i have a costume

  12. K. Plz put on i will put it on my website and say it was made by my friend Poptropfan!

  13. ok i’ll do that but i gtg ill type it in soon ok?

  14. yup ok with me see ya later i have to leave soon 2

  15. K guys post costumes while gone 2-3 hours maybe bye peeps :mrgreen:

  16. i have some costumes:

    i call it “Mother Nature”
    green pop star lips
    green prom queen dress (both the top and skirt) and bangs (both bangs)
    wavy hair from that girl on Cryptids Island
    make your hair green either by using the colorizer or by going to that diner on 24 Carrot and mixing yellow and blue (i used 24 Carrot and got a nice olive shade)
    (optional) fairy queen wand

    i call it “Teenage Girl” (click my name to see it)
    vampire girl 1 hair
    vampire girl 2 shirt, necklace, bangs, and pants
    vampire girl 3 bangs

  17. thritith?!?! come on!!! oh well. the ghost hunt was fun and the last part was epic :omg: really unecpected (about the last part)

  18. I have my own mother nature:
    I don’t feel like writing it so just put in mrs.nature in the avatar studio

  19. PS: I have an epic costume!
    I call it.. um.. Fun Gaming Girl
    1. Get Gamer Girl’s blue or pink shirt, hair and pants.
    2. Get Pop Star Girl’s earrings.
    3. Get Girl Karate Master’s lips.
    4. (this is optional) The leading off bangs.
    I’ll make this my profile pic

  20. 11th to comment…again…

  21. Check my new pic–Luna Lovegood costume!

  22. Clean Tornado: Is the book The Hobbit your. profile. picture.?


  23. /;O So which ones can non-members catch. Just any 3?

  24. I have a costume,I mentioned it once before,its name is ryuk and to make it you need,
    1.Hypnotic hair(black)
    2.white skin
    3.zombie eye glaze
    4.Frankenstein shirt(or any completely black shirt
    5.black pants that matches the shirt
    6.any belt(preferably one with a large buckle)
    7.furry monster 2 wings(bat wings are okay,but its better if there black)
    8.full smile mouth(just chew some gum then turn of the gum to get the mouth)
    Click my name to see it

  25. cool costume cae315.

    hey i found this funny video called How to Greet People! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g6J4Iij5-uk

  26. rem is cool. a little goth though….

  27. well they are shinigami,you know,gods of death

  28. i’m so happy. i had to memorize the preamble to the constitution by tomorrow and i did it last night. yay i didnt put it off until today! i just watched Schoolhouse Rock a bunch of times! “hey. do ya know about the USA? do ya know about the government? can ya tell me bout the constitution? heyyy learn about the USA. in 1787 i’m told our founding fathers did agree to write a list of principals for keepin’ people free. the USA was just starting out- a whole brand new country……”

  29. at first it was a confederacy but it changed

  30. yeah. that was the articles of confederation.
    i found a good webpage it you’re studying the preamble: http://www.beaconlearningcenter.com/documents/5215_4498.pdf

  31. hi back… sorry i did’nt comment again on friday the website did’nt let me comment again… it happened to me before…

  32. http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php

    click link to see all my costume creations,and to clarify,Near(the one with white hair) is a kid

  33. no1 is 18 here

  34. Sup guys i am back and I tried chinese food first time!!! LOVED IT!!! So, answer yes if you want me to put yur costume on my site and say it was made by u!


  36. any costumes peeps? !?!?!

  37. Mrs.nature1
    Oh! A Ghost Hunter outfit! (members only) Ghost Hunter outfit with Ghost follower or robot outfit, net and ghost followers for non-members

  38. wow ZC you have a lot of feedback on your polls. congrats

  39. K thx for tellin me i will put on blog and say my friend Neat Hopper made it.

  40. http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php

    click link to see all my costume creations,and to clarify,Near(the one with white hair) is 18 years old,I didn’t ask if anyone is 18 poptropfan,you misunderstood

  41. PS guys yur avatar studio doesnt change until u update ur website thing on comment thingee

  42. Ryuzaki when i tried it it said ERROR

  43. why is my comment awaiting moderation

  44. ???????????????????????????????????? WhAt

  45. Ryuk:
    1.Hypnotic hair(black)
    2.white skin
    3.zombie eye glaze
    4.Frankenstein shirt(or any completely black shirt
    5.black pants that matches the shirt
    6.any belt(preferably one with a large buckle)
    7.furry monster 2 wings(bat wings are okay,but its better if there black)
    8.full smile mouth(just chew some gum then turn of the gum to get the mouth

  46. I have to know before posting : WHO IS RYUk

  47. L:
    1.white shirt
    2.blue pants
    3.surfer dude hair
    5.black hair and tan skin

  48. Ryuk is a shinigami please look up these names on the internet,don’t ask me,they’re all from death note.

  49. Light Yagami:
    1.surfer dude hair(brown)
    3.coat from guy outside of cafe on counterfeit island
    4.brown pants
    5.tan skin
    6.singer(male)shirt red

  50. Near:
    1.white pants
    2.white shirt with collar
    3.white hair
    4.tan skin
    5.surfer dude hair

  51. 50’s lady:
    Blue headband hair
    Half rim glasses ( Cryptids main street)
    Blue long skirt (Cryptids kite flying area)
    Hot pink lips w/ mole
    Pink shirt from the Carrot King (24 carrot)
    Apron optional (also Carrot King)

  52. Zippy CRab, I doubt it was your 1st time. It wasn’t mine! It was asian, too. I do NOT like sushi!

  53. but shes your sis she was there

  54. Thank you for posting my costume ZC!

  55. ur welcome brb like 30 mins bye brb more costumes plz

  56. thanks for posting all my costumes zippy,hope lots of people like those costumes and your site

  57. but she was there

  58. Jedi:
    Sky Hawk Warrior sword
    Brown Jacket (main street Red Dragon Island)
    Jack’s hair (also Red Dragon Island)
    Shirt and pants from the boy standing on the dock (Skullduggery Island main street)

  59. Captain Jack anybody?!?

  60. Everyone Else On Poptropica Secrets: NOT HERE!!!

  61. I’m here zippy,just went out for lobster


  63. hey zippy,if you don’t mind me asking,whats your first name,you know mine already

  64. gtg but brb

  65. uh… um… Im not sure…. I like the name Zippy more… You might not like my name… I just have a place to sneak away… To be a Zippy… I might……

  66. Herbert,
    haile(can be a boy name)?

  67. just look up jack.sparrow1 that I made i need better hair

  68. then tell me what your first name is zip,you know mine,you should tell me what yours is

  69. Vanilla,will you tell me what is first name is

  70. hey zc, did u get my link and toon link cotumes before?

  71. i meant costumes ugh typos

  72. ill try to make something if u tell me what to make fyi

  73. …..ok….. ima play kirby’s return to dream land now, bye

  74. i havent ZD. Post dem tomorrow. Goodnight Moon!!!

  75. anybody? No? Well okay gotta go anyway GOODNIGHT MOON

  76. why did you say “reasons WE cannot” then something completely off topic next zip,well,whatever,goodnight shinigami realm

  77. I have a red Link costume. How to make it.

  78. Dial 1225 on the nabooti Cell Phone and take off the bag. Put on grey pants and the Quiver. Put on the Red shirt from Robin Hood costume and the bolt from Legendary swords.

  79. i have a bellatrix costume it is the second comment i think.

  80. made a bellatrix costume!
    1.shirt from the girl in all black on cryptids
    2.Frankenstein’s bride hair
    3.black cape
    4.long black skirt from the grim reaper in the haunted house
    5.biker lips
    6.curly bangs with blush and no earings or curly bangs from the vampire that has eye bags
    7. fairy queen wand or magician’s preferably
    hope you like it!

  81. hey guys! The Blue Raptor is back!

  82. yes finally!!!! Plz make me costumeswhile i am at school πŸ™ I hate school

  83. GoOD bye see ya later peeps hav to gonto school :*( πŸ™ bye!


  85. I’m back,my death note replica finally came,its a note book from the shinigami realm carried by ryuk until he purposely dropped it out of boredom,light Yagami picked it up and intended to kill all criminals with it http://deathnote.wikia.com/wiki/The_Death_Note this describes all of it,the first rule of the note is”the human who’s name is written in this note shall die


  87. we all go to school,zip,what do you suspect?

  88. expect,not suspect

  89. im bored. i have to go to school.

  90. (Captain) Jack Sparrow costume
    Red Belt ( Pirate outfit)
    Sword (pirate outfit)
    Mustache and Goatee (Magician outfit)
    Chicken man’s shirt (Skullduggery island main street)
    Musket man’s satchels (Skullduggery island)
    Brown pants

    I need better hair. Right now it is dreadlocks.

  91. New post on the Daily Pop: A ghost lighthouse!

  92. ZC, is it harry?
    and cool costumes everyone!

  93. i have a girl version of link brb

  94. im not harry. Im NOT Harry

  95. ok click my name to see link girl

  96. nice Link poptropfan! πŸ™‚

  97. It would be cool if all of us had Gravatars!

  98. Wait?? Why is my comment waiting moderation??

  99. Maybe its because I have links to other websites in that comment. No idea. It was just my blog and Zippy’s!

  100. Your comment is awaiting moderation


  101. i don’t know. i guess it means somethiing was wrong with it…. :shrug:


  103. who voted on my poll? πŸ˜‰

  104. how many comments have we even had today? Man, this place is going DOWNHILL!

  105. see, no one commented after her. GOODNIGHT!!!!!!!

  106. I have a cool outfit and its called White Popstar!

    Instructions on How to get the White Popstar outfit:
    1. Go to Reality TV Island, costumize Bucky Lucas, and get his white coat
    2. Go to Mythology Island, costumize Triton, and get his white belt
    3. If you see a girl wearing a white hat, costumize the girl and get her white hat
    4. Go to Mythology Island, costumize the blue girl, and get her white lips
    5. Go to Cryptids Island, costumize the blue n white girl, and get her hair
    6. Buy Pop Star from the store and get the popstar’s shirt, white skirt with blue leggings, earring bangs, and microphone

    PS The white popstar outfit is for girls only.

  107. i voted on your polls VW!

  108. i know from my experience that it shows “your comment is awaiting moderation” if/when you change your name, change your email, change your website, or if you have more than 2 links on your comment

  109. at least, that’s what’s happened to me in the past

  110. I changed my name to “Fantastic Popstar!” on Super Thunder’s Blog and its awaiting moderation. So I am going to have to wait.

  111. hey everyone πŸ™‚ ok 1. get the hair from vampire girl 1 get the lips from that girl in 24 Carrot Island 2. get the skirt whatever it is from the chipwrecked ad get the bikini whatever from the mythology surfer the one that has the blue bikini get the white thing you can find it someone get the popstar microphone this is for girls only put goosebumps769 in the avatar studio

  112. oh and the curly thing ang the prom thingy

  113. ok guys i got a sweet costume here… Death’s Knight

    1.Get the Dark Astro Knight costume get the chest piece
    2.Go to the haunted house you have to finish the Mini-Quest first then find Death(AKA the grim reaper).get his cape his “head” and his belt and the robe and his scythe(if you want)
    note 3 and 4 are optional

    3.Buy the spooky gum
    4.If u have the colorizer choose Death”s skin or go to Early Poptropica and go to the pigments balloon

  114. Arrrg! Stupid Membership! *Bangs head on wall in frustration*

  115. Fierce Peanut β™ͺ

    Ryuzaki: I like Death Note too!! πŸ˜€ How i dress like Misa in Poptropica?

  116. I look into it,I’m a boy though,ill make a girl character and see what I can do

  117. well for Misa,I guess the cheerleader hair and any outfit you like works,since Misa doesn’t really have an Iconic outfit like L or light

  118. for her pigtails outfit

  119. for long hair,pick one,since I have all the items on my boy account(membership) I can make any costume possible,but I just threw a girl account together out of nowhere and didn’t even complete any islands on it,I can make lots of male costumes,but female ones are not my expertise

  120. where is everyone,its 4:43

  121. YES IT IS SNOWING !!!! ********************************


  122. Its not snowing in Las Vegas. I know that cause I live in Las Vegas. I have a costume …. a goth girl!

    1. Buy Gothic Cheerleader from the store and get the skirt, hair, and bangs
    2. Get your hair black from the colorizer or from the drinks on 24 Carrot Island
    3. Use ctrl + shrift + s, the balloons on Early Poptropica, or the colorizer to make your skin white
    4. Go to Mythology Island, go inside the Herc’s Hut, costumize the purple girl, and get her purple top
    5. Buy graduate from the store and get its smile
    6. Get sleepy eyes
    7. Buy Cheerleader from the store and get the pom pom


  123. And yes its a girl costume.

  124. I have another costume and its called Medusa (this is a girls’ costume too):

    1. Buy Medusa from the store and put on the snakes
    2. Go to Mythology Island, costumize the blue girl that has fruits on her head, get her top, skirt, and slash (or any dress)
    3. Buy vamp. girl 3 from the store and get the hair
    4. Buy Gothic Cheerleader from the store and get the lips
    5. Get your hair black
    6. Light skin or white skin


  125. i doubt my last comment is gonna get on
    hi prickly dolphin, someone that shares a name trait lol, i like ur medusa! but wouldn’t she have darker clothes? and in greek mythology, all her hair was turned to snakes, so i think a shorter back hair that’s black or dark green would work better than vamp girl 3’s, just my opinion

  126. prickly dolphin you live in las vegas? COOL!

  127. prickly dolphin+zippy crab= zippy dolphin! πŸ™‚

  128. I can’t wait til Ghost Story Island comes out!


  130. it’s snowing in indiana! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  131. it snowed 2 days ago lol, but we had some serious windstorms today

  132. vw, that’s just….ew.

  133. take zippy and dolphin out u get prickly crab XD

  134. sorry VW, but once you know how it works…… let’s not have this talk. let’s talk about the weather.
    tomorrow we’re supposed to have a morning rain or snow shower. (*please be snow please be snow please be snow*) there’s a 5% chance the snow will be between 12 PM tonight (midnight) and 6 AM, a 40% chance it will be between 6 AM and 12 PM (noon), and a 29% chance it will be between 12 PM and 3 PM. on http://www.accuweather.com you can type in the name of your city, go to where it says “extended forecast” and click “chance of precipitation” and it shows the hours of the day that you’ll most likely see rain, snow, or ice.

  135. i just realized Jim Parsons was in an episode or iCarly (iLost My Mind).

  136. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bUUxFTU9ZYzJoaGNtdHpiR0Y1WlhKbU5URT0%3D ok guys check out my avatar also this is Death’s Knight costume that i was talking about

  137. i wish fierce moon would make another page thing because it’s like we always have so much comments on a page. hahaha. this is so funny cause my book has chapters but they’re named after the RAINBOW! πŸ˜›

  138. STOP TEASING ME!!!!!!!!! Ok I will get a picture of medusa with a darker dress (Poptropica) be right back

  139. Fantastic Popstar!

    I think my name should be Fantastic Popstar! still prickly dolphim

  140. wow i had a lot of homework

  141. hey angry it is snowing where we live!

  142. I hailed a month ago. Everyone thought it was early snow. Yesterday it snowed a little bit. I want it to snow in Chicago! (Hey, that rhymes!)

  143. For a Hogwarts student costume:
    1. Go to Mystery Train and get Susan B. Anthony’s dress
    2. Get any hair
    3. Buy the Magician costume and get the wand OR get a broom from either witch in Haunted House quest (at Ghoul’s Gala)
    4. Get the black cape from somebody at the Ghoul’s Gala
    And you’re a Hogwarts student! (well, in poptropica…)

  144. (Hogwarts student cont.) Oh yeah, get the red medal-like thingy from dracula at the Ghoul’s Gala

  145. Prickly Dolphin I live in Las Vegas too

  146. wow ok. i’m a RAVENCLAW! wait i think i said that too many times before.

  147. Just do what I say and you’ll be surprised. (boys and girls)

    1. Wear an awesome outfit. (ANY)
    2.Finish Mythology Island.
    3.Put on Hades’ Crown.
    4.Put on Poseidon’s Trident.
    5.Then press space bar.
    6.Take them off.
    7.Put on your outfit back on again. (Any accessories or hairstyle will be lost.)
    8.Then go to the store to buy Midas Touch.
    9.Use it on your character.
    I’m not gonna tell you what’s happening, find it out for yourself..

  148. does this actually work?

  149. too many people commenting these days… newcomers… πŸ™ Hey guys, ( caelin, peter, bendy, angry ghost, Neat hoppa, VW, Poptropfan, Every other Old person) remember the old days, with Nora, Just some Online friends chatting? πŸ™ I miss those times.

  150. OOps I commented as VW anyway… πŸ™ Bye OLD friends!!!!

  151. by the way im not a newcomer. i was here way before you, but yeah the new comers are annoying. no offense

  152. Yeah, they are. And Silver Moon is NOT new or close to new on this site.

  153. Hey, why can non-members can only catch 3 of them? 😑

  154. @ Vanilla Wolf: Are you on Webkinz Insider? I saw your blog and all the refrences to it. πŸ™‚

  155. Fierce Peanut β™ͺ

    Thank you Ryuzaki.. You are really scary-cool!.. L and Misa are so great! Anime 4everβ™₯

  156. hey anyone got any costume ideas for girls =)

  157. thanks fierce peanut,I try my best

  158. who is yur best friend Ryuzaki?

  159. Funny Brain, I am not on webkinz insider because I don’t know if it’s free to be a member, but I DO go on threre all the time! πŸ™‚ thanks for looking at my blog!


  161. Sorry I commeted as Zippy CRab sometimes we use the same computer and I forget to switch my user! πŸ˜‰

  162. OKay all the other comments that say zippy crab are by zippy crab, except the webkinz insider one! πŸ™‚

  163. Man, I rememeber when we would have to wait 2 minutes AT THE MOST for somebody else to comment. WOW πŸ™„ what happened here?

  164. didn’t I already tell you zip,I don’t really know,but I guess you would probably be my best friend on this site

  165. we have lives so this site isn’t anyone’s TOP priority and things like school are getting more intense now that were far into the year,that’s what happened VW

  166. I got a new outfit for girls and its called Punk Rock Star Singer.

    Here is how to get it:
    Buy Vamp. girl 3 from the store and get the back hair and front bangs
    Buy Biker from the store and get the coat, belt, and pants (you may get the lips if you like)
    Buy Pop Star from the store and get the microphone and earring bangs
    Buy Rock Star 2 from the store and get the black heart shirt and eyeliner
    Ok first of all, you can use the earring bangs from the Popstar outfit or the eyeliner makeup from Rock Star 2.
    PS This outfit is for girls only.

  167. click my name its a girl link

  168. had docters apimont ps vw like ur blog

  169. what was i supposed to see, ryuzaki?

  170. i saw the same thing before when i clicked your name.

  171. here zc 1 get a green prom dress 2 get green robin hood hat and arrow bag and belt 3 get pink popstar lips 4 get sword from templer knight

  172. I know about the friend thing Ryuzaki, but I thought fierce penut might of passed me πŸ™

  173. i go on webkinzinsider too sometimes. and if there’s something interesting happening in webkinz worls then i’ll log on. but i’m not as into webkinz as i was when i first got my account (4th grade, sept. 2007).

    and i think we should tolerate newcomers. i mean, once they catch on to what we’re talking about and get to know us, they’ll be part of our “group.” ZC and VW, you started coming to this site when? a few months ago? we were all new at one time. (i started this summer. july i think) before i started commenting, i would read the cheats on this site. then i started commenting a month after i got an email address. (i got my email a month before my 14th birthday) so some people aren’t “new” new, they’re just new commenters. then there are some people who just comment to leave questions if they’re stuck on a part of an island.
    i think someone is considered a newcomer until they really get into our little “group” or frequent posters or they visit the site and post comments a lot.

  174. poptropfan, i like your link girl.

  175. just read the link it says when they couldn’t get to the web address silver moon

  176. guys i just had the best idea for a poptropica island: Dream Wedding Island! you get to help the bride and groom prepare for their wedding (delivering invitations, decorating cake, dancing, etc.). and it would have tons of customizable outfits along the way (can you imagine the bridesmaids’ outfits? and the wedding dress!) and there would be something in it that would appeal to boys too….. (maybe a neat tux that lights up when you press the spacebar? i dont know) and you could wear the heart follower, the love potion, and the heart outfit from the store (OMG i’m so gonna do that for valentine’s day)!
    hey ZC, there’s another costume: heart outfit, heart follower, love potion

  177. Thanks poptropfan! πŸ™‚ I work hard on it.

  178. Is Ryuzaki the ONLY one following my blog? Hmmm….I guess its not THAT popular. πŸ™„

  179. Neat Hopper nice idea though focuse groups state that an island about preparing a wedding might sound fun to an older public it might not be for little kids who ar ethe ones that mostly play poptropica

  180. VW don’t take it personally. i look at your blog and i did the poll on it. i just don’t have an account to join. (well, i do have a google account, but it has personal info on it and i don’t want to give it away.)
    jorego, thanks. hmmm…. i think the little kids would enjoy the costumes.

  181. and by the way it didn’t snow today.

  182. where i live, it’s gonna be sunny and around 58 (brrrrrrr….. at least to me. i don’t like the cold) from tomorrow to sunday.

  183. …….. There isnt much to do on poptropica…. unless you are a member… :l

  184. sounds like an awful idea to me neat hopper,a light up tux appeals to idiots,not boys in general,though the two are not mutually exclusive,also,I feel depressed,can’t even finish my homework

  185. Raheat,I remember you from WAY back,I didn’t even comment when I read your comments

  186. even if you are a member there isnt nearly as much to do as you think,

  187. Hi I live near Chicago and it get to… like… 2 degrees F. or 5… or 10 I don’t remember but now its like around 30 degrees now. ************************************** <( snow)

  188. I remember I started commenting maybe aroung when Red Dragon came out for members. :\

  189. nh, have u been playing wedding dash for ds? my friend has that and i beat it in 2 hours

  190. I can’t catch those stupid ghosts!!! argh!!!!

  191. zc, i (accidentally) made a Taylor Swift costume when trying to make a Rosalina, click my name and here’s how i made it:
    lightest skin, blonde hair (not yellow), lips r from idk where, got them from person in common room, hair, shirt, and belt from vamp girl 1
    to get the long bangs w/cheeks and gold earrings, i just walked in and out of the common room, and i got the star necklace from the goth girl in the rumor mile on astro-knights, and finally the blue skirt w/black leggings from a RP
    ppl can change the hair and clothes to whatever they like

  192. well, only if u beat everything already, then u get frustrated lol

  193. Well, I have made my own Taylor Swift outfit.

    1. Buy Biker from the store and get the hat, coat, and belt
    2. Costumize the black lady from Spy Island and get her black dress
    3. Buy Pop Star from the store and get the earrings and microphone
    4. Go to Cryptids Island, costumize the blue n white girl (I call her the school girl), and get her hair

    Its Taylor Swift as a camogirl.

  194. Yeah First to comment! Yay!

  195. I came here about when they started those costumes everyday in october.

  196. i started commenting when the costume of the week thing was out. the cute girl or something. i think it was by bc.


  198. wow. people used to comment so much, but now………………………….

  199. *looks at Sneak Peeks* Nuu… I dun wanna go on a sinking cruise ship… D: Thanks a lot, Titanic.

  200. what? oh i wish there was a titanic island that you would help prepare the boat and make sure it does not sink and stuff.

  201. did that look like the titanic to you?

  202. i doubt it is going to be a titanic island maybe its cruise ship island in which you are trying to prevent bad stuff from happening

  203. sounds like stranded island.
    you know, crashing the ship during a storm on to an abandoned island

  204. stranded island would be fun!

  205. But not everyone has as much free time or computer time as we used to because of our lives. We don’t spend every moment in front of the monitor. And sometimes the lack of comments are caused by other’s lack of comments.

  206. True,my nature is quite,rarely speak without a reason,so most of my comments are responses,same way in real life

  207. its weird to be a quite person silver moon? I prefer to listen,not speak,I only speak when I need to,when I don’t need to speak,I usually don’t want to speak

  208. hey zip,on the L costume,add
    7.under eye circles(get them from the emo on reality T.V)

  209. OMG Its Brave Tomato. I know her. I know her from Poptropica Help Blog, Icy Comet’s Blog, Friendly Dragon’s Blog, and Super Thunder’s Blog.

    Nice outfit will be on my next comment

  210. Wow, I haven’t been on longer than I thought, anything new happened lately.

    P.S. If there’s anyone here that has a Google+ account, then tell me cuz I need help in amking one.

  211. By the way I got Cabin Fever last week

  212. And anyone know the new code for the scavenger hunt in poptropica?


  214. u no whats werid all of my friends still beleave in santa were like in middle school so i”m like REALLY REALLY in my head of course but they should know the truth

  215. wow. they still belive in santa? that is weird.

  216. IKR there parents should tell them but no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. yeah i know the truth, but it’s still fun to pretend. and when i was in 5th grade there were these kids who didn’t believe and so i didn’t hang out with them.

  218. i found out with those kids on the bus who didn’t believe. after a while i kinda figured it out. i have to believe cuz i have a 9 year old sister.

  219. omg a titanic island would be awesome!
    omg there’s a Chipwrecked ad!
    omg what are you supposed to do on the Chipwrecked ad?
    omg why am i saying omg?

  220. I have Google+
    Exactly what do you need help with?

  221. ello ello ello ello…..i do believe i was the first comment on THIS page…..

  222. i was here long before i started commenting, and i started poptropica right when astro knights came out, i didn’t even know wut that was

  223. i think my mom figured it out that i figured it out…..
    so…..does anyone believe in any cryptids?

  224. a little i do believe in many unkown creature just not te ones like big foot or the loch ness monster

  225. anybody bought diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever i finished 2 days very interesting now back on topic :D:D

  226. i beleave in the jersey devil

  227. I partially believe in the chupakabra, though logic highly dictates against all cryptids




  231. what’s wrong with facts? you get to learn more stuff.
    i never even heard about them before the island except nessi and the yeti. i wish there was a unicorn one.

  232. plus who remembers the real reason of xmas

  233. sm i no but it gets annoying after awhile

  234. Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Christs birthday, though he wasn’t really born then,his birthday was moved to coincide with an ancient pagen holiday so that the holiday would be enveloped into Christianity,I happen to have quite an active imagination to poptropfan,like its any of your business,but I can separate when I need logic and when I don’t.I DO believe there might be a chupacabra,but only half of me thinks like that,so I want to believe in it but I cant fully support that theory made by farmers,and I probably would tell a 4 year old Santa’s not real if they asked,why lie?I don’t believe that lie will help anyone,maybe even make they’re life worse,if you still believe in Santa when you 4 its OK,but that belief may not go away so easily,if you believe in Santa in 4rth grade,rough times,in 5th,rougher times,in 6th,so screwed,in 7th,you are SO dumb

  235. And if you can’t stand a logical person,life will be tough,NOT TO MENTION I DON’T TALK LOGIC-Y THAT OFTEN AND I DON’T TALK ABOUT DEATH NOTE THAT OFTEN,i was just saying i forgot something on the L costume zip put on his blog and was telling him what it was

  236. how do you do those any way

  237. Incredible Thunder

    members only, members only, members only
    I wish I was a member

  238. Hey people! The Blue raptor is back! I have a new poll on my blog! Click my name!

  239. what i never typed that wait min my big bro did that he hates me we adopted him like a week ago

  240. jerk to my bro not u guys hes a punk literully i hate him

  241. i wanna run him over so bad

  242. sorry ryu i luv ur facts

  243. im not happy that you would tell 4 year old santa not real but its cool ur a chirsten

  244. I wouldn’t really tell I guess,just got kinda upset,and don’t call me ryu please,it would be find but it sounds like ryuk,who is a totally different character,to shorten my name,please call me L,and it should be capital

  245. and yes,I am christian,catholic to be specific

  246. i’m chatholic

  247. you have no faith Angry Ghost? and catholic has a “c” not “ch” just saying

  248. it was a typo πŸ™„

  249. i’m Christian. (Greek Orthodox, sometimes called Greek Catholic)
    i used to have a crush on someone who was atheist…..

  250. i’m catholic
    forgot to mention yesterday, i beat kirby’s return to dream land XD the ending was so obvious

  251. that sonds like fun. I want to try!!!!

  252. not a lot of comments today….

  253. i mean, since i’ve been on

  254. my friends arent here they shouldve ben here at 3:15 and its 3:53

  255. having a sleep over well was

  256. πŸ™ :.( πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ WAAH BALL SOB

  257. if you have no faith do you celebrate christmas and other stuff?

  258. this is so cool.
    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe. ceehiro.

  259. did you know jesus means god saves.

  260. Its best not to judge people based off their religion

  261. Hey everybody!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME TO MY WEBSITE!!!! its rollerangels.wikia.com. PLEASE COME!!!!!!!

  262. i celebrate christmas and easter, but not because of christ.

  263. we wouldn’t have chirstmas or easter without christ!

  264. lol, i just played guitar hero for 2 hours straight, this was my first time nk

  265. you idots done talking

  266. who does this little girl think she is? what is her problem? what a buzz kill

  267. then why do you celebrate it? is it because everyone is doing it?

  268. poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/poptropica-cheats-for-spook-central/#comment-117966 that is cool! where did you find it?

  269. AG yeah i’m wondering why you celebrate too. and i agree it’s best not to judge somebody by their religion.

  270. god is there ok what do you think that the bible is fack or it was written by a freak well its not it was written by god jesus and alot of wise men

  271. atheist is someone that (in my own words-might not be exactly the correct answer) no religion or something like that.

  272. atheism is the belief in no deity(god) but in science or other facts that can be truly proven,atheist have no faith,(i.e faith is the belief in a deity that can’t be conclusively proven,so to have no faith is to believe in no deity unless it can be proven) also I don’t think its right to celebrate Christmas unless you believe in God and Jesus, because I don’t like how commercial Christmas has gotten,so many people forgot the whole point of Christmas

  273. I’m Athiest, but my family is christian, so I celebrate X-mas and Easter.
    P.S. What does a bunny have to do with the Bible?????

  274. yeah. ppl need to put the christ bak into christmas.

  275. yeah, well…. my family enjoys getting together for christmas and celebrating family. and poptropfan, i’m not attacking you about your religion.

  276. it wont let me catch the ghosts not even one πŸ™

  277. and i don’t want to, because it would just start a big fight.

  278. Guys…. plz. I agree w/ Angry Ghost. Our religion is no one’s buisness.
    BTW, there’s a site called Flipnote Hatena. It’s a place where you can post little animations you make on your DSi! I personally think it’s awesome.

    That’s my page where I posted my animations.

  279. LOOK PPL DOESNT MATTER WAT REGLION WE ARE OK? does anyone here play Minecraft? i play Minecraft

  280. I play minecraft, mario, zelda, poptropica (of course), and…. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. yeah sorry people were talking about it and i didn’t want to be left out.

  282. Cae315 do u need an email acc to make a Google+ account?

    P.S. I’m Muslim, if anyone didn’t know that

  283. And no, poptropfan I didn’t quit this website


  285. wow bc, u draw well, i love flipnote hatena even if i can’t draw ppl lol
    poptropfan: YES! someone else that cares about Zelda!

  286. OMG Drake same here! I’m Muslim too…

  287. i know someone that said he plays minecraft, but he’s seriously obsessed with war and whenever he walks into a room with a book he holds it like a machine gun and pretends to shoot the “enemy”

  288. BTW, I won’t be on tomorrow! I’ll be auditioning for a school play.

  289. oh, what kind of play?

  290. i meant like, earlier in the school year the drama club put on a circus play, like what’s urs about?

  291. Our play is “Beauty and the Beast.”

  292. You need a Gmail account

  293. what role are you trying out for?

  294. that’s so cool! i hope you get the part! πŸ™‚

  295. hey guys trying to get a guy 2 like me hes so sweet i luv him what should i do

  296. cool bc i’m gonna join drama club in high school

  297. i’m in our drama club. our new musical is “the phantom tollbooth”. i used to be an opera (play done only in song, not necessarily in the really high voices) so there are songs every few lines.

  298. Obviously I’m trying out for Belle. But I won’t mind if I dont get the part.
    Poptropfan: I totally know how you feel. I had the same experience. My #1 tip: Dont tell ANYONE about him. Oh, and be yourself!

  299. This post wasn’t very clear on how to catch 1 ghost

  300. depends, how old are you poptropofan?

  301. Belle is my favorite princess! I hope you get the part!

  302. yeah! good luck! break a leg!

  303. poptropfan, yeah just be yourself and be nice to him. and smile. and don’t worry about if he says no. i mean, he’ll still be your friend.
    and it could take time.
    2 and a half months ago, there was this one guy and we were at a lock in. i kept hanging around him (he was my closest friend there. there were only five 8th graders there total. two girls, three boys) and he let me. and he was kinda flirting….. so i asked if he liked me and he said yes.
    1 month ago he asked me out (but we haven’t gone on any “dates”)
    and at the moment, we’re still “together”.

  304. and here’s a cheesy pick-up line you shouldn’t use:
    “Wanna raisin? No? How ’bout a date?”
    (cuz raisins are dried grapes and dates are dried prunes i think)

  305. hello
    is any one on this site
    i new at this stuff and i am very confused

  306. i heard about this site from some friends but i did not know that people chatted on here

  307. why do we discuss dating here,gotta be the most boring day ever,LAME

  308. πŸ˜† Actually (after 6 months of experience w/ the wrong guy) I think dating is a waste of time.

  309. holiday ball, snowman and tangled in lights are back

  310. I wouldn’t say that BC,but this site isn’t for said converse of said subject

  311. seek knowledge and you will receive it,find it and you may fear it

  312. i can’t catch the ghosts, how!!!!!!!!!????????? ;'(

  313. so true, L “seek knowledge and you will receive it, find it and you may fear it”

  314. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and btw this is my first boyfriend πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  315. Good luck, NH… hope he’s a nice guy πŸ˜‰

  316. hahahaha i have a gross pick up line and a harry potter one.
    Harry Potter:
    Are you a dementor? why,because i’m dying for your kiss.
    Gross one:
    did you fart? because you blew me away

  317. those are both funny silver moon,but if you used them you’d probably get more punches to the face than dates

  318. As time passes slowly I look up into the sky, and I see a light that glitters so bright. I believe, and I want to keep walking round the world, to spread bright memories far and wide..

    My dreams, they are dreams that no one else can ever see. I sacrificed all of the things I didn’t really need. I cannot rid myself of thoughts that remain deep inside of me.

    And I’m stuck between reality and my perfect ideals, The shackles of my sacrifice grasp tightly at my feet. I cannot repress the impulses I’m feeling now, Because my heavy heart desires all my dreams to be found.

    Deception, fear and vanity and melancholy too..
    I’m strong, I’m not affected by these.
    Someone who is weaker won’t be able to resist,
    You haven’t seen the last of me yet..

    I look up into the sky, the light has disappeared. Buildings block the stars from view, and fill the night with fear. With dread, I ask myself one thing. Am I lost, or is brightness near?

    And the city never sleeps, it only overflows with life. But I won’t be influenced, I won’t let love waste my time. At the end of my long path that leads to the future, I feel something, I’m grasping tight, what is it I’m holding onto?

    When I close my eyes, I float on a sea made up of the senses I feel. Then I envision it, the day when my dream becomes real, it’s within my grasp…

    To just be accepted by this world and rot away. Living your whole life like that is really not okay.. Go towards forbidden places, where no one else has been, Go ahead, keep going, you will see a crystal known as me.

    Piercing with ferocity through the simplicity, looking for the truth that was lost somewhere. I want to keep following the truth that I believe. It’s just my faith. The absolute truth.

  319. gotta go to school now

  320. omg! that was a really nice poem oh and yeah like why would i use those? anyway im like 11 so i dont date.

  321. whatever that was?

  322. home from school. headache chills.sore throat

  323. B.C. ur really a muslim?

    P.S. If u are how many surahs do u know?

    P.S.S. Poptropfan and N.H. this is a children’s game website. Go to a dating website if you need to.

  324. Why would I lie about my religion?
    Well, I know a lot, but I only memorized a few of them.
    And NH, I really dont mind that yu guys talk about dating, πŸ˜‰
    Wow, Ryuzaki, you should be a poet! That is way more awesome than anything I could think up.
    BTW, wish me luck at the auditions!! :mrgreen:

  325. Good luck B.C.

  326. Someones addicted to fish…………………………………………….

  327. thinkin’ he might have been countin to 400 posts

  328. hmm….. sounds fishy. hahaha. get it? FISHY! (cuz they were typing FISH)
    oh and thanks for wishing me luck, BC

  329. omg this is so true (click the link)

  330. wait. you can’t click it. put it in the navigation bar

  331. how exactly is it funny?

  332. cuz bendy skull was saying FISH a lot. :blush: oh never mind.

  333. themetapicture.com/so-the-continents-can-be-rearranged/
    this one’s cool!

  334. Neat Hopper, I’m not a they.I’m a he.

  335. Also, I’m BONY Skull, not BENDY skull.So there.

  336. hahahaha ducks are wearing dog masks and the chicken continent.

  337. how do u “touch” the ghost

  338. Oh… now I get wat’s happnin…
    And thx everyone! I just got back…

  339. people the real time is wrong its really 8:04

  340. i LOVE your anime person. how did you make it

  341. my braces are weird now.

  342. So B.C. how was the play?

    P.S. With the new sneak peeks in the Daily Pop, I predict that the island after Ghost Story is going to be related to underwater

  343. By the way I haven’t seen VanillaWolf comment a lot ever since Nora left……

  344. yeah, good point drake
    maybe like how they did mythology when percy jackson was really popular, they’re doing a shipwrecked island like the new movie chipwrecked, they had a big ad for that so they probably got sponsored to do that island

  345. Pretty good Drake… Oh. and lil’ jumper, I didnt make it, but if you want to see my anime, go to the link:
    Oh, and guys I have an orchestra/band/chorus concert today! So I have to go practice. See you all tomorrow!

  346. I haven’t been here often. NORA, VW, MORE PEOPLE, ME NEXT?!?!?!?! Man you guys are too random and don’t talk to me. Don’t mind me, I’m just a…… FISH FISH FISH FISH

  347. ZippyCrab have u gone mad? What did I say that made u not want to talk to anybody?

  348. No offense though, i’m not starting a fight

  349. ❓ O…..kay? I dont get this… did you have a bad day today?

  350. it’s not u, its EVERYBODY

    idon’t know………………………………………….

  351. somebody give me a web-connected hug. Im in the dumps.


  353. Okay! πŸ™‚ gotta go to Bob Evans! πŸ˜€ bye

  354. i’m in the spelling bee at my school tomorrow!

  355. ZippyCrab, WEB HUG
    and it snowed today! but it was mixed with rain. and i was right in the middle of it. student council was loading supplies into our advisor’s pickup truck (we had collected things to donate to the local animal shelter) and i was carrying things back and forth to my bf who was putting them in the back πŸ™‚
    i can’t see why some people like the cold. i mean, yeah you don’t sweat in the cold…. and you can have snow….. i don’t know. it’s just i’m just used to having to wear glasses in the cold. and then they get all foggy. and then i can’t see. but now i have contacts, so this winter might be better…..

  356. It snowed on Monday for only like 5 minutes. We had a fire evacuation today and it was 30 degrees out. Almost no one had a sweater on and it was super windy. If you can web hug, I wonder if you can do other things like (first verb that comes to mind)… web burp or web breath etc. WEB BREATH

  357. i feel better :mrgreen: bobevans

  358. Come on ZC, nobody hates u as long as u be yourself. And plz tell ur sister to stop calling me DRAKEY!!

    P.S. Good luck in ur next play B.C., and good luck in the spelling bee N.H.

  359. Thx ZC! They’re having the callbacks today! I hope I’m on the callback list! :mrgreen:

  360. Oops. I meant to say Thx Drake! LOL im sooo stupid sometimes 😳

  361. i have an orchestra concert today! omg im so nevous but ive done this a hundred times before WHY AM I NERVOUS!

  362. me too, what songs are you playing?

  363. hey everyone im new an i try to get the ghost by “toouching” them but i cant get any of them and i have tried all the ghosts PLEASE HELP

  364. YESS!!! I made the callbacks!!

    OMG yu have nothin 2 fear,Zd- i had the same experience yesturday πŸ˜‰

  365. why does moderation take so long for new people?!

  366. That is AWESOME bashful cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Good job!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you do well!

  367. congrats BC! good luck again!
    yeah, ZD, don’t worry.
    and i didn’t win the spelling bee. i got the word right in the practice round. i spelled fajitas right in Round 1. then i got out during Round 2. stupid insulation. i-n-s-U-l-a-t-i-o-n. not i-n-s-O-l-a-t-i-o-n. and i don’t know who won. they ran out of time so they’ll continue tomorrow.

  368. and ZC, your poll is very close! COME ON 24 CARROT! LET’S GO CARROT! LET’S GO! (clap. clap.)

  369. yah neat hoppa, im with u. GO 24 CARROT!!! WE ARE DOWN BY 1 !!!!!!! 2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!! ( no offence, but i had to write a walkthrough 4 time tangled, ( it was never finished ) and it stunk so bad to make it. GO 24 CARROT!!!!!!!!!

  370. i was loading the dishes into the dish washer and when i was scraping the food into the sink, i had to take out the little drain thingy (like the one at
    except mine’s plastic). then i took it and spun it like a top. it was strangely entertaining….. lol

  371. i’m sad. i haven’t seen the big bang theory in a few days.

  372. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! the genius dies,this cannot happen,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  373. This is weird,but calm down,Ryazuki. I cant believe i am finally saying this.

  374. And yes,Ryazuki,I know.it is hard on all of us.

  375. wow. you’re taking it really hard.

  376. IKR… But stuff like that has to happen, dosen’t it? Anyways… tomorrows Friday and they’re posting a cast list 4 the minor characters…. I can’t wait! :mrgreen:

  377. yeah. it’s sad. Ryuzaki, i didn’t know you were into Batman.
    i hope you git the part BC

  378. augh! i meant get. “git.” haha sounds redneck.

  379. Fierce Peanut β™ͺ

    Im with you Ryuzaki(i can tell you L?), I love the Joker.God.. Why you take great people and dont take Justin Bieber? (not offense,im trying to cheer up L)

  380. Im Fierce Peanut, but i dont like my Poptropica name and change it.

  381. LOL its ok. I hate JB. Selena never deserved him. He sucks. I hate his songs.

  382. Fierce Peanut β™ͺ

    Wow.. Its a person in the world who hates him more than me.. Hahahahaha

  383. i hate him more than that… grrr jb!

  384. Yes, finally a girl hates Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock B.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  385. Why aren’t the tangleded in lights ad snowman costume in the store, all I see is the holliday ball. The creators said the three christmas costumes were out.

  386. I HATE justin bieber! πŸ˜›

  387. He sings like a girl! :mrgreen: πŸ˜‰

  388. Actually, I take that back. That would be offensive to girls! πŸ˜† lol

  389. Gotta go see my new cousin! πŸ™‚ born today! bye!


  391. ps guys qhost island out in 5 days go to poptropica.com and youll see it

  392. o o
    jeez poptropfan….

  393. i don’t like him, but i can now listen to baby ONCE in 2 months without going insane.

  394. I just downloaded the Poptropica app on my phone

  395. i agree with cae315. his best song, in my opinion, is “Love Me”. and “Baby,” “One Less Lonely Girl,” and “One Time” are good too. all his others are either too slow or i haven’t heard them yet. but i respect that he was discovered on the internet.

    at that lock it i’ve talked about, we were playing this game where we had a beach ball with a bunch of questions on it. we threw it to someone and when they caught it, they had to answer the question that was under their right thumb. so this one 8th grader got it and it said “If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?” and she said “Justin Bieber.” and all the guys were like “no.” so then a guy got it and his question said something like (i don’t remember what it was) “If you could do anything right now, what would it be?” and he said “Kill Justin Bieber.” and the guys and my bf were like “yeah!” and the girls were like “no!”
    and then later on my bf got the one about having dinner with anyone and he said “Chuck Norris.” and i was right there standing next to him. so i made him sit next to me when we were eating dinner. (this was before he asked me out) lol. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  396. urgh i meant lock in.
    why am i prone to typos?

  397. some people just type faster than they think. like me!

  398. WHen does Ghost STory Island comingg out?

  399. Man, I cannot believe myself. I DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!! I am busier….. going to a basketball game tomorrow, the holidays, no time4 poptropica!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  400. hey whats up im new (as i said before) and can anyone just be my friend or tell me to leave or never comment here again? thanks it would be helpful btw click on my little icon you will see my poptropican!

  401. our concert wasn’t that bad, we played carol of the bells and nutcracker themes

  402. omg its soooo UNFAIR!!!! πŸ™
    my mom says i cant use my pc OR my DS until i get a good grade in S.S!!! (i have a D.)
    so i wont be on until like January. πŸ˜₯ i’ll miss yu all!

  403. I have like nothing to put on my blog anymore. πŸ™„

  404. YOur leaving?? For now?? πŸ™ I hope you will be back! Get good grades and study. πŸ˜‰
    Is S.S. social studies?? CAuse I HATE that. πŸ‘Ώ

    *by the way this was to bashful cloud lol*

  405. Hi Zippy Panda! πŸ™‚

  406. i think they should make all the things in poptropica for EVERYONE because its getting kind of boring.

  407. anyone know where to find hidden costumes on poptropica???
    if u dont i know 1 hidden costume

  408. how u change ur pic.

  409. β™ͺiMusicβ™ͺ

    could someone tell me a cheat for free membership? πŸ™‚ please!

  410. in Day cluld feel On the walll and herd we in per gets day Potrpica how enxuan!!!!! Says In Dont red This Add she the not you in more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chat elona! we hlow ehoae New amlote When Is what You!!!!! Yes!!!!!! not Wlon to In potrpica We avoe Walll smlie?

  411. Why can’t i catch them there REALLY HARD. P.S. i’m catching the brown lady who. is the easiest to catch?

  412. heyyy ppl im new to this and i need help i touch the ghost and they still keep flying πŸ™

  413. how do u save a pic on this angry ghost

  414. i hate JB im soooo glad yall agree! πŸ˜› @BC btw im a girl too @drake

  415. hey ppl so back to that Christ into Christmas thing I agree. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and I repect everyones reliegon. We should just celebrate easter and Christmas just bc of the presents food and candy (even though i luv candy and food) we should do it to be with family friends and celebrate Christ’s reserrection and birth. I also too repect ur reliegon. Plz do not take this offensive. Thx

  416. On time tangled – go to the vikings time and then equip yourself with the glider from leo da vinci. the costume is in the top right of the screen

  417. how the heck do you CATCH the ghost? o.o

  418. Hidden Costume on Early Poptropica Island: First go to Early Poptropica. Go to left to Poptropica Towers. Jump on the green tower where the orange flower is. Click on the window where the orange flower is on the green tower. You will get a hypnotic costume.

    Hidden Costume on Time Tangled Island: First, go to Time Tangled Island. get the glider wings from Leo. Go where the vikings are, Climb where the cave. Put on the glider wings. Jump over. You will be on an edge and you will see a viking costume. Run and jump down to the right and get it. You will get the secret viking costume.

    hidden Costume on Wild West Island: Go to Wild West Island. Ride Elmer to Rock Ridge. Talk to the cowgirl. Rescue the small cow. The cowgirl will give you an old saddle. Then, go rescue her five other cows. After you rescue them, return to Rock Ridge, talk to the Cowgirl, and she will give you the secret rattlesnake wrangler outfit.

    Here is how to make a ghost hunter suit: get the plasma net. Find a robot costume from the store that might work.
    – Prickly Dolphin

  419. hi! i can’t catch the bell witch! why? help me!!

  420. I can tell u how to get the crayons on poptropica.
    *First get the game shrink shot, it is free for everybody in the store
    *Then, play it till u get the last costume prize
    *Along with the costume, u will get the crayons. u can use them to color ppl or even urself!

  421. Y do u ppl hate justin bieber?! i think hes hot and i love him. i kno i cant change ur opinions about him, but i wuz just wondering y ppl hate him so much

  422. Yeah I hate that singer. 😑 He’s weird. And people, if you are having trouble catching the ghosts and it won’t let you catch them, I say that you have a dumb not-catching-the-ghosts- glitch. I hate that glitch!!!! I couldn’t catch the ghosts a few days ago cause of that glitch. Finally, the glitch is gone from my computer and I was able to catch three of the ghosts. I am not going to catch the rest cause I ain’t a member. πŸ™

  423. Invisible Lighting

    Sup, everyone I’m back in action!

  424. hi LOL I am sooooooooooooooo hyper i had 4 cabury wish stars (Thats heavey choclate) LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  425. u can catch them by being near them and pressing spacebar while u hold the plasma net thing.

  426. is anybody still here from 2 years? Nicholas? Anyone?

  427. i cant get past the end bit where u have to catch the five ghost its really hard plz help

  428. If you can’t catch a fourth ghost it’s because you have to be a member to get them all and finish the quest!!!

  429. I HATE Justin Bieber. He is stupid,gay,and just a freaking IDIOT!!!!

  430. If you can’t catch a fourth ghost it’s because you have to be a member to get them all and finish the quest!!!

  431. wild scropion your such a um not understander if he’s gay then why would he be DATING A GIRL
    and he has over 70 million hits on youtube
    his NOT an idot he knows what to do

    and the idot oh ya thats YOU!!! ; p

  432. im a meMber, BEAT THAT U GAY GUYS!!!

  433. she forgot to put in the fact that you need membership to finish me no hav it annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  434. that stinks that u have to b a member to do that. at least its not like club penguin where u have 2 b a member 2 do almost everything. and the memberships r expensive.
    p.s. i dont hate justin bieber BUT im not a fan.

  435. it wont let me catch the headless horseman!!!!

  436. I’ve been here for 3 years.

  437. That was fo you, grigory…… πŸ™‚

  438. Darn! How do you put your pic?

  439. What does “waiting moderation” mean? That’s what happened to my last comment.

  440. What does ‘awaiting moderation’ mean?

  441. Because that’s what happened to some of my comments.

  442. LOL!! Thx Prickly Dolphin

  443. Really am I the only new person$!$!$??!$!$!$?)?)?)?)?$!$!$?)?$!