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Popgum Bubblegum in Poptropica Store

The creators in Poptropica have been busy this week! In addition to launching Mythology Island to the public, and making a lot of cool announcements about the upcoming Skullduggery Island, they also released two new items into the Poptropica Store!

Putting some Pop in Poptropica

The new items are bubble gum, which your Poptropican can chew. When you use the item, your character will start chewing gum. You can press the spacebar to blow bubbles, which will quickly form and then float away and pop. If you press the spacebar really fast, you get get a lot of bubbles! To stop chewing, bring the item back up in your backpack and click on the Stop Chewing button.

There are two flavors available. The first is classic flavor, which makes pink bubbles. The second is Cinnamon Fire flavor, which makes orange and red bubbles that turn into puffs of smoke when they pop.

Classic Flavor of Poptropica Bubble gum

Cinnamon Fire Flavor of Poptropica Bubble Gun

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  1. Yay another free item yay 😀

  2. thanks for letting me know about this i can’t wait to get it!!!! 🙂

  3. woo! i love poptropica secrets now!
    thanks for telling me!

  4. i love poptropicasecrets can’t wait to get bubblegum!!!!

  5. yea something free finaly!

  6. my multiverse code is ……….DAQ33

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  13. I hate that when you Say”STOP CHEWING” You get a huge smile on your face.Its just CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Whoa Jennelle, calm down.

  15. yay! the pink 1 is free! @ Sunny , can u tell me where u got your greek goddess costume? its sooo pretty and i would like 1! thnx

  16. what is other free item

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  19. sorry if i upset you jennelle but i was just bored

  20. and jennelle how can you not have a computer but still be able to acces poptropica secrets frequently?

  21. i have that but its classic cuz the new one costs :c…350

  22. Well don’t be(bored). And I have an iPod touch but I can’t use poptropica because I need adobe flash player.

  23. But I went to the library a few days ago and I got the bubblegum. It’s nice for the creators to give us zumthin free. And I changed my costume. Right now my player is in mythology so I’m dressed like a normal Greek person.

  24. Good ur friends again

  25. man its so fun

  26. Ok Gentle Beetle it must be from Mythology I copied it down from someone ages ago (when Mythology is still in Early Access mode) so I can’t tell you where you should exactly get it. 😐

  27. but still it has some good informatin

  28. anyone wanna give me there multiverse room code?

  29. i got the free one 😉

  30. after chewing the gum your teeth are like this:D

  31. I MEAN 😀

  32. jenelle what the heck did you just say

  33. What do you mean, Sneaky Wing?

  34. I got the gum and blew the bubbles. The bad thing is that the bubbles give you a cheesy smile after you blow them. Not cool. I ran all around Poptropica to get what I had before but I panicked and now my character looks like a boy. 🙁

  35. hey! did you know that on counterfeit if you are minimized, you dont have to duck past the window!

  36. you know you spoke in spanish or whatever when you got kinda mad with me and then mytoman replied,well sneaky wings asking what you said.

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    Yo ppl! good to see yall!!!hows it goes! beat everything! waiting fr skullduggery! By by!!!!!!!!!

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  40. i wonder wahat the cinnomon one is like

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  43. hey, i found a glitch! when you stop chewing, it gives you a toothy smile!

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  48. Why dont the make some good stuff free or make a new PRETTY outfit

  49. amanda
    they might will soon

  50. amanda
    they will do that soon.sometime in late 2010 or early 2011.

  51. wow i’m the only girl who commented on 2012

  52. how do you activate the gum when it isn’t in your items