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Nominate The Island Where You Want to Live!



Hey all, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’m sorry about that. In a touch of grand irony, right after the Poptropica creators announced Virus Hunter Island I got strep throat. If you’ve never had strep throat, it’s no fun. You know that scene in the Avengers movie where the Hulk grabs Loki and slams him back and forth on the ground like a ragdoll? It feels like that. (And yes, Virus Hunter Island is obviously about viruses and strep throat is a bacteria — which is why antibiotics work on it — but I still thought it was ironic.)

I’m finally feeling better, but while I was sick I really wished someone could have shrunk a team of super-scientists and injected them into my body to kill all of the streptococci invading my system. Which got me to thinking: if YOU could live on any Poptropica island, which one would you want to live on?  Of all of the different genres and stories in the Poptropica world, which is the one that you’d like to wake up to and live in every day?

Nominate your island in the comments below and I’ll make a poll out of all of the nominations to see which is the favorite.  In your nomination, make sure to tell us WHY you want to live on the island you’re nominating. Can’t wait to see which islands get nominated!

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  1. I would live in counterfeit island because its my fave island and I like the city.

  2. Ouch, sorry ZT. I’ve had strep throat multiple times before. You’re right, it’s no fun. Glad you’re feeling better though!

    Well, I’d love to live on Game Show Island, of course, after the conflict is resolved. I’d like to live there because I love robots. I would actually love to play a game of tic-tac-toe with Holmes. Then again, even after the conflict is resolved and Holmes agrees that humans can be intelligent, the other robots (not on Main Street, but other locations) are still a bit prejudiced against humans. Keeping that in mind, I would also like to live on Shrink Ray Island, because having a friend like CJ would be pretty awesome.

  3. hmm…thats a toughie….
    well, counterfeit would be very nice, a little french cottage and everything. if the creators did a good job, any of the islands would be nice.

    hey, creators! if youre reading this, then PLEASE make poptropican houses! on on each island(well, not every island.), built according to the island its on, and, it could be free to go in the houses, and furniture should cost like, five credits. PLEASE! me and my friends have wanted houses forever since we started playing. please?pretty please with a che-carrot on top?

  4. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t know if I had a strep throat, but I did have a REALLY bad sore throat for like 5-7 days, and I gave it to like 6 people and they had it for like 3 weeks already. They got it worse than me.

  5. Counterfiet Island would be fun, as well as Red Dragon and Mystery Train.

  6. Cool Smarticle

    Happy Turtle what’s your username?

  7. Slippery Icicle

    Maybe Mystery Train, was one of my favourites. Though Night Watch has a mall and I do enjoying shopping. But Astroknights seems like a neat place, though it’s damaged.

  8. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm….. I think 24 Carrot. As much as I think is scary, I would want to see Dr. Hare! ( Ha, ha, ha, laugh all you want, but you WILL regret it.) I also would have LOVED to be in Monster Carnival Island before it was released so I could see how the island was really like! 🙂 No one better NOT take MY ideas! Or else you WILL regret it! 😈

  9. So everyone had better take your ideas, Cool Smarticle?
    😀 Sorry, I saw a double negative and couldn’t resist.

  10. Slippery Icicle

    I often wonder what stopped the production of Monster Carnival and if we’ll ever see it again.

  11. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – Ha, ha, ha. Very clever. (she said, um, posted, um, typed, um, thought, er, whatever sarcastically).
    @ Slippery Icicle – Same here.

  12. Want to know why it never got released?

    Back in early 2008, when 24 Carrot was sure to come out, Monster Carnival appeared on the map as “COMING SOON”.

    Plenty of Poptropicans had excitement in their heads and minds.

    One day, it disappeared from the map and never reappeared.

    It remains today as one of Poptropica’s mysterious happenings.

    P.S.: I wonder if it had anything to do with the sinking of Poptropolis Games.

  13. Cool Smarticle

    @ Icy Snowball – No offense, but I already knew that. 😉

  14. CS, thank you. I do my best (she typed, grinning).
    IS, that’s not so much a “why” it happened as a “how” or “what” happened.

  15. Cool Smarticle

    Mmm Hmm.

  16. Slippery Icicle

    Yeah, touches the history of it, but doesn’t explain the reason why it never got released.

  17. Slippery Icicle

    I thought it would come back in 2012 because of the mention of it in that one video.

  18. Cool Smarticle

    That’s why I chose Monster Carnival.

  19. Hey anyone on???

  20. hi Fearless Owl!

  21. Cool Smarticle

    Hi Sleepy Ghost!

  22. I nominate Astro Knights island for my Poptropican home. I love the idea of mixing modern with medieval times. Also I read a lot and, you know, it doesn’t get better than princesses in space. 😀

  23. Oh hi Cool Smarticle!

  24. Cool Smarticle, so she complimented your shirt. Again, I am not a professional, but either she is tired of being mean to you and wants to be nice to you again, or things are going to get worse. I’m sorry thats all I can guarantee you right now, unless something else happened.

  25. Cool Smarticle

    Ya. She just said I like the color of your shirt. Then she wrote it on a note and gave it to me. Weird huh?

  26. Dear Poptropica Secrets,
    I think we should have another costume contest, but this time with a theme. As you know, the Katniss/Archer character is very popular. I think that would be a great costume contest theme. Fellow Poptropicans will vote for their favorite Katniss/Archer costume and… SHABAM! We have a winner. I would suggest doing this contest around the time Catching Fire comes out. Thank you for reading this.
    -Sleepy Ghost

  27. @Cool Smarticle, that is weird… maybe she is a ghost. Oooooooooh.

  28. …hopefully not a sleepy ghost though because that would just be insulting to me.

  29. Cool Smarticle

    @ Sleepy Ghost – That’s kinda funny. Julia the sleepy ghost. 😆

  30. Yah… don’t start calling her that though she would probably get mad. 🙂 Even though, I have to admit that would be funny.

  31. @Cool Smarticle You know, she might be pulling that on and off friend. Nice one day, mean another. Keep updating me on these things ok?

  32. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm mmm hmm mmm hmm…. I won’t. I wasn’t even thinking about it in the 1st place. Anyway, how are you feeling? You feeling better?

  33. Cool Smarticle

    Oh ya sure of course! That sounds like another friend….

  34. :mrgreen: 😀 🙂 🙁 🙄 these are all of the faces I know

  35. …And what do you mean another friend, Cool Smarticle.

  36. Oh by the way, I am feeling better. I will keep my sling on for awhile and its hard to do a lot of things, but I feel better already which is great. 😀

  37. Ugh, laptop needs charging. Chat tomorrow ok? Nice chat. Bye!

  38. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. I’ll tell you the story next time you post. Just remind me okay? Unless you still want to.

  39. Hello again, everyone!

  40. Hmm… that’s a toughie. I think I’d live on Counterfeit Island, I think it’d be nice to wake up in a cozy cottage out on the countryside. I’d also like to live on Twisted Thicket, I’m really into stuff like fairies and all that fantasy stuff.

  41. 41 comments already?

  42. Brave Sky, that’s forty-two comments counting your question about the number of comments, and forty-three counting this one, actually.

  43. What is your favorite book series?

    Mine is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

  44. We actually learned about illnesses, germs, pathogens, and how they are spread in Health class recently.

  45. Fave book series? Now that’s a toughie. Mine is probably either the Shadow Children series, the Harry Potter series, or the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series.

  46. Cool Smarticle

    ‘SUP ❓

  47. Cool Smarticle

    The Outsiders was a good book. I loved The Series of Unfortunate Events when I was a kid. The Doll House Murderer, Diamond Willow, and Ashes of Roses, were all good books. Anya’s Ghost was a good graphic novel. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were also good books. But I can’t say the same for Mocking Jay. Fever and Touching Spirit Bear were good books.

  48. I agree that The Outsiders and Touching Spirit Bear were good books; I haven’t heard of many of those others. Mockingjay was pretty good, IMO, actually.

  49. Cool Smarticle

    IMO? What does that mean?

  50. Cool Smarticle

    Oh. I’m not good with stuff like that. I only k=know a few like KIT and of course LOL!

  51. Slippery Icicle

    One of my friends likes to be weird and makes up her own sometimes. I know majority of the regular ones though.

  52. Haha. Other variations on “IMO” include “IMHO,” “in my humble opinion,” and “IMNSHO,” “in my not-so-humble opinion.”

  53. Cool Smarticle

    What the? You guys are C-R-A-Z-Y that spells CRAZY! 😛

  54. “I’m not crazy; my mother had me tested.” -Sheldon Cooper
    😀 Actually, I am a bit kooky, eccentric, weird, or whatever other word applies.

  55. Cool Smarticle

    I have a paradox!

    It’s normal to not be normal.

    Neat huh?

  56. Slippery Icicle

    That’s a paradox?

  57. Cool Smarticle

    Yeah. Isn’t it?

  58. You’ve said that one before, my friend.
    Here is my definition of “normal” in the social sense: desiring and attempting to conform to a vision of what one sees as likeable by observation of one’s peers; being accepted and liked by one’s peers.
    Here is the dictionary’s definition of “peer”: a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person.
    Therefore, if one wants and tries to fit in/ be liked by one’s peers, one is normal. Alternatively, if one is accepted by one’s peers, one is normal.

  59. Cool Smarticle

    Yeah I know. You have a good memory like me! 😛 Um….it was just a paradox……. it was just something I wanted to share with you all… 🙁 You didn’t have to do that…. 😥

  60. No, I liked it!
    I just spend a lot of time thinking about “normalcy,” (being a self-proclaimed oddball) so I just thought I’d share my opinion on the topic.
    Also, I have a dictionary in my phone. I just double-tap the word, hit “define,” and I get the dictionary’s definition. 😀
    Also also, I’ve been reading Plato. I think it’s getting to me…

  61. Cool Smarticle


  62. Slippery Icicle

    That’s what I’m wondering. A paradox is a statement that contradicts itself, such as; War is peace. I’m stuck on if it’s contradictory. Sorry, my English teacher puts figurative language on all our Theory Exams. Hard to get out of your head after awhile.

  63. Well, the statement seems contradictory to me.
    It’s a sort of Catch-22.

  64. Slippery Icicle

    *shrug* I don’t know, maybe I’m just over thinking. Might very well be a paradox, maybe not one you’d ever examine in English, but still might be categorized as one.

  65. Yea, probably not a paradox you’d study in English, but I still think it is one. I’m hardly an expert, though.

  66. I like the movie “She’s the Man” from Dreamworks SKG (OIMP [which, by the way, stands for “obvious in my perspective”.])

  67. Here’s the description IMOV (“in my own words”):

    While her twin brother Sebastian goes to London to study music, Viola isn’t allowed to join the boys’ soccer team (obviously). Instead, she starts to diguise herself as Sebastian.

    Characters include Viola, Olivia, Duke, Daphne, Emma, Sebastian and more.

  68. I think I would live on… Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island… IF I lived in Willy Wonka’s Factory. Glorious chocolate everyday… Aaah 😛

    Fascinating 😐

  69. Cool Smarticle

    I wonder who won Olympic Day…

  70. Friendly Spider

    I would live on either Vampire’s Curse (yay! werewolves and vampires!) bcuz its cool, or on Mythology bcuz I LLLLLUUUUUIUUUUUUVVVVVVVV mythology (especially Greek) and ancient civilizations

  71. yaa-a-aawn……mm…sorry, what? 🙄

  72. I would really like to have my Poptropican live in Back Lot island. You cake up as a star every day!
    Even if i would like to be in Wild west Island cause it’s Wild (lol) or Vampire’s curse island cause I think it’ s cool.

  73. Cool Smarticle

    1 hour left till summer vay kay kids! 😛

  74. My summer vacay begins on June 7th. The last day of school is on June 6th. I got my yearbook today! Yay!

  75. @CS. summer! I cannot wait! ill have even MORE time to comment on here……or less. ill probably be doing IMPORTANT stuff, y’know like…….sweating……and……drinking lemonade! yeah! :mrgreen:

  76. Cool Smarticle

    I got my yearbook today too! 😛 And I have a lot of my friends in my advisory!

  77. Delaneytheangell

    i would live on twisted thicket in that secret passageway place where the queen is!

  78. Mystery Train, Mythology, and Reality TV Island are my favorites to play, so they would be my favorites to live on. Plus on Mythology and Mystery Train Island, you don’t have to wear normal clothes. So much more exciting than something like Night Watch Island.

  79. Hmm.
    I’d live on…umm…I dunno yet.

  80. I’d live on Mythology Island because it would probably be fun to hang out with the gods. God(ess)+Mortal Poptropican= ❓

  81. @CS- Could you explain as best as you can what a default costume is ❓

  82. @ GF- Goddess+ Mortal Poptropican = Demi God

    Fascinating 😎

  83. I want to live on Mystery Train!

    You can ride to American states, notify yourself if you’re hungry, thirsty, sleepy, etc.

    Every time I go on I’ll write down something I can do.

    One of these examples is Idaho.

    “a) When you get to Idaho, talk to the gang from ‘Arthur Christmas’ (Arthur, Grandsanta, etc.)
    b) Jump on Leaping Deer Autos and bang the reindeer with the hammer (a fake one) and bring it down.
    c) Give it to the gang who then thank you and then ride off.
    d) Hop back on-board to continue!

  84. Delaneytheangell:

    If you choose that, make sure the creatures don’t get you!


    I would have chosen Shrink Ray so I can live with C.J.’s family, to help them feed the fish, the cat, help C.J. study notes and do her homework, and beat her high score at Ping Pong on the computer (21). Also, it would have been a great idea to study notes written in lemon juice, take baths, grab a snack from the kitchen, it’s just like what would happen in real life! It would have been great, though. And it would have been a great idea to help C.J. make her next latest invention (which helps by studying blueprints and giving her what she needs.)

    I’d rather choose Mystery Train. Like I said before, it would been great, though.

  85. Cool Smarticle

    @ Grey Feather – Hmm. I think the best way is to just say that it’s kinda like your last costume resort. Like if you have no idea what to wear, you just wear the default outfit or your character’s original outfit. So to put it simply, your default outfit is like you original outfit.

  86. Then I’ll get mine ❗

  87. Cool Smarticle

    Okay! I can’t wait to see it!

  88. By “original outfit”, do you mean like, your signature outfit? An outfit that you usually wear?

  89. Cool Smarticle

    Um…. I dunno how to answer that. I don’t usually wear my default outfit for awhile now….

  90. Cool Smarticle

    * haven’t worn

  91. I fell in gym today while playing hockey. I ended up having 3 floor burns because someone accidentally pushed me down, causing me to slide across the floor. There’s one on the side of my knee, the back of my wrist, and on my elbow.

    There is soo much going on at my school!! There’s a girl at my school who cuts herself, she tried to commit suicide by starving herself…. it’s really sad because she’s so nice! A large amount of the girls in my grade were so shocked, they were crying! 🙁 Don’t worry guys, the girl who tried to kill herself is still alive, her name is Sierra.

  92. Cool Smarticle

    Oh my God! The same thing happened to me at my school not too long ago. When we were playing crab soccer in preparation for Olympic Day, I got 2 blisters, 1 on my left hand and one on my m-finger on my right hand. And not too long before that, my friend Kylee, started asking people if we’d miss her if she wasn’t here. We asked why, and she should us these cuts she made with a knife on her wrists up. She even said she was going to sliver her neck with a pair of scissors she keeps under her pillow. She said there’s no point in living. Her parents found out awhile back so ahe stopped. Thank God! I would have missed her!

  93. Cool Smarticle

    * showed

  94. Cool Smarticle


  95. Cool Smarticle

    I played hockey not too long ago too! Weird huh?

  96. @ CS & BS- I feel sorry for those people who kill themselves cos they hate life. Do youse know Amanda Todd? She’s on YouTube.

    Fascinating 😥

  97. Slippery Icicle

    Staying up for 24 hours at school. Bad idea when you have a big assignment due on Monday.

  98. Cool Smarticle

    @ Cool Kid – Um…. no, I don’t think so.

    @ Slippery Icicle – Staying up for 24 hours?! At school too?! Wow, you must need to drink a lot of caffeine to stay up that long. And you have school on Monday too? I don’t cuz Monday’s Memorial Day in America. So we have our last hour of school on Tuesday.

  99. @CK: Yeah, I’ve heard of her. Her story is so sad! 😥

  100. @Cool Smarticle: Same here! 3 day weekend FTW!

  101. Definitely Counterfeit Island!

  102. Red Dragon Island

  103. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – What does FTW mean?

  104. Cool Smarticle

    Red Wing! Long time no see!

  105. Mystery Train Island because you get to be a real detective, and you get to meet the president and tons of famous people like Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain, Tesla, Eiffel, Ferris, and tons others. go Mystery Train!

  106. i would like to stay in Back lot island as i love to work in movies and meet famous stars.

  107. @Cool Smarticle: FTW means for the win.

  108. Cool Smarticle

    Oh. I didn’t know that.

    Hey have you ever heard of the show Magical DoReMi?

  109. No.
    Same here ❗
    3-day weekend ❗

    @SI- Really ❓ They let you use computers at school ❓ AWESOME ❗

  110. @Grey Feather: They don’t let you use computers at school…?

  111. @ Grey Feather – That’s weird. I mean I don’t use computers cuz I’m in band do I only used them like 4 times this year. But there is a class called computer apps, and if you take that class, then you use them on every other day.

  112. The only time I use computers in school is when I have a MAP test or math MCA’s.

  113. I would live on super villain island

  114. You have MAP testing too?! What were your last scores for all of them? Which subjects do you take? I take Reading, Math, and Language Usage also know as Grammar. You?

  115. Do you take ISAT tests?

  116. 🙂

  117. ^ Sticky Clown said that comments with just faces are spam! That’s spam! ^

  118. Nintendo Friend

    My favorite island is Steamworks. With all of the gears and everything! 😀

  119. @ Brave Sky – You have MAP testing too?! What were your last scores for all of them? Which subjects do you take? I take Reading, Math, and Language Usage also know as Grammar. You?

  120. Twisted Thicket because of the magic and awesome creatures. I could live with the elven fairies and use my dryad fiends as booklights.

  121. Twisted Thicket because of the magic and awesome creatures. I could live with the elven fairies and use my dryad friends as booklights.

  122. Cool Smarticle

    Tiny Bee! I friended you! Congrats on winning the other contest!

  123. I would like to live on Reality TV Island

  124. I would also like to live on Astro knights

  125. Cool Smarticle

    What do you guys think of my outfit? I want ALL comments! Whether it’s negative or positive!


  126. Cool Smarticle

    Well? What do ya think?

  127. @Cool Smarticle: Yeah I take MAP tests every year in the fall and spring. The subjects that I take during the MAP tests are on math and ILA(English). I think I remember my ILA score. It was 237.

  128. Cool Smarticle

    I take them 3 times a year. In the fall, winter, and spring. My reading score was 222. It was what I got all year long. My lexile was 897-1047 in the fall 896-1046 in the winter, and 897-1047 again in the spring. My Math score in the fall was 237, in the winter it was 241, and in the spring it was 246. Math is my strongest subject. 🙂 My English score in the fall was 228, in the winter it was 232, and in the spring it was 236.

  129. @BS- Sadly, no. 🙁 BUT, the only time I get to use a computer (that’s not my own) at school is when it’s my group’s turn to use the computer lab when we go to the school library on Thursdays. There we get to use Kid Pix Deluxe 4 ❗ That’s not on my computer ❗

    @CS- It’s cute ❗

  130. Cool Smarticle

    Thank you Grey Feather! Do you take MAP tests too?

  131. I’d definitely live on Mythology Island ❗ Why ❓ Because I’ll get to hang out with the Gods ❗
    My Poptropican house would be right next to Herc’s Hero Hut. Why ❓ So I can eat yummy fish nuggets and drink tasty pomegranate punch everyday ❗

  132. No. But a couple of weeks ago we had to take the CST test.

  133. Also what does MAP stand for ❓

  134. Cool Smarticle

    Measure of Academic progress. It shows how much you have improve in every subject.

    Not sure if this is correct. I looked it up on answers.com.

  135. Cool Smarticle

    What does CST stand for? Do you take ISATs?

  136. CST stands for California Star Test. And no.

  137. Symbols:

    Hungry – knife and fork (proceed to the Dining Car)

    Orders: Watercress salad, chicken, pizza, French fries, cabbage soup, burger

    Thirsty – glass (proceed to the Dining Car)

    Orders: Lemonade, Cola, Orange, Lime, Prune Juice, Water, Soda

    Crime/mystery – magnifying glass and question mark

    Tired/Sleepy – bed (proceed to your cabin)

    Toilet – toilet (proceed to WC)

    a) Walk to the toilet
    b) Open the door
    c) Jump on the toilet
    d) Close the door
    e) You’ll come flying out (indicating you’re finished)

  138. Cool Smarticle

    Oh that’s right. What grade are you in? You only take them in certain grades.

  139. Grey Feather:

    Mythology Island would have been great, too. And living next to Herc’s Hero Hut would have been great, as well!

    That way, you can visit and eat scrumptious fish nuggets and drink delicious red pomegranate punch every day! Or better, fish nuggets with extra batter and pomegranate punch with twice as many pomegranates! Even if it is “to die for”.

  140. Cool Smarticle

    @ Icy Snowball – Looks like you’ve got something going on there eh?

  141. I would want to think if Mystery Train had a replica of Björn’s Smörgåsbord.

  142. Cool Smarticle

    * takes a deep breath* “to die for”….? Isn’t that what Shadow said…?

    I would eat McNuggets with Chipotle BBQ sauce ❗ I love McNuggets ❗

  143. Cool Smarticle

    Björn’s Smörgåsbord? What the heck is that?!

  144. Cool Smarticle

    “I got a secret I can’t tell, guess I better cast my spell
    Don’t you worry, just you wait; everything’s gonna be great
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, that’s me
    (Bah bah bah, bah bah bah, bah bah bah!)”

    “This ol’ witch is mad and green, meanest witch you’ve ever seen
    You’ve got a broom and I’ve got a wand
    We’ve got friendship, we’ve got a bond
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, you and me!
    Magic! 1, 2, 3, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, A-1, 2, 3!”

  145. Icy Snowball’s Top Creatures Encountered!

    1. Dryad (power: flight)
    2. Elf (power: vine cut)
    3. Troll (power: strength)
    4. Nøkken (power: invisibility)
    5. Goblin (power: speed)

    The Five Sacred Runes

    1. Levosyk (acorn)
    2. Kobold (twig with single leaf)
    3. Jötunn (plain tree)
    4. Näkrosor (bushy tree)
    5. Dökkalfar (tree stump)

  146. Cool Smarticle

  147. Cool Smarticle

    “I got a secret I can’t tell, guess I better cast my spell
    Don’t you worry, just you wait; everything’s gonna be great
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, that’s me
    (Bah bah bah, bah bah bah, bah bah bah!)”

    “This ol’ witch is mad and green, meanest witch you’ve ever seen
    You’ve got a broom and I’ve got a wand
    We’ve got friendship, we’ve got a bond
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, you and me!
    Magic! 1, 2, 3, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, A-1, 2, 3!”

    Which show does this come from?

  148. Cool Smarticle

    DORIE – One and one and one are we.
    REANNE – With triple vision we are able to see.
    MARIBELLE – And with all the magic powers of three.
    ELLIE – Well, you got me.
    ALL – We make Perfect Harmony.

  149. Cool Smarticle

    DORIE – One and one and one are we.
    REANNE – With triple vision we are able to see.
    MIRABELLE – And with all the magic powers of three.
    ELLIE – Well, you’ve got me.
    ALL – We make Perfect Harmony.

  150. Cool Smarticle

    “I got a secret I can’t tell, guess I better cast my spell
    Don’t you worry, just you wait; everything’s gonna be great
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, that’s me
    (Bah bah bah, bah bah bah, bah bah bah!)”

    “This ol’ witch is mad and green, meanest witch you’ve ever seen
    You’ve got a broom and I’ve got a wand
    We’ve got friendship, we’ve got a bond
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, you and me!
    Magic! 1, 2, 3, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, A-1, 2, 3!”

    Which show does this come from ❓

  151. Cool Smarticle:

    1. Björn’s Smörgåsbord is the restaurant on Twisted Thicket (also the common room).
    2. I can translate that song and sing it in Spanish:

    “Tengo un secreto que no puedo decir, supongo que será mejor que mi hechizo
    ¿No te preocupes, sólo espera, todo va a ser grande
    Al igual que la magia, mirar y ver, DoReMi mágico
    Como magia, 1, 2, 3
    Al igual que la magia, ese soy yo
    (¡Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah!)”

    “Este ‘bruja ol está loco y verde, bruja más mala que he visto
    Tienes una escoba y yo tengo una varita
    Tenemos amistad, tenemos un vínculo
    Al igual que la magia, mirar y ver, DoReMi mágico
    Como magia, 1, 2, 3
    ¡Al igual que la magia, tú y yo!
    ¡Magic! 1, 2, 3, DoReMi mágico
    Como magia, A-1, 2, 3!”

  152. (¡Como magia, A-1, 2, 3!”)

  153. Cool Smarticle

    @ Icy Snowball – Oh. Oh my God! How did you translate that? Do you take Spanish class or something? Are you Spanish? Did you use a program or a website?

  154. Cool Smarticle

    Translate this!
    DORIE – One and one and one are we
    REANNE – With triple vision we are able to see
    MIRABELLE – And with all the magic powers of three
    ALL – We make Perfect Harmony

  155. :question: :exclamation:

  156. Cool Smarticle

    Momoko Asuka! She’s my favorite character from the series!

  157. Cool Smarticle

    You need help making faces ❓ I’ll be glad to help ❗

  158. Cool Smarticle

    Hana Makihamataya ❗ She’s cute too ❗

  159. DORIE – Uno y uno y uno son que
    REANNE – Con triple visión que son capaces de ver
    MIRABELLE – Y con todos los poderes mágicos de tres
    ALL – Hacemos Perfect Harmony

  160. Cool Smarticle

    What the ❓ ❗ Wow! I would never be able to do that ❗
    Translate this ❗

    Ojamajo Doremi

  161. Cool Smarticle

    Momoko Asuka ❗

    Bala deala dong ding ❗ Now I am a witchling ❗

  162. Cool Smarticle

    Have what ❓

  163. Cool Smarticle

    Ojamajo Doremi

  164. “Perfect Harmony” is supposed to be harmonia perfecta.
    A+ on the rest.

  165. Cool Smarticle

    Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
    Otome no jinsei appare appare appare appare
    Gatten da (Soiya’!)
    Hyaku ten man ten kuhrara kuhrara kuhrara kuhrara
    EVEREST (Aiya’!)

    Muttsu no dokidoki HEART ga houkago machikirenai yo
    “Randoseru shotta” “CHOCO PAFE tanomo'”
    Naisho no sora he (Let’s go!)

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo mahou no POWER
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Oide nakutcha saasa, minna de

    Ojamajo appears, Dokka-n!

    Ojamajo changes, Dokka-n!

    Hachamecha DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Odoro!
    [Doremi] Kokete mo
    [All] Dokka-n!!

    Niji iro tonbi no nonki na nonki na nonki na nonki na
    Kuchibue ga (Yoisho!)
    Ano ko no yume ni ha uhrara uhrara uhrara uhrara
    Koi no uta (Korasho!)

    Hachimaki guruguru maite nori maki uzu maki kanpyo maki
    “Kyuushoku sunda” “Omekashi choi na”
    Tobidasou wasshoi (Fire!)

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo tomodachi da mon
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Yotte rasshare wanko mo, nyanko mo

    Oshare ha
    [Hana-chan] Dokka-n!!

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo mahou no POWER
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Oide nakutcha saasa, minna de

    Hachamecha DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Odoro!

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo PINCHI ni PANCHI
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Yotte rasshare Fa So Ra Si, dore yo?

    Nantettatte CHANCE! CHANCE! CHANCE! CHANCE! Tsukamo!
    [Doremi] Makenai
    [All] Dokka-n!!

    Translate this to English AND Spanish ❗

  166. Cool Smarticle:

    a) (none)
    b) (none)
    c) (none)
    d) Ahora soy un witchling

  167. Also, I only do short sentences, phrases, etcétera.

  168. Cool Smarticle

    Work on the one above your comment ❗

  169. Guess where I am now!

    If you go on Poptropica Friends, type in the username IcySnowball243 and you should be able to find out.

  170. Cool Smarticle


  171. Cool Smarticle

    Why won’t it post ❓ ❗ UGH ❗

  172. Cool Smarticle

    Translate this-

    Otome no jinsei appare appare appare appare
    Gatten da (Soiya’!)
    Hyaku ten man ten kuhrara kuhrara kuhrara kuhrara
    EVEREST (Aiya’!)

    Muttsu no dokidoki HEART ga houkago machikirenai yo
    “Randoseru shotta” “CHOCO PAFE tanomo’”
    Naisho no sora he (Let’s go!)

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo mahou no POWER
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Oide nakutcha saasa, minna de

    Ojamajo appears, Dokka-n!

    Ojamajo changes, Dokka-n!

    Hachamecha DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Odoro!
    [Doremi] Kokete mo
    [All] Dokka-n!!

    Niji iro tonbi no nonki na nonki na nonki na nonki na
    Kuchibue ga (Yoisho!)
    Ano ko no yume ni ha uhrara uhrara uhrara uhrara
    Koi no uta (Korasho!)

    Hachimaki guruguru maite nori maki uzu maki kanpyo maki
    “Kyuushoku sunda” “Omekashi choi na”
    Tobidasou wasshoi (Fire!)

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo tomodachi da mon
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Yotte rasshare wanko mo, nyanko mo

    Oshare ha
    [Hana-chan] Dokka-n!!

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo mahou no POWER
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Oide nakutcha saasa, minna de

    Hachamecha DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Odoro!

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo PINCHI ni PANCHI
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Yotte rasshare Fa So Ra Si, dore yo?

    Nantettatte CHANCE! CHANCE! CHANCE! CHANCE! Tsukamo!
    [Doremi] Makenai
    [All] Dokka-n!!

  173. @Icy Snowball: I friended you a while back. When I was on Poptropica Friends, I saw you profile. It said that you live in Spain. I thought you lived in France…?

  174. @ CS- I’m guessing Magical DoReMi..,

    @ GF- I use computers every week in my school ❗

    Fascinating ➡

  175. @ CS- I sooooo can’t be bothered translating that. But I understand it.

    Fascinating 😳

  176. Hmmm….That’s a toughie. I’d say I’d either live on:
    -Mythology Island- Mythology Island is one of my favorites, (excluding the fact I’m absolutely in love with all things Percy Jackson and/or greek) but also because the island has many cool challenges and twists and turns. I’d wake up everyday and eat at Herc’s Hero Hut and then chill with all the gods and goddesses. BD
    -Super Power Island- Who wouldn’t love fighting crime with awesome superpowers?
    -Vampire’s Curse – That island is super cool and it would be awesome to be a vampire. (Even though it would be even MORE awesome to be a werewolf 😉 )
    -Twisted Thicket – Twisted Thicket is by far one of my favorites of the islands and I think it would be awesome to explore every part of the forest and all it’s plants and animals everyday and then get to watch & protect it with the elf queen along with the other creatures. (I <3 the Nokken.)

    So I guess it comes down to Twisted Thicket and Mythology Island for me. 🙂
    -Brave Wolf

  177. Brave Wolf, what’s so awesome about being a vampire or werewolf? I genuinely want to know…

  178. Cool Smarticle

    @ Cool Kid – It is Magical DoReMi! Have you ever watched it before? Who’s your favorite character? And are you Japanese? How do you understand it?

  179. By the way guys, if any of you want to add me on Poptropica, my username is: “ms.laughtner”.
    Yeah, yeah. I know, it’s completely stupid and childish and extremely lame, but I made the account when I was about 9….(and not to mention a die-hard Twilight freak obsessed with Taylor Lautner.) I didn’t even know how to spell it. Of course, if Poptropica gave me the option to change it, I would.
    Lol, laugh if you wanna. ///D …Just don’t forget to add me~ I’m on almost everyday anyways lol.

  180. @Fearless Owl: I guess its just a matter of opinion. I’ve always LOVED wolves, and transforming into one seems like a pretty good deal to me. 😛 And the vampire part? Drinking blood and looking fancy is cool. Also not being able to die would be interesting…wait, can vampires be killed? I suppose if they were exposed to sunlight. Although I can see that being a blessing…or a curse… O.o

  181. Cool Smarticle

    I won’t laugh. I made my account when I was 10 or 11, and that was when I was obsessed with Sonic.

  182. Cool Smarticle

    @ Cool Kid – It is Magical DoReMi ❗ Have you ever watched it before ❓ Who’s your favorite character ❓ And are you Japanese ❓ How do you understand it ❓

  183. BW: Ironically, I’m very pale and got a sunburn today. My sister sometimes jokes that I’m a vampire… Anyway, I think there are mythological ways of combating vampires, as well as werewolves. And werewolves are pretty awesome, yet scary. I’m not sure I’d really want to be one though, as the transformations are uncontrollable.
    And of course, zombies are inferior to either of those in my opinion. 😀

  184. Cool Smarticle

    Hi Fearless Owl ❗ ‘SUP ❓

  185. The ceiling!
    Haha, thought I’d change it up a bit.

  186. @Fearless Owl: Haha! I got a little sunburnt today too. I went out with my dad to see a championship soccer game and my face is definitely a shade pinker. ….Around my house I’m often referred to as “Wolf Girl”. Like I mentioned, I’ve always loved wolves. Ya know, just thinking about it now it seems like its more of an obsession. XP It’s true, I would imagine as soon as you start to transform into one it would become extremely painful as well…I believe werewolves are killed with a silver bullet. Vampires can be stabbed through the heart with a stake or exposed to sunlight. (Or so I’ve heard.) Zombies…? I don’t know, zombie movies definitely are scary and they freak me out wayy more than werewolves or vampire combined but I dont care too much for them. I think I’m still leaning more towards the werewolf side. 🙂 (Btw, sorry for the late reply. Was busy writing a seperate email. XD)

  187. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – Very funny. 😉

  188. @Cool Smarticle: Thanks, I know some of my friends look at me and laugh when they see my name. We can’t really help it, we were both into different things several years ago. Just Sayin’.

  189. Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve seen you on this site before…

    About 2 years ago, I went to a water park with my dad, my sister, and a relative of mine. I was wearing a bare back swimsuit…. I was in Vietnam at the time. It was pretty hot there. After I got back from the water park, There was a sunburn on part of my back. I usually tan in the sun, but once in a while I get a sunburn.

  190. Cool Smarticle

    Same here with my friends! They made fun of me……. and another told me to….

  191. Cool Smarticle

    Last year when we had 6th grade field day at the high school, I got sunburn all over my face, legs, arms, etc. I used TONS of sunscreen too! That stuff doesn’t help! I could hardly even walk!

  192. I spent the entire day at a beach volleyball tournament (I wasn’t playing; I was watching Tobuscus on my phone)… And yea, wolves are pretty awesome. Obviously, my favorite animal is the owl. I’m kind of obsessed with them… And I’m also kinda obsessed with robots, which is why Merlin is pretty much my all-time favorite Poptropica character. Even if he never speaks and doesn’t even resemble a Barn Owl, which is what his biological component is supposed to be. And actually, what you’ve said about stakes and silver is right, according to most mythology.

  193. Cool Smarticle

    I LOVE birds ❗ Beepmonster rules ❗ 😉 😯

  194. @Brave Sky: Nah, I’ve been on Poptropica since 3rd grade! 😀 I started out with my account White Wolf, and after that I made another, Brave Wolf, and I still use it to this day. I remember using these cheats for Shark Tooth Island. Memories. :’) Lol. I just haven’t started commenting until recently. Too much drama in the comments sections usually.

    @Cool Smarticle: YES. We had a “field day” too. At least that’s what they called it. Everyone that passed the End of Grade Tests went out to the football field and…idk I guess hung out. It was everyone from every grade and it was a….somewhat large crowd. My school is probably the cheapest, EVER and the only things they brought out were tents with a cotton candy machine & icy machine (best part of the whole thing lol) and some weird blow up tent things for shade. I think just about everybody tanned. I don’t usually burn, just mostly tan.

    @Fearless Owl: Hey! I love owls too! 🙂 Just not as much as you I guess. 😛 Owls are awesome and they’re probably my 2nd favorite animal, next to any type of canine, of course. (Especially, you guessed it. A wolf.) Robots are neat I guess. I think the closest thing I like that can be possibly even considered robot-ish is steampunk. 😀

  195. CS: I like most birds, but there are a few that unnerve me.
    And also, what/who is Beepmonster ❓

  196. Brave Wolf, both of those are cool Poptropican names. Have you read the Wolves of the Beyond series by Kathryn Lasky? It’s a spin-off of the same series that inspired my love for owls (the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series).

  197. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Wolf – When we had field day, we played fun games, and last year the 2 elementary schools versed each other for the gong. Now all of the advisories compete against each other in middle school.

  198. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – Beepmonster is a character NF made up. It looks kinda like the Pokemon Torchic.

  199. Slippery Icicle

    CS- Caffeine only keeps you up for a bit. You’ll crash really hard after. I manged to stay awake though. I have school on Monday, I get 2 weeks off before school ends though.

  200. @Fearless Owl: I’ve read the first two books, they were great, but I just haven’t gotten around to reading more of them. I really want to read the Warrior Cat series. Is that by Kathryn Lasky too? I have a feeling it’s by Erin Hunter…

    @Cool Smarticle: Sounds fun! 😀 My old elementary school (oh how I miss it) would hold a field day every year. You would bring out towels or blankets as well as gatorade/water bottles and everything and go out in the morning and help people set up the cones and whatnot for the different games. After that we played a few more games. Then, after lunch we went into the gym and competed in all kinds of different games. It was so much fun. 🙂 Every class competed against every other class in your grade and you always, always showed your support by wearing your team’s colored t-shirt. All the years after that it was reverse and you went outside afterwards for the long run and tug-of-war. 🙂

  201. @CS: Ah, OK. And about Field Day, I haven’t had any of those since fifth grade, but I don’t think I’ve attended any since third.

  202. Brave Wolf, yea, I think I read the first three, and that’s it. And yes, the Warriors books are by Erin Hunter. I haven’t read thise, however.

  203. Brave Wolf, same here, I think I read the first three, and that’s it. I read all fifteen Guardians books, though. I haven’t read the Warriors books, but I do know that they’re written by Erin Hunter.

  204. @Fearless Owl: When you say you hadn’t attended any since third grade, are you implying you just…skipped? cut? whatever you wanna call the word for not showing up? lol. That’s funny…we always HAD to attend and play the games. XD

  205. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Wolf – We had Olympic Day 2 days ago actually, and I think my advisory might have won! Everyone gets a t-shirt at the beginning of the year too! They all have the same design, but they are different colors! I have 2! One red, for my advisory, and one aqua that my friend gave me!

  206. Cool Smarticle

    I was suppose to be in the carpet rely and the balloon toss, but I asked my friends to switch so I didn’t do anything.

  207. Slippery Icicle

    We have something a bit similar to field day and Olympic day. It’s track and field day. We pretty much do to a track and each one of us competes in three events. More of a school gym and grade thing. Though there are ribbons given out to those who win first, second or third place.

  208. CS: Not by any means. I was sick in fourth, and I left that school (switched to homeschooling) before the end of fifth. So actually, I was incorrect: I haven’t had any since fourth.

  209. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – Um…that was Brave Wolf…. not me….

    @ Slippery Icicle – Cool!

  210. Cool Smarticle

    Atoha dare mo sasowa naine

  211. Cool Smarticle

    Atoha dare mo sasowa naine
    Go 5 ninyoreba GO-KI-GE-N!

  212. Cool Smarticle

    Atoha dare mo sasowa naine
    Go 5 ninyoreba GO-KI-GE-N!
    Dokidoki suru? Wakuwaku suru?

  213. @CS (for real this time): Oops… Mea culpa. You’re right, sorry!

  214. Slippery Icicle

    What are you doing?

  215. Cool Smarticle

    Trying to post something that won’t post! Ugh! This is really irritating!
    And it’s okay FO! No prob!

  216. Cool Smarticle

    Atoha dare mo sasowa naine
    Go[5] ninyoreba GO-KI-GE-N!
    Dokidoki suru? Wakuwaku suru?

  217. Cool Smarticle


  218. Cool Smarticle

    “I got a secret I can’t tell, guess I better cast my spell
    Don’t you worry, just you wait; everything’s gonna be great
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, that’s me
    (Bah bah bah, bah bah bah, bah bah bah!)”

    “This ol’ witch is mad and green, meanest witch you’ve ever seen
    You’ve got a broom and I’ve got a wand
    We’ve got friendship, we’ve got a bond
    Just like magic, watch and see, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, 1, 2, 3
    Just like magic, you and me!
    Magic! 1, 2, 3, Magical DoReMi
    Like magic, A-1, 2, 3!”

    Which show does this come from ❓ ❓ ❓ I know the answer ❗

  219. Cool Smarticle

    “Tengo un secreto que no puedo decir, supongo que será mejor que mi hechizo
    ¿No te preocupes, sólo espera, todo va a ser grande
    Al igual que la magia, mirar y ver, DoReMi mágico
    Como magia, 1, 2, 3
    Al igual que la magia, ese soy yo
    (¡Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah!)”

    “Este ‘bruja ol está loco y verde, bruja más mala que he visto
    Tienes una escoba y yo tengo una varita
    Tenemos amistad, tenemos un vínculo
    Al igual que la magia, mirar y ver, DoReMi mágico
    Como magia, 1, 2, 3
    ¡Al igual que la magia, tú y yo!
    ¡Magic! 1, 2, 3, DoReMi mágico
    Como magia, A-1, 2, 3!”

    Translated ❗ All credit is given to Icy Snowball ❗

  220. Cool Smarticle

    DORIE – One and One and One are we
    REANNE – With Triple vision we are able to see
    MIRABELLE – And with all the magic powers of three
    ALL – We make Perfect Harmony

  221. Slippery Icicle

    Magical DoReMi, I used to watch it when I was a kid. And the name is in the opening song you just posted.

  222. Cool Smarticle

    Who’s you guy’s favorite character from Magical DoReMi?

  223. Cool Smarticle

    I used to love that show! I started watching it online and now I’m a little obsessed with it. I’m even watching the Japanese ones.

  224. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have any toys of them Slippery Icicle ❓ From when you were a kid ❓

  225. SI, I’m holding my Companion Cube plushie and watching Psych. And what about you?

  226. Slippery Icicle

    I do that with some of the shows I watch. I watch quite a few shows with sub.

  227. Cool Smarticle

    Listening to a Japanese opening song of Magical DoReMi Season 3.

  228. Cool Smarticle

    Which is your favorite character ❓

  229. Slippery Icicle

    I’m sitting on my office chair texting my friends and looking through all my multiple tabs.

  230. Cool Smarticle

    Ojamajo Doremi

    Bala deala dong ding ❗ Now I am a witchling ❗

  231. Cool Smarticle

    Slippery Icicle – Who’s your favorite character ❓

  232. Slippery Icicle

    I couldn’t say which character is my favourite, haven’t truly watched the show since I was 9. Don’t even remember their names.

  233. Cool Smarticle

    Otome no jinsei appare appare appare appare
    Gatten da (Soiya’!)
    Hyaku ten man ten kuhrara kuhrara kuhrara kuhrara
    EVEREST (Aiya’!)

    Muttsu no dokidoki HEART ga houkago machikirenai yo
    “Randoseru shotta” “CHOCO PAFE tanomo’”
    Naisho no sora he (Let’s go!)

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo mahou no POWER
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Oide nakutcha saasa, minna de

    Ojamajo appears, Dokka-n!

    Ojamajo changes, Dokka-n!

    Hachamecha DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Odoro!
    [Doremi] Kokete mo
    [All] Dokka-n!!

    Niji iro tonbi no nonki na nonki na nonki na nonki na
    Kuchibue ga (Yoisho!)
    Ano ko no yume ni ha uhrara uhrara uhrara uhrara
    Koi no uta (Korasho!)

    Hachimaki guruguru maite nori maki uzu maki kanpyo maki
    “Kyuushoku sunda” “Omekashi choi na”
    Tobidasou wasshoi (Fire!)

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo tomodachi da mon
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Yotte rasshare wanko mo, nyanko mo

    Oshare ha
    [Hana-chan] Dokka-n!!

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo mahou no POWER
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Oide nakutcha saasa, minna de

    Hachamecha DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! Odoro!

    Ojamajo toujou Dokka-n!
    Goran asobe yo PINCHI ni PANCHI
    Ojamajo henshin Dokka-n!
    Yotte rasshare Fa So Ra Si, dore yo?

    Nantettatte CHANCE! CHANCE! CHANCE! CHANCE! Tsukamo!
    [Doremi] Makenai
    [All] Dokka-n!!

  234. Cool Smarticle

    DORIE – Uno y uno y uno son que
    REANNE – Con triple visión que son capaces de ver
    MIRABELLE – Y con todos los poderes mágicos de tres
    ALL – Hacemos Harmonia Perfecta.

    My favorite is Momoko Asuka, she was only in the Japanese series. I wish she was in the English one too ❗

  235. Slippery Icicle

    A lot shows don’t get entirely dubbed. Your left to watch the japanese in English subs.

  236. Slippery Icicle


  237. Cool Smarticle

    I bet you’d like Mirabelle, cuz she’s blue ❗

    Dorie Goodwyn is the pink one.
    Mirabelle Haywood is the blue one.
    Reanne Griffith is the orange one.
    Ellie Craft is the purple one.
    Momoko Asuka (Anna Robinson or Maddie if was made in the English versions), is the yellow one, my fav ❗
    Hana Makihatayama is the white one and was a baby ❗ She’s a witch ❗

  238. Cool Smarticle

    yeah, but it is fun to watch the ones with Momoko. Cuz she’s my favorite character and she talks in English ❗

  239. Cool Smarticle


  240. Slippery Icicle

    If I’m not mistaken the blue one was a tomboy, I’m more into the girly girl characters. I might like the white or purple one.

  241. Cool Smarticle

    Do you even know the white and yellow ones ❓ They were only in they Japanese versions.

  242. Cool Smarticle

    Dorie’s funny. But I still like Momoko. The name is cool too ❗

  243. Cool Smarticle

    So you don’t like Mirabelle. You like either Hana or Ellie?

  244. Cool Smarticle

    Oops ❗ I forgot Caitlin ❗ Dorie’s little sister ❗ Oops. 😳

    Caitlin Goodwyn is the red one.

  245. Slippery Icicle

    I’m not too familiar with their character types, but I have seen them and read the bios on wiki. I don’t dislike Mirabelle, she just wouldn’t be my favourite.

    You should watch Pretty Cure, only 1 season is dubbed, but it’s easy to find the others in English sub and I think you’d like it.

  246. Cool Smarticle

    252 comments including this one already ❓ New page ❗ 😀

  247. Cool Smarticle


  248. Slippery Icicle

    Sister was kind of a quiet character (not a lot of appearances).

  249. Cool Smarticle

    Okay ❗ I’ll google it ❗ Thanks ❗

  250. Cool Smarticle

    True. I really like Momoko.

  251. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm. Interesting ❗

  252. Cool Smarticle

    I dunno if you’d like it. But why don’t you watch Sonic X ❓

  253. Slippery Icicle

    I did like the Heartcatch season. One of the few seasons that had a bit of true tradgedy in it that could not be fixed.

  254. Cool Smarticle

    I think I’m going to watch it over the summer, but it’ll have to be after I watch the Japanese episodes of Magical DoReMi.

  255. Slippery Icicle

    I do recall watching the series when I was younger. I did like it until 4kids had some sort of license issue and I stopped watching a lot of the shows it had. I’ll have to revist it soon.

  256. Cool Smarticle

    Who’s your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character ❓

  257. Slippery Icicle

    Cool, I think you’ll like it. Doesn’t really matter what order you watch the seasons in, except for the movies.

  258. Cool Smarticle

    Sonic X ❓ They took it off like around Christmas or something and I got really ticked off. They put it back on like a month later. A lot of people must like Sonic ❗

  259. Cool Smarticle

    Who’s your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character?

  260. Cool Smarticle

    Mine are Blaze the cat, Amy Rose, Wave the Swallow, Sonic the Hedgehog, (dur), and Shadow the hedgehog. You ❓

  261. *Hedgehog

  262. Atoha nani mo kinishinaide
    Go[5] ningireba GO-O-KA-N!
    Ukiuki suru? Harahara suru?
    Totte oki no BA-ME-N-YO!
    Heyoni goto dattara hanashi dene
    Hayani no mahou dene
    BANBAN! BANBAN! tatatsukechau
    Tantan da yo HEI!

  263. Slippery Icicle

    Probably Amy. She chased after Sonic a lot

  264. Are you saying you like Sonic ❓ I like Amy too.

  265. Whoa ❗ 272 comments including this one ❗ That’s a lot ❗

  266. Slippery Icicle

    Sonic is ok, I guess I like it.

  267. I sometimes wonder about Shadow…….

  268. Maria too…….

  269. Slippery Icicle

    Not familiar with Maria, but Shadow was a bit mysterious.

  270. Slippery Icicle

    I like cartoons, but I’m a huge fan of crime solving shows like CSI, Mentalist, Criminal Minds and Hawaii 5-0.

  271. Maria Robotnik. Gerald Robotnik’s granddaughter. You don’t remember ❓ She was in Sonic X and in Shadow the Hedgehog as well as Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) .

  272. Thank you! Finally someone who understands! My mom watches those shows and I hate them!

  273. Slippery Icicle

    I was 9 when I last watched this show. I’m lucky I remember their names

  274. Slippery Icicle

    They’re really good. I watch them all the time. You may like them when your older and veer away from cartoons.

  275. Which show ❓ Sonic X or Magical DoReMi ❓

  276. Oops! I thought you said you didn’t like them! Sorry typo! Now I feel stupid.

  277. I like some cartoons like Sonic, Pokemon, Magical DoReMi, etc. I don’t like shows like Arthur, Caillou, and stuff like that.

  278. I very rarely watch Yu-Gi-Oh!, but it’s okay.

  279. Slippery Icicle

    I liked yu-gi-oh. Good series. I mostly watch Japanese shows.

  280. How bout Pokemon ❓

  281. Slippery Icicle

    Pokemon was a good show, but now they have kind of killed it. I don’t watch the show anymore.

  282. I agree. I liked the old ones with Misty, and/or May. Brock too. Now I hate it!

  283. Slippery Icicle

    I was more into the one with May and Max. Mostly because of the show art and quality.

  284. Slippery Icicle

    And the one with Dawn seemed, idk, too innocent.

  285. HI! Everyone!!!

  286. Hi Giant Eagle! So, Magical DoReMi, eh? I don’t think I’ve heard of that show… I think I’ll go look it up.

    *10 minutes later* The show was aired in 1999, about 2 years before I was born. I didn’t have any cable as a little kid, soo were there any reruns of that show?

  287. Cool Smartcile

    I never saw it on TV. I bought some toys of them and it came with a DVD with only the 4th episode. I watched the whole English version online, now I’m going to watch the Japanese ones.

  288. Cool Smarticle

    I never saw it on TV. I bought some toys of them and it came with a DVD with only the 4th episode. I watched the whole English version online, now I’m going to watch the Japanese ones.

  289. Cool Smarticle

    I know it’s on Wikipedia, but I think this will help.


  290. Yah, I looked it up on Wiki.

  291. SI, I love crime shows! My favorites are Criminal Minds and Monk (which ended a few years ago, but it was awesome).
    CS: I haven’t heard of that show. I still watch cartoons, but not too many.

  292. Hi

  293. 🙄 I am soooo tired

  294. I would like to live in Cryptids island, or maybe…. idk

  295. Sorry to hear that… Whatcha doin’?

  296. Cool Smarticle

    Who’s your favorite character from Magical DoReMi ❓ Mine is Momoko Asuka the yellow one in the Japanese version.

  297. Cool Smarticle

    Sleepy Ghost ❗ I’m glad to see you ❗ So, what’s up ❓ (no for real this time, no jokes).

  298. Cool Smarticle


  299. I am sitting on the couch. playing poptropica. nothing much.

  300. Cool Smarticle

    Sleepy Ghost don’t you want to hear the story of my other friend ❓

  301. Oh yes!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  302. Cool Smarticle

    Okay, so I had this friend ever since preschool and we have the WEIRDEST things in common.

  303. Cool Smarticle

    We live on the same street, born in the same hospital, play the clarinet, born on teh same day, etc.

  304. Cool Smarticle


  305. Cool Smarticle

    Anyway, in the 5th grade, she met this girl, and now she doesn’t talk to me as much anymore.

  306. Prickly Hopper

    Well I usually log off at Mystery Train Island in the tree to the left of the blimp, because my character is supposed to look like Katniss from the Hunger Games, but sometimes I also log out at the top of the visitor center in Ghost Story Island, because that’s my favourite island, but these days I’ve been trying to do Skullduggery Island, because it’s the only island I haven’t done, so I’ve been logging out on my ship, and where I log out is kinda consider to be where I’m living at the time.

  307. I know we have almost all of the same classes together, and she doesn’t have time to spend with her, but she always sits next to her in lunch, and when I want to talk to her I get cut off by her and they walk away.

  308. A few months ago, we were in health and we were working in the hall since we were ahead, my friend (H) and her “friend” (M), were working and they were trying to copy off of us. And my and my friend (G) noticed it.

  309. So we were trying to hide our work, but I got fed up with it. So I told them to stop. Then H said that I was her best friend or something and M said that she was her best friend. And I said to H you’re only my friend when you need me. I left H speechless.

  310. Oh. I have a friend that I have had since preschool. We have pretty much been best friends growing up. This year we have met up with another girl that we were friends with in preschool and she hangs out with the other girl more than me now in days. It kind of makes me upset, but I know I have other good friends and I know that nothing ends up the way you think it will. If she is still nice to you than, its fine. As long as she is not mean to you.

  311. Another time, also in health, supposedly I was sitting in M’s chair, when we weregoing to leave, and I was talking to G, and M and H kept telling me to get off. I just said I’m talking to my friend and we’re going to leave anyway.

  312. (Haha I was in health a couple months ago.)

  313. Oh she can be mean. I’m just getting started too.

  314. oh great. (sarcasticness)

  315. Anyway I got up when we were putting the chairs up and I was talking to G again. H asked me if we had science homework, I knew the answer but I was so ticked off at the time.

  316. so is she nice to you sometimes and mean to you other times?

  317. Slippery Icicle

    SI: Never heard of Monk, I’ll have to look for it. Got into watching crime solving shows 2-3 years.

  318. So I said I dunno, and kept talking to G. H kept asking and I kept saying I dunno.

  319. Yes and no.

  320. She probably either wanted to make conversation with you or try to annoy you . you can never tell with those types of friends

  321. what do you mean by yes and no?

  322. Anyway, she said I dunno isn’t an answer. But she always says that whenever I ask her! So I kept at it. Then I started to ignore them and M said to tell her, I just said I dunno, no comment, ?, etc.

  323. Slippery Icicle


    Not sure why I put my name. This lack of sleep has totally messed up my mind.

  324. Sometimes she’s my “friend” and other times yeah no. She can be really annoying to. You should hear what people say behind her back and I agree with them all the way.

  325. @ SI – That’s funny.

  326. And she calls me for homework help! Why doesn’t she call her? Cuz she’s dumb. She gets C’s on her report cards and I get strait As!

  327. Wait… let me get this straight. G is your other friend, but she is a good friend. H is the on and off friend, and M is her other friend that you think is trying to get H away from you?

  328. Now, M is trying to take P away from me. and Julia is doing better. That’s just how she is. I think she’s getting over T too.

  329. So what exactly does people say behind her back?

  330. Yep.

  331. Um….. stuff that I wouldn’t want to comment about. Swears, curses, you know, stuff like that.

  332. She’s annoying.

  333. so now there is another friend “P” that M is trying to take away from you. (I told you Julia would get over it. It wasn’t a complete thunder storm, just a passing shower.)

  334. Slippery Icicle

    So you and H aren’t true friends to each other. Why don’t you cut your ties with her?

  335. @ Sleepy Ghost – She told P to sit next to her at lunch. But she was sick at the time so I didn’t really care, I just hope she isn’t too stupid.

    @ Slippery Icicle – Our parents know each other too. I don’t want to start anything cuz her parents are nice. They came in handy a few times.

  336. I got locked at of my house a few times and her mom took us to my mom so we could get her keys.

  337. Ok. Even as much as you think you hate her, don’t call her out completely. Sometimes friends act that way. Instead, as hard as it might be, try to make decent conversation with her. Tell her how you feel even if you think they wouldn’t feel the same way. Odds are, M isn’t trying to take friends away from you, she just wants good friends. Even if this sounds crazy, maybe just maybe you and M could become friends too. If you follow this but things still don’t work out, I give you permission to fully blame it on me.

  338. Slippery Icicle

    You don’t have to start anything. Just be like H I don’t think we should be friends anymore. Worked for me with my best friend, though she did try to fight it and fix it.

  339. Just try our advice Cool Smarticle

  340. Um…. I tried to be friends with M but she won’t talk to me unless H is absent. In other words, M is using me.

  341. And just in case things don’t work out you need to learn that… Sometimes friends just slowly move apart from each other. Which is ok, because we have a big great life still ahead and we have plenty of time to make new friends throughout our lives.

  342. Okay, but I’ll have to after summer vaycay, cuz there;s only an hour left of school and I won’t see her.

  343. I know, but I like to keep friends that are true, genuine golden friends the ones that will stick with you for life. No matter what.

  344. *’

  345. I tried talking to her about M privately, but it didn’t work. All of the stuff I told you about happened.

  346. don’t think that way Cool Smarticle. TALK IT OUT WITH H AND P AND WHOEVER ELSE. Actually just this year… there was a girl that one of my friends became friends with. I honestly didn’t like her. THen soon my other friend became friends with her. i talked it out with both of them. one of my friends are still friends with her, but we have kind of moved apart. My true friend realized how ridiculous she was acting and agreed with me and poof! problem solved.

  347. M acts like a 5 year old. H even told me that. But she’s still friends with her.

  348. P knows better.

  349. I don’t like M either.

  350. Soo you tried talking it out. Get 1 or 2 other friends and try sitting with them at lunch or something. Try talking to them again, this time not about what happened, but how you really feel. If your friendship doesn’t work out, then tell them that. OK? Please.

  351. H is stupid. I don’t like her either. I didn’t let her nor Julia sign my yearbook. Only my true friends. Not M either. And they didn’t tell me to sign their’s.

  352. I DID. I told how we feel. H knows. But she’s stupid. She doesn’t get it.

  353. he always runs to M and leaves us….. I did have a friend once, last year. She was new. Her name was Jennifer, she looked like my cousin. She was a true friend. The best I’ve ever had. But she moved to South Carolina….

  354. *She ^

  355. And I haven’t seen her since. 😥 She was a true best friend not H.

  356. ok. i give up. do what you were doing and dont talk to them. But you have to somehow pinky promise through the computer screen that you will not spend your days thinking all those dreadful thoughts and focus on your real friends and how much fun you have with them.

  357. She was smart, funny, and a one of a kind girl. I miss her.

  358. Oh yeah of course. I think about other stuff.

  359. I had a really good friend last year. She was new. Her name was Adree, but she moved to Arizona. I haven’t seen her since, but we kept in touch.

  360. I don’t have her phone #, email. Nada. 🙁

  361. She was a true friend, a smart, funny, and a one of a kind girl. I miss her too. I know how you feel.

  362. that stinks Cool Smarticle.

  363. Mmm hmm. We had a great time together. We played the weirdest games and did the weirdest things at recces too.

  364. Some Indian thing, leprechauns, you know stuff like that.

  365. Do you know what you should do? YOu should come to school one day don’t care what anyone says and just be yourself. That is what I want to do, and you should do it with me.

  366. I know it does, but that’s life. What are you gonna do.

  367. I do. Everyday.

  368. Slippery Icicle

    Some friendships don’t last forever. But they do leave an impression on us that makes us who we are.

  369. of course like, not at the same school because we probably live on opposite sides of the USA

  370. *sigh* Oh whatever! Screw them! They’re the ones who are gonna fail in life!

  371. I know.

  372. I hope for the worse! I know this is mean. But I don’t care right now. H is disgusting anyway. You want to know what she does?

  373. You’re not going to believe it.

  374. I agree @Slippery Icicle. They are like, cuts. The pain doen’t last forever but there is still a scar there to remind you that what you have been through really does make you who you are.

  375. True. Do you want to know or not?

  376. I’d rather not here rumors about people that I don’t even know. My saying goes, if you don’t know them, dont judge them

  377. …but if you really want to tell i will listen. Even though I might not believe you.

  378. No seriously. I saw it with my own eyes! I’m not the only one either!

  379. ok then, tell away

  380. Slippery Icicle

    Same, I’m not really one to judge something/someone based on one’s words.

  381. Okay. It’s REALLY gross. *takes a deep breath* She eats her boogers. Ya I know she’s sick. I didn’t believe my mom when she saw it.

  382. She also has acne and one day I saw her scratch a pimple and puss oozed out and she ate it. She’s a sick girl.

  383. thats umm….. interesting. I still can’t judge though even though it is gross

  384. I’m going to hurl.

  385. please don’t hurl

  386. Mmm Hmm. Like I said I’m going to go to the bathroom any minute.

  387. I’m going to, but the thought…. Is nasty.

  388. I need to do some studying so I have to go. I will be back though.

  389. Okay.

  390. I will be back before you know it.

  391. Slippery Icicle

    Won’t be able to eat lunch now for a bit.

  392. @ Sleepy Ghost – See you in a bit ❗
    @ Slippery Icicle – Sorry. I won’t be able to either. Too bad, cuz I’m hungry.

  393. Slippery Icicle what’s up ❓ No jokes.

  394. I made a room ❗ Code is DGB46 ❗

  395. Slippery Icicle

    This is so unfair -_-

  396. What ❓ What’s wrong ❓ What’s unfair ❓

  397. Slippery Icicle

    I swear it was within in 5 minutes this time.

  398. What ❓

  399. DGB46 is the code ❗

  400. I like your character SI ❗ It’s your default outfit ❗

  401. Slippery Icicle

    I huge pet peeve of mine is when people take what’s mine or copy me. One of these days I’m just going to reach my breaking point.

  402. Slippery Icicle

    Thanks, I love the dress. I try to use it a lot in oufits.

  403. I wish I saved it in a photo when the customize anything glitch worked. Same for Tink’s outfit too.

  404. Wait, who’s “P”?

  405. Paulina.

  406. My current friend.

  407. @Slippery Icicle: I /definitely/ know the feeling. Don’t you wish they could come out with some sort of…”outfit lock” like they have with costumes from the store?

  408. (I am back again) hi

  409. True, but then I’d have to go and figure out where some cool outfits came from myself.

  410. Hi ❗

  411. Are you still in the room thingy ❓

  412. Slippery Icicle

    BW- That would be wonderful, I’d use that all the time. Someone ought to reccommend that.

  413. Um… no. My sister might be.

  414. oh ok

  415. Heeeheee…Do you see me?

  416. Slippery Icicle

    I have have Tink’s dress. Kinda wish I saved all of it.

  417. Yeah I say you and Sleepy Ghost. I wish I had Tink’s outfit. You can customize the wand.

  418. I saw you brave wolf but then i left the room

  419. Slippery Icicle

    *just one have

  420. (Do any of you know each other in real life ❓ )

  421. Slippery Icicle

    Wish I had the Pinocchio fairy outfit. So pretty.

  422. I don’t know any of you.

  423. think about it…

  424. @Sleepy Ghost: Haha, nah, I just joined the room…I don’t know anyone there in real life. Maybe I do..? Doubt it.

  425. You can customize the fairy outfit. The wand too!

  426. I was Quiet Bubbles and my sister was the other 2 people.

  427. Slippery Icicle

    I don’t know of any poptropican wearing it though. Haven’t seen it for awhile.

  428. I do. I just don’t know their username.

  429. Hey, wait.

  430. Slippery Icicle

    Do you think you could maybe customize it on your character once and let me customize it?

  431. I found someone! Friend bluefairy3 . It was as simple as that ❗ 😀

  432. I could have done that too. Which ever you prefer.

  433. Slippery Icicle

    Thanks so much! That will do, unless you happen to have the belt?

  434. I can’t get the wings.

  435. I do. Customize it off of me.

  436. Slippery Icicle

    Thanks you again! I’m going to love making outfits with this!

  437. You’re welcome ❗ Anytime ❗

  438. @Slippery Icicle: So that was the outfit you were talking about? I always pictured it as one of Tinkerbell’s dresses like the green or red one, but just blue. I wish I could find one that color, I thought there used to be one like that. (From years ago.) I looked up that girl though and got her outfit, I just couldn’t get the wings or the wand. I’ll try the method of using the Avatar Studio to find someone that maybe has it. I do know I used to have the most recent Tinkerbell outfit, the one with the blonde updo and green dress, nothing special. It was saved into my closet, but I deleted it for more space. I didn’t realize it was so…rare? I do have the red dress, but its pretty common and a lot of people have it. ._.

  439. yeah.

  440. I wish I knew how to customize the item somebody is holding. One of my friends has the “family wand” from the Wizard’s of Waverly Place mini-challenge thing and I have no idea how to use it.

  441. Ha!! I just remembered it. There WAS an outfit with a blue dress. I remember it because the other item it came with was the “blue sparkles” thing where you could click on you or other players and make it shower blue sparkles. It was pretty old. I’m just browsing through my old character’s items…I highly doubt I’ll find it, but its worth a shot. :/

  442. My sister has it and I can customize one of them.

  443. Slippery Icicle

    BW- There is a blue Tinkerbell dress. I happen to have it, along with the hair. Though I lost the wand and mouth. The one CS gave me is from a Pinocchio ad. I have the green Tinkerbell dress as well, just dress.

  444. Can I have the username of that character ❓

  445. You lost the wand ❓ Was it in your closet ❓ Could you customize it ❓

  446. Can I have the username of that character Brave Wolf ❓ The one with the rare stuff you mentioned.

  447. Slippery Icicle

    CS- The Tinkerbell wand that came with the blue fairy. I doubt it’s in my closet, and it’s not customizable. I know I might have the mouth in my photos, depends when gameshow or mystery train island came out.

  448. Yeah, would you mind if I had the username too so I can customize the dress & hair?

  449. Slippery Icicle

    You can’t customize them. Though I can still give you the username if you want.

  450. SI, yea, that’s a pretty cool outfit. Does anyone have the talking mouth? (Does that make sense? Well, there was a glitch where, if you costumized someone while speaking, you could costumize the moving mouth that Poptropicans have when they speak.)

  451. Slippery Icicle

    I know what you’re talking about. Seen it a couple times. I may or may not have a friend with it, I’ll have to check.

  452. @Slippery Icicle: Darnit. Can I still have the username though?

    @Cool Smarticle: I was just talking about having those outfits and stuff in my inventory, not in my closet or anything. I never was a member on that account, I was just referring to still having it among the other items from each island. There was no luck in finding any of them, I haven’t been on it in so long. You won’t be able to find anything…if you still want it though, the username is: nugget263. I actually have a closet now on my new one at least lol. XD

  453. Slippery Icicle

    BW- It’s Icicle18

    I have the dress in my closet. If you want to see the hair let me know.

  454. CS: Thanks. My friend had it at one point… She costumized from someone in her tribal common room.

  455. What username ❓ You can have it.


  457. i love that island i’ve played it like 50 times. i <3 being a white ninja. thats y i would live there

  458. how do u get the blue fairy outfit?

  459. @Happy Seagull: You used to be able to get the blue fairy outfit from one of the extra “mini-quest” things. They used to be all over Poptropica to advertise upcoming books & movies and things like that, and once you completed the challenge of that “mini-quest” you got a special prize packet. Most of the time they would be a special costume or a follower. The blue fairy outfit came from a Tinkerbell mini-quest years ago. A select few people still have it and only they can wear it because it’s a non-customizable outfit. Sorry. 🙁 I want it too.

  460. Slippery Icicle

    Which one? The Tinkerbell or the Pinocchio one?

  461. I would have to live on Back Lot Island that way I could have a director job or acting job.

  462. ;_; I accidentally changed my character to a boy… SOMEONE HELP ME! D: I was browsing through the cheats on poptropicahelp.net and came across one…I read about it and it said that if you looked up fsdummy on the Poptropica Avatar Studio and then refreshed poptropica, you got the outfit and no eyes or mouth. Well…I looked up what fsdummy looked like and then my laptop crashed and when I logged back in I was a guy! D: UGGGHHH I can still costumize my old costumes and outfits and everything but I’m still a BOY!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! How do I change it back?!?! :_: )))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

  463. Slippery Icicle

    Look up the cheat to randomize your character. Pretty sure it changes gender.

  464. Slippery Icicle

    Ctrl + Shift + R

  465. actually i’d like 2 live in twisted thicket cuz its magical!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  466. its ok if i changed my mind. right?


  468. Hey I would nominate Mythology Island because well… you can’t say no to a immortal enchanted forest!!!
    But Poptropolis wouldn’t be to bad either… ?

  469. I’m going to tell a riddle:

    You’re trapped in the Dark Room on Early Poptropica and find a way to erase the writing on the walls. You need a perfect amount of Grog-Brand Tupertine, so you only have an empty sprayer (5oz), a jug (7oz) and an empty glass that was once filled with prune juice (3oz). You need to make 6oz in the jug. Explain what you need to do.

  470. Happy Seagull:

    You mean, Red Dragon (#19)?

  471. Orange Bee:

    And visit both Queequeg’s? Glorious coffee every day… Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Espressos… Decaf Infant Espressos… Full Caf Infant Lattes… Every coffee on the menu, coming with its own ingredients (water, milk froth, etcétera.)

  472. P.S.: You also have a glow stick to guide yourself around Dark Room the easy way.

  473. Anyone choosing Twisted Thicket, be sure to check out Björn’s Smörgåsbord for a scrumptious burger and refreshing soda. And don’t worry about The Fjording, that’s a decoration building!

  474. Hey, choose what island you want to live on and why!

    Nominate means “choose”, “select” or “pick”.

  475. Cool Smarticle

    24 Carrot and Monster Carnival so I can see what Monster Carnival was really like and so I could see the transformation between that and 24 Carrot.

  476. Cool Smarticle

    Nintendo Friend: Steamworks because it’s awesome.

  477. Cool Smarticle

    I wanna talk about the fairy stuff. I want Tink’s shirt ❗

  478. Cool Smarticle

    I hope you don’t mind Slippery Icicle. ➡


    I like it. I just used a different belt, and tweaked it a little. Hope you don’t mind. Do you ❓

  479. Slippery Icicle

    As long as you don’t post it on a blog as your own I don’t mind.

  480. Cool Smarticle

    I wouldn’t do that. Thanks ❗ I think I might make it yellow and green or pink and red. What do you think ❓

  481. @Icy Snowball- I know what to do but I’m to lazy to explain.

  482. Cool Smarticle

    Same here.

  483. Slippery Icicle

    You’re welcome. That would be neat, go for it! Might recommend yellow and green.

  484. Cool Smarticle

    That’s what I was thinking. Okay. I’m going to work on it now.

  485. Cool Smarticle

    Neat ❗ We had the same idea ❗

  486. Slippery Icicle

    Let’s both do it and share together.

  487. Cool Smarticle


  488. Cool Smarticle

    They’re a little different. Hold on give me 10 minutes maybe 15 tops. I’ll be back don’t leave.

  489. Click here for my new default outfit ❗ ➡

  490. Slippery Icicle

    This probably won’t be my best work. I’ll try red and pink after this.

  491. Cool Smarticle

    I’ll be back and forth, still here. I have to watch my mom so she doesn’t give my older sister my stuff. Again I’m still here. I may take awhile to respond though.

  492. Cool Smarticle

    That’s your default outfit ❓ Pretty cool if you ask me ❗

  493. Cool Smarticle

    It looks like a princess SI ❗

  494. Slippery Icicle

    First hair that came to mind when I thought green and yellow.

    BS- I like it!

  495. Slippery Icicle



    Not sure why I thought you were Brave Sky.

  496. Cool Smarticle

    I’ll be ready to try the red and rink one when you are.

  497. Slippery Icicle

    Ready! I liked your green and yellow one a lot. Wish I had thought of that hair.

  498. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks ❗ NF helped me with it. After the pink and red, I’ll try just yellow.

  499. Slippery Icicle

    I’ll try green after this.

  500. Cool Smarticle

    Check me now ❗

  501. Cool Smarticle


  502. Slippery Icicle

    Cool! I think I did something like that a long time ago. Tried to do my default in different colours. I have something like that in green and blue.

  503. Cool Smarticle

    I”m going with yellow next. Let me know when you see it so I can change it.

  504. Cool Smarticle


  505. Cool Smarticle

    @ BS -Hey!
    @ SI – Cool!

  506. Slippery Icicle

    Someone pick two colours. We need a new challenge.

  507. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm…. yellow and orange ❗

  508. Slippery Icicle

    I’ll go for it.

  509. Cool Smarticle

    Good luck ❗ Man I wish I had the Royal Ball.

  510. Cool Smarticle

    How is it ❓ If you think I should use a different color, tell me which color.

  511. Slippery Icicle

    Looks good! What colours should we try now?

  512. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm…. How about….. purple ❓

  513. Slippery Icicle


  514. Cool Smarticle

    This is gonna be tough.

  515. Slippery Icicle

    I’m done, you? What colour you want to do next?

  516. Cool Smarticle

    Ya, I’m done. Hmm…. pink maybe ❓

  517. Cool Smarticle

    What’s your favorite mouth ❓

  518. Slippery Icicle

    I’ll go for it!

    Blue Swan Ballerina, you?

  519. Cool Smarticle

    The one I usually wear. Like right now.

  520. Cool Smarticle

    This is gonna be awhile. I need a handheld.

  521. Slippery Icicle

    After this want to do blue? Can’t use the blue outfit that I made though.

  522. Cool Smarticle

    Sure ❗ Wait almost done.

  523. Are you guys in a multiverse or something?

  524. Cool Smarticle

    Done ❗ What do ya think ❓

  525. Cool Smarticle

    No. Just making outfits. Should we make a multiverse ❓

  526. Cool Smarticle

    We have each other friended.

  527. I have you guys friended too. And some other people on this site.

  528. Slippery Icicle

    Not bad, ours are very similar.

  529. Cool Smarticle

    @ BS – Same here ❗
    @ SI – I know. I saw you started making yours and ……. I thought I’d…..

  530. Cool Smarticle

    Blue it is ❗

  531. I’m watching my hamster right now.

  532. Slippery Icicle

    Borrow it?

  533. I have to clean my hamsters’ cage now.

  534. Cool Smarticle

    @ SI – I guess. Sorry.
    @ BS – You have a hamster ❓ Cool ❗ My brother had one a long time ago and…..

  535. Cool Smarticle

    Done you ❓ Which color should we do next ❓

  536. Cool Smarticle


  537. Slippery Icicle


  538. Cool Smarticle

    Okay ❗ Did you see me ❓ I would think you were going to wear that. I like it ❗

  539. Cool Smarticle

    I’m changing ❗

  540. I’ll pick two colours – green and white.

  541. New page! I’m excited about this! 😀

  542. Slippery Icicle

    I liked it! What do you mean? It’s cute, but I don’t really like wearing any outfit that’s not mine.

  543. Slippery Icicle

    Oh, nvm. Just figured out what you were saying lol

  544. Did you know each Island comes with its own genre(s)?

    Back Lot:


  545. Cool Smarticle

    @ SI – 😀

  546. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have any Monster High clothes ❓

  547. Cool Smarticle

    I’m going to go with blue for now. If you want to make more outfits I’ll gladly join ❗

  548. Cool Smarticle

    NVM ❗ I’m doing green ❗

  549. Slippery Icicle

    Do what you want. I have to work on L.A. now.

  550. Cool Smarticle

    Okay ❗ See you later ❗

  551. I like making outfits with a fun theme, like a nerd or a beach girl. If you guys are friends with me, go to my profile and go to my closet. I know I only have 3 outfits, I would have more but… I guess I’ll get membership soon. Right now I’m a robot girl! If some of you guys wanna friend me on Poptropica, my user is wimpykid2675.

  552. Cool Smarticle

    Me too ❗

  553. Hey guys,back from vacation,and I don’t care about reading comments I missed,as there are probably 200 by now.

    I’m nominating Super Power,as it has normal places.

  554. BS:YOu mean you’re a DoaWK fan too? I read all the books,and watched the movies,so far.

  555. Cool Smarticle

    Hi Sticky Clown ❗ Where did you go ❓

  556. Cool Smarticle

    Sticky Clown, do you know any dummy usernames ❓ Or cool people ❓

    P.S. I friended you awhile back.

  557. Cool Smarticle

    Sticky Clown ❓

  558. CS:Please stop asking me about rare dummies,I DON’T KNOW ANY. As for the other question,I went to a capital of a neighboring state,though I won’t say what.And let me tell you,it was the most injurious holiday I’ve had there.

  559. @SC: Yep! I’ve read every book except the new one. I have seen all the movies, except Dog Days.

  560. Cool Smarticle

    @ SC – 1. I asked you that already ❓ Well, sorry. 🙄 🙁 I forgot.
    2. Cool ❗
    3. Welcome ❗

  561. Cool Smarticle

    I won’t ask anymore. Gee-wiz.

  562. Slippery Icicle


  563. Cool Smarticle

    Wimpy Kid ❓ Those are my favorite books ❗

  564. Cool Smarticle

    Yay ❗ I was really bored. I started googling things. Sticky Clown is back ❗ So what do you want to do now ❓

  565. Slippery Icicle

    Hey SC, long time no see!

  566. Cool Smarticle

    SI so whacha do’in now ❓

  567. Hey, I need to go to bed soon.

  568. Slippery Icicle

    Drinking pop and surfing through my tabs. You?

  569. Cool Smarticle

    Me too. It’s 11:23 where I live. I’ll go to bed around 12:00ish.

  570. Cool Smarticle

    Surfing the internet. I’m looking for some sheet music for the Clarinet from video games. Too bad I don’t play the piano. I found tons of that.

  571. Cool Smarticle

    Drinking 20 bottles of water so I can go every 5 minutes.

  572. Slippery Icicle

    May I ask why you’re doing that?

  573. Cool Smarticle

    Well, I’m not really drinking 20 bottles, but I’m thirsty. I’m on my 2nd or 3rd bottle. Took me a few hours.

  574. Cool Smarticle

    Plus I was trying to be funny.

  575. Slippery Icicle

    I doubted that you were being serious. Though my friends have done worse.

  576. Cool Smarticle

    Worse ❓ What were they doing ❓

  577. Slippery Icicle

    I know one of my friends does a number of weird things such as going to the bathroom while talking to someone on the phone, breathing on peoples faces, shipping random people, she finds enjoyment in slapping people’s butts. There’s more, but I don’t think I should go into too much detail.

  578. SI:Hey SI,long time gone,no see all these new comments. 😛

  579. Cool Smarticle

    Okay, that’s just….. weird. the talking on the phone one sounds like my brother. But the other stuff is…… weird.

  580. Cool Smarticle

    Please don’t.

  581. Cool Smarticle

    And I thought I had the messed up friends.

  582. Slippery Icicle

    SC: There’s so many new comments. You’d be here forever reading them xD

    CS: She’s a strange kid. And the kid that everyone hates, even her friends.

  583. Cool Smarticle

    Anything else……. “interesting” ❓

  584. Cool Smarticle

    Wow. “Nice” friend you’ve got their. XD

  585. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. Now I’m laughing. I feel do stupid. XD

  586. SI:I don’t have to be told xD

    CS:Why did you ask?! *covers eyes*

  587. Cool Smarticle


  588. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t know ❗ I was just curious. I didn’t expect THAT to be what she did.

  589. Cool Smarticle

    So, do you talk to her much ❓

  590. Cool Smarticle

    I’m going to regret asking that.

  591. Slippery Icicle

    CS: She’s the weirdest out of my friends. The rest are pretty “normal”

    SC: Probably be way easier to just keep up with the ones posted in your presence.

  592. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, she asked. Thought I give an honest answer, kinda wished that I left out the last thing.

    CS- No, I don’t anymore. My group decided to ignore her because she crossed this one line too many times.

  593. Cool Smarticle

    And how old is she ❓ 14 ❓ I have weird friends, but, compared to what you just said, mine are pretty normal.

  594. Cool Smarticle

    I do have 2 weird friends…… Somewhat similar to yours.

  595. SI:I’m not surprised that that happened.

  596. Cool Smarticle


  597. Slippery Icicle

    CS- She’s 15. She’s pretty crazy. Though don’t think all of my friends are like that, I’d consider us to be pretty nice and way different from her.

  598. SI:Also,I know people who are so much much more weirder than that. Trust me.

  599. Slippery Icicle

    SC- Neither am I. She’s the kind of girl that claims to be mean to get attention from her friends.

  600. @ SC – What do they do ❓ XD

  601. @ SI – 1. I know.
    2. Oh.

  602. I know 2 girls and they are like…….
    Okay, in the locker room and bathroom they…..

  603. CS:I’ll tell you They walk on tables when no one is looking,besides,other people who’re like them. And sometimes they climb on window bars. I’ll stop here.

  604. I have a few friends who do weird things like that too.

  605. They……..

  606. The 2 girls……..

  607. 622 comments including this one ❓ ❗ That’s like 400 comments today ❗ Whoa ❗

  608. Anyway, I know 2 girls and they are like…….
    Okay, in the locker room and bathroom they…..

  609. Slippery Icicle

    SC: I believe you. I’ll admit she’s pretty dang weird, but if I really searched for someone worse than her I’d probably find a lot.

  610. That’s disgusting.

  611. Slippery Icicle


  612. What ❓ ❓

  613. Slippery Icicle

    What’s disgusting? And you never finished your story.

  614. Your friend.
    I was waiting for you guys to ask me to continue. Anyway they make out in the locker room and bathroom, I don’t know if this is worse, but sometimes, it can get worse.

  615. Slippery Icicle

    A bit weird that they’d do that at school. Though at least they did that in the bathroom.

  616. True. Have ever heard of the song Awake And Alive ❓ I don’t know if you’d like it. But I do.

  617. Slippery Icicle

    First I have. Not one of the song artists that I listen to, but I like it.

  618. Yay ❗ I like watching Sonic music videos and I came across this one. How about Me against the World ❓

  619. Endless Possibilities ❓

  620. (Hi.)

  621. super power! 😀

  622. I would live in shrink ray island. I love science, and that island!

  623. Hey. Ugh I have sschool tomorrow. 🙁

  624. Cool Smarticle

    Me too. 😥

  625. Cool Smarticle

    But it’s the last day, so it’s only an hour ❗ 😛

  626. Oh yeah and in Wild West island i coule have a box for my horse and take care of him!

  627. Pink Angel, what’s your username ❓

  628. Who wants to make outfits with me ❓

  629. @CS: The last day of school is only 1 hour?!?!? LUCKY!!!!! Then again, I have to go to the orthodontist before the last day of school ends, so I get to leave before everyone else. WINNING!!!!

  630. 😀 I know right ❓ ❗ The 1st day used to be an hour too, but this year was 5 hours and now it’s a full day ❗

  631. UGH ❗ Someone pick a color ❗

  632. Going to Applebee’s now, I’ll be back in an hour or so.

  633. Okay. Applebee’s ❓ Lucky ❗

  634. spy island!!!!!!!!!! cuz you get to be a spy, and everything thats on spy island is soooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its funny when people get there hair lazerd off!!!!!!!!

  635. Sorry Brave Sky. I tried green and it looked really bad. Sorry Fearless Owl. I tried yellow earlier too, but it didn’t work out either. Here’s what I came up with. ➡


  636. Cool Smarticle

    What do you think ❓

  637. Cool Smarticle

    Fine be like that. Don’t respond. See if I care. 😡

    Sorry Cool Kid. I’ll put it in quotes and change it a bit. Sorry if I upset you, but I’m ticked off, so. –

    NOT Fascinating 😡

  638. Cool Smarticle

    * “NOT Fascinating 😡 “

  639. Cool Smarticle

    Sleepy Ghost ❓ Are you on now ❓

  640. Cool Smarticle

    Is ANYONE on NOW ❓

  641. Cool Smarticle

    Finally ❗

  642. Cool Smarticle

    SI ❗ You’re on Poptropica ❗ Yay ❗

  643. Slippery Icicle

    Hey, what’s up?

  644. Cool Smarticle

    I’ve been bored for hours ❗ Thank God you came back ❗ Whacha doin?

  645. Slippery Icicle

    Hours? How so? Relaxing now that school is over for the day, you?

  646. Cool Smarticle

    Playing with my younger sister. Eating lunch. Reading past comments. Listening to music. Playing Poptropica. Drinking 20 bottles of water again. XD

  647. Slippery Icicle

    Lunch? Just out of curiosity what time is it where you live? It’s 3:48 pm here.

  648. Cool Smarticle

    4:50 PM.

  649. Cool Smarticle

    I ate lunch a few hours ago.

  650. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, you stating that you were eating lunch. Thought that meant currently.

  651. Slippery Icicle

    *you were

  652. Cool Smarticle

    That’s okay. Are you on a desk top or a lap top now ❓

  653. Slippery Icicle


  654. Cool Smarticle

    Me too ❗ Are you on Poptropica now ❓

  655. Slippery Icicle

    No, logged out a few minutes ago. You?

  656. Cool Smarticle

    Been on for a long time. I wish the closet would come back soon. I want to delete everything in my closet and make new outfits.

  657. Slippery Icicle

    Same. I’ve been trying to buy a membership but it keeps giving me an error message.

  658. Cool Smarticle

    I want to too, but I know for a fact I won’t be getting it anytime soon. That reminds me of a funny story.

  659. Slippery Icicle

    I know I can always go out and buy a membership card, but I find it would be easier to use a credit card. Story?

  660. Cool Smarticle

    I find it funny. I don’t know if you will, but I’ll tell it anyway.

  661. Slippery Icicle

    Might spike some interest even if it’s not.

  662. Cool Smarticle

    So, when my sister and I discovered the customize anything glitch, we went crazy. We saved old ad costumes, members only, some stuff from the store, you name it. Even the 5th birthday hat. One day my sister was goofing around on an island and it retook her photo. She was mad, but I was laughing. She lost the 5th birthday hat. time freeze watch, some rainbow gum, the boy member vampire thing, and a few other things. Now I tease her about it, Cuz I have most of that, and now she wants to wear it, but she can’t cuz she doesn’t have it ❗ XD

  663. Slippery Icicle

    That bites. I can certainly see how that humorous from an older sister’s perspective lol.

  664. Cool Smarticle

    I know right ❗
    Do you want to make outfits again ❓

  665. Slippery Icicle

    Sure, why not? What to do themes instead of colours this time?

  666. Cool Smarticle

    Sure ❗ I need outfit ideas ❗ I’m desperate ❗

  667. Cool Smarticle

    I just hope I have the right stuff ❗

  668. Slippery Icicle

    What should we do? Regal? Island Themed? Villain?

  669. Cool Smarticle

    You choose ❗ I chose most of the colors yesterday. Now it’s your turn ❗

  670. Slippery Icicle

    Hmm….Make an outfit for Astro-Knights Island

  671. Cool Smarticle

    Okey dokey ❗

  672. Cool Smarticle

    I have an idea for the next one ❗

  673. Slippery Icicle

    And done.

  674. Slippery Icicle

    What is it?

  675. Cool Smarticle

    I like yours ❗ Mine is…….. strange.

  676. Cool Smarticle

    Mythology ❗ Dress up as one of the gods or goddesses ❗

  677. Slippery Icicle

    It’s good! Goddess it is!

  678. Cool Smarticle

    Okay ❗ 😀

  679. Cool Smarticle

    Can we dress up exactly the same ❓

  680. Cool Smarticle

    Na. That wouldn’t be fun.

  681. Slippery Icicle

    Wait are we dressings in god like fashion or an actual god?

  682. Cool Smarticle

    Done ❗ You ❓

  683. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, have to go for a bit. My dad needs help with groceries.

  684. Cool Smarticle

    Oh um….. wanna do both ❓ God like 1st, then actual god ❓

  685. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. We’ll finish when you come back.

  686. Cool Smarticle

    SI ❓ I thought you’d be back in a bit ❓ Not in a few hours.

  687. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, life, ya know?

  688. Slippery Icicle

    Can I use this account for a bit? For the outfits I mean


  689. Cool Smarticle

    Sure ❗

  690. Cool Smarticle

    Happy Starfish ❗ She’s pretty.

  691. Slippery Icicle

    Thanks, original account before I switched.

  692. Cool Smarticle

    Cool ❗ OMG ❗ I need serious outfit help. I want to make something yellow or purple, but every time I do, it’s ugly. Could you help me ❓

  693. Slippery Icicle

    Sure! What colour were you more leaning towards. And what store outfits do you have?

  694. Cool Smarticle

    Maybe yellow. That’s what I really want.

  695. Slippery Icicle

    I’ll see what I can do.

  696. Cool Smarticle

    1. Graduate
    2. Angel
    3. Southern Belle
    4. Wimpy Kid Multi Prize
    5. Skull Pirate
    6. Psychedelic Shirt
    7. Vampire Girl 3
    8. Karate Master
    9. Rock Star 2
    10. Elf Costume (Hey, it was free!)
    11. Geisha
    12. Pop Star
    13. Big Carrot
    14. Swan Ballerina

    I have others in my photos that I got from the customize anything glitch too.

  697. Cool Smarticle

    In my photos –

    1. Frankie Steins clothes
    2. Golden Pop Star
    3. Some member stuff
    4. Parts from Rock Star 1
    5. Prom Queen’s bangs
    6. Vamp. Girl’s 1 and 2 hair
    You might wanna check the 1st 3 pages of my photos.

  698. Slippery Icicle

    I’ll see what I can do, this might be a toughie.

  699. Cool Smarticle

    Exactly. I would buy the Royal Ball, but I only have 50 credits, and I beat every Island as well as mini quests.

  700. Slippery Icicle

    Wait, are you wanting yellow/gold or just yellow?

  701. Cool Smarticle

    Either or is fine.

  702. Cool Smarticle

    I’ll try experimenting. You keep doing what you’re doing. Let me know when it’s finished ❗

  703. Cool Smarticle

    Check out what i came up with!

  704. Cool Smarticle


  705. Cool Smarticle

    What happened ❓

  706. You just comment to much (no offense).
    And if you comment so much, you make people check more often so they could answer you.
    And all that makes a gazillion more comments.

  707. Cool Smarticle

    That’s because Slippery Icicle and I were doing something important. 😡

  708. Grey Feather, what’s wrong with “a gazillion more comments”?
    However, Cool Smarticle, patience *is* a virtue.

  709. @FO: Well for one thing, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in the comments.

  710. Cool Smarticle

    😥 I thought you liked me. Guess not….. I’ll go on a different blog.

  711. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, I had to help my brother with something. The only thing that comes to mind is the golden pop star jacket, belt and hat with the yellow ballerina swan tutu.

  712. Cool Smarticle

    Was that what I was wearing before ❓ I liked it ❗ Thanks for the help ❗

  713. Cool Smarticle

    Wanna see my default outfit ❓

  714. Slippery Icicle

    It’s what you’re wearing right now. Yeah, anytime.

  715. Cool Smarticle

    Wanna see my default outfit?

  716. Slippery Icicle

    I think you already showed me it once before. The one with the Polly Pocket dress, right?

  717. Cool Smarticle

    You saw it ❓ Yeah ❗ That’s the one ❗

  718. Cool Smarticle

    So, whacya do’in ❓

  719. I do like you Smarticle ❗

  720. And also, should I throw Hercules’ skirt in my outfit tomorrow ❓
    I don’t have time today.

  721. Slippery Icicle

    Decorating this bulletin board my mom got me, you?

  722. Cool Smarticle

    @ Grey Feather – Thanks Grey Feather ❗ Okay ❗ What ever you like ❗
    @ Slippery Icicle – Playing Poptropica, listening to music, helping my sister beat Super Mario Sunshine, and drinking 20 bottles of water AGAIN ❗ XD It’s getting old.

  723. Cool Smarticle

    Mighty Drummer’s on Poptropica ❗ Yay ❗ I miss you ❗ I didn’t know you had your own blog ❗

  724. Cool Smarticle


  725. Cool Smarticle

    Happy Starfish is wearing an outfit I wore before.

  726. Slippery Icicle

    I like it, go for it GF!

    CS- I was experimented and decided to try out the hair and shirt combo you did. Thought it would only be fair since you do that a lot with my outfits. I’ll change it back.

  727. Cool Smarticle

    No it’s fine ❗ I’m actually happy you decided to wear it cuz now I know you like it ❗ Go ahead ❗ Wear it ❗

  728. Slippery Icicle

    Thank you. That shirt never crossed my mind tbh, creative I must say.

  729. Cool Smarticle

    I like the outfits you make too ❗ Too bad I don’t have the fairy costume. At least I have Frankie Steins and the Golden Pop Star ❗

  730. Cool Smarticle

    Sadly, I didn’t come up with it. I found this girl in the comments room and I friended her. It’s not actually the same, but close. I also take ideas from Red Cheetah and Friendly Cloud.

  731. Cool Smarticle

    * You too ❗ 😀

  732. Slippery Icicle

    Thank you 🙂 Maybe one of these days that glitch will come back and you’ll be able to take it. Kinda wish I had more monster high outfits.

    Meh, close enough. We usually all get inspiration from someone else and bounce our ideas off of others.

  733. Cool Smarticle

    Mmm hmm. I agree.

  734. Cool Smarticle

    SI ❓ You still on ❓

  735. Slippery Icicle

    Yeah, I’m here. Watching my shows in another tab.

  736. Cool Smarticle

    Look at my character ❗ I finally found something I like ❗ She looks like an alien ❗

  737. Cool Smarticle

    I stole the hair idea from you. Hope that’s okay.

  738. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have any other accounts that are yours that I can friend ❓

  739. Slippery Icicle

    Cute! I don’t really mind.

    That would be the only other one that I have.

  740. Cool Smarticle

    You only have 2 accounts ❓ I have like 30, but I only use 2, mine and my sister’s.

  741. Valid point, Brave Sky.

  742. Slippery Icicle

    I probably have at least 5 other ones tbh, but I don’t exactly remember the uns and pws to all of them. You seriously have 30? And I thought I had too many emails.

  743. Cool Smarticle

    Fearless Owl ❓ You don’t like me ❓ Brave Sky ❓ I thought we had something special.
    Guess not…. 😥

  744. Cool Smarticle

    Emails ❓

  745. Cool Smarticle

    Well around 30. I don’t have an email ❗ I’m using a friends’ remember ❓

  746. Slippery Icicle

    I have almost 10 emails. Just out of curiosity, why don’t you get your own email?

  747. Cool Smarticle

    My mom wants my older brother to make us one, but my dad doesn’t want one. Sorry I have to go to bed now ❗ I’ll read the comments later ❗ Good night ❗

  748. Slippery Icicle

    Emails are pretty simple and easy to make. Gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail are pretty good.


  749. CS, I like you! You’re awesome. It’s just that asking if someone is there is kind of pointless. If they’re there, they’ll respond to that in addition to your original comment, but if they’re not, they won’t be able to respond, as they can’t see it. That’s all I meant.

  750. It might be just me,but have you noticed that every time on a post,someone suddenly says something random,and the whole topic is changed?

  751. Sticky Clown, no; it’s not just you, but do you honestly expect there to be seven hundred and six (the number of comments at the time of this post, not counting this one) comments on that same topic? At some point in any given conversation, the participants are bound to digress. Though with us (no-one in particular, just the commenters as a whole), it seems that that point is usually very early on, soon after we have input our thoughts on the post and perhaps respond to a few other commenters about their on-topic comments.

  752. @ World- Haven’t commented in a while. I wasn’t bothered reading the previous comments. BTW, did I tell you that I’m traveling to another country ❓

    Fascinating 😛

  753. Vampire Cheetah

    Well, for your information, it’s COINCIDENCE and not IRONY that you had a strep throat. (I have a mildly violent cough – ‘have’ because it’s ongoing. 🙁 )

    Uh, if I had to pick an island to live on, it’d have to be Singapore (real life; that’s where I live anyway XD).

    But if you’re talking about a Poptropican Island, I think it’d have to be the upcoming Virus Hunter. You see, I’m very into medicine and medical science, and I like to learn about viruses. I am very into lists and diversity, so learning about the enemies within is really productive and entertaining for me.

    If you’re talking about an existing Island, I am tied between Night Watch, Back Lot and Game Show. (Honourable Mention: Wimpy Boardwalk) Well, they are all very colourful and rich in mini-games. Night Watch is more-to-home because Singapore has several great malls. Back Lot because I get to not only see what goes on in production, I have the chance to be a film-star! Game Show because I am quite competitive, and I love games, especially if I have a huge technological challenger. Game Show also packs lots of mini-games which are really fun to play.

    If I could only choose one, UHM… *constipated squint and grunt* *sigh* Back Watch Show Hunter Boardwalk (a complete fusion). XD

  754. Vampire Cheetah

    My thought on this quote in the post:

    QUOTE: “You know that scene in the Avengers movie where the Hulk grabs Loki and slams him back and forth on the ground like a ragdoll? It feels like that.”

    I totally relate to this quote. I had something similar to strep throat as well – TWICE in a year! It was the painful and definitely-NOT-enjoyable… *wait for it!* Tonsillitis.

  755. @ SC- We’re still deciding. We’re traveling to 3 countries. So exciting ❗

    Fascinating 😀

  756. VC:NW,BL,and WB are also a few favourites of mine. 😀

  757. ‘I’m finally feeling better, but while I was sick I really wished someone could have shrunk a team of super-scientists and injected them into my body to kill all of the streptococci invading my system.’


    Some people,who get free time to play (although little),and can’t go to school because of their illness/injury would NEVER want .

    But trust me,I had viral fever once,and it was horrible! I got woken up at midnight just to take my pill!

  758. Cool Smarticle

    @ FO – Oh okay. Just making sure Thanks ❗

  759. Cool Smarticle

    @ Sticky Clown – Have you ever had hives ❓

  760. Cool Smarticle

    I’m home ❗ I’m an 8th grader now ❗ School is out and I’m on summer vacation ❗

  761. Slippery Icicle

    Congratz I still have exams to write

  762. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks! I FINALLY made it! I was Student of the Quarter! Twice! Once during 1st for Social Studies and the other for 4th Enrichment! I didn’t believe it when I heard it! My advisory won Olympic Day too! That’s the 2nd time in a row! I wasn’t absent once this year either! I’m so proud!

  763. Cool Smarticle

    This was a long and memorable school year. I don’t even know how we won Olympic Day. We won like every event, but we don’t have any athletic people in our advisory. My friend “H” was mad at me too. Becuz, she didn’t make it on the Principal’s List, she got on Honor Roll. And She just left with her report card and an NJHS thing. She didn’t say bye or nothing. Walked right past me looking at the ground. And her mother didn’t even wait for me! Glad I don’t have her in my class next year.

  764. Slippery Icicle

    Sounds like a swell year. Hopefully grade 8 is just as fun. Though I don’t her being anti-social and just leaving is bad. Bad day maybe? And her mother doesn’t have to drive you.

    I hope this year ends the same way it did last year. In Starbucks enjoying an iced coffee with friends and a excellent report card in my hand.

  765. Cool Smarticle

    Well, she doesn’t have to drive me, but my parents told her mom if they’re not there yet to watch me. But did she? No. I was waiting for my parent to pick me up.

    Same goes for next year. I’m going to miss my advisor…..
    Did you ever get anything worse than a B- on your report card? DOn’t be ashamed….. I did.

  766. Slippery Icicle

    Maybe your friend was upset and encouraged her mom to just go home.

    We don’t receive letter grades here. It’s all percentages.

  767. Cool Smarticle

    Oh. I got a C+ once in 3rd grade. It was in penmanship. I have to admit my handwriting was pretty messy.

  768. Slippery Icicle

    I hold my pencil wrong, but no one can say that my handwriting isn’t nice.

  769. What is the “correct” way to hold a pencil? I remember having the grip that showed me where I was supposed to place them, but I don’t think it really helped. I’m left-handed anyway.

  770. Slippery Icicle

    I can’t really describe it. But my teachers always taught you to hold it a certain way. So you don’t strain it.

  771. astro knights is where i would live

  772. Cool Smarticle

    2 things.

    1. Are you guy right handed or left handed ❓

    2. There are new daily pop questions ❗

  773. I’m right-handed. The worst grade I’ve ever gotten this year was a B for ILA on my Trimester 1 report card. I still have 7 days(not counting today) until my last day of school. Then 7th grade, here I come!

  774. How are there sooo many comments here? This is crazy awesome…like good old times.

    Oh god I wish you guys could all come to the forum…it would be so lively with y’all.

  775. There are new quizzes, yay!!! I got the question “What’s the longest you’ve played a video game without stopping?”

  776. Cool Smarticle

    I got that one too! 6+ hours! XD

  777. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks RedWing! Forum? What forum?

  778. Cool Smarticle

    No seriously I really played for 6+ hours. I can’t believe I didn’t get a seizure. I was playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. I got it for Christmas and I loved it!

  779. I wish I had a forum. Unfortunately, the admin doesn’t come here often. Even registering doesn’t make it better either. @All forum users: When you signed up, was there a random question you had to answer like, “Who is the villian of 24 Carrot Island?” When I answered the random question and filled in all the fields and pressed some button to show that you are done signing up, I get some notification saying that the answer to the question was incorrect! UGH! 😡

  780. I picked 2-4 hours. I prefer the internet. I don’t play video games very often, the only ones that I play are WiiFit, WiiMotion, and Just Dance 3.

  781. I would want to live on the island Back Lot Island because I want to be able to wake up and always say, “Hey, How ’bout a movie?” and there will always be one for me to watch. Also, I want to go down the road each morning and get some QueeQueg’s! Also, I might be in way more movies and become an awesome super star known all over Poptropica!!

  782. Slippery Icicle

    I have a forum account, but I’m not very active. I ought to switch to it though.

  783. Cool Smarticle

    How do you make an account? And who’s admin?

  784. Cool Smarticle

    Also. what’s Zippy Turtle’s username?

  785. Cool Smarticle


  786. Slippery Icicle

    Just click Forums on the menu and you’ll easily find the rest.

  787. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. Are you a righty or A lefty? I’m a righty.

    “~the Bite is Rite” (Serious bite)

  788. Cool Smarticle


  789. Slippery Icicle

    Right handed.

  790. CS, you click the “forum” tab directly to the right of “Poptropica” underneath the logo. Admin’s username is just that, if I’m not mistaken. And I don’t think any of us know ZT’s username.

  791. Cool Smarticle

    @ SI & FO – Okay. I made the account successfully. BUT. But, now I have to get into my friend’s email to activate it or whatever. I don’t know how to do that. My friend is going to kill me.

  792. Cool Smarticle

    That’s too bad! I want to friend ZT! I friended Fierce Moon at least.

  793. Cool Smarticle

    Wait. Admin’s username is what?

  794. Slippery Icicle

    Why would she do that? If you have her permission to use her email than she should expect that sort of stuff.

  795. Cool Smarticle

    Maybe. But, I won’t be seeing her for a few months. We’re on summer vacation. Oh well. She’ll understand.

  796. Cool Smarticle

    Admin’s username is what?

  797. Slippery Icicle

    You just always make a gmail or hotmail. Almost as easy as making a forum account.

  798. Cool Smarticle

    Do you know what admin’s username is?

  799. Slippery Icicle

    I have an idea, but I’m not a 100% sure. I’m not active on the forums.

  800. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. So. what do you think it is?

  801. Cool Smarticle

    *W or just ,

  802. Slippery Icicle

    Just their poptropican names like Zippy Turtle.

  803. Cool Smarticle

    So, ZT’s username is Zippy Turtle?

  804. Slippery Icicle

    On the forums maybe. Like I said I don’t know.

  805. Cool Smarticle

    okay. I have to check. And admin’s username is admin maybe?

  806. Cool Smarticle


  807. Slippery Icicle

    I meant like the admin’s un is their poptropican name. I was using ZT as an example.

  808. Slippery Icicle

    I don’t know. And there’s probably more than one admin.

  809. Cool Smarticle

    Oh okay. You and FO were confusing me.

    So, what’s up?

  810. Actually, there are only two administrators listed as such: “admin” and “Fierce Moon,” last I checked.

  811. Cool Smarticle

    I remember on a very old post Sticky Clown said that back then when Poptropica Secrets 1st began, Fierce Moon was known as admin. Not sure if it’s true though, but I think it makes a little sense.

  812. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, I stated that I didn’t before hand. Not my fault.

  813. Cool Smarticle

    FO! Are you going to enter Silver Wolf’s contest?

  814. Slippery Icicle

    *didn’t know

  815. Cool Smarticle

    That’s okay.
    SI Whatchya do’in?

  816. Slippery Icicle

    Working on a craft, you?

  817. Cool Smarticle

    What kinda craft?
    The usual. Playing Poptropica, listening to music, drinking water, and worrying about something.

  818. Cool Smarticle

    FO, what are you doing?

  819. Slippery Icicle

    Pretty much colouring a textured bottle with sharpie and gluing chains on it later.

  820. Cool Smarticle

    Sounds interesting.

    I entered Wolf’s contest and no one else but me entered. I asked her what would happen if I was still the only one who entered on Thursday, and she said that I would win and I would become an author. I’m a little nervous but really excited!

  821. Slippery Icicle

    Cool, being an author would be fun.

  822. Cool Smarticle

    And when I was reading an old post Spotted Dragon said that she sent a letter to the Poptropica creator’s for a school project. I was during the time when her parents would let her buy membership. They replied something like, we’re sorry, but we have membership so we can make money. And they gave her 2 membership cards and 2 Shark Boy temporary tattoos! The creator’s are nice.

  823. Slippery Icicle

    I might enter now. Though I’m a little confused on what I’m supposed to be making an outfit of. I pretty much take two author’s outfits and combine them?

  824. Cool Smarticle

    That’s what I did. I combined the names too. I did one of Silver Wolf and Spotted Dragon. I entered 3 times too!

  825. Slippery Icicle

    May I see what you entered? Just to get a visual idea of what I’m supposed to do.

  826. Cool Smarticle

    Anyway, about Spotted Dragon I’ll post exactly what she said.

    SD -“Oh I had to do this send a letter assignment once for school, so I sent a letter to Poptropica. Here’s the address my teacher got for me:

    Family Education Network
    501 Boylston Street, Suite 900
    Boston, MA 02116

    It was a long time ago, but I got a reply, so it could still work. 😉 BTW: It’s in the USA.

    TS – “Cool. What did they say?”

    SD – “Nothing special really. Since it was back when my mom wouldn’t let me get membership they said:
    ‘Sorry you couldn’t get membership, we have membership so we can make money, and thanks for playing Poptropica.’
    I’m shorting it of course, but that’s pretty much it. 😉
    They also sent me 2 Poptropica Membership Cards and 2 Poptropica Shark Boy Temporary Tattoos! :mrgreen:

    TS- “What? They gave you membership for free? The Shark Boy Tattoos were nice of them. 🙂 ”

    SD – “Yeah, I used the first one right away! 🙂 I waited for the perfect time to use my second one, but it didn’t work. 🙁 ”

    TS – “Wow! I can’t believe they gave you membership for free? Was that when it first came out in 2010?”

    SD – “Nah, more like in 2011 or 2012. I was sad that the second one didn’t work though.”

    Hmm. Maybe I should contact them.

  827. Cool Smarticle

    Sure! But I only have 1 picture. 🙁 Sorry. Mine aren’t very good though.

  828. Cool Smarticle

    Her’s the 1st one I entered. Good luck!


    It’s a hybrid of Silver Wolf and Spotted Dragon!

  829. Slippery Icicle

    It’s fine. As long as I can get some sort of idea.

    Interesting that that happened. Didn’t think that they’d do that.

  830. Cool Smarticle

    When you’re done let me know so I could give you the link and you could comment it.

    Me either. I didn’t think they were THAT nice.

  831. Slippery Icicle

    Does it have to be an author on their blog?

  832. Cool Smarticle

    I think so. You could ask, or I could ask for you. Which ever you prefer. But The deadline is Thursday. THIS Thursday. Good luck! You can enter as many times as you want.

  833. Slippery Icicle

    I’ll ask, thank you.

  834. Cool Smarticle

    No problamo! 😉

  835. Slippery Icicle

    Label glue, oh how I hate thee.

  836. I work at Herc’s Hero Hut, trying to sign up for a job at Björn’s.

    P.S.: Anyone seen a Poptropican celebrity running down the street acting strange lately?

  837. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – 🙂 That’s funny. How? I dunno.

    @ Icy Snowball – ❓ Um….. no ❓
    Hi Icy Snowball ❗ Are you right or left handed ❓

  838. Cool Smarticle

    @ Icy Snowball – LOL ❗ OH! You got me ❗ That was kinda funny though.

  839. Hi anyone on?

  840. Cool Smarticle


  841. Cool Smarticle

    I’m on Sleepy Ghost ❗

  842. hi 😀

  843. Cool Smarticle

    HI ❗ :mrgreen: What are you doing?

  844. just relaxing

  845. Cool Smarticle

    Are you on Poptropica now ❓

  846. yes

  847. I am.

  848. @Cool Smarticle hey how are your friends????

  849. Too.

  850. Why are there comments every second ❓ ❓ ❓ ❗

  851. I don’t know ❗

  852. Cool Smarticle

    Well, Julia is doing better. But Hannah, I don’t know what’s her problem! The one that has the friend “M”.

  853. oh. Did she do anything else?

  854. Cool Smarticle

    Okay so I was Student of the Quarter! Twice! Once during 1st for Social Studies and the other for 4th Enrichment! I didn’t believe it when I heard it! My advisory won Olympic Day too! That’s the 2nd time in a row! I wasn’t absent once this year either! I’m so proud!
    Anyway, this was a long and memorable school year. I don’t even know how we won Olympic Day. We won like every event, but we don’t have any athletic people in our advisory. My friend “H” was mad at me too. Becuz, she didn’t make it on the Principal’s List, she got on Honor Roll. And She just left with her report card and an NJHS thing. She didn’t say bye or nothing. Walked right past me looking at the ground. And her mother didn’t even wait for me! Glad I don’t have her in my class next year.
    She doesn’t have to drive me, but my parents told her mom if they’re not there yet to watch me. But did she? No. I was waiting for my parent to pick me up.
    AND it was raining! What the heck?

  855. Cool Smarticle

    ^ That’s all about Hannah.

  856. Cool Smarticle

    You tell me what’s wrong with that.

  857. wow. Major jealousy. Umm, maybe… She told her mom something that wasn’t true? But congratulations to you!!

  858. I honestly don’t know what happened to make her mom leave. but lying is my best guess. Your friend, Hannah, is jealous of you.

  859. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks! SI told me something similar. I can’t believe she calls me her “best friend” and she just left like that! Oh well. 🙄 At least I don’t have to put up with her over my summer vacation.

  860. Cool Smarticle

    Of course she is! We are both really smart but I got higher scores on MAP testing than her! I keep going up and she keeps sliding down.

  861. Cool Smarticle

    I’m smarter too.

  862. Slippery Icicle

    Just out of curiosity why did your parents ask her mom to watch you?

  863. Cool Smarticle

    I got all A’s except in Enrichment I got a B, but it doesn’t count. So I got on the Principal’s list. She had a B- in Social Studies and a B in Science. A’s in every other class.

  864. “best friend” hmmm…. I just thought of something. Maybe she doesn’t have very good friends and you are the closest thing to a best friend she has. Now that “M” is friends with her maybe she wants to do as much as she can to keep that friendship, even if it means making fun of you. Jealously is common, everyone gets it, but that is just ridiculous the way she acted.

  865. but i dont know because i dont know you in real life

  866. Cool Smarticle

    Cuz I don’t live in the best area and they don’t want me to get kid napped or anything. They’re my parents they worry about me.

  867. I got As in everything but science right now in which I have a B+. 🙂

  868. Slippery Icicle

    Just wandering, seemed a bit unusual for me. But than again bad things rarely ever happen where I live. Very clean and whatnot. There’s few worry.

  869. ONE QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: When is your last day of school??? ❓
    just wondering.

  870. Bad things rarely happen where I live, too.

  871. Cool Smarticle

    Mine was today. I’m on summer vaycay! 😀

  872. Slippery Icicle

    Rarely anything bad at my school as well, though it’s not a public one.

  873. Slippery Icicle

    Mine’s not till the end of June. Got my exams are done. Than I get to celebrate.

  874. Cool Smarticle

    I go to a public school and like 8 8th graders failed so they’ll be in my grade next year. And I can’t tell you how many kids in my grade got expelled and suspended.

  875. Slippery Icicle

    Rarely anybody gets expelled or suspended at my school and haven’t heard of anyone who failed. I’d be kinda scared if I had to go to a public school.

  876. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have to wear a uniform?

  877. Slippery Icicle

    Nope. I’d never wear a uniform.

  878. Cool Smarticle

    Me either. I didn’t buy all of my clothes for nothing.

    Did you enter her contest yet?

  879. Slippery Icicle

    My parents would freak out if I had to wear a uniform, all that money lost on all the clothes they bought me.

    I go to a brand new school. New everything. It’s pretty awesome.

    Not yet. Soon though.

  880. Cool Smarticle

    A new school?! Lucky!

    Better hurry!

  881. Slippery Icicle

    Yup. It’s quite nice. It’s also across the street from a rec center which has a coffee shop is in 🙂

    I’ve got another day to do it, I’m fine.

  882. Cool Smarticle


    Okay. Don’t forget.

    Um…. I know this may sound weird…… but……. is your name by any chance Shae?

  883. Slippery Icicle

    Don’t worry I won’t

    It’s part of my name, how’d you know?

  884. Slippery Icicle

    You found my fanfic, didn’t you?

  885. Cool Smarticle

    I hope you don’t mind, but I saw your gravatar and it says Shae. I was just curious. That’s also how I knew when your B-day was. Sorry.

    Also, is that a picture of you?

  886. Cool Smarticle

    Fanfic? What’s that?

  887. Slippery Icicle

    No, I don’t mind, just curious of how you figured it out lol

    Yup, that’s me.

  888. Slippery Icicle

    Fanfiction. Wouldn’t be hard for one to find it if one tried.

  889. The last day of school for me is June 26th.

  890. Cool Smarticle

    You’re really pretty! We both have brown hair and brown eyes too! Is that your room?

  891. Slippery Icicle

    Why thank you 🙂 I love having my eyes go with my hair. That’s actually my friends room, she was the one that did my makeup.

  892. Cool Smarticle

    She has an aqua room! Mine is white. 🙁 At least it goes with everything.

  893. If I costumize Hercules’ skirt, I won’t be able to have Robin Hood’s dagger.
    Which should I have on: Hercules’ skirt or Robin Hood’s dagger ❓

  894. Cool Smarticle

    I think Hercules’ skirt, but it’s up to you.

  895. Nintendo Friend

    i agree with CS…………………………… doootie doot doot dooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  896. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone on right now?

  897. i would like to live on mythology cuz i love greek mythology

  898. Cool Smarticle


  899. CS, I’m here! You asked me earlier what I was doing and if I was entering that contest, so here are my answers…
    1. Let’s see, you asked that at 5:15, so I was probably playing Portal.
    2. I’m unfamiliar with that blog. Before I entered a contest for authorship there, I’d have to check it out. It’s that contest, right?

  900. Cool Smarticle

    @ FO – Yeah.

  901. All right… Like I said, I’d have to check it out. What’s the site?

  902. Cool Smarticle

    Here’s the link :

    You have to comment it and wait to change it!

  903. Cool Smarticle


  904. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky!

  905. Purple Scorpion

    I’d pick Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because I LOVE chocolate!!!!!

  906. Cool Smarticle

    Hi, is anyone on now?

  907. Have to go to bed now. Now that CS doesn’t have school anymore, I probably have to read at least 100 new comments every day.

  908. Cool Smarticle

    🙁 Is that a bad thing? 😥

  909. Okay, thank you. I probably won’t enter (costumes are not my forte), but thanks anyway.

  910. Cool Smarticle


  911. Cool Smarticle

    😯 What do you mean you won’t enter ❓ I guess that means I’ll become an author ❗

  912. Cool Smarticle

    Does Mighty Drummer have her own blog ❓

  913. Slippery Icicle

    You don’t sound too pleased or excited about that fact.

  914. I’d really like to enter, but I really stink at costumes, and I’ve only two days.

  915. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – I’m not. I would like to be an author, but not becuz no one entered. *sigh*

    @ Fearless Owl – It took me 5 minutes. 😀 Hey, no sweat! I suck too! I’d lose to anyone in the contest. That’s why I entered 3 times. To increase my chances.

  916. Slippery Icicle

    I’d make the outfit right now, but I don’t know what two authors to pick.

  917. Cool Smarticle

    You need help ❓ DO you even know who the authors are ❓

  918. Cool Smarticle


  919. Slippery Icicle

    Wait she said it be based on part of their name right? Like for Spotted Dragon you could wear part of the dragon costume for example.

  920. Slippery Icicle

    Yeah, I see the authors at the bar on the right side of her blog. I might need at little help, if you wouldn’t mind?

  921. Cool Smarticle

    Of course not ❗ What are friends for ❓ ❗ I’ll be glad to help ❗

  922. Cool Smarticle

    Yes. That’s what I did. 🙂

  923. Slippery Icicle

    Thanks so much! I was thinking of taking the singer part of Shy Singer’s name and mixing it with Spotted Dragon’s outfit. I just can’t figure out where she got that blue jacket, I recognize it, but I don’t remember where it’s from.

  924. Slippery Icicle

    (Reply to your second comment)

    Phew, I think I can do this then (:

  925. Cool Smarticle

    1. No problem! Anytime! I can put it on and you could customize it off of me if you want.

    2. I know you can! 😀 Sorry if that sounded cheesy.

  926. Slippery Icicle

    1. Thanks, I think that would be best. I honestly can’t find it.
    2. Thank you, I appreciate it ^_^

  927. Cool Smarticle

    1. 😀 Okay! It should be on now. Let me know when you customized it.
    2. Your welcome! 😉

  928. Slippery Icicle

    1. Got it! Thank again!

  929. Cool Smarticle

    1. 😉 No problamo ❗

  930. @CS, you know what? I MIGHT enter. It’s simpler than it seems, I guess, though I’ll have to use my secondary account because I rarely change my outfit on this one.

  931. Cool Smarticle

    Okay! This is going to be interesting! I can’t wait! I just wish Grey Feather would have entered. She said she was but she never did.

  932. Slippery Icicle

    Maybe something came up? Maybe she second guessed being an author? Who knows?

    Do you think this is ok? Or should I try the jacket with the blue dress?

  933. Cool Smarticle

    I LOVE it! It’s really cute! What are you gonna call it?

  934. Slippery Icicle

    Thank you! I’m not sure, maybe Spotted Singer since it’s a hybrid of Spotted Dragon and Shy Singer. I think I’ll enter this now.

  935. I think I’m going to do something based on two authors’ names.

  936. Cool Smarticle

    Okay! Best of luck! 😀

  937. Cool Smarticle

    Same FO!

  938. Also, what has already been done, so I know not to do that?

  939. Slippery Icicle

    Thanks, you too! And good luck to you as well FO!

  940. Good luck to both of y’all!

  941. Slippery Icicle

    I did Shy Singer and Spotted Dragon together. You can use either of those authors, just preferred not together. If you really want to you can though.

  942. Cool Smarticle

    @ FO – Um….. I’m the only one who entered so far, but 3 times. I know one is Silver Wolf and Spotted Dragon, but I don’t remember the other 2. I don’t think it really matters though.

    @ FO & SI – Thanks!

  943. Cool Smarticle

    * besides SI. 😳

  944. Slippery Icicle

    Think I should do another one?

  945. Cool Smarticle

    Why not ❓ You have nothing to lose ❗ Besides, I entered 3 times.

  946. Cool Smarticle

    But, you have to wait until she grabs the picture!

  947. Slippery Icicle

    I know, I can work on Happy Starfish until than. I was thinking of doing Magic Star’s look, but with whose name?

  948. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm…….. I did one with magic star too. I think mine was Magic Star and Spotted Dragon……… what would be easier?

  949. Cool Smarticle

    *Magic Star

  950. Cool Smarticle

    What if you did Sticky Clown? I think that would be funny.

  951. Slippery Icicle

    I might do the star in Magic Star’s name now that I think about it. Though if I did SD with it than it would seem like a copy of my first outfit.

  952. Cool Smarticle

    I used Spotted Dragon twice. I’m sure you could use her again.

  953. Slippery Icicle

    Sticky Clown would make for an interesting costume, but I don’t have enough credits for the clown costume ):

    Think I could use the Perfect in Perfect Dolphin.

  954. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. Wait. Oh you’re using their names, NOT gravatars. I was confused for a minute. That makes more sense.

  955. Cool Smarticle

    Perfect Star. That’s a perfect name! 😀

  956. Slippery Icicle

    Nice one lol

    Now to just make a starry outfit

  957. Cool Smarticle

    Sorry. I have to go to bed. Bye! I’ll read and answer any comments you post in the morning!

  958. Cool Smarticle

    Good luck again!

  959. Cool Smarticle

    Check back often!

  960. Cool Smarticle

    😛 😉

  961. Slippery Icicle


    I think I have an idea of how I want it. Just have to wait until she let’s me change SI’s outfit.

  962. If this post reaches 1000 comments,I’ll faint.

  963. Slippery Icicle

    ZT you might want to make a new post.

  964. @ SC- So will I ❗

    Fascinating 🙂

  965. Name as many Poptropica Islands as you can that start with the letters A, E, I, O and U!