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Poptrop-Poll: Which Island have you re-played the most?

Do you love re-solving the mystery of Mystery Train?  Or maybe you just can’t wait to jump in your mechanical walker and take on the mutant plants of Steamworks Island…again?  We want to know in this week’s Poptrop-poll, which island do you love to play over and over?

Which Poptropica Island have you re-played the most?

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  1. firce moon just asking but did you ban my friends ?

  2. And, Fierce Moon, if you did, why?

  3. Ya a bunch of people have been banned, didn’t u realize?

  4. oh Kat your still here ! thank the Lord ! i never want you to leave ! i really hope you don’t because i like you so much

  5. and yeah if you did plz tell us why if you did because ayamn didn’t do anything katniss didn’t do anything short leopard didn’t do anything and i don’t know what happened to white sword. i think that me drake and cheerful singer are the only ones left ! so let them come back plz !

  6. Ayman got blocked, katniss is on the forum and on the chatroom, I don’t know about the others.

    Finally! Something interesting!

  7. brave star how did you het your picture there ? and witch forum is katniss on and what chat room plz answer back sincerely Hannah

  8. also brave star is left to

  9. This could be the start of World War III

  10. W00T finally got 1000 friends, username is lazaroclub


  12. It’s been like a bunch of hours, and no comments?

  13. About 11 hours


    And I’m just showering from camping. Will be back officially tomorrow.

    Until then, brothers and sisters.

    And Kittens.


  15. my room code is DEM23

  16. hay hay hayits crazy flame here and about the replaying islands vote mostly everyone picked early poptropica island because its the easiest bytheway ny username is magicgirl7871 so you can buddy me!

  17. Freindly Gamer


  18. Woah, what happened to everyone? Like…..everyone went POOOF

  19. wimpy bordwalk came out and im done it came like yesterday around 4

  20. Crazy Lightning

    I LOOOOOOVE Reality Tv! I do it the most!!!

  21. omg! the least amount of people voted for steam works! its not a surprise though! it is preety tough! im still on the boss! and i didnt even vote 4 it either! but i had a feeling that most people would say reality tv

  22. Hi! The same people come on here usually, And I don’t post a lot.. But I really like Mystery Train Island!!! 🙂

  23. how do you go to look at the island

  24. i beat it thanks to you i relly like twisted thicket