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Poptrop-Poll: What is your favorite game to play on Poptropolis Games?

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The Olympics are this summer and to get into the spirit of it we want to know what’s your favorite game to play in the Poptropolis Games?  Lifting weights, throwing a javelin, shooting an arrow…how do you show you’re a true Poptropica Olympian?

What is your favorite game to play in Poptropolis Games?

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  1. Dear Zippy Turtle,

    PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE! These, I find, are very lame. You don’t give an eff, do you?

    Can you please do walkthroughs or something that helps us?

    Cheerful Singer

    (First or Second)

  2. Second and stop making these and could u please make a walkthrough

  3. I voted for Long Jump. 2nd

  4. oh man make that 3rd.

  5. And CS,you were lying about your name being Kat.

  6. I have white nails.

    Guess what I’m going to write on them?

    I’d be super happy if you guessed.

  7. hey its me GB do you guys know where is fierce moon.plus im so happy i finished every island in poptropica including wimpy boardwalk

  8. What’s up with my family?

    My Mother loves Mainstream music, My Father loves Rock ‘n’ Roll and Keyshia loves Heavy Metal.

    Me and Matt both love Dubstep. Except, he likes Deadmau5 most.

  9. Yay Gravatar! Now I’m going to put up my picture of Skrillex.

  10. How do you put up a Gravatar?

  11. I’m waiting to get an account on the forum. I’m waiting for it to be approved.

  12. Look up Kat Allen on Facebook.

  13. Dude: Seriously? Zippy Turtle, I am getting sick of this stuff.

  14. Thanks OFFTOPIC.

    But, I use a fake email adress.

  15. Guys, I’m quitting the comments. I’m sorry to do this, but there are too many jerks here, and it’s just making me mad.
    Crazy Flame- I don’t know why you felt the need to pick a fight with me, but you did. You kept it up, and I tried to be nice. I actually had been nice earlier, and I’m kinda sad we aren’t friends.

    Hyper Shadow: You started the lie about Fierce Moon dying. You threatened to shoot me when I didn’t believe you, you threatened to shoot me. You’re one of the main reasons I quit.

    All the fake Fierce Moons: You change your name to various versions of the real one, and you post crazy things. I have two things to say:
    Please stop.
    If you say something as a fake Fierce Moon, nothing will happen. You’ll just get us mad.

    Nice Knuckle: You’re name is a lie. You aren’t nice at all, and you called me a “hater” without knowing me. You said you didn’t need to know someone to know they were being mean. Well, now I know you and that you’re being mean.

    Smart Knucle: Anotherlie. You singled out Neat Tiger, and you never pay any attention to other people’s posts. You can’t spell “Knuckle”, and you didn’t realize Fierce Moon’s “No more Poptropica” was an April Fools until June 26. You have your face as a Gravatar, and, I’m sorry, you seem like a self-centered 8-year-old.

    Tyson the biggest pop fan: I’m just going to copy+paste what I said earlier:
    Hey, tyson: You’re kinda being stuck-up. You haven’t created a cheats and secrets yet, and you still told Fierce Moon to “beat that”. Yeah, there’s been plenty of help blogs over the years, but Fierce Moon’s is the first one when you search for any Poptropica cheats. Also, it’s spelled “Fierce”, not”frecie”. And, not to be grammar-fussy, but you have no capitalization, punctuation, and your spelling’s bad. Fierce Moon’s will be alot easier to read, and I think you might just copy and paste hers.

    Zippy Turtle: I asked where Fierce Moon was. You didn’t answer. If she’s on vacation, that’s fine, just tell us. Right now, all you’ve done to the blog is bore everyone with guessing games and polls.

    To all my friends: I’m sorry I have to leave. You’ll always be able to find me at my blog, the forum, or my e-mail: bravestarjacob@AOL.com

  16. Oh Brave Star, I shall miss you, sister!

    Farewell, to one dear sister.

    I will be e-mailing you!

    LYLAS (Love You Like A Sister),
    Bye, Brave Moon 🙁

    (I gtg to something, a movie)

  17. wait……Cheerful Singer, Brave Star isn’t ‘sister’. He’s a girl xD

  18. Wow….I finally get my account back, and BS leaves xD Epicness, just epicness! But I second to what he said!

    I guess I wont be here either. Buh-bye! :3 I’m going on vacay!

  19. your quitting the blog so what ur just gonna wait until Fierce Moon come back?? your reason for leaving is mostly about Fierce Moon. I guess no one even bother to read my comment ur just too hopeless to notice it.

  20. CS don’t you live with ur sister?

  21. oh come on only 2 people here have a gravatar??

  22. Don’t go Brave star,Please don’t go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. brave star!

    you know how old i am?!
    curse you!
    last comment here as well!

    p.s.i hate you(because you completed every island)

  24. Brave star please dont go!!!!!!! PLEASE!! its not fun with out you! please!! if you go then i will be sad and every one els to! we will miss you if you go and be sad please dont go!!

  25. i cand of messed up there

  26. if you miss him then go to his blog, so it’s not like he’s gone.

  27. i dont know where is the blog

  28. PLEASE don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I know it, Poptropica Mysteries With Brave Star,This is not a link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. guys i’m sorry,but he HATES EVERYONE!

  31. Yeah, OFFTOPIC, I live with Keyshia.

    And I live with Matt.

  32. @mewmew: Thanks, I feel SO loved. 🙁

  33. Hey, SL!

    Guess what?

    I just went to Guyana.

    Not really, a village.



  34. Today, I got kissed.

    I have a new boyfriend.

    His lips tasted like goat.

    Mmm…goat. 😉 It was delicious.

    The goat, not the kiss.

    That would just be creepy.

  35. Lucky.I wish I had a boyfriend.

  36. A sweet, gentle girl,
    Almost the age of 13,
    Lives a life that is,
    A nightmare, not a dream.
    Hateful words are spoken,
    A tear runs down her cheek,
    She lies all the time,
    Sometimes wishes she couldn’t speak.

  37. You’re good at coming up with poems.:D

  38. A country.

    No, you shouldn’t. My boyfriend abuses me. Violently.

    🙁 I live a life of woe.

    The only reason I keep a smile on my face is Skrillex.




    Well, Skrillex music is rough and loud and helps me get through things.

    Me and Skrillex are alike, you know?

    His father disappeared, so did mine.

    My mother didn’t die either though.

    If you want to know more about Skrillex, please visit:


    I don’t know if that’s it.

  39. Oh,I’m sorry about that.Some men are like that.

  40. I saw a movie were a boy abuses his girlfriend

  41. Click the link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hey girl, I’m back.

    One second.

  43. What song was it?

    If it’s anything Mainstream, I’m not interested.

  44. Well at least you’ll still be on the forums guys srry i won’t be on tonight and tom bye !

  45. Scary Sky!!!

    Oh sister, I shall miss you.

  46. I call my guy friends “Sisters”.

    And my girl friends “Brothers”.

    Not on here.

    I was used to doing that, I accidentally did that with Brave Star.

  47. wow nobody has said anything in the past eight days. yay wimpy boardwalk comes out in two days

  48. They have. On other pages.

  49. I don’t usually comment but I read them sometimes, and here there seems to be a lot going on. Cheerful Singer-your situation seems pretty horrible. I’m really sorry about it. Also sorry if this is sorta incorrect because I don’t have an account on the forum and usually I just sweep by the comments. The last few days I’ve been reading them and it was just sort of wow-on one page (I forget which page) there was a whole bunch of people that had to get added to the moderation thing.
    Even though this sounds lame, music from the TV show Victorious really helps in rough times, also Florence and the Machine.
    Again, sorry if I’m not fully informed on this.

  50. I want USA to win the gold!

  51. I also love Victorious and u should find Cheerful Singer on the newer posts

  52. I want a membership code but I can’t find one!

  53. Then buy the game card at target it only costs $10