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Poptropica Angel and Little Demon Costumes

There are two brand-new costumes in the Poptropica store this week: the Angel and the Little Demon costume. Both cost 75 credits. There have been a lot of new costumes this summer, as promised! Summer will be over soon, so we’ll have to wait and see if any more new costumes come out next week.

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  1. this is not a cheat!

  2. Hi. On Poptropica I am called BellaAinsley. As you know I want the angle costume because I have no cretits
    If you let me Tank you from BellaAinsley

  3. I have the angel one!

  4. i really want the angel costume.

  5. i have every thing in the store cuz im a member

  6. omg my girl avi turned into a boy in time travle place and cant turn back it happened a wile and i wont cret a new account

  7. Hey Lillynara122 that happened to me too! But I created a new account after about five seconds of hard thinking. But u know I tried logging out and back in but it still didn’t work so now I have a new one. Plus my other account (the one that turned into a guy) only finished about two or three islands… but now my new one finished all of them. WOOT WOOT!!! Oh yeah I only bought the angel costume cause I liked the hair and wings how they flap and stuff!

  8. i love the angel
    but i dont like the little demon one

  9. I love both.

  10. i like the devil one. i am so happy about Great Pumpkin Island. 🙂