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Poptropica Apple Jacks Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission in Poptropica. You can find it on Main Street on most of the islands. It’s an advertisement mission for Apple Jacks cereal. The mission is pretty simple. You must go inside the building and get your assignment from two guys inside named Apple and CinnaMon. The CinnaMon dude is a tall stick of cinnamon with dreadlocks and a rasta cap. Who thinks this stuff up?

Poptropica Apple and CinnaMon

Hanging out with Apple and CinnaMon.

OK, so they’ll tell you that someone has set up some contraptions inside the grocery store. You need to get inside, avoid the obstacles, and turn off all the machines. It’s pretty easy to do: just jump up and over them by using the shelves. An even easier way to do this is on Early Poptropica or Super Power Island. If you have finished either of those islands and have the Jetpack or the Flight Power, you can just fly up in the air over everything and drop down at the end.

At the end, you get a special follower as a prize. It’s a little miniature Apple dude. I was kind of hoping to get rasta CinnaMon as a follower! Check out the video walkthrough, which shows you two ways to finish this mission.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  5. You CAN get rasta cinnamon as a follower. You can pick which one you want to follow you.

  6. Angry Beetle (Poptropica Name)

    You can get the cinnamon guy as a follower. Just click on him, then activate.

  7. Angry beetle! What’s up? 8)

  8. If you have beat Super Power island and can fly, you can fly over the obstacles if you’re on that island.

  9. i do, nesbacc. sorry for all of that. i do want to be friends with you

  10. Help plz its not there for me only hero factory legos is there is there something wrong with my age on it?

  11. they changed how cinnmon and apple looked! i liked them better the other way.

  12. Thanks! Click on my name to go to my blog!

  13. You can change the charater like the other followers at the poptropica store, just click on CinnaMon and activate!

  14. click on which guy you want to follow you then it doas ok awsome

  15. i havn’t got that advertisment, this stinks!

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  17. okay so. Finished the island ad thing yesterday! Easy! although I wonder who that creepy dude was? probably some psycho. Speaking of psycho did anyone see the new post. What does a goat have to do cryptid? Is it food? Hm. Speaking of hms. I wish some of these poptropican islands were easier. Like seriously. Speaking of seriously. Oh my gosh i am so bored.

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  23. You can get cinnadude as your follower. You just have to click on him before clicking activate. : D

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  38. Just so you know, I like to change my screen name in correspondence to the theme of the island. Of course, I try to avoid swearing, so that was the alternate name. They are mythical and said to accompany you in the afterlife. The myth came from Ancient Greece. Apparently, people who had out-of-body experiences at the time saw these, and that was adopted to their mythology. So they are technically cryptids, and are even classified as Level 4 cryptids meaning there existence is leaning towards being proven. I almost always end up knowing everything about the things in these islands, like mythology, pirates, the steam engine and so on.

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  138. Wait. nessabc I read your story. Try not to make it more blocky. Include details. and you have gotten a great book.
    (I’m a writer)

  139. Oh and make sure no one can steal your story because some rotten people who say they are your friends may steal it.

  140. then dani is not allowed on my blog, either.

  141. EXILED! and I don’t care.
    😀 Have fun of here Scary Shell. Enjoy your free time.

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    U wanna!
    Please! You deserve to be exiled!
    Oh and yeah I disobeyed you! Kill me!

  143. Jade?
    Oh and lame story on blog. Talking to Scary Shell. Haven’t read nessabc.
    Actually Scary Shell the story is similar to something………………….I don’t know though.

  144. Hm. Read the story. Cinderella story 1 and 2. Poorly constructed. Needs major help. nothing personal. Just constructive criticism.

  145. Hey nessabc. Man me and my sister have been on and off this website like crazy. Its like a television show. Gotta check when it is on t.v.

  146. What did nick mean by blocks?

  147. I had a sandwich. The sandwich was good. Then I went to the mall. I saw smart Paw. He looked jacked up. I left. Worst day ever. Didn’t have any fun. Went to sleep.

    That was blocky. Sentence after sentence. Not smooth.
    I ate the most delicious sandwich today. It had lettuce and cheese and tomatoes. While I was eating my sandwich in front of the television. My mother asked why I wasn’t at the mall. I then remembered I was supposed to be meeting Smart Paw! “Dang it!” I cried as I hurriedly left the house.

    Wasn’t that smoother?

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    Much better.

  149. *smiles*
    But did you have to call me jacked up!

  150. Thanks! Comment on it please!

  151. Yes.
    I was kidding.
    I’m sure you don’t look jacked up.
    *sarcastically* You are the most handsome dude in the world.

  152. Hey nessa.

    And I know I am handsome.

  153. Smart Paw you are so stupid man.
    (I don’t mean stupid stupid. It means you are crazy. Well. Not crazy crazy. But funny. Yeah.)

  154. I know what it means. 😀

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    AND I wish it was November 15 already. *groan*
    Man. Why am i so moody. Nah. I’m just talkative.

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  160. Man! Asia Love was on here and I missed it!
    November 4, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Asia Love November 4, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Sorry. I was looking over comments.And Rachel you are mean!

  161. I wonder who is hated know?
    Who is worse?
    Scary Shell

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    Scary shell. You make yourself look stupid. By being so immature. You know what! You were exiled. So get out.

  166. I love my poptropicasecrets television. The only reason why being mean to her is because she told you off. Basically. And I don’t hate Rachel. I don’t like you though. But you probably already know that.
    Scary Shell: You’re a jerk!
    smart Paw: I know.
    Scary Shell; YOU’RE A JERK!
    Smart Paw: I know.
    Scary shell: You are a dumb ass!
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    smart Paw: Then how come you posted you felt like you were crying on the same day when Rachel told you off.
    Scary shell: Shut up!
    Smart Paw: Make me.

  167. Oh snap! I think I wrote my first play. I call it:
    My stupid play that I wrote on the on the internet!

  168. Wow a Water post! Amazing!
    (Not really)

  169. I feel so much better now. I was going to tell you off. Oh wait I did! That is why you always crawl away and say things behind my back! Oh and so you know I’m not yelling. But saying things excitedly!

  170. I am NOT like that.
    Smart Paw: Hey Loser Scary Slut!!
    Scary Shell: (Ignores)
    Smart Paw: Are you from Loser Town?
    Scary Shell: No!!
    Rachael Sue Addams: scary shell is annoying!! 😛
    Scary Shell: YOUR ANNOYING!!
    Everyone: SHUT UP!! (tackles scary shell)
    Scary Shell: MAKE ME!!
    Nicholas: Obsessed Hypocrite. LAME!!
    Everyone: (Kills Scary Shell)

  171. smart paw don’t talk to me. i hate you

  172. Okay. That is so cool.
    Wait you made a play too?!
    I’m just so amazed!

  173. Way morbid.
    It that what you think we think of you?
    No one wants to kill you. You are blaming it on everyone. You are a hypocrite. And you made fun of someone. You hurt someone feelings. And you expect us to be nice?

  174. No one wants to kill you. No one hates you. We hate how you make fun of people though. Sorry. Been on here the whole time. I can’t hold my voice any longer.

  175. *sigh*
    I’m sorry I overreacted. AND. I will not apologize for my personality.

    😳 Thank you Smart Paw. And I’m guessing your gender is male?

  176. And leave Nicholas alone. She did nothing to you.

  177. Yeah. I’m male.
    Okay I’m tired of insulting.

  178. Oh and Rachel. You are annoying.

  179. princeess middle east


  180. Good morning. Spring Forward or fall back!

  181. Oh Scary Shell. Why do you remind me of JEALL. I have nooooooooooooo idea. But you do.


  183. My brother won’t be on here today. He is hanging out with friends.

  184. Everyone come to my blog and find out why I am boycotting the toy store!

  185. *Thinks “I wonder how old nessabc is?”*
    *Thinks “I wonder how long I can’t talk.”*

  186. *closes Rachels mouth zipper*

  187. *I’m thinking not talking*

  188. hi you simple humans! just kiding, im so bored!

  189. *Ew. Just watched a creepy commercial*

  190. Lol just shut up and go away what are you, 4?????

  191. is tired of insulting ppl i don’t know in real

  192. *Who did I insult? I didn’t even do anything*

  193. *I’m twelve. And I have no idea who you think you are talking to.*

  194. MY BLOG SUCKS EGGS??????!!!!!!!! YOU DON’T REMEMBER SAYING THAT????????!!!!!!!!!

  195. *I wasn’t talking to you*

  196. *I was talking to Scary Shell. AND that was a long time ago. I’m over it. unlike SOME people.*
    *Hi Scary shell. What is up?*

  197. *Hm. La la do. La de de dum. Hum la la de to hum hum. La la de do. do do do. Ha ha hum. La la da dee da do do do da da da da to do.*

  198. What up with the astriks around everything?

  199. Scary shell is my friend! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ;(

  200. *I can’t talk I can only do actions such as singing, thinking, pointing, laughing. Like I’m thinking right now. I have been restricted from talking*

  201. *Okay. Scary shell is your friend. That is why you all made fun of me? Oh but i can’t return the favor. Makes perfect sense.*

  202. Stop being annoying !!!!!!!

  203. *How am I being annoying. Explain it to me*

  204. I’d like to give shout out to who ever shutted her up. THANK YOU SMART PAW!!!!!!!!!!

  205. 🙄
    *I will give a shout out to whoever shuts her up!*

  206. We regulars don’t need a newbie annoying us to death.

  207. *I was here before you. WAY before you.*

  208. *Just not with this screen name*

  209. *Ow! That hurts. *laughing* How can you attack me? We are on the internet.*

  210. What was your name then?

  211. *ooh. RSA. Sounds like an organization*

  212. Ya know who’s a creepy commercial? YOUYOUYOUYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. * My name was *mumble*
    *Oh! I think we are breaking up*
    *The *crackle* is terrible*

  214. I didn’t call anyone a commercial. And you call yourself regular. You are bizarre.

  215. EW! You just upchucked! Disgusting!
    What did you eat!?

  216. You don’t need to be annoying if you just believed

  217. *Believed in what?*
    *squirts hand sanitizer*

  218. Yay! Now my crush will love me’!!!!

  219. *Crush what Crush! And you can’t boycott a name. That is ridiculous*

  220. Rambunctious

  221. *the only person annoying here is you. You are redundant.*

  222. nessabc: Stop saying the same thing over and over. It is annoying.
    Rachel: After consideration from the board you can talk.

  223. Rips RSA into a quadrillion pieces

  224. weird the RSA is the REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA.!!

  225. its the truth nessabc ! thats the weird thing !

  226. rsa: my apology wasn’t sincere

  227. rsa means racheal sue addams

  228. *tackles rsa and leaves her upset*

  229. I don’t care if it wasn’t sincere.
    Funny. l s.

  230. im gonna go play poptropica!

  231. Ow. So. Sick and tired. Of being sick and tired.

  232. Thnks for commenting! I put up a new post so check it out!

  233. Hey Rachel maybe we could start over.

  234. i bet im richer than you REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA.!!

  235. Start over?
    You didn’t want to start over five minutes ago. Why now?

  236. l s: Do you have a bowling alley in your own house?

  237. yeah, i bet you dont!

  238. I just want to try being nice.

  239. Actually i do have a bowling alley in my own house. Don’t I Danny. How’s Nicholas?
    nessabc: Fine. But make fun of me again AND IT”S OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

  240. Oh my gosh! Rachel!? I’m telling my brother!

  241. oh hush up Danny. I didn’t come on here to bother you. Poptropica is fun. Enjoy your life.

  242. just kiding about the bowling alley, you probably are richer than me rsa ! lets be friends!

  243. I am.
    And l s because you are funny I will be your friend.

  244. Rachel is…

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  245. but how rich are you besides the rest of your family!

  246. cool my 2nd online friend!(my first was nicholas!) ‘_’

  247. Hm. If you were to kidnap me and have a ransom the ransom would be 25,000 dollars.
    But everyone is worth a lot.
    But I am 25,000 rich. Less than my half sister by 50,000.

  248. weird both of online friends are girls! ‘_’

  249. I s I will be your friend your FUNNY! 😀

  250. oops i meant “weird both of my online friends are girls! ‘_’” !

  251. Hey. I was eating pizza.
    Hi energetic l s.
    Hi Rachel.
    Hi nessa.
    Hi Scary.
    Hi Danny.

  252. now my 3rd, im on fire, literally my butt is on fire heeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Oh my gosh! RACHEL?!
    You mean *laughing uncontrollably*

  254. You’re *laughing*

  255. I have 3 friends also! I will now make a capital n in my name

  256. hi Nicholas, could i please call you nic or something because nicholas is so long?!

  257. Nick wanna be friends

  258. Yeah sure.

  259. 4 on fire no offense I s

  260. what does *rofl* mean nic!

  261. Rolling on the floor laughing

  262. cool, dont worry i wont copy it!

  263. Oh. Wow. How long was I laughing?

  264. maybe i will stay !

  265. ugh man i have to go eat now, well bye, seriously!

  266. hi nessabc!! i like your blog

  267. Thanks! I’m first to comment on that steamworks thing

  268. Let’s not talk about being rich. Some of you might be living in a trailer, and some of you might be living in a mansion. But we shouldn’t care. I’m gonna play Poptropica now.

  269. we shouldn’t care. super thunder is right. i’m gonna play club penguin and edit my blog.

  270. hello im new here

  271. btw click on my name to go to wat i think is the coolest game EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. Hello. I come in peace!!!!!!!!!!!! POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 I love my life!!!!!

  273. Actually if you live in a trailer you have a pretty good life if you have a computer and internet access.
    Have any of you have ever seen a neighborhood where the house looks terrible but they have fancy cars in their yard? 😀
    I rest my case.

  274. scary shell, are you Billybob?

  275. no, im not billybob. billybob is lance merrifield.

  276. hey i’ve complete all the islands now i am continuing club penguin

  277. for the follwers thingy you choose ehiter the cinnamon guy or the apple guy!
    isnt that cool?
    by the way , kevdude12
    im not billy bob, you are!

  278. my room number is dfq11

  279. nicholas is crazy. he is like sidesshow bob and im like bart. if you think nicholas is crazy say I

  280. nay

  281. rachael sue addams, you are mean and annoying

  282. It would be easy to fly.

  283. My real name is LorenzoBonham but I put my Poptropica name

  284. Awsome used all ur walkthroughs and really helpful thanks:):):)

  285. you all know that you can change from apple to cinnimon by clicking on them right

  286. i put my website poptropuca intead of poptropica.

  287. Hello! Im Nicholas! You can call me Nicky. Or Mrs.Jamie. I wannabe Mrs.Jamie for Holloween! Anys, I can’t find chucie! He scares me. He keeps going THUMPIE! THUMPIE!

  288. 😆
    loved the part when the was jumping up and down!