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New Rock Star Outfits in Poptropica Store

There are two new Rock Star outfits available in the Poptropica Store (one for girls and one for boys). They’re officially called the Rock Star 2 costumes because they’re an update to the original Rock Star outfit from last year. The new outfits look pretty cool and have a different electric guitar. When you hit the spacebar while holding the guitar, you’ll rock out! Just like with most outfits, they cost 75 credits to purchase. If you’re a Poptropica member, you can get the outfit for free. There are five different colors for the new Rock Star 2 outfit (the original only had three to choose from).

Here is what the new Rock Star 2 card looks like in the store.

Poptropica Rock Star 2 Outfit

The new Poptropica Rock Star 2 Costume.

You can still purchase the original Rock Star outfit from the store and it also costs 75 credits. Here’s a look at the original outfit and card:

Poptropica Rock Star Costume

Rockin out on Shark Tooth Island

Poptropica Rock Star Outfit

Original Rock Star Costume Card

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  1. Well, I kinda like the old one. The new outfit seems to be a bit…?
    This is just my opinion.

  2. purpleprincess11

    the new 1 is a bit goth,but i like the hair

  3. I dunno I’m not a member and I just earn my credits, I’m not sure I would use them on this costume, after all, I’ll only have 150 when I beat Reality TV Island , and I want to buy the biker costume. P.S. There are more screenshots of Mythology Island in the blog, this one has Hazmat Hermit looking at a Satyr.

  4. I love the new Rock Star outfit!!! If you buy the Rock Star 2 outfit and the Biker outfit they look really good together!!!

  5. PinkIsTheNewBlack

    Guess what?!? If you go on Time Tangled and click on the crab 10 times in a row, the, IT EXPLODES!!!!! Which is so funny!!!!!!

  6. hay Mythoman could you help me i need help defeating Reality TV Island, if I give you my user and password will you give me yours. heres mine username buggy12348 and my password is buggy please reply. bye bye ;'[]-=,./

  7. I would buy it but I would find other things to wear it with. But love the new hair!

  8. The new rockstar outfit is really awesome! Yeah, it is a little goth, but with the purple electric, purple rockstar’s hair (new 1), and certain purple* clothes, it makes my poptropican look really awesome!!!! *I guess you can tell I really like purple! 😉

  9. i want it

  10. new challenge called hang glider.

  11. purpleprincess11

    i now have enuff to buy it!!!!does any1 need help with rtv? i can help if u want

  12. i got it only cause the hair. love it lol

    silver x breeze (my mate )

  13. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i waste my credit to buy all of the rockstar outfit because at first i thought it was cool but now i feel like i want to get my credit back

  15. i like it but, it is kinda ?able my fav costume is the april fool cuz it looks like hes buzzed ha

  16. i am a member for like a month but ya no like almost everything online know u have 2 get a member ship for better like stuff peace!

  17. I like the the rock star clothes

  18. they are really cool

  19. my poptropican is shaky shell

  20. soooooooooooooooooooo wats sooooooooooo special about rockbands and

  21. i cant get past the shark

  22. kool and i have that

  23. i have both

  24. i have both, too. i like the first one better.

  25. Mythoman can you help me finish reality tv island

  26. no way reality tv is so easy

  27. gawd i want a chai latte!

  28. @white dragon:

  29. where do i get rock star suit

  30. nice costume in poptropica rock star ^_^

  31. What the heck happend to the old rock star outfit?

  32. Yeah when I look for it in the store it is not there

  33. Love It, but sadly I think I am prettier than any costume in the store 🙁