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Poptrop-trivia: the Minotaur of Mythology Island

Poptrop-trivia is another fun new feature here on Poptropica Secrets.  Every week, we’ll be giving you some quirky facts or stories inspired by the amazing islands of Poptropica.  This week’s Poptrop-trivia spotlights a monster from Mythology Island!

Did you know…in Greek mythology the minotaur’s name was Asterion?  Every year King Minos captured prisoners from the surrounding islands and let them loose in the maze known as the Labyrinth where the half-man, half-bull Asterion would gobble them up.  Possibly with a side of Fries.  The hero Theseus pretended to be one of these sacrifices so he could get into the maze to kill the beast.  As you know from Poptropica, the best way to get through a maze is with a ball of string trailing behind.  The king’s daughter, Ariadne, gave Theseus his string so he could retrace his steps after he killed the minotaur.  And every one lived happily ever after.  Well…except for Asterion.  But that’s what he gets for being an evil, carnivorous man-bull.

Mythology Island Minotaur

I wonder if Theseus put his head above his fireplace?

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  1. Cheerful Singer

    First…Of The Year!!

    Skrillex humor.

  2. Cheerful Singer

    Ahhhhhh…’m gonna le now.

  3. I feel like a ghost 🙁 cries 🙁

  4. Cheerful Singer

    @TL: Why you cryin’?


    That’s what I’m gonna say now.


  5. Because nobody was replying to my comments, not even on the other post

  6. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, sorry I didn’t get to them.

  7. Cheerful Singer

    I love Skrillex.

    Does anyone live in Brantford?




  9. Seriously, it is such a coincidence. I actually DO live in Brantford.

  10. Cheerful Singer



    Do yousee the storm?

  11. Yeah, it’s really windy, but there still isn’t rain yet… 🙁

  12. Cheerful Singer

    Blue sky.

  13. Cheerful Singer

    I live near Mac’s in West Brant.

  14. Cheerful Singer

    I have 3 Best Friends: Emily (DJ), Kelly and Jessie.

    Kelly and Jessie are both Asian, with long dark hair. Jessie has white skin and laughs easily, if you massage her neck, she laughs like crazy. She has brown eyes and black, long hair. She doesn’t wear any makeup and is the age of 11.

    Kelly has mocha skin like me, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and doesn’t laugh easily. She’s usually doesn’t laugh.

  15. Hey, guys, how ya been? 😀 I see this blog is still up. I remember how it was in 2008. It’s changed so much! Like, four years now! 😀

  16. I don’t know if anyone here remembers it, but remember when we camped out all night, waiting for Cryptids Island? And then, it didn’t come out till like 3 in the afternoon? Haha!

  17. CS: Wait a second… did you say Kelly? I know this Asian girl called Kelly! Could it be the same person?

    But… you say you live near Mac’s, west brant, and that’s a bit far from where I live, even though I live in West Brant too.

  18. what are we suposed to do on this game?

  19. Cheerful Singer

    Last name?

    Her’s is…nevermind…

  20. Cheerful Singer


  21. Kelly’s last name is Zhang.

  22. Cheerful Singer

    Middle Name?

  23. Her middle name is Shulia

  24. Cheerful Singer

    What school does she go to?

  25. I don’t know. She doesn’t go to my school, since we know each other only because our moms know each other.

  26. Cheerful Singer

    I know a Kelly who goes to my school who fits that description.

  27. Her name is actually Kelly Shulia Zhang?!

  28. Cheerful Singer


    What does her Mom look like?

  29. Does anyone know the language Twi?

  30. Cheerful Singer

    No, I don’t.

    Tough Lizard, do you have Twitter?

    White Sword, do you have Twitter?

    Does anyone have Twitter?

    Look me up as KatKitAllen.

  31. No,but I also comment on YouTube

  32. Cheerful Singer

    Please get a Twitter so we can Tweet Back And Forth.

  33. Oh and also that language is what family and most Ghanaians in Africa speak

  34. CS: Her mon has long black curly hair. Kinda short, not that much though.
    TL: Can you type it here? so that i know what it looks like.

  35. By kinda short, i meant her height

  36. And, i don’t have Twitter, sorry

  37. Cheerful Singer


    Today, I’m wearing my glasses with my short-curly hair just hanging loose.

    At school, at recess, I give massages.

    I need to put on some music to the person’s ears.

    There’s other massuses too. I work with Charles, Lizzy (Elizabeth), Emily and Meghan.

    My teeth are pearly white, straight and some are crooked.

  38. Cheerful Singer

    Her Mother is quite short. Yes, you fit the description.

    Who…are you? What’s your name?


    Are you Kelly’s friend, Lexi?

    Or, perhaps, Kelly’s new friend, Emily?

    Or, perhaps, Jessie, the giggly one?


  39. Cheerful Singer

    Est-que les personnes ici parle de Français?

    Je parle de Français.

    Je suis une femme.

    Les Personnes Ici qui parle…est-que tu est une femme où une homme?

    Je parle Français…pas bien de tous.

  40. Cheerful Singer

    @TL: Are you African of some sort or of African decent?

    Where do you live right now?

  41. Cheerful Singer

    @TL: Where do you live, may I ask?

    I mean, what country? I don’t want to sound like a stalker.

  42. Yes,I am African and my parents were born in Ghana

    Right now,I live in California USA

  43. Cheerful Singer

    What type of music does everyone like?

    What song is their favorite right now?

    Do you have any siblings?

    If you have been paying attention to my comments, you should know the answer to my questions.

    Please reply if you know them.

  44. I have two brothers and three sisters

    And I don’t know about the other two

  45. Cheerful Singer

    Haters are jealous people who love you and admire you and just don’t want to admit it. So, ignore the haters and don’t be a hater. Life your life to the fullest because, You Only Have One Life.

    A Quote From Me.

  46. i love this new game it looks so interesting you never know when you might learn somethig

  47. are you freaking kidding me your all on this one well I’m screwed

  48. Cheerful Singer

    I don’t know why I need any more knowledge.

    I have music knowledge. 😉

    CERTAIN artists.

    I hate Man The Destroyer.

    Messed up band.

  49. Cheerful Singer

    I prefer artists over bands and bands over artists.

  50. Cheerful Singer

    I am…




    Please ask me why, it’ll cheer me up.

  51. uhh what the heck who are u people?

  52. Maybe u r bored or something

    And I have a song stuck in my head

    Here is the song: Atumpan-The thing on YouTube.com

  53. When u were gone, a lot of new people started coming to this website
    and u remember me, right?

  54. yeah i kinda figure that out and yeah I remember you sort of…..

  55. Hey guys, go to Google and type in this address: 1896 MT Goethe way

  56. Cheerful Singer

    No one asked me…

    Yeah, thanks.

  57. why are depressed and has anybody seen boxy

  58. Cheerful Singer

    I’m Cheerful Singer! My real name is Kat Allen and I have one brother and one sister. I have mocha skin, curly dark brown hair and big, brown eyes. I’m Jamaican and I’m 12 years old, turning 13 January 3rd. My favorite artist is Skrillex/Sonny Moore and I have 3 pets.

    A Dog-Golden Retriver, light, golden colo(u)r and is named ButterFingers.
    A Hampster-…don’t know, white and has brown spots all over and is named Teddy.
    A Cat-Tabby, cream and chocolate colo(u)red named Bailey.


  59. Cheerful Singer


    Yes, I do.

    *sigh* I’m depressed because, I can’t listen to Skrillex! My Mother asked what I was listening to and I said Skrillex and she said he’s a Dubstep artist and I shouldn’t listen to ANY Dubstep!

  60. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia says hi.

  61. Cheerful Singer

    Pkease sokeone talk to me!!!

  62. hi im icy bear add me my username is ILOVEONEDIRECTION01

  63. You people just talk and talk and go on and on about random things.

  64. … From a break of one and a half years of non commenting.

  65. I am pretty sure that I know who CS is in the real world, through this other person, but i am not sure.


  66. Last night, this website wouldn’t let me say anything!


    (Blargh will now be my signature.)

  67. Cheerful Singer

    White Sword, who do you think?

    Because, you’re probably right.

    If you do get it right, tell me who YOU are.

  68. Cheerful Singer

    You are my Cinema, I can watch you forever.

    Action, Thriller, I can watch you forevaaaaah.

    You are my Cinema, a Hollywood treasure.

    Love you just the way you are, my Cinema.

    My Cinema. (x9)

    D-d-d-d-d-d-drop the bass!





    Not enough WUB’s.

    Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

    Why else would I post it if it’s not Skrillex?

    I mean…


    But, I can’t listen to Skrillex anymore.

    I’ll listen to it, screw what she thinks.

  69. Cheerful Singer

    Look up Wub Wub Wub on Google Images and scroll down, you’ll see Skrillex.


    Skrillex Is ……. Awesome


  70. Cheerful Singer

    @WS: Who are you???

    Who do you think my name is???

    I know Kelly Zhang and Jessie Yu.

    Are you someone from their Chinese School???

  71. Cheerful Singer

    I am embarrassed.

    How do I look good?

    I’m going on a cruise and want to meet a hot guy 😉

    And finally text him 😉

    How do I look my best?

  72. Hey

  73. What happened to Fierce Moon?

  74. In case you never saw, Zippy Turtle is Co-Authoring. Fierce Moon never left.

  75. Cheerful Singer

    Hey, what’s up?

    Can someone please talk to me?

    Keyshia says hi to you all.

  76. Wow everyone is coming back

  77. yezs Kat I’ve heard of dubstep before because my dad has that song on his phone

    and tell Keyshia i said hi back

  78. Kat if your on Facebook and someone is talking mean to you on your page do this delete all his comments and then people will be thinking he is typing himself!!!!! i laughed when i read this online i almost fell of the bed cause of it

  79. and you can also do it twitter maybe i dunno about that and look up things like i hate it when and it will pull up some stupid things

  80. i mean all of yours also leave his

  81. i explain things so wrong gtg bye

  82. Cheerful Singer

    Hey SS.

    Did you know I just LUV Skrillex?

    (Keyshia’s impersonation of me)

  83. Cheerful Singer

    When it’s not Skrillex, it’s deadmau5.

    When it’s not Deadmau5, it’s Nero.

    When it’s not Nero, it’s 12th Planet.

    When it’s not 12th Planet, it’s Knife Party.

    When it’s not Knife Party, it’s Skrillex.

  84. okay but what do you thinka bout the article is it funny or what

  85. I got locked in a bathroom at school. 1 – 2 -3 4 – 5 FIVE TIMES!!!!!! IT WAS FUNNY LAST WEEK BUT THAT WAS THE 5 TH TIME HAH EVERYBODY WAS LAUGHING EVEN I WAS

  86. Cheerful Singer

    I have a Skrillex song in my head (no surprise).

    Well, a remix.


  87. CS, just to give you a clue, my name starts with a V.

  88. Cheerful Singer

    WS, who do you think I am?

  89. Cheerful Singer

    In real life?

  90. do you two know each other??????

  91. Cheerful Singer

    If someone comes along and acts like a bigger fangirl, I’ll beat them in like, a knowledge off or whatever.

  92. Cheerful Singer

    I know alot about Skrillex.

  93. vivian?

  94. huh anybody wanna know how I got stuck in a bathroom at school about five times?

  95. hellloooo!?!?!?! I might win a trip to Scotland whoo baby!!!

  96. Anyone on?

  97. Cheerful Singer

    WS: Hey, do you know who I am?

  98. me hey sleepy

  99. hey kat ive been waiting for you girl

  100. oh kat I looked up wub wub soony more and skrillex wub wub brought up some rage comical of skirrlex

  101. Cheerful Singer

    Warning: no one steal my Dubber Thunder!!!

    SS: OH EM GEEEEES, you might go to Scotland? THAT’S SO COOL! Congrats! 🙂

    And sure, I’d like to hear how that happened.

  102. Yay i’m not alone!

  103. Cheerful Singer



    Skrillex should be taken seriously as a musician.

  104. That is soooo awesome! I have always wanted to travel around the world- especially in scotland cause I have family that lives there that I don’t know about.


  106. Cheerful Singer

    No one here is like, a Skrillex fan, right?

    I hope I’m one of the only.

  107. Yay.

  108. ?????

  109. Cheerful Singer

    Skrillex and Ellie Goulding are dating.

    Well, OBVIOUSLY!

    Kelly called Skrillex mental. 🙁

    He’s not.

  110. Cheerful Singer, I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is Skrillex?

  111. Cheerful Singer




    Sleepy Ghost June 23, 2012 at 4:26 pm
    Cheerful Singer, I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is Skrillex?





    Wub Wub Wub…

    Still can’t say that with joy.

  112. Cheerful Singer

    Scary Sky, can you please explain Skrillex to Sleepy Ghost while I take a nap?


  113. okay great so won day I was at school during the bathroom break with other girls so I wasn’t stuck for long and so the door wouldn’t close so I yank reallllll hard and it finally closed thank gosh and I went to the bathroom and when I was done I tried to open the door but it woulldnt open so I’m like ohhhh foop well I’m screwed so I knocked and my friend Lilly is yelling this whoever is knocking at my at my door better stop!!! but I kept knocking so my friend Neaveah had her ear at the door and then she got mine and tanked really hard and it opened the end and arty it took so long I had to clean my room

  114. its not working. ill have to show u tom

  115. Cheerful Singer


  116. Cheerful Singer

    What’s not working?

  117. why are my story’s funny Evan though they aint

  118. the link I was giving to sleepy ghost

  119. somebody on radio Disney plz call me and tell me when the next contest is??? and Scottish yes I speller it right and brb

  120. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia’s so stupid

  121. Cheerful Singer

    Gurl is okay.

    I still can’t believe Keyshia did that…

  122. hey has ayman came on lately?

  123. Cheerful Singer


    I considered him my brother you know.

  124. owwww

  125. yes I know do u think he left?

  126. Cheerful Singer

    I think so.

    Oh, the days when me and ayman used to fight.

    “Keep up the good work, someday you’ll be famous.”

    “Good luck, Cheerful Singer.”

    “Can you please not talk about Shirlex?”

    Those were the days.

  127. Cheerful Singer

    I’m alone, aren’t I?

    I shall moan and mumble about Dubstep.

    No one knows what I’m going through.

    Did I tell you Keyshia is in the Hospital?

    She stepped on a nail and it’s deep down in.

    She has to get it removed.

    I feel bad for Keysh.

    So, I made her bed, straightened her posters, brought her a new CD, sweeped our floor and cleaned her side of the room.

    My side of the room has a dresser with a mirror, my bed is black (the sheets are red and covers are black) and I have “Ill” above my bed (Skrillex symbol).

    Me talking about Skrillex reminds me of Ayman Arif.

    Look him up online then, look up Cheerful Singer.

    Then, look up Scary Sky.

    Then, White Sword.

    And continue.

    And look up Jade.

  128. don’t look up me,and ayman can’t comment on here anymore

  129. Cheerful Singer

    “Your best friend may just be the one who saves you.”

  130. Cheerful Singer

    No one cares about me on here.

  131. I care about u and why cant he short leopard will he still play on poptropica?

  132. Cheerful Singer

    I know you’re lying.

  133. I’m not lying he can’t because his account on here has a glitch and he still can play Poptropica.

  134. no I’m not

  135. where I
    am 8:03 even though it say 5:03 am

  136. Cheerful Singer

    I’m watching The Choice because I was bored.

  137. Cheerful Singer


  138. I know I’m not the first to ask you this but what is shrillex?? and who is this Kyesha you keep bringing up?? anyway I wounder where is Eva and other old friends that use to be here those were good times..

  139. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia’s back home but, bleeding like crazy.

  140. Cheerful Singer

    @OT: Keyshia is my little sister of 10 years and Shrillex is what ayman used to call Skrillex.

    Skrillex is a Dubstep, Electro, Electro House and Glitch artist. He won 3 Grammy’s at the 54th Annual Grammy’s (live at the website).

    He’s of 24 years and was born 11 days after I was and 12 years. I was born January 3rd 2000 so, that means he was born January 14th, 1982.

    Search up Skrillex on Google Images.

  141. Hello peoples!


  142. Um, and, that person who guessed my name was Vivian, you got it partly right. it starts with a vi, but it’s not Vivian.

  143. anybody know.why ayman left?

  144. White sword is your name Victoria?

  145. OMG hi white sword ur here!

  146. gosh white sword I really dont know I cant guess ur name!

  147. @Cheerful singer: I live in Ontario

  148. Oh Em Gees…

    (still can’t say that happily)

    I moved back with my Mom and her boyfriend with Keyshia and Matt!!!

    Keyshia and I get our own rooms and so does Matt!!!

    I need to re-paint my room but, in a year, we’re gonna be moving.

    My room is PINK right now.


    WS, can you please just guess who I am?

  149. ayamn is someone who used to come on

  150. CS: I know a person named Katie. Are you Katie?

  151. SS: Ooh.

    jeandog2002: It’s a rare name.

  152. does anybody have an youtube account my mum is going to get me won if you do plz give me the link

  153. tell this exactly to keysha plz pain may hurt but it also marks a new beginning

  154. um helllozers?????

  155. hello ????????????????????????????????????

  156. OffTopic, i remember eva the 8 year old girl.

  157. My name is not Katie.

    In fact, I’m…


    Those are my initals.

    I would like you guys to call me Kat though.

    Elysia is my middle name and is my first name but, Kat was one of the suggestions for my name.

    Please call me Kat.

  158. Keyshia says thanks, Scary Sky.

  159. tell her your welcome and does anybody have a youtube account ?

  160. and remember call me Hannah

  161. Sorry hannah

  162. gtg bye bye heres a bye here a saying some friends come and go but some have a special place in your heart like all of my friends at school and here

  163. its okay gtg bye and does anybody have youtube ???? if so plz tell me

  164. I will sign up for it.

    And bye, Hannah.

  165. Today was Church.

    I always forget what we do so, I look like an idiot in Church.

  166. Oh, i didn’t know ur name was Hannah, SS!

    Anyways, blargh.

  167. @Cheerful Singer: I feel really bad for Keyshia. If u want, u can tell her that I do.

    do you remember me?

  169. yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! jades still on too

  170. hey guys I went to my friend’s end of the year pool party! It was epiccccccccccc!!!

  171. WHITE SWORD HOW DID U ALLOW PEOPLE TO CLICK ON YOUR NAME AND THEN SEE YOUR PICTURE?! i want to do that oso pleaaasssssssssseeee tell my how!

  172. Does anybody know Kyli Kidd?

  173. Come too my ROOM:AZX32
    (im bored)

  174. Hello Again!!
    Heres My Nember For My Room!!!
    DSU86 Bye For Now See You Later!!

  175. why isn’t there wimpy boardwalk cheats?