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Poptropica 4th Birthday Cheats

Can you believe it? Poptropica turns 4 years old in September, and a big birthday party has already started. Just like last year’s 3rd Birthday party, there are some special events happening in the game. Here’s a quick guide to the party.

Poptropica 4th Birthday Costume

Poptropica 4th Birthday Cake Costume

Well, it's festive!

There’s a new 4th Birthday Costume available in the game. You have a small chance of finding it whenever you go into one of the common rooms in the game. When you enter, you’ll see a bunch of balloons fall from the ceiling and if you’re lucky, one of them will be the special 4th Birthday Balloon. It’s blue with a big orange number 4 on it. Click on that balloon to pop it, and you’ll get your own special 4th Birthday Costume. It’s a giant birthday cake costume with a “4” hat. The special move, which you activate when you press the space bar, is a cool cake throw.

Tip: The best common room to visit is the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica. It’s a small area, so you can quickly see if the balloon is there or not. If it isn’t, just exit and go back in to try again. The balloon is rare, so you may need to try a lot of times before you get it!

Poptropica Inspector - 4th Birthday Balloon

Inspector Fierce Moon looks for the birthday balloon.

Poptropica 4th Birthday Balloon

Poptropica 4th Birthday Balloon

Want your own commemerative 4th Birthday Balloon to carry around in Poptropica? Everyone can get one in the Poptropica Store, even if you’re not a member. Just visit the store to get the free balloon. This one is orange with a blue number 4 on it. It’s pretty much the same as the 3rd Birthday Balloon that they gave away last year. I saw lots of people carrying both the old and new one in the common rooms.

Rare Outfits Re-Released

The most exciting news is that during the month of September, Poptropica will re-release some of the retired rare outfits from the store. Each week, two retired rare items will be available for members only to get in the store. If you’re a paid member on Poptropica, this is a great opportunity to get some cool costumes that you might have missed.

The first week’s costumes are the Steamworks Mech Pilot and the Renegade Robot outfits.

Video: Finding the 4th Birthday Balloon

Here is a short video that shows what the 4th birthday balloon looks like when you find it in one of the common rooms. And it also gives a sneak peek of the special 4th birthday costume.

What do you think of the 4th Birthday Party on Poptropica?

  • It's amazing. So much fun! (52%, 1,147 Votes)
  • I'm having a good time. (20%, 440 Votes)
  • Meh. It's ok. I could take it or leave it. (15%, 336 Votes)
  • Totally lame. Too much like last year. (13%, 296 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,220

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  1. Yayyyy 1st to comment
    Wow i was wondering why those balloons were there ๐Ÿ˜€
    and the cake coztume loooks so BIZARRE :O

  2. I wish I could find it. Last year I never did. ๐Ÿ™

  3. YAHOO! I got the fourth birthday costume! YES! (I am not trying to brag, I just feel so HAPPY!)

  4. I got it yesterday! Anyway I already had the 2nd and 3rd birthday costumes!
    Although they weren’t really advertised well….


  6. The 1st birthday thing?

  7. AGGG!!! I’m SOOO bored!
    My mom is in the hospital, my dad is who-knows-where, and my brothers are at school!
    (ps I got suspended again!)

  8. Well, I’m leaving BYE! for now I’ll be back later!
    I am going to devins house!
    (he got suspended too!)

  9. Wow. Time flies by so fast! I still remember getting the 3rd birthday balloon. It was just like a few days ago!

  10. Infernape, you online need to ask you something

  11. i think my computer’s gonna break if i keep looking for this…

  12. yes I am online,but I soon will not cuz my power is out at my houses and I can only post and my grandparents house

  13. Yo Infernape do you pokemon black or pokemon white

  14. Do you have pokemon black or pokemon white

  15. I have both drake Both

  16. sorry bout the second both

  17. Nice, I have white
    Have you beaten em yet?

  18. I have beaten them both, I also have pearl,platinum,and heart gold,and fire red for gba

  19. hello

  20. do any of you guys remember me

  21. m3eg, how did you get suspended?

  22. do ya’ll have GreekFest where you live?

  23. it’s too hard!!!

  24. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ cry: ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  26. i’m irritated that i can’t find it and i don’t have the 3rd one cuz i started Poptropica last December but i won’t stop til i find it cuz when i see other people wear it i get jealous hmph

  27. i want the cake throw thing!

  28. the power turns other poptropicans blue when you hit them

  29. so lucky! i want to turn people blue:))

  30. to words for you,KEEP LOOKING

  31. is there a hack for it?

  32. Hey, Infernape! U still here? I need to ask you somethin (cause I was’nt here 4 long time): Why is Firce moon taking over tis blog now?

  33. not sure, probably cause she made the blog and strange moon is busy these days but I don’t really know

  34. I just remembered reading somewhere on this blog there was going to be a party on poptropica for poptropica’s 4 b-day this Friday,who said that?

  35. Uh I definately didn’t say THAT…

  36. Anyway, there’s no way I’m gonna read every comment until my eye drop out.

  37. You still remember Kesha and all those dirtbags?

  38. Who care what, David????

  39. Yeah. I’m glad they stopped posting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I had it yesterday and I werez gonna show it to one f my bros and its gone!

  41. I got that costume thing for the 4th B-day, So I was gonna rub it in my little (poptropica crazy) brothers’s faces!
    I DID save but, its not there! I don’t REALLY care but now I look like a liar!

  42. check both your store and whatever island you found it in inventory

  43. Infernape what was your starter pokemon?

  44. I tried ten times to get the 4th B-Day Cake Costume, and no luck

  45. I did, no such luck!
    *sips coke*
    Well, I’ve been suspended TWICE
    already and in some places school
    hasn’t even started! Any ideas what
    to do? I’m kinda bored, other then
    ding bad things to my brothers’s rooms,
    and day time TV, I’m stuck, home alone!

    I wouldn’t be but Randy is in Utah for a job interveiw or something
    If he knew I werez gonna get suspended he would’ve taken me, but
    my mom NEVER would’ve let me go! Maybe my “dad” would have…..
    I guess I’ll never know!

    And Pokemon I have the Diamond version for DS and the yellow and saphire and ruby for Gameboy in Diamond I have ten level 100s!

  46. in black I chose oshawott,in white I chose tepig,in HG I chose cyndaquil,in pearl I chose chimchar,in platinum i chose piplup

  47. P.S that’s impressive meg,what are they

  48. Enpolion? (piplups top evelotion I forget what its called), Charizard, Dialga (the blue one from Diamond), Pulkia (from Randy), Lopunny, Mew (thank you devin!), Squrtile (thank you hannah!), Giratina (thank you alex!!!), and a Pickachu (thank you self!)

  49. Uh in other words you got some of those pokemon from other ppl
    P.S. I like the water type starters

  50. My Samurott, Zekrom, Hydreigon, and Volcarona are all lvl 100 in my white version
    In my SS my Feraligatr, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Torterra ( Which I traded from Platinum) are lvl 100.
    And in Platinum, my Garchomp and Giratina are lvl 100s, I traded Torterra to SS.
    I sold my LG and Diamond, and my brother now plays my Emerald

  51. And Meg thats nine not ten

  52. I have a level 100 mewtwo,treecko,and kyurem

  53. I mean sceptile
    I get them confused

  54. Gee, sorry! I forgot my Infernape!
    and anyway the only I got AS level
    100 was from devin I traded him for
    one of those ones that are like pink
    and blue, water types something with
    a C I think… Anyway hannah stole her
    BROTHERS game and gave it to me so
    tecnecally it waz from her older brother!

  55. Well its all I got so, I ain’t complaining

  56. Mmmm ya gotta love a late lunch of Ice cream

  57. I finally got the birthday costume this year also i got the 3rd birthday costume last year on the day they release the post on poptropica creator blog here is my character in this year outfit-http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bWU94YmxEYzJOaGNubHRZVzQxTmpZPQ%3D%3D

  58. Here’s an outfit I have abstracted from the very fabric of my mind: it’s called… Deadly Maiden. To accomplish this outfit, you need to go to Red Dragon island. Find the girl id the teal kimono on the Great Bridge. Customize her hair and add the curly bangs from the girl at Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island. Next, add the front bangs of the prom queen. Next, find the woman in the pink kimono in the Imperial Garden on Red Dragon Island. Either use hers, or the old woman’s kimono in the Bonsai Trees shop. Next, go to Astro Knights Island the first guy you see, customize his sword. Finally, and this is important, on Red Dragon, if you have completed your ninja training, go to the Fortress and use your ninja star. When you have it in your hand, leave the Fortress, and you will still have it in your hand.

  59. Pokemon is not boring,your mama woulda sold ya for a Pokemon game boy game(the game boy games aren’t very good,the d.s gen’s are the best)

  60. this is not the time to piss me off david

  61. I like pokemon awhole lot better the “Bakugan” or whatever that is my brothers are CRAZY for!

  62. you dont scare me eniel and what the hell is up with that name,it sounds like ma girl,what are you,gay

  63. scratch the m

  64. Dude, no offense but I have FIVE brothers and my two best friends are dudes
    I’ve heard worse then YOU could ever dish out!

  65. And I practiclly LIVE with my older brother and my dad is off who knows where!


  67. meg, what’s GAL mean? and how did you get suspended

    p.s. Ke$ha changed her name

  68. i dont like yo mommas but here’s one
    yo momma’s so fat her patronus is a cake!

    (it’s a harry potter thing)

  69. i gotta go. i got an algebra test tomorrow……….and tomorrow’s picture day!

  70. It means Get A Life and something else I’m not gonna say cuz I TRY not to cuss!
    and my current suspension came from fighting, mouthing off to the principal, stealing the janitors bathroom key, locking the girl’s bathroom, and accidentally throwing an egg at my emeny!

  71. And…

    Yo mama SO stupid she locked in a mattress store and she sleeps on the floor!

    Yo mama SO stupid she climbs over a glass wall to see whats on the other side!

  72. wait… before i go, here’s what i’m up to:

    today my art teacher left the room and she put this one guy (Jamie) in charge and told him to tell her if anyone was talking. and he told on (i’m only doing the first 4 letters for privacy’s sake) Cas, Pho, Mat, me, and Lac! the teacher commented on how i “look so innocent.” so true. and she commented on how i must’ve been talking to Lac (certain people think we like each other. NO COMMENT).

    i’m soooo excited about GreekFest! it’s in 3 weeks! AND I’M LEADING THE GIRL’S DANCE!!!!! (i’m Greek) (the girls’ dance is called the “Caraguna” in case you wanted to know

    and my cousin and aunt are coming on saturday!

    has anyone ever heard of Boomsday? it’s only the best labor day fireworks show in Tennessee! i can’t wait to go!

    i’m off school on monday!

    my church is getting a new priest this sunday!

    see ya later florida gators! (I ONLY SAID THAT BECAUSE IT RHYMED! everyone in my city agrees the best team is the UT Vols!)
    (and in NFL, i cheer for the Falcons! RISE UP! (that’s what they say at the games))

  73. wow meg. if i did that, i would never get caught because i “look so innocent.” no really, i do. i mean, who would suspect the straight A student aka Student Council Secretary aka aspiring NJHS (national junior honor’s society) pres. aka cat lover aka chess player aka bookworm?

  74. yeah, I’m the one who ALWAYS gets blamed EVEN when I DIDN’T do it!
    Like this guy trevor calls me his “go to dude” when he does something bad.

    And the egg thing (was on purpose!!!)
    and telling the principal hes stupid isn’t a good idea!
    And the janitor GAVE me the key! Then told on me!!!
    And all the girls were crying and running around!! (LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!)
    It didn’t even affect me I just used the boys!

  75. I…Found…The…Balloon! Finally after countless times of clicking around! click my name

  76. good job cae315!

    that sounds so unfair, meg!

    now back to studying algebra…

  77. ๐Ÿ˜ก

    i still can’t find it!!!!!!!!

  78. FINALLY. :mrgreen:


  79. Yeah it is, kind of but you should have seen those prissy girls!!!
    All running around!

  80. David I dont know what the hell is your or eniels problems but you better stop being gay soon.
    P.S. (I’m assuming you forgot the deal).

  81. Yeah how did this “david” even have access to a computer?
    Pysch wards aren’t supposed to let you have them.

  82. And Eneil if your the one thats talking bs well you better shut the f up soon, u wanna fight bring it on

  83. After an entire hour I finally got the 4th Birthday Balloon

  84. Um, David, it’s actually SCEPTICAL. Mind your spelling. Unless really don’t know how to spell a certain word.

  85. Hey, TP. Recieve some irritating comments on God of the Zilla idiots recently?

  86. i guess i missed the “yo momma” jokes. but here’s one anyway.
    yo momma’s so fat her boggart is a gym membership!!

  87. Eniel you call me gay just to feel good for yourself, your an epic fail, NO ONE LIKES YOU NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. seconded

  89. This place is really off, you claim this site is about poptropica,but you guys all treat it like poptropica is a side topic on this website and your personnel issues are first,this site is called poptropica cheats and secrets for a reason I assume

    Bard out

  90. any body on?

  91. I’m on but, only for a while
    I need to eat something…
    I haven’t had time to eat ALL day!
    SOOO, hungry!!!

  92. Hey Eniel wanna know something?

  93. No one cares about you, your jokes are gay, your life is miserable, YOUR A FREAKIN PATHETIC NOOB
    You better leave poptropicasecrets and leave davids accounts or your gonna be humiliated by everyone by Infernape and me.
    Weird Im actually on your side Infernape

  94. Well thats a first

  95. Ok a long story short. Some random kid is using Davids accounts and calls himself Eniel.
    Then he just starts talking bs about me and Infernape and then Im just trying to tell to leave the hell out of poptropicasecrets and never return

  96. And Eniel I guess youll just learn the hard way. Stay as long as you please. Everyone hates you noob youll get yourself laughed at. Your gonna get humiliated. So do yourself a favor, STOP BEING GAY!


  98. ALL IN FAVOR SAY I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  101. Ok Im starting to think you both are involved. David mock my words if you are then youll get killed.
    And as for whoever you are Eniel, your gay you have no life, why do you do stupid things why do keep fighting and talking. NO ONE IS ON YOUR SIDE, EVERYONE HATES YOU, WHY KEEP TALKING WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR ACTING LIKE A FREAKIN RETART

  102. see you later b.c.
    And David tell Eniel (Hopefully he’s another guy) that he doesnt scare anyone and if he tries to cuss at anyone, especially a girl hes gonna get his rear wooped pretty badly

  103. this eniel is a f-ing ass hole what did BC do to deserve being called that, NOTHING, if I ever met you youd be sorry }:-)

  104. yea bloons r rare NOT!!! evertime i entered bloons come down very rare noteven close.

  105. ok 1) stop calling ppl noobs cause thats insulting 2)stop saying he is gay

  106. I have an idea.

    How about making a page with a list of items like Member’s Exclusive Items, Store Items, and Advertisement Items(basically, all special and hidden items)?

  107. I Agree With you Super Pirate , btw im beating all islands on poptropica ๐Ÿ˜€ No help, no cheats , no membership ๐Ÿ˜€ I only did Red Dragon by the help of secretscp (Youtube) I always use his videos on youtube for help – I barely need help, Again i only used the help of secretscp’s videos


  108. Huh??

  109. “Greek Pop Star”
    1. Get the shirt from the girl outside Herc’s Hero Hut (in blue)
    2. Get the bangs of the purple girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut
    3. Get Karate Master lips/ from girl w/ fruit basket on Main Street
    4. Mythology Surfer skirt (blue)
    5. Aphrodite’s necklace
    6. Pop Star microphone

    (Try to think of other versions. I haven’t tried all.)

  110. use gamer girl hair

  111. i forgot! get the white cape from athena

  112. OMG OMG OMG OMG! i fount the 4th birthday balloon on my first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
    (it was on shrink ray island!)
    I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! cuz i didnt get it last year…

  113. omg neat hopper thanks! i found it!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ in shrink ray!

  114. I love pizza…

  115. โ“ โ“ โ“ HUH?

  116. Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to find more emotions.

  117. :sunny:

  118. :star:
    :santa: ๐Ÿ˜ :no: :confused:

  119. :king: :elephant: :lol!: :joker: :monkey:

  120. :flower: :@: :suspect:

  121. I found it on my second try on time tangled island common room.

  122. Eniel,You are so stupid that I curse that your mom amd dad will go off to afganistan and get killed and your brothers and sisters die in a week. OOOOOHHHHHH,YOU JUST GOT TOLD!!!!!!!


  124. Unknown: Great! You love pizza too! Who doen’st anyway? And it’s emocon, not emotion. At least thats what I think…

  125. Wow… WS,you seriously hate him don’t ya?

  126. i dont know why eniel is causing trouble here. how old is eniel, anyway?

  127. cassandra, i had pizza last night at a place called Big Ed’s Pizza. it’s really good.
    and is this your first time on here? cuz i dont really remember you….

  128. This is so stupid:
    how do you know that “eniel” and “david” aren’t the same person?

  129. I’ll be back, I’m hungry

  130. i haven’t been here lately and who the heck is “eniel” and where did he post a comment?

  131. yay neat hopper you found it too i wonder who else found it (it as in the 4th birthday balloon)

  132. meg’s right. how do we know that eneil and david aren’t internet predators? here’s how: WE DONT.
    sadly, that’s the internet.

  133. I accidentally found the costume when i went into a common room!!!F.Y.I sometimes the cake i throw explodes!0:

  134. http://www.watchtheguild.com you should watch it its a really funny show
    (mature words are said rarely)

  135. i already watch the guild. i watch it on my xbox 360 every time a new episode comes out. and i don’t really know what codex sees in zaboo. she’s so weird and so is everybody else

  136. Im bored, nothing to do

  137. David, you sure that Eniel is gona and that hes a different person?

  138. codex’s a little uh…. “unstable”, and I think she likes zaboo because most people don’t like her but zaboo does

  139. Hey anyone here got Portal 2, I just got it last week and the game’s totally epic

  140. Uh Infernape, what the bloody hell are you saying?

  141. it’s raining at my house now.

  142. i’m watching the first Guild episode now.


  144. eniel is a a stupid son-of-a-bitch who hates everyone

  145. well where do u find him?

  146. 2 pages back he post’s under Davids account and at the start of each post he says Eniel to clarify that is is him

  147. umm what the heck this place has changed a lot

  148. in many ways icy dragon,in frank,the site has overdone a major re-design,the current jerk is this eniel,and i am the master of the universe


  149. yeah umm huh youve changed a bit to infernape

  150. i hate how the guild episodes are very short. but this new season has the longest episodes THE GUILD ROCKS!

  151. best internet show ever

    P.S how have I changed

  152. umm I dont know its just that you have a new icon and you uhh are well more talkitive

  153. Neat Hopper: Not my first time here. Assumed a secret identity last time.

  154. Awww is the 4 birthday costume members only? if it is I wont look for the balloon.

  155. I’ve been in like 20 multiplayer rooms and I haven’t found 1 stinkin balloon(special)!!!! It’s driving me crazy!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  156. it’s for members and non-members to all find. keep on looking, Smidch

  157. uhh who are you david

  158. i found the balloon twice

  159. i made an outfit called: princess of the wild west. it’s pretty simple and what makes it a princess costs 75 credits:
    wild west: copy saloon lady’s top, dress bottom and hair not the bangs lips or choker
    where to find: in diamond plains outside the saloon
    mythology: fruit hat lady’s lips
    where to find:outside apollo’s temple thing or outside the museum of olympus
    store: fairy queen’s crown
    to check it out enter: p.o.t.w.w. (princess of the wild west) in the avatar studio

  160. it’s soul crushing,right

  161. Right when i walked in it was there ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. hey BC,what grade are you in?

  163. hey david

  164. depressed

  165. wow me too, hey what school are you in,I wonder if I know you

  166. we don’t know each other, im in jwy middle school

  167. it would,depressed ๐Ÿ™

  168. I mean im depressed about school

  169. each day my stomach hurt’s a little more when I think about school

  170. it feels kinda like my life is being taken away

  171. are you sincere or sarcastic David(it’s hard to tell online,no offense)

  172. It’s like a big version of avatar studio

  173. @ David Oh poor you. Get well soon! Im on my site now so we can chat their if you feel better. xoxo <3

  174. Apple Cobbler anyone???

  175. Yes I just responded ๐Ÿ˜€

  176. @ Bashful Cloud @ Infernape you guys think your depressed?! im in 7th grade and im stressed out of this world okay!!! -.-

  177. Cool,,, Oh Em Gee! Im glad I dont have advanced classes,,,

  178. @ Bashful Cloud how do I put my avatar on the pic..? + check out my website by clicking on my name!

  179. Thanks @Neat Hopper where ever you are ๐Ÿ˜€ for visiting my website, xoxo

  180. i am in the 8th grade. some things i learned in 7th:

    1 boys do not need to know you like them
    2 be careful who you tell the name(s) of your crush(es) to
    3 some people may hate you for no reason. just ignore them
    4 if someone, especially a boy, says to leave them alone, you LEAVE THEM ALONE
    5 boys will be boys; they will make jokes nonstop. you just gotta live with it.
    6 everything will work out in the end. stay happy. never loose hope

    1 be nice to girls NO MATTER WHAT
    2 if you find out that a girl likes you, be nice to her. do not freak out.
    3 if the girl who likes you won’t leave you alone (telling her directly, threatening to “f***ing call verizon and ask them to block your number”), give her time. DO NOT BE MEAN TO THE GIRL. she’ll be really sad. and depressed. (but she still likes you)
    4 if you tell them to leave you alone, give her time.
    5 some girls tend to be fastidious (from thefreedictionary: 1 Possessing or displaying careful, meticulous attention to detail. 2 Difficult to please; exacting. 3 Excessively scrupulous or sensitive, especially in matters of taste or propriety. 4 Microbiology Having complicated nutritional requirements. okay,maybe not the last one…)
    6 keep being funny, guys!

    hope this helps!

  181. @Bashful Cloud Im with you! I think love is more painful too. ๐Ÿ™

  182. ok i wont say then anything else in the world.. but its painful

  183. @ Bashful Cloud Okay I wont say its the most painful thing in the world, but its very painful. ๐Ÿ™

  184. i found the rare balloon on my second try!

  185. If you’re new to PoptropicaSecrets.com, these are the people you should meet:

    1. david
    2. Bashful Cloud
    3. Neat Hopper

    They are the best people I’ve ever met on the internet that I dont know in real life! xoxo

  186. BC I don’t agree, my reasons are my own

  187. here is some dating advice (make to sure to remeber them!)
    Dating Tip 1) always treat a lady nicely
    Dating Tip 2)never make a mean joke about the person ur dating
    Dating Tip 3) if u find a pretty girl ALWAYS TRY TO FIND A WAY TO GET HEART
    Hope they help!

  188. @ Bashful Cloud Ikr & Your welcome
    @ david It doesnt matter what Pirate Girl says, some boys DO have hearts and your one of them

  189. Yes your right, we all know that.

  190. Well ya boys can be real jerks but some are real nice ;D

  191. @ david LOL this is crazy

  192. do any of you know play a mmog, I’ve never played one,but I have more free time then I need so…….

  193. the know was an accedent, it was part of the original meassage “do any of you know a mmog”

  194. you know guys, I’ve finished all 20 islands! from super power to shrink ray. and I have the 4th birthday outfit. I got it in cryptids island. and I have the steamworks mech pilot!!! oh, and the golden renegade robot! they are so awesome, I haven’t even been here a year. hope you enjoyed it! k’ so by!

  195. oh, and by the way, I love you bashful cloud!

  196. Hey david! I was told by kimmae that you were one of the people I should meet. I am new here

  197. Who likes the house of anubis? it is so interesting!

  198. lol. very funny. ๐Ÿ˜›

  199. number 3 is DEAD SERIOUS

  200. David why are you posting nerdy stuff about dating?

  201. And Infernape whos number 3

  202. Srry I couldnt be online lately, I was busy in New York checking out my new boarding school, and I kinda got carried away by playing an excess amount of Portal 2

  203. What do you mean by “number 3 is DEAD SERIOUS”?

  204. can you enter & Exit a room and find it? 8)

  205. … ignore my last comment and do you have to be a member? ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. on davids tips number 3 is dead serious

  207. great advice!
    p.s. sorry i havent been on since, like, sunday. i got banned from computer cuz i didn’t do all my homework until the last minute. (i had a 3 day weekend and did my work on monday)

  208. i was thinkin about running 4 pres. of national junior honors society but a guy said “i think you do enough c**p already” (his words, not mine i wont post the ‘c’ word)

    here’s what i do:
    Greek dance (Aug.-Sept. after church)
    volleyball (at church during volleyball season)
    i’m in Greek School
    i play tennis (in the fall)
    all honors classes at school (dont mean to brag)
    secretary of student council
    and i go to church on sundays

    do you think i do too much? do you think i should only go for VP? or a smaller board position? (i want a board position!)

  209. today i found out that one of my friends from 6th grade (i’m in 5th) died yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ฅ because of an aneurysm ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  210. Caes315 yourr in 5th grade?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. ur in 5th im in 6th kool is 5’th grade hard for you?

  212. im in the fifth grade! ๐Ÿ˜›

  213. hey! i’m new!
    ugh! there are soooo many users on, I can’t get on Poptropica! Ugh Ugh ugh!

  214. WOW everybody’s asking who is Kimmae, and all that LOL. IM here!!! If you need any help go to my website. But ill be on every wednesday and thursday

  215. I just got the 4th birthday cake costume.It was so cool!Happy 4th Birthday Poptropica!

  216. 7th grade is so frustrating, ugh, just gotta live through it,could be worse

    on the bright side,I’m posting from my brand new Sony vaio lab top! ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. Sup peeps im in 7th grade too by the way whos the new Kimmae person? Im still thinking about going to that boarding school in New York, any of you live in New York?

    P.S. I live in Florida

  218. And Cae315 how did that 6th grader die, pretty sad

  219. And anybody seen Cuddly Sun, I havent seen her for a long time

  220. Your team in what, B.C.

  221. I live in New York (not the city the state)

  222. cae315 i feel bad for you aneurysm is the worst way to die my dad died because of an aneurysm. D:

  223. >:( grrrr i didnt post the last comment

  224. people hacked me i did post the comment above the grrrrr comment :/

  225. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ :'( O.o xD $.$

  226. at the middle school in my town their team is the tigers

  227. The Mystery Train departs for V.I.P.s(very important Poptropicans) and M.O.Ps(members of Poptropica) tomorrow at 4:21 PM sharp!

  228. we have the East Prairie Panthers

  229. Arr

  230. Yeah! I just got my “4” birthday costume! I think the Arcade (the other common room in Early Poptropica) is also a good place in search of the blue “4” balloon as it is also very small. I found the “4” balloon in the Arcade common room. However, the Arcade will “disappear” for a while when there are any advertisement quests.

  231. Hey! If you aim the cake (part of the birthday costume) onto a Poptropician/ animal in Poptropica (e.g. the cat in front of C.J.’s house), its color will change to a lighter one! Try it!

  232. what am I? a speck of dust?

  233. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Blue Raptor. I am Tiny Penguin. Nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  234. Any hints for the balloon????? I assume you just have to keep trying, but I haven’t found it yet… ๐Ÿ™

  235. Hi guys! Hows it goin’? Not to brag, but I finished it today! You would NEVER belive who the culprit is! I’m not going to tell you… you’re going to have to find out for yourself!

  236. Hi!!!! I’m new on this website. Can anybody tell me if they have their own multiverse room?!?

  237. Hello People of the internet! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m new here! I was told that I should meet, david, Bashful Cloud and Neat Hopper! I’ve read some of their postsand I think that they are really nice!

  238. maroon catfish, i’m neat hopper and i’ll be on the more recent pages.
    i havent had time to go online

  239. wow that cat and cake thing acually worrk my account is

  240. yup i know how you guys feel my dad died this january in motorcycle crash !! :[ we still miss him

  241. ~*โ™ฅSmart~Wolfโ™ฅ*~

    I finally found the balloon. It was in the arcade. YAY!

  242. my computer went black when i was watching video D:<

  243. Hi love poptropica its awesome check out my website plaese just look at least but plaesee do check it out um i only just made it like last week so it’s bad and has only got 1 video which is only part of early poptropica but i’m working on it so yeah!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  244. so sorry 4 u spotted grape (if its true)

  245. that was soooooooooooooooooooooo random

  246. ok… i went on one of my acconts: angereebird dressed in a rio costume and i went haven’t been in a common room since july- august and i went into a common room and found the birthday ballon!

  247. hey guys,i have a new glitch for ya and its TOTALLY REAL.I know,I know ya donโ€™t beilieve me,right? BUT THIS IS REAL.U can get the RAINBOW PUFFLE, THE GOLDEN PUFFLE,THEDIAMOND PUFFLE, AND THE SILVER PUFFLE!FOR FREE!ALL ya have to do is just POST THIS in ANNY web page 3 TIMES!once uโ€˜re done, log on to club penguin, press f5 + ctrl AND LOOK! Their urs

  248. blah bah i got the costume without looking at this cheetasssssss

  249. i got the costume when i turned my back 4 a seond and my sis randomely got it 4 me i never i even knew how valuable it is

  250. yo i knew dis dis is bull!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Hi. Yup, Maroon Catfish. David’s cool. BC is very generous with praises, but I don’t really know NH

  252. Heaven Hollinsworth

    Yay!!! I found the costume in the first place i looked! ๐Ÿ˜€

  253. What if you pressed the wrong one?

  254. Wahwahwahwahwahwah!!!!!!!! When can the balloons come out? I tried Soda Pop Shop going out and in I still can’t find the balloon!

  255. It’s year 2012 now, can it be still there?

  256. Hey, is there any tips for the balloon? On my second comment, as I said: Wahwahwahwahwahwah!!!!!!!! When can the balloons come out? I tried Soda Pop Shop going out and in I still canโ€™t find the balloon! So I REALLY WANT TO GET THE BALLOON! PLEASE ANY TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. summer party at my multiverse room with snacks chocalate fountain and a swimming pool wear something like bikini surf costumes tanktops or from mythology get from the beach girls as long as its not pants and dont wear vests jackets or sweaters (of course!) and im having on the menu burgers pizza hot dogs and a cheerleading squad go light purple pops we will be competing against the red devils and a huge popstar from the music buisness is coming Ke$ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wearing her new popstar outfit thats green and her rockstar partner that bought a new guitar and there better be couples and flirting i love romance ! im the one with the reddish brownish color with bangs and vampire hair and with the light purple pops uniform tell you where to come tomorrow

  258. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    โ— โ“