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Poptropica Castle

The Creators posted another sneak peek in the official blog this week about the new upcoming island. It doesn’t have a name yet, but we think it has something to do with dinosaurs and other extinct animals. The sneak peek throws another curve ball. It’s a picture of a ruined castle under re-construction. There’s also a blue and white flag flying on top of the castle’s tower. What does this all mean? We have no idea, but it looks like a fun place to explore!

There’s still no word on the launch date for the new island, but the Poptropica Creators promise that we’ll be hearing more details about it soon.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  3. I fineshed the great pumbkin, waiting for the next island

  4. THAT BLUE AND WHITE FLAG IS A SCOTTISH FLAG BTW (i’m not from there but I was there 2 years ago) EUROPE RULES!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. 3rd to comment and for the record this is Dino Island not Scotland Island!

  6. What the heck is this island about!?
    Man. Poptropica you are some tricky folks man.

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  8. Back to the post.
    Okay Poptropica. what the heck is this island about. Nothing you post is related to anything. It is very confusing.

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  20. did dinosaurs live in britain or where ever? i will google it in a minute …. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ISLAND πŸ˜€

  21. one more thing- do you guys think you can go into the castle door down there and do you think you might use that water bucket for anything?

  22. WAR!
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

  23. Looking down
    At all I see
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  24. “The time has come” the Walrus said
    “To talk of many things”
    “Of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax”
    “Of cabbages and kings.
    “And why the sea is boiling hot-
    “And whether pigs have wings.”

    A medley of random songs.

  25. Try to guess what each song is.
    One of them is a poem.

  26. Guys! Go on Poptropica and look at the upper-left corner. Something will be there that wasn’t there before!

  27. Some of them want to use you
    Someone like you
    The Walrus and the Carpenter

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  28. You should get them in the mail. (The scrapbooks)


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  32. Yeah. The white men killed Native Americans.
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  33. Yeah. I think he was just joking. I can tell when he is joking.
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  34. I saw a dodo bird on the blog!!!

  35. I can’t wait until I go to that islanda!

  36. The next island is fairy tale island.

  37. Oh, and people don’t come on here to talk to fake famous people, or to hear a bunch of girls obsess over Smart Paw. I just came on here to talk about Poptropica.

  38. Hmmmm… I think the island takes place in Scotland. And the guy who owns the mansion is a proud Scot (like me)

  39. Hey is that the flag of Scotland?





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  44. Maybe it’s history island! Yippee!

    @Nicholas: I can’t see anything.

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  48. OK, here are some of the possible island names:
    Dino Island (suggested by PoptropicaSecrets)
    Fairy Tales (initially suggested by me when the mansions were released, also suggested by Cuddly Walker just now)
    Scottish/Scotland (initially suggested by me yesterday, also suggested by other people on this blogpost)
    Macbeth Island
    Dino + Medieval Island (suggested by grigory)
    Any more?

  49. ranordy on youtube

    the new island is called Cryptid island

  50. Go to the poptropica home page for some news!

  51. the new island is called crypt island!i saw it!

  52. That flag is the flag of Scotland.

  53. The island is called cryptid island! (cryptid means animals not yet discovered. Hint, hint)

  54. Cryptids island !!! πŸ™‚

  55. οΌ΅ο½ˆγ€€ο½ο½ˆοΌŽοΌŽοΌŽγ€€οΌ­ο½™γ€€ο½‹ο½…ο½™ο½‚ο½ο½ο½’ο½„γ€€ο½‰ο½“γ€€ο½ο½†ο½†γ€€ο½ƒο½ο½Žο½”ο½’ο½ο½ŒοΌ

  56. its on island bottom right has telescope binocular things

  57. This new island is called Cryptids island.

  58. the new island is called cryptiod island and it’s about cryptids. crytids are muntant animals and plants that are believed to excist (only by idiots :))

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  61. Huh. Now we’re going to be racist. Can we like, talk about Poptropica or something. I just became a member. πŸ˜† And can you really tell your race by looking at your avatar?What do I look like? User: 1234swees. You might no be able to tell because I am using vampire costume effect.

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  69. Where does it say crypt? I only saw a couple of balloons.

  70. *sarcastic* Oh. I’m shaking. πŸ™„ πŸ˜›

  71. We can all be obnoxious at times. There. Now Poptropica. Have you seen the new creators post?

  72. I’ve seen it, Super Thunder! I like how you made your avatar moving.

  73. It will be called Cryptids island. Now, I want to make a blog. How do I do it?

  74. the new island is cryptids island stupids

  75. I’ve seen it too, Super Thunder! It looks like an African Island.

  76. Well Dudes It’s Got’a be set in Ireland so no Dinos for you

  77. Cryptids island was only there for an hour.

  78. How do you make a WordPress blog?

  79. I looked up the flag and its the flag of Scotland. So the new island is going to be a dinosaur-themed island in Scotland!

  80. No, It’s Cryptids Island. I saw it!

  81. neat comet,I LOVE CP!!!

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    (0 0) Dancing bunny!

  83. Did you notice there’s a new picture up on the Creator’s blog?! It has something to do with balloons…

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  85. Yay! I’m a member now, so no long wait!

  86. Are there dinos in Scotland?

  87. wait! loch ness monster!

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  91. Dani the Magnificent

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  117. I think the island is going to be about these people who live in Scotland. And there is this dude who likes to capture animals (particulary rare animals) and he is trying to capture the loch ness. (Based upon Nicholas’ comment.)

  118. that was exactly what i thought the island was going to be about. Great minds think alike. (I guess)


  120. I think you mean capture the loch ness monster not the loch ness

  121. And loch ness monsters dont have footprints. Are there bigfoots in scotland?

  122. Yeah I’d have to agree with Cryptids island.

  123. Did anyone ever think that maybe the footprint was meant to throw us off.

  124. The prints that were there were probably just prints. Like the clouds on Skullduggery.

  125. You shouldn’t have done that food fight. And Cuddly Walker is smart. And I’m guessing you’re still mad that I beat you at some game on Poptropica? Did you know that it’s you’re hair that looks like a skunk?

  126. Cryptids Island! Perfect name for the new island!

  127. Cryptids Island does sound cool.


  129. I am going to wait till one more post before I determine. I want to add up all the clues to get a very good prediction.

  130. Which one is better torch or phantom?

  131. Dani the Magnificent

    I personally think Phantom.

  132. Dani the Magnificent


  133. torch is better.

  134. Dani the Magnificent

    No Phantom is.

  135. No. Torch is.

  136. Dani the Magnificent

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  137. Because I said it is.

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  147. Oh. I Guess Torch. No offence, Dani The Magnificent.

  148. Okay. Thank you.

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  152. i saw something that said the name of the island was crypt island, but i am probably wrong.

  153. This suits inquiry

  154. October 24 is my Birthday!

  155. happy birthday then

  156. I still don’t get it. Where does it say cryptids island?

  157. It said Cryptids Island. It doesn’t anymore.

  158. Yes, it is cryptids island. A cryptid is a monster. That is a scottish flag. The lochness monster lives in scottland.

  159. Oh, the castle was distroude by monsters.

  160. The new island is called Cryptids island but there aren’t showing it any more. BTW there is a new post about ballons for Cryptids island on the creators blog.

  161. Sorry that should be balloons. As in hot air balloons.

  162. Has any one else noticed that the flag is Scottish? On the castle. What could that mean?

  163. Also the name had dinosaur footprints and a dragony sort-of tail. So I agree when you say it is to

  164. Okay scratch that its all to do with mythical beasts!!!!!!!! It wasn’t dinosaur footprints it was big foot prints!!!! This is just an idea. It doesn’t explain the hot air balloons or the castle. Oh well, I tried!!!

  165. When I say big foot I mean fotprints made by big foot.

  166. Excuse me can someone tell me how to make a blog or a website?

  167. I love my screen name. Like no one did. Because if you want to contact me or tell me something you have to πŸ˜€

  168. oh to the my to the gosh! My brother has came up with the best idea in the entire world! (Not really.)but I have to admit it is genius. Tony ain’t got nothing on him.

  169. I think i smell another time travel island!!!

  170. Anyone look at the blog?

  171. 😳 it IS Cryptis Island.

  172. (WDB) ok the only things we know about this island is that it has animals in it, regular animals like armordillos and seagulls, and non-exsiting animals like dinosaurs and dough dough birds. We aslo know its in Scotland or somewhere near Scotland there are castle, jeeps and dinosaurs perhaps Mansions, a Gernal Store like in Skulldugrey but more civilize and Hot air ballons and on the blog it said that people have seen the Poptropica new island name but they say it disappers and reappers. What a bunch of nonsense. But if it is true and if anyone see it and find out what it is about you gotta tell us. We need to know. Because some these island they have been planning since 2008.

  173. (WDB) Wait time out you saw the name of the island on the home page of POPTROPICA!!!

    IT’S CRYPTIS ISLAND? WHAT TIME DID YOU SEE THIS. The blog said the name of this new isalnd appers and disappers i have to see it for my self.

  174. Cryptids Island. I saw it about 9:00. I don’t know.

  175. The words looked scratched up, the Y is a monster tail, And Bigfoot stepped on the I.

  176. (WDB) one last question did you see this while you where on the page or do you have to go to the page a copule of times to see it.

  177. (WDB) Listen i have a idea when you see the new island name and go on to the page that shows what its about. at the top when it shows what your one write it down and type it here and we will be able to see Cryptids Island here for all like this.

  178. (WDB) by the way the link i just sent was great pumpkin island.

  179. yo yo yo click on my name

  180. (WDB) hey im out of here remember if anyone see the name of the new island and goes to the page that shows the main street of the island and tells what the island is about write the link to the page and put it on this site. That way we can all see.

    By the time i get back someone should reply or have it up i hope.

  181. WDB) hey im out of here remember if anyone see the name of the new island and goes to the page that shows the main street of the island and tells what the island is about write the link to the page and put it on this site. That way we can all see.

    By the time i get back someone should reply or have it up i hope.

  182. im so exited about cryptds island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. creepy its like a ghost just keeps appearing and DISSAPREARING!!!!!!!


  185. creepy its like a gost

  186. hi
    i really want da new island to come.
    since i defeated all the islands, it’s boring.
    wat should i do??????


  187. you can go on addictinggames. addictinggames.com if you have a hard time go on nick.com

  188. πŸ™‚ πŸ™ “)

  189. πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ˜€ O_O

  190. I usually go on poptropica at 7:00 am to 8:00 am or 5:00 to 6:15. I usually go to a ad or a chat and battle place. My fave chat and battle place is Hair Club at spy island or The Movie theater at 24 carrot or the hotel at counterfeit. My poptropicans name is Super Tornado. Have Membership.Beat all of the islands.And have really cool clothes.

  191. Walkthrough 1. Early Poptropica
    1.Get out of the BLIMP and keep going right until you get to a well and go in it.
    2. Go down and you will meet a guy who has goggles and a snorkel.
    3.Do what he says and get the glow stick.
    4.Before you leave, there’s a stream at the bottom of the place and go through the little cave and you will teleport to the top!
    5.Go to the place where there is a lot of scyscrapers and go down into the sewer.
    6.Try to get the golden egg by completeing this little maze.(It’s pretty easy.)
    7.Go back up and jump on the clothes hanger things.*
    8.Jump on them and when there are no more, jump on the statue and get to the other building.
    9.Go up the vine and you will appear in the clouds.
    10.Give the giant the golden egg and he will let you pass.Then go in his garden and climb up the giant vine.
    11.When you come to the end of the garden pick up the water pail.Then go to the air craft graveyard.*
    12.Use the fans to hover your self over the space ship and you will reatrive the jet pack.
    13.Go back to the garden (with your jetpack on) and go down the little hole.
    14.You will fall through the clouds and you will get the flag.
    15.Go back to the ground and go in another sewer.
    16.Go all the way down and watch out for the spiders.Then dodge the giant spider and get the pig.
    17.Go back to the farmish place and give the farmer dude the pig and the other guy the water pail.
    18.The ship will come and the guy on the ship will give you the maddallion.***** πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ˜€ THE END!!

  192. OMG!!!AN OTHER NEW ISLAND!!!COOL!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  193. YAY!!!

  194. I really like poptropica but it takes forever for islands to come out!!!!! (unless ur a member which i’m not) πŸ™ Oh well.

  195. if u find Balloon Boy on this new island this will be big news if u do!!!

  196. Hey yeah! Balloon Boy could be a cryptid

  197. The new island seems pretty interesting and fun to explore.P.S:I neeed help on skullduggery and steamworks and astroknights seriousely so can anyone help?

  198. I know the island already its Cryptids island

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  200. Hey Guys CAN I Tell you Something HOW do you get a ghost costume Like a White Sheet With black eyes

  201. I bin playing poptropica for 4 yaers. I and my sisster love poptrapica my sisster has bin playing poptropica for 2 yers . but if you do 4+2=6 so ad thos to eckols 6.

  202. me and my sisster thick thes game is asame