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Poptropica Cheats for Money Ladder

The brand new mini-game sneak peek for Game Show Island has arrived and it’s called Money Ladder. It’s a very straightforward trivia game done in the style of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. You need to pick the correct answer from a selection of multiple choices to a series of questions presented to you. Each time you give a correct answer, you move one spot up the “money ladder” and earn more prize money. Check it out:

To help you along, there are three “life lines” in the form of robots. Each one has a special area of knowledge: the professor, the athlete, and the starlet. Depending on the category of the question, they can give you the right or the wrong answer, so choose them carefully.

There are 12 questions in total, organized into three separate rounds of four questions each. Some of the questions are about Poptropica and its islands, but many others are about general pop culture trivia. If you get all 12 correct, you’ll win Money Ladder and the $1,000,000 top prize. In addition, you get three very cool prizes: the Robot Costume, the Robot Dance special move, and the Binary Rain effect.

Poptropica Money Ladder - Top

Moments after winning Money Ladder in Poptropica.

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  1. 1rst agian

  2. funny cuz in science yesterday, we played “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” about nature

  3. Should I start giving out badges to the people who get the first comment the most often?

  4. just luck BC, I bet youll get it next time

  5. I stink at questions like this ’cause I don’t watch TV.

  6. Super Tooth, If you don’t wanna waste your life lines then do what i did, click on a random answer and when the host says ‘is that your final answer’ i open a new tab and look it up it’s cheating, but this is a cheat website

  7. Looks cool. Imagine if after the game the money you won popped out of the computer! Awesome!

  8. wat well get if we finish it?

  9. i dont get the binary bard thing do you?

  10. this mini game sucks

  11. i dont like that idea ps but its good but no

  12. Robot party at AZX82!!!!!

  13. fierce moon youre birthday is on september

  14. you get a robot costune, a robot dance and a robot rain

  15. Wow that looks tough for me

  16. I FINNALLY COMPLETED THAT THING IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD I DID IT 5 TIMES BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I CAN”T WAIT TILL GAME SHOW ISLAND COMES CAUSE I HAVE MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) oh and so sad other people don’t have membership 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


  18. I know right! Membership is awsome!

  19. It took me one try to win. Who else won on their first try?
    In my opinion, the Pikachu and Charizard question was the easiest.

  20. I won on my first try too! The million dollar question for me was Hawaii. It was so easy

  21. Actually it was the 3rd question for me.
    I forgot the million dollar question that he gave me.
    Tommorrow i am throwing a robot party.

  22. This was hard. What I did was random pick an answer and wehn they were asking if i confirmed it, I went on Google to search the answer up. Lolz! >:3

  23. lol people…. i completed the entire minigame without cheating :mrgreen:
    by the way… for those of you who did… do the robot dance while on the blimp’s rope or while falling/bouncing… XD (i did it in spy island)

  24. i agree ressan… i did it in one try too… it was easy… lol

  25. that’s what i did too, happy lizard. i wasted a life line, though. I used the professor for a red square in Russia question and he said something way off.

  26. im crummy at this :l i dont search history inless its my homework

  27. i think the robots were trying to mess us up or something… not that i am member or anything…. just based on what cae315 said

  28. im sooo bored

  29. lol! my character was running right now and pressed space bar and he robot danced while sliding forward… :mrgreen:

  30. i meant *and i pressed space bar*

  31. The thing with this mini game is that there is only 3 prizes that you get at one time. Like at each level you don’t get a prize. This mini game is boring

  32. peh… im bored :l

  33. i made my account look like some kind of hacker person… 😮 i have achieved a new level of boredom

  34. What i do when i’m bored on Pop. is create Halloween costumes on Poptropica

  35. I’m looking at some of the avatars and more than half of them are superheroes

  36. for now I’m changing my Gravatar to my Halloween character for October.

  37. if your hard up with these questions use google

  38. These questions are hard. I still havent got that bot suit and i WANT IT so i would want to give out my password and stuff but no

  39. and my poptropican does not look like a gurl.EWWW gurls

  40. i look like the zombie on haunted house

  41. how do u upload ur poptropican photo

  42. what its so not 4:43 am its 9:44pm wow so different

  43. I won!And I’m not a member,so I didn’t use ANY lifelines!AND I did it in one try!The questions were easy,though.

  44. The robot looks cool when it’s used with torch.

  45. I’m sorry.
    I forgot to introduce myself.
    My name is Ressan Ikab and I’m new here.

  46. lets go game show island! i am a member

  47. I got through round 2 w/o gettin any wrong,but once i get 2 round 3,I mess up.Drat!

  48. yea i did it i won the money ladder hey everybody Clean Hopper Won the money ladder me so happy XD….

  49. i played this game for five times already, but i lose every time
    i dont mind playing again and again, but it takes a long time to load
    so i thought of opening a new tab and find the answers there …
    and IT WORKED!! yeah.. I’m a millionare…
    p.s. you dont have to be a member to win this game =)

  50. Bumblebee, I did the exact same thing too! I won the game and the prizes are so cool!

  51. This doesn’t help at all…….
    Every time you play it it’s something different. The best way to do it when you’re stuck is to select an answer and open a new tab and write in the question. Example: Category; Bad Guys; She was the main villain in The Little Mermaid; Select any answer. Open a new tab. Type in: Who was the main villain in the little mermaid? It should come up with ursula if u click on the link to wiki answers.

  52. I won an I’m not even member! I had the hardest time with the song questions though but the prizes are awesome and I love the robot dance!P.S. I didn’t even cheat!!!

  53. what are the prizes? i couldn’t make it up the MONEY LADDER

  54. I won it. So easy. I want a challenge.

  55. Sup sup I just wanted to write to tell you my room codes:
    DBU76 Candy room
    AAQ27 Brain room
    DXN85 Enchanted forest room
    BSJ61 Techno room
    DMK26 Crystal Caverns room

    Thanks Thanks!

  56. GOD WHy doesnt any one WRITE ME BACK! I just wanted it once. =(

  57. yeah i won the money ladder!!!!!!!!!

  58. if you want to see my great cheat for Money Ladder for NON-MEMBERS then go on the walkthrough for Shrink Ray Island. For some reason i posted it there…. lolz just look for the ones by me 🙂

    (=’:’ )

    P.S. I finished Money Ladder first time 🙂

  59. Yeah, I’m not a member but won too…refreshing for a change to be allowed to complete the game! In the cheat video I was kinda hoping to see what it looked like when the help lines are used, but you got most of the easy questions! lol I had to open a new tab too for some questions, so it was nice to see others did the same ;). For some reason I kept getting the harder ones when I played, but in the video I could answer all but the song question lol.
    P.S. I did not make it the first time or the second but I can make binary numbers rain now!
    Ready for Mystery Train fellow non-members???

  60. umm, actually my post was on the place called: ‘Where are all the new islands?’

    sorry x

  61. Is hard for me…
    Maybe because the question was really too hard for.
    And last time I need one more question but the final answer is hard soo I got it wrong.

  62. But I still know the prizes anyway…
    because I watch my friends and he did it and I saw what he got.

  63. lol, i finished money ladder so quickly – and Busy Seagull: Mystery Train Island… HERE WE COME!!! x

  64. money ladder sucks its boring ask for answers i know some

  65. the other games were way more fun this game SUCKS!

  66. I’m not a member and I just WON Money ladder and didnt get ANYTHING!
    A little help here?

  67. omg i keep messing up on round 2 stupid question about this dude called kevi (dolt?) what sport he plays proffesally. ps it was basketball. my friend finished

  68. I luv poptropica! pooptroopica! llololollolol

  69. i love poptropica! =D If you have one hope we can meet

  70. I need help on this it is super hard i try i the stupid cheats and i did not work

  71. i mean need help on this it is super hard i try the stupid cheats and it does not work to say

  72. i have tried about 12 times and haven’t won at all, the questions are all about who sang the greatest hit in the 1980s or something!

  73. i won it i knew it all they gave me hecka hard questions and i finished it all in one try and they gave me 12th grade questions and im in 3rd grade

  74. I costumized the robot from someone, but is there a way I can play it now?

  75. Hello? Can Someone tell me where its is???????????? P.S Im not new here but im new to posting here.

  76. Hi Kendall,

    Money Ladder was a sneak preview mini-game for Game Show Island before it came out. Some of the sneak previews for the islands are now available in the Poptropica Store as special cards (Shrink Shot and the Sumo Wrestling game) but unfortunately Money Ladder is not. So for right now, you can’t play it.

  77. Oh, I was thinking about where it was Fierce Moon.