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Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Ad Walkthrough

Poptropica has a brand new advertisement building up. It’s promoting the DVD for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie, which is coming out on June 29. You’ll find the building on Main Street on most of the islands as long as your Poptropican meets the age requirements for the ad. It’s a pretty easy quest and there are some really nice rewards.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Percy Jackson in Poptropica

Don't forget you can costumize Percy, shaggy hair and all.

Head to Main Street on just about any island in Poptropica and go talk to the guy outside the ad building. Then go inside and you’ll meet Percy Jackson. Hey dude! He’ll tell you he needs help finding three items for Zeus, but that the Medusa is causing problems. Go inside the building and you’ll have 30 seconds to find the items. Along the way, you need to watch out for the Medusa. She’ll appear out of nowhere and if you get caught in her gaze, you’ll be turned to stone. Not good!

The three items are the winged sneakers in the lower left corner, the shield in the lower right corner, and the bow, which is up above the shield in the upper right corner. After you get all three items, you’ll appear in front of Zeus. Talk to him to claim your rewards which are the Zeus’ Armor outfit and a special Zeus’ Lightning Bolt. Pretty sweet rewards for just collecting three items in thirty seconds!

Zeus in Poptropica Percy Jackson

Zeus is looking a lot younger than in Mythology Island

You’ll probably notice that this version of Zeus is way younger than the one from Mythology Island. At first when I saw him I did a double-take. I guess in the movie he’s pretty young, but I skipped that one. I read the book but heard the movie was terrible.

Hades with Lightning Bolt

Haha! I, Hades, now wield Zeus' power!

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    Tara go on cp! Log on as Ttttara03, I’ll give u the password later! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. hope is not lost the lighting staff can do the same things that the Zeuses bolt does so we can still have it!!!! HOPE IS NOT LOST!!!!so get the lighting staff!!! it has the power of zeuses bolt!!!!!

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  25. I soooooo agree with Green Grape, Young Grape, and White Seal also! Percy is cute, but not my type. He’s also the BEST fiction/maybe real of what I believe, character ever! Me and some of my friends at school love those books and the movie and we hope there will be a Percy Jackson & The Olympians Island where we get to be demigods and use Riptide, Annabeth’s knife, Percy’s shield, Aegis, Nico’s blade, and many more items! It would be a DREAM COME TRUE for me! Who knows what might occur?


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