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Night Watch Island is Now Live for Members!


A quick note to let everyone know — if you didn’t already — that Night Watch Island is now LIVE for members! Another surprise island launch without a countdown, similar to what they did with Wimpy Boardwalk. Oh well. We’ll have our video walkthrough up as soon as we can, followed shortly by our incomparable written walkthrough. Stay tuned!

EDIT: Our video and written walkthroughs are now up!

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  1. Oh My gosh! like a punch to the face. I really need to get membership.

  2. So determined to start Night Watch man!!! can’t wait!

    Fascinating 🙂

  3. yep, about as exciting as you can look on a commenting page. 🙂

  4. The begining of it is really SUPER EASY! But, I admit it gets A-LOT harder once you got the job. CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL THE WALK-THROUGH

    @Anxious, really anxious! :/

  5. Umm.. s’up ya’ll. :/

  6. Just fine BS,and ZT I
    commented twice a
    while ago why didn’t they show?

  7. ^^
    yeah, me too. make sure your on the same computer screen that you usually comment in, but thats about the best advice i can give you. this happened to me too, i was a new(er) commenter, and i was on the laptop when i usually comment on the computer. i had been entering my idea for a movie island plot, but the only comments that showed were part two, of course part 1 and 3 didn’t show up at all. hmph. any way, dont try long comments-like this one.
    sorry for bad grammar, if anyone noticed. but i feel like a zombie…or the next best thing, a thirteen year old with six hours of sleep.

  8. THEY HAVE A BERRY DELIEOUS SMOOTHIE SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAMUEL BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I dont know what to do! must have walkthrough! 🙁

  10. ….

    So, what do ya’ll wanna talk about?

  11. @ Brave-Sky
    I am really lost on Night Watch Island! @regulars, do not let the beginning fool you! The more you get into it, the more you get LOST into it, and it’s gunna be a pain once you want to leave the island!!! Also, I have a crush who has a g-f already, but I found out that his g-f is cheating on him, and I can’t tell him because he just thinks I’m jealous! I’m bringing my phone next time, and record the next time I see her with some other guy!

  12. @WS they are short comments

  13. @GE
    hmm. thats weird. it might just be because your new, or dont comment a lot.????? other than that i dont know.
    yeah! you go girl!

  14. Good afternoon, people.

  15. You should get a guide up for the island like we have at our website.

  16. I tried to get on Night Watch Island but it takes forever to load!


  17. I know I siad this before (or not) BUT THIS OS SO HARD!!!

  18. @GF, keep on trying gurll!!:mrgreen:
    lol… almost got this island finished, just now I have to fight a guy named… yeah I don’t wanna spoil it!

    @almost theree…..

  19. You guys must be so busy completing Night Watch Island…

  20. Me? Well, I’ll tell you when I start.
    BTW-how do you get gravatar to be on poptropica secrets? I already created an account and got a picture but I don’t know how to make it be on poptropica secrets.

  21. Not yet.
    Hey, what about we all comment our ideas for the bonus quest!


    Here’s my idea for the bonus quest:

    After Director Casey hands you your medalion, Seymour the Stuntman comes back and scares the crowd away. Director Casey tells you to meet her at the Movie Studio.
    When you get there, Director Casey tells you to take Seymour the Stuntman to find a role to play in another movie. When you get to the place the talent scout is, you will have to talk to him/her and let him/her know that there will be another movie and to find more actors and that Seymour will also be starring in the movie. When you get to the script writer you will help Seymour choose the perfect role in the new movie. When you get to the costume designer you will be given a specific costume and you have to remember it and click on the right costume. When you get to the make-up you will be given a combination of make-up tools depending on the role you choosed for Seymour. You have to remember the combination and click on the correct make-up tools. If you click on the wrong make-up tool, you’ll be shown the combination again. When you get back to the movie-making room, tell Director Casey that Seymour is ready to start the movie. After the movie, Director Casey gives you your prize.


    I’ll have to do Night Watch Island another time, since, well, school. :/

  22. Soooooooooooo bored! I don’t play poptropica much but I’m willing to finish Night Watch Island! 😛

    Fascinating 🙂

  23. Here’s the riddle ppl! This one’s REALLY easy! 😛

    I am seen in the water
    If seen in the sky,
    I am in the rainbow,
    A jay’s feather,
    And lapis lazuli
    What am I?

    Fascinating 🙂

  24. The eight of us move foward not back,
    to protect the king from attack.

    It’s a riddle

  25. Ck a cloud?

  26. @ck a cloud.

  27. ^^
    what the- man i am on sleepy-tired-contacts-hurting-my-eyes mode. what i thought i said was the sky

  28. @Giant Eagle: Chess. I think.

  29. ^^ Guess for Giant Eagle’s riddle.

  30. Isn’t anyone gonna comment their ideas for the bonus quest?
    If you don’t know what I mean, it’s for Movie Island.
    The plan’s not over yet!

  31. Whoa!
    I’m on Night Watch Island!
    And, really, Bananabee’s?
    Can someone tell me how to put your gravatar on poptropica secrets?
    I made one and got a picture but I don’t know how to put it on poptropica secrets.

  32. I’m having trouble finding Mac-something.


  33. @ FA- Nice one! You got it right!
    @ GE- Is it a pawn? ( chess piece)

    Here’s my next riddle.

    What can you break but not touch?

    I’ll accept 4 answers for this one

    Fascinating 🙂

  34. wow, take a look at this. I found Short Leopards blog, and her and somebody are really at each others throats over this.(hint, look at the comments.)

    okay, I can’t post links (unless they’re for avatar studio.) alright, then.

    go to “Short leopards burrow” (just Google it.) post: I am so freaking mad. (hint again, look at the comments.) who do you guys think is in the right?

    Audit first, Edit later.

  35. I finnaly found MacGuffin’s!


    It’s a record! A record!

  36. Look on Night Watch Island: Costume Round-up to see what I mean.

  37. @ WS- Her blogs pretty cool. I love the pics!:D

    @ GF- Nice! There are three other answers too!

    Fascinating 🙂

  38. Ck promises

  39. @Ck, promises

  40. Night Watch for non- members today!

  41. I know how you can ride the pickle in the mall. Go under one of the sprinklers (with the turtle) and a coin will fall out.

  42. another geuss CK silence (true)