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Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Ad Walkthrough

Poptropica has a brand new advertisement building up. It’s promoting the DVD for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie, which is coming out on June 29. You’ll find the building on Main Street on most of the islands as long as your Poptropican meets the age requirements for the ad. It’s a pretty easy quest and there are some really nice rewards.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Percy Jackson in Poptropica

Don't forget you can costumize Percy, shaggy hair and all.

Head to Main Street on just about any island in Poptropica and go talk to the guy outside the ad building. Then go inside and you’ll meet Percy Jackson. Hey dude! He’ll tell you he needs help finding three items for Zeus, but that the Medusa is causing problems. Go inside the building and you’ll have 30 seconds to find the items. Along the way, you need to watch out for the Medusa. She’ll appear out of nowhere and if you get caught in her gaze, you’ll be turned to stone. Not good!

The three items are the winged sneakers in the lower left corner, the shield in the lower right corner, and the bow, which is up above the shield in the upper right corner. After you get all three items, you’ll appear in front of Zeus. Talk to him to claim your rewards which are the Zeus’ Armor outfit and a special Zeus’ Lightning Bolt. Pretty sweet rewards for just collecting three items in thirty seconds!

Zeus in Poptropica Percy Jackson

Zeus is looking a lot younger than in Mythology Island

You’ll probably notice that this version of Zeus is way younger than the one from Mythology Island. At first when I saw him I did a double-take. I guess in the movie he’s pretty young, but I skipped that one. I read the book but heard the movie was terrible.

Hades with Lightning Bolt

Haha! I, Hades, now wield Zeus' power!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  2. purpleprincess11

    do u have to be a boy or what?!!

  3. This Advertisement walkthrough is like mini-mythology island.

  4. whats the age requirements?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. u know i beat all the islands in three days so im basically waiting my butt off and checking the creator blog for when the new island is gonna be released

  6. Noooooo! I can’t find it on any of the islands! Mabey that is because I am a girl, or because I am not young or old enough. But it is not nice at all! Noooo!

  7. how old do u have to be!!

  8. i cant find it either. does anyone know how to change your age?

  9. ok i know u need to be 9 and you need to be a boy

  10. i can’t find it ๐Ÿ™

  11. zues in the quest looks different than the zues in mythology island

  12. it’s not fair, i am a great fan of the percy jackson series and i cant do the mini game because i am too old.

  13. i think that the poptropica creators should make the adverticement for both boys and girls and for all ages by changing the difficulty or something

  14. i missed that! GRR….

  15. why do only boys get to do the quest that is totally not fair cuz i cant go to the monster high place either cuz i’m 14 but i cant do this either

  16. i cant find the bow an arrow say flag if i did spell something wrong k?

  17. cheerful dolphin (poptropica name)

    flag i cant see tinkerbell and the lost treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I almost created a boy character but then I realized I wasn’t going to get the rewards on my account so it would be a waste of time. ( P.S. I KNOW I said I was about to create a boy character and I have a boy name on here. When I wanted to post a comment I was supposed to have a name so I put in any name I could think of.)


  20. you can only play the percy jackson advertisment if you are 9 years old

  21. AAAHH I am a boy, 15 years old, where is that thing and how old do u need to be!!!!

  22. You are supposed to be a boy under 12.

  23. i just found out u need to be 11 years old to get it.

  24. If anyone joined last year, and you claim you started at eleven, you probably won’t get in cuz now you’re twelve and it’s only for 6-11 year old boys. And yes I did make a new user to try it and it was really really fun!!! Although Percy’s hair is HUGE!!!!! Lol…

  25. And I found it on SharkTooth, so anyone can look there…

  26. Also: the rewards are:
    The Lightning Bolt (like the one in stores)
    And a greek outfit that the person outside the building has on.

  27. And about the “movie being terrible” although it was different from the book, it was really really good! As good as the book!

  28. Well maybe not….

  29. im a girl and i cant find it thats mest up >:|

  30. hello? anybody on?

  31. white dragon youre cool sorry u never read my other comments.

  32. Hi everyone!!! Anyone want a new Hidden Outfits on Skullduggery Island By: Jeall (Not my real name.) Ohh I have a kid in my grade who likes poptropica and is named Nicholas. Nicholas Lavauser.(I mighta spelled it wrong) That kid who posted ealier is that Nick?? He is 9 with the b day of March 5, I think.

  33. Hello?? Anyone on??!!! Hello. Im borded… But Im still on for anyone who wants to chat.

  34. jeall: LOL. No I’m not That dude in your class. IMA GIRL! I’m about to go to middle school.

  35. Hello? Oh well.

  36. wow like that was like wierd but anyway ima try to find it to day and c if i cn do the quest but you kno they should change all the ads to like all ages cuz the top age is 15! anyone agree?

  37. wow dude percy in the movie is like what 13 (i think) and im 12 in poptropica! WHATS THE BIG DEAL HERE PPL!?!?!?!

  38. jeall: who said there was ANY hidden outfit on skullduggery!?!?!

  39. is like anyone on

  40. ok my this name up there (Shadow Warlord) isnt my poptropica name. my poptropica name is Lucky Dragon if any one wants to know >_>

  41. Mine is Red Shark.

  42. o hi dudet (i think) wonder when the island is gonna pop up and a new idem (might have misspelled) is gonna go in the store

  43. well new island

  44. and your name is Nicholas am i right?

  45. On here it is. I”m actually a girl. When they asked me to put down a name I put down any name I could think of.

  46. if you ever find me im in a rabbot suit (u kno the one where dr.hare is destoryed in space with) but a smaller version of that and no one else has it i think and ill be on skullduggery looking at mi phionex warbird for a couple mins and ill be in the game room on skullduggery k

  47. o lolz

  48. I think its kinda funny too.

  49. omg im lonley

  50. Nicholas is a boy name Nicholas!!! Ok, Shadow Warlock, Go on Plant Monster on New Island and look for my comment. Then… Tada youll say “Hey you were right, Jeall.

  51. o no ur back

  52. Jeall its Shadow Warlord and Shadow Warlord are basically better then Shadow Warlocks soo yea

  53. Jeall: Dude! Ima girl!

  54. and im bored again

  55. lolz Nicholas

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  57. Gosh. I don’t know how many times Im gonna have to say that Im a girl. Whew. Lets change subject.

  58. Sorry, shadow wardummiey. ๐Ÿ˜€ ( Im kidding) Oh I am not a “Dude!” Nicholas.

  59. Jeall:Not funny dude. Not funny.

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  61. wow you realy have to lose your temper boy (jeall)! you agree Nicholas?

  62. What aint funny, Nicholas.

  63. Shadow Warlord: Definitely.
    Jeall: Stop making fun of my word of the day! Dude. Besides Im having a conversation with my friend Shadow Warlord.

  64. you mean your friend the War Dummy? Kidding again. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D:D
    And yes Im a joker.

  65. now my poptropican has a tundra hat on (from nabooti) and a robe (black) lolz

  66. yea what Nicholas so back off man we were talking and you interupted (jeall)

  67. well that first three words i said were supossed to be yea what Nicholas said

  68. Jeall: Sometimes your jokes aren’t funny.
    Shadow Warlord: Cool! Nice outfit.

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  71. Nicholas: so you on poptropica? and have you finished all the islands yet?
    jeall: dude just back off already ok i mean your in my bubble like realy
    Nicholas: is he your friend?

  72. Yea! I don’t see Jeall. Maybe he let us talk. Hopefully Im not speaking to soon.

  73. No Jeall is not really my friend. But if he was more respectful he could be. Oh! And I finished all the islands. Skullduggery took awhile though.

  74. Hello? ANYBODY HOME? Oh well.

  75. Jeall can be my friend. She also might want to see White Dragon beacause she wants as many friends as possible.

  76. Really? Cool.

  77. For you jerks infomation Iam a girl. And Shut up. I completed all the islands exept Skullduggery.

  78. Sorry for the foul language but you 2 started it.

  79. Sorry. I didn’t know. Lol. You thought I was a guy too.
    No hard feelings. : )

  80. sry i didnt comment earlyer my computer froze (for the 1st time) so yea

  81. Thanks Cuddley Walker. My BFFs parents are devorced so shes viseting her dad on the other side of the country. And my other friends, We comunicate kinda rarley.

  82. Jeall: o and yea im like realy sry but im one of the ppl who finished all the islands (in three days i think) so yea. and sry i called you a boy jeall


  84. Hey, I could complete Skullduggery for you Jeall. And where has Jennelle been lately?

  85. im really bored

  86. You have a boy name and.. never mind. New conversation?

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  88. Jeall: Were you talking to me?

  89. cuddly walker can u finish skullduggery for me?

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  92. Thanks Shadow Warlock but no thanks.I dont believe in giving out my Info (The user name and password) Ohh every one who thought I was a boy, I accept your apolozies. Ohh, Who wants to see my carecter? Go on The avatar thing and type in Shainabear as
    the username.

  93. Nicholas: now im a secret agent like on spy and i have a mordred red eye and metal half face and i have spy HQ secretary hair and i have a kanta and samuri shoulder guards ^_^

  94. Yes, I was talking to you Nicholas.

  95. Ohh Shadow Warlock… How do you get the morderd red eye and the docter hare bunny suit?

  96. Jeall: Thanks for accepting my apology. Yea! Dudette!
    Shadow Warlord: Wow. That was quick.

  97. Jeall: um its Shadow Warlord and i didnt ask you for your info i just pointede out that i did complete all the islands im probly three days
    Nicholas: im on dudet

  98. Nicholas sry i meant dudette lolz

  99. Jeall: I have a boy name because when they asked me to put down a name I put down any name I could think of. Nicholas was the name.

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  132. wow does percy have shaggy hair or what??? Zeus is looking a LOT younger in the ad…wonder if he “took a swig from the fountain of youth”? haha ๐Ÿ˜€ it kinda creeped me out. No wonder you could ask, ” Who are you?” I didn’t even recognize him…

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  141. Bye SW. Well you staying on longer Nicholas? Ohh sould I do another Hidden Outfits of Skull Duggery Island (HOSDI for short) article?You can read The first one, Boufet Bay on the Plant Monster on New Island article.

  142. Hey!!! Um… Ohh ya…its…uhh… oh… ya…Nicholas.

  143. Yeah I am staying on longer. Ill be on here till 8:30. Maybe a little longer if I can. Oh! And you should definitely do another article.

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  145. YaYY. Ok… Hidden Outfits in Skull Duggery Island Article: 2
    Parrot port: When you first arive in Parrot Port, You wanna go all the way to the right
    until you get to Petey’s Pirate Pub. Then go in and go all the way to the right and theres a guy who works there with a kinda cool outfit. For the other outfit stay in that building and go to the left and theres a girl pirate. For mor HOSDI, just ask for it .

  146. Nice article.

  147. No Nicholas. Im here! I was just typeing up my HOSDI like you wanted me to.:)

  148. Cool. I was kinda getting worried. (Not really.)

  149. Thanks! Ill type up another on the newest article tomarrow, K? Wouldnt it be cool if Pop secrets asked me to make an article and he copied it and said a pop secrets fan named Jeall wrote this?!!! That would rock!!!

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  157. LOL. You know my only dobt about being a vet was deicecting a frog.

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  160. Update: Post on the creators blog.

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  214. Yahh the red pirate is in boufet bay and there are many hidden out fits.Read my article tomarrow.Oh you wanna check my spelling in it tomarrow? My editor wont be here.

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  240. Well, I think Its time for…. HIDDEN OUTFITS OF SKULL DUGGERY ISLAND
    Article: 3 Golden Harbor: Ok well my HOSDI are looking good so lets look for these awsome outfits Ok, well when you firt arive in Golden Harbor you walk to your right and when your inbetween the trading post and guy in green and orange, jump on the red tarp and jump on the window seal, then jump to your right and theres a man in blue and yellow who both girls and boys can costimize from. When your done with the man, walk to the ledge and jump on the highest platform to your right and a beautiful woman in pink is there. Im sure youve seen people wearing a preety pearl neclase and you costomize it then lose it and you cant find it again.Well, she is wearing that necklase. Well that ties up the 3rd article of HOSDI X and One of my friends (SW, Nicky, or Mr.Walker) Iam giving the acess to be my Editor. Please Copy and paste this with the correct spelling and all that.And where the X is whats below that X dont Paste on the completed version of HOSDI. But put this : Thanks to everyone supporting HOSDI. Thanks to the Jealls Jangilan Articles. Thankyou, Jealls Jangilan Articles.(SW,Nicky, Mr. Walker, and me, Jeall,Again fake name.)

  241. I will be your friend Greek fan and can I be your friend White dragon and do you guy wanna work for HOSDI? If so I have to change a part of my article Ive made a mistake.If Greek fan and White Dragon except my friend requests then heres what the bottom part of my article will really look like: Well that ties up the 3rd article of HOSDI X and One of my friends (SW, Nicky,Mr. White, Greek Fan,or Mr.Walker) Iam giving the acess to be my Editor. Please Copy and paste this with the correct spelling and all that.And where the X is whats below that X dont Paste on the completed version of HOSDI. But put this : Thanks to everyone supporting HOSDI. Thanks to the Jealls Jangilan Articles. Thankyou, Jealls Jangilan Articles.(SW,Nicky,Mr.White, Greek fan, Mr. Walker, and me, Jeall,Again fake name.) Ok, Nicholas (aka Nicky), Cuddley Walker (aka Mr.Walker), White Dragon (aka Mr.White), And Greek Fan (aka Greek Fan) and Shadow Warlord(aka SW) Are all my friends. Any of you guys on?n Here will be my friends .

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  279. Anyone on !!!!!!!!!!

  280. well bye everyyone.Ill be on poptropica. look me up in Avatar studio.User name= Shainabear. I will also be in skullduggery multi player thing for the next 5 mins.See you there mabye. Ill be back at 4:00, K.

  281. Im coming back at 4and someone plese be here then!!!!!

  282. Hey, what is the age requirement for Percy Jackson thingy

  283. Im on.

  284. Hello?

  285. Oh well. No one is on.

  286. Im here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nicholas you there!!!!!

  287. La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la . Hmmmmmmmmm. Hm. Hm. La la la la. Hum. Hum. La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.

  288. Awww you broke my record.*Shruggs* At least theres someone to talk to!! Did you read my HOSDI, You know the articles on hidden outfits ?

  289. Jeall? Shadow Warlord? Ill be back in 4 minutes. If no one is here forget it.

  290. Yay!

  291. Okay I’m back. I got bored. ANYBODY HERE?

  292. POP Secrets,Did you stop Moderating my comments cause I type to much?

  293. how many years old i need to be there

  294. striped feather

    i luv the series of percy jackson but i didnt c the movie

  295. am i SW, Jeall?

  296. any one on!

  297. i used to be SW dude

  298. Nicholas? Jeall? u on?


  300. fine im out

  301. bye

  302. SW is the name Im used to so its the name that will stay.

  303. Well, I did have a road trip, but we stopped at a hotel.

  304. ill be back at 6:15. Hope to see you SW And Nicky.(Nicholas’ nickname for me.)

  305. Anyone on? Oh, People, This is an advertizment.Please read: Everyone,I have a speical anouncement. You have probably been following allong with HOSDI by JJA and,well,we are rapping up HOSDI with the ramaining Islands Pirate Port and Dragon Cove. Be here tomarrow to read HOSDI RAPPING UP (wich will also be the title). We ,The people of JJA, Would like to thank everyone for encuraging us to keep making our articles. And we would like to present you a fun question. Here it is: What should JJA write about next? Well Again we thank everyone especialy My co- workers
    Cuddly Walker, Shadow Warlord,Nicholas, and me. We all soport JJA (Wich I own) And would love a new co-worker. Thank you, Jealls Jangilan Articles (JJA)

  306. Well, I think it’s time for…HIDDEN OUTFITS OF SKULLDUGGERY ISLAND
    Article 3: Golden Harbor: Ok, well my HOSDI are looking good, So let’s look for these awesome outfits. Ok, well when you first arrive in Golden Harbor you walk to your right, and when your in between the trading post and guy in green in orange, jump on the red tarp, then the Window Sill and then jump to the right and there’s a man in blue and yellow who both boys and girls can costumize. Walk to the ledge and jump onto the highest platform to your right, and a beautiful woman in pink is there. I’m sure you’ve seen people wearing a pretty pearl neckalace that you can costumize it, then lose it, and you can’t find it again. Well, she is wearing that neckalace.

  307. And JJA is going to start writeing 2 articles after our poll is completed. The replies about the fun question will be looked through Thursday, Nextweek. After the people of JJA have dicided the 3 finalists, You get to vote about your fav one. We will dicide by friday,next week and will count the final votes Sunday in 2 weeks. Then Monday we will write about the winner and the other article, wich if JJA dicides on pulling through, will both appear 2 mondays away. thankyou again, JJA

  308. Good job editing Mr.walker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  309. What are the age requirements?

  310. Hey Jeall, When is your next article?

  311. Oh, Jeall there are two faces that are simalar to a panick face. Just scroll over them to see how to do them: ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  312. Thanks Mr. Walker, And my next article is right now!
    Welcome to the grand fanale of: HIDDEN OUTFITS OF SKULLDUGGERY ISLAND. Well Like I said in my advertisement, Its time for HOSDI Rapping Up.
    The 4th and final articles. Well the HOSDIs have been running so smoothly so lets continue: Pirate Outpost and Dragon Cove. When you first arive in Pirate Outpost You See what looks like fire.You walk to the trading post and jump up and theres a man in blue he looks kinda cool. For the next guy just go up to where you got the cannonier. This man isnt really hard to get his outfit.When you walk into the cannon place a man in green is him. Now to Dragon Cove. First run to the right tell you get to the stairs and Go up them and go to the door of where you get the Expert Shipwright but dont go inside. Go to the right more and jump on the top crate.Then jump onto the roof straight above you and then to where you see the green banner and theres a man in blue. Now the next outfits easy. Go to ground level again and walk to the right and you drop a level down and you see the body of a women.Theres steps to the left and then go down them And Walk to the right and there she is. Well that rapps up the Fanale of HOSDI. And remember the fun Questions:What shoud JJA write about next? Heres the rules And JJA is going to start writeing 2 articles after our poll is completed. The replies about the fun question will be looked through Thursday, Nextweek. After the people of JJA have dicided the 3 finalists, You get to vote about your fav one. We will dicide by friday,next week and will count the final votes Sunday in 2 weeks. Then Monday we will write about the winner and the other article, wich if JJA dicides on pulling through, will both appear 2 mondays away. thankyou again, JJA
    Thank you, JJA.

  313. Anyone Online?

  314. Hello? Hello?

  315. Hello?!?

  316. what are the age requirments???

  317. I think 9-11 year-olds.

  318. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Hi Jeall.

  320. Mr.Walker, Edit the HOSDI fanale and My friends, Mr.Walker, SW, And Nicky, Go one mweor.com and SSighn up and tell me the names of you mweor.Ill said you a message and we can talk about JJA.

  321. Whoa, what are you people talking about?!?! I would look back to see the converse, but, DUDE, ya’ll did like, what, 345 COMMENTS!!!!!!!! You guys must of had ALOT 2 talk about! HOSDI??? JJA? (Well, I can see what JJA means Jeall, but HOSDI?)
    What are you guys doing??????????????????????????????????????????????

    -Confusedly yours,
    wHiTe DrAgOn ๐Ÿ™

  322. Ok, now you guys sound like you’re opening a radio station with all those letters!!! ๐Ÿ™
    (IDK how 2 do a confused face, so I’ll just stick 2 this: :()

  323. Hi White Dragon!Whats up? Oh there are two posts on the creators blog and one of those advertisement quests you find on main street on Skullduggery Island right now.

  324. Ok white dragon.JJA means Jealls Jangilain Articles and HOSDI means Hidden Outfits of Skully Duggery Island.

  325. Ohhh, so you’re making a site for cool outfits in Scullduggery?

  326. And Jeall, do you think you could also tell me how come when I click you’re name ( Jeall poptropica name = Zippy Hero) this site pops up:

  327. Welcome to the Grand Finale of: HIDDEN OUTFITS OF SKULLDUGGERY ISLAND. Well, like I said in my Advertisement, It’s time for HOSDI Rapping up.The fourth and final articles. Well, the HOSDIs have been running so smoothly, So let’s continue: Pirate Outpost and Dragon Cove. When you first arrive in Pirate Outpost you see what looks like fire. You walk to the Trading Post and jump up and there’s a man in blue. He looks Kind of cool. For the next guy, just go up to where you got the Cannonier. This man’s outfit is not hard to get. Enter the Cannon Place, and if you see a guy in green, That’s him. Now to Dragon Cove. First run to the right until you get to the stairs. Go up them, and then go to the door of where you got the Expert Shipwright, but don’t go in. Go a little farther to the right and jump on the top crate. Jump onto the roof straight above you, and then to where you see a green banner, and there’s a man in blue. Now the next outfit is easy. Go to the ground level again and go to the right and you drop a level down, And there is a body of a women. Go Left, Down, Right and there she is.

  328. Jeall, the name of my mweor is Dizzy.

  329. That guy in the blue has the same hair as the Fruit Loops guy.

  330. im on wheres Jeall and Nicholas

  331. hay bros & dudettes look for me at midas gym 2morow

  332. Good job Mr.Walker and I dont Know Whaite dragon. And Thanks Mr.Walker Ill send you a message about JJA

  333. White dragon,Its not a SITE,Its just in the comments.

  334. hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. Angel the age is 13 and bellow I think. My carecters 8 (Even though Im not anymore) and She got it in Skull Duggery island on main street

  336. this worked for my friends account but not mine

  337. the book was awesome. THEMOVIE SUCKED!

  338. Opps I thought U were talking about Dispicable Me ad.

  339. i cant find the percy jackson ads!! there not on any main streets

  340. Thats because your to late. The Dispicable Me AD is everywhere now.

  341. hmmm…. i kinda agree w/ jess. the movie was basically non-related 2 the books. i found the books better, personally…. they were SO good!!!! i wish percy could go on more adventures. or i wish rick riordan could write some more half-blood stories. but the new egyptian series is really good 2. =)

  342. obsessedw/percyjackson

    i love the books the movie was nothing like the book i meen annabeths hair was brown! but i still liked it

  343. I havent read the books or seen the movie. ididnt even here about Percy Jackson tell I saw the commercial

  344. Fearless Eagle

    This is a totally cool walk through. Is the ad still there?

  345. i am a huge fan of the books, i read every single 1, but the movie is just so different from the books!!! it makes me mad!!! i dont know why but it just does

  346. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~


  347. my brother found it today and i cant it wasnt there either before despicable me

  348. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~

    KNOW!!! its ilove CHACK IT OUT!! i will post more soon!

  349. crazyDUDE!!!!GOGO~

    heres a hint: spell just a letter and click load ITS A USER!

  350. Opps I forgot to Go here Guys or you Crazy

  351. the ad is no longer here any more but it was for ten year olds cuz i didnt get to do it cuz i’m 4 years too old and also the despicibale me is for ten year olds too cuz again i cant go to it but my brother can

  352. OMG, the movie is awesome!! And te books are good , too!!!!! I love Logan lerman!!

  353. its only for boys =(

  354. all the books in the percy jackson series are amazing. Rick Riordan is a great author. He is one of the authors who wrote a book for the 39 clues series.

  355. the age is 10 cuz i’m 13 and i cant do it

  356. nvm th last post 4got i alredy posted an i put wrong age any way

  357. when?where?why?!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    help me find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see! thats how bad i wantit

  358. I lost my rewards whe i took off my lightning bolt ๐Ÿ™

  359. that happened to me too

  360. I need help. right after i took it off it was gone how do i get it back? my name on poptropica is Super Rock

  361. That happens ALL the time. but the ice age one stayed FOREVER.and that one wasnt even one of the good ones. the funnest ads get you the lamest prizes. like wizards of waverly place add

  362. i got it but i lost it in my old account LOL!

  363. is it to late to do that ad?

  364. percy jackson is the greatest book series ever! they killed it in the movie & on poptropica- i played it all the same ๐Ÿ™‚

  365. Lolz, when I looked at the pic with ‘Hades’ holding the master bolt I thought, ‘Percy gave the bolt to Hades after all.’
    It’s an alternated version of the book Poptropica style!

  366. Artemis is furious mortals keep pairing her with Apollo.

  367. lol!!!their twins so really!! and my name is artemis in greek

  368. Well, cripes. THIS is why Poptropica needs to have the ad things in the store. Wouldn’t that be nice? (HINT, HINT!!!!!)

  369. lolmynameizcheerfuldolphin

    Tara go on cp! Log on as Ttttara03, I’ll give u the password later! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  370. hope is not lost the lighting staff can do the same things that the Zeuses bolt does so we can still have it!!!! HOPE IS NOT LOST!!!!so get the lighting staff!!! it has the power of zeuses bolt!!!!!

  371. This site is awsome i have been playing it since it first was created which was a long time ago

  372. i missed this avertismet but it is cool Zues popwer

  373. popkifchjistjbuisraubtrshbrtw

    I really wish I could still play the advertizements and get those sweet przes.

  374. There should really be an island where ghosts of advertisments past still linger, waiting for people to collect their prizes.

  375. I miss having that. And, I agree with Shiny. Going to tell ppl.

  376. aww i wish i did this one, totally missed it!

  377. i totally agree with shiny and jumpy… i love annabeth in the movies and the books… and percy’s not to bad…

  378. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  379. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  380. Little Seal and Shiny Pear, I don’t aggree. If you missed it, you missed it. Therefore, don’t write a note to the creator saying,”I want a new island for all of the past advertisments that I missed!” That would be horrible! Anyone aggree with me?

  381. umm… i don’t agree with you

  382. WUT. Whoever told you that the movie is horrible, should die. Like, NOW.
    it’s effin awesome, kays.

  383. You’re like sooo correct Big Tiger

  384. poptropica&clubpenguin4eva!

    i watched the movie we were supposed to watch the spy next door but we watched that instead i was like not bad but if only i could say that to the popcorn NO OFFENCE BUT U STINK POPCORN LOL ROFL

  385. Percy’s quite cute.

  386. percy jackson is AWESOME!!! best books and movie!! and i agree with white seal and green grape

  387. Young Grape: Ahh, a young sister or brother I suppose…

  388. Really, I think they go a lot of it from Mytholigy island

  389. They messed up the Percy Jackson movie soooooo bad. the books are awesome and the ad thing was fun too ๐Ÿ˜›

  390. I sorta agree with you, Jump, and Shiny. :]

  391. I soooooo agree with Green Grape, Young Grape, and White Seal also! Percy is cute, but not my type. He’s also the BEST fiction/maybe real of what I believe, character ever! Me and some of my friends at school love those books and the movie and we hope there will be a Percy Jackson & The Olympians Island where we get to be demigods and use Riptide, Annabeth’s knife, Percy’s shield, Aegis, Nico’s blade, and many more items! It would be a DREAM COME TRUE for me! Who knows what might occur?


  392. :3

  393. Medusa looked a bit creepy there.

  394. I โ™ฅ the percy jackson books!!!! โ˜ผ Hawkstar

  395. medusa only appear once in Mythology

  396. i LOVE the PJ books and yes, the movie TOTALLY messed everything up…read the books, people!!!!

  397. Sakura,Sakura~ are you english or japenese?

  398. @cherry

    It doesn’t matter whether she’s English or Japanese, does it? She might not even be Japanese at all–some people do use Japanese names as nicknames. Mostly it’s deprived from anime. ๐Ÿ˜€

  399. I agree with young fang. They did not capture the book AT ALL! Nontheless, I liked it.

  400. Well, looks like this page is being used now. The ad was fun with a shrink ray, and it made dodging Medusa SO much easier.

  401. I know…… right !?!?!?!?! Too bad my parents won’t let me have membership . friend me lalic7

  402. bty what is your username
    Brave Star ? ๐Ÿ™‚