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New Island: Fantastic Innerspace Voyage!





The Sneak Peek section in Poptropica (click on Daily POP! when you’re logged in), has shown enough images from the new island in production to give a pretty good idea of what it’s going to be about.  There have been at least two movies about the idea of someone being shrunk down and then stuck inside another human being that I can remember.  The movie poster at the top was for a 1963 film about a team of scientists who get shrunken down so they can go inside a sick man’s body to cure him.  The one below it is for an ’80’s comedy about pretty much the same thing, except there’s lots of people being hit in the head and falling down.

Based on the sneak peeks, looks like Poptropicans are going to get to go on a similar adventure!

Here’s a guide, in case you’re unclear about where everything is.



Now, all of the teaser images that show what it’s going to look like inside someone’s body.  (Yuck.)  First off is a peek at the adventurers in their bio-suits, inside…some part of the human body.


The mouth.  Someone has been flossing regularly. Although, what’s the deal with that renegade tooth at the bottom?  Dentist!


Not sure.  Wherever you have crystals growing in your body.


The stomach with a small jungle of broccoli and mushrooms and…is that calamari?  Also, looks like someone’s got an ulcer. Why the stress, you’ve just got little people running around inside of you. What could go wrong?


I’m guessing this is a finger and the bone part is a fingernail.


Egads, the intestines?  With some serious blockage.


Uh…lymph nodes?


What could this be, I wonder?  Maybe if I just looked out this large clear window…


More muscle-y adventure.


Inside the ear canal is what I’m going with.  Those things look like ear drums to me. Remember to whisper.


I’m not sure I want to know.



Based on the following teaser images, this island will also have a town hall, a video store, a gym, a Falafel place, and, of course, a hi-tech lab complete with shrinking ray.

cityHall greenSquareVideoRentals townHall globochem poptropicansCitizens poptropicaGym falafelSign shrinkRay

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  1. First! :mrgreen:

    What an awkward post! 😛

    Fascinating 🙂

  2. Is Poptropica trying to give us some health lesson or something?

  3. uuuummm…
    not sure i want to know either…..

  4. Hey guys! It’s been a while, AGAIN anyway, so how’s it going?
    I think the new island looks pretty awesome!
    Anyone else?

  5. Seems kewel :3 (dang I haven’t posted here forever… Just go to the forum now -.-)

  6. Ugh. No one ever comments on here anymore…

  7. Well hey, I’m still here, right?
    How about a miniature costume contest! We could vote on a topic.
    I’ll go first:
    Anime characters from your favorite cartoon! I think that’s a good start, don’t ya think?

  8. I remember the time when ZT posted something and then there would be like 200 comments. Now there aren’t even 30 comments. 🙁

    Fascinating 🙂

  9. Sorry I haven’t commented for about less than a week.
    School. Homework. And now my new 3D TV’s screen was, well, failing!
    BS, can you do the eye rolling smiley for me?

  10. 🙄

    If you wanna know how to do it, it’s colon-roll-colon. Like this : roll : (No spaces)

  11. It will be really cool if all the Poptropica players joined up together and faced a villain with all the DNA from all the most dangerous villains! It could be like a LIVE kind of thing, the poptriopicans will be divided into different groups, and each group with 2 leaders.(main and vice leaders). And the fate of poptropica lays in our hands! Now that will be awesome!!!!
    I’m just coming up with new ideas because I’m really bored right now.
    There’s a really cool song I want to share with you guys too.

  12. It’s my sister’s B-day today, she’s turning 7! 🙂

  13. @CK
    you know why?
    cuz’ there has been a new post like, every day, so there’s not really enough time to fight, or really do anything.
    how about we…….
    aha! every day, post one random fact about you. then everyone can tell you how weird it is(or, how normal….right?)

    mine: I love LIMES. not only that, i eat them like people eat oranges. MMMMMM!

  14. virus hunter island? really?
    i see a worst island name award here somewhere……

  15. oh, yeah, and…..
    Happy Birthday, BS’s sister!

  16. Hey CK!
    If you didn’t know how, BS told me that to make the eye rolling smiley, you make it like this:
    : roll : 🙄
    Take out the spaces.
    Oh! And one more thing for all of you! (Awesome RW)

    Join the cause!
    Make the Anything You Want Costume Contest a reality!
    to support!

    *Type your commenting name any way you want (Example: G. Feather).

  17. Please? 😀

  18. From now on I’ll give you an interesting fact (whenever I’m bothered)

    Did you know? Fact #1
    # A pineapple isn’t one fruit- it is a group of berries fused together! 🙄

    Fascinating 🙂

  19. Isn’t anybody listening to me?
    I mean I posted two things about my new ideas, unless you have no new ideas.
    IDK why I’m even saying anything.
    :/ oh well…. wasn’t the first time!

  20. I thought you guys wanted the Anything You Want Costume Contest!
    If you do,

  21. Almost forgot!

    Zippy Turtle!
    Bring back our friend you have banned for no reason!
    They are: Short Leopard, Brianna Hatcher, Crazy Flame, ayman arif, and anyone else you have banned in the past!
    Bring them back!
    Who’s with me?

  22. And also Cheerful Singer!

  23. Yeah! I aggree!

    But GF, what if they’re just too busy to comment? How do you know they haven’t already been un-banned?

  24. I totally agree on the costume contest! @GF
    Let’s start another riot to grab attention of Zippy Turtle.

  25. HEY GUYSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw, I agree on the costume contest Gf!

  26. GF, just because some of those people don’t comment on here anymore doesn’t mean they’re banned. Like RedWing said, they’re probably too busy to even comment on here anymore.

  27. Whatever!
    Now, whoever agreed on my costume contest, DID YOU READ MY PETITION?
    Hi Crazy Flame!
    Did you get banned or something?
    Your name makes me think of the fireworks from the store.

  28. Lol, no I didn’t get banned my internet had been cut off for a while, but I’m here.
    😀 Nice to see you again.

  29. I’m starting to take an interest on other poptropica sites. 🙂

    Fascinating 🙂

  30. I voted for your idea as well, GF.

  31. Wild Star:No,the worst island name award goes to…eh,we should make that a poll. 😛

  32. people, you do NOT want to search ulcer on google images.

  33. 🙄

    🙄 *yawn*

  35. @SC,
    yeah, totally. 🙄
    still, it is a pretty lame name. what other islands do ya’ll think are named ridiculously?

  36. Com’on! Com’on!
    Sign! Sign!

  37. @ GF- I sign. 🙄
    @ World- I think the fights that used to happen were what made this place more popular. Don’t you think?

    Fascinating 🙂

  38. *sigh*
    What I mean by signing, is to type your commenting name any way you want!

  39. It’s not the end of the world, GF. 🙄

  40. Why are all my supporters not signing?!

  41. DVW11

  42. Never mind.
    You guys never come to my multiverses as soon as I comment them.
    I get really bored playing poptropica nowadays.

  43. I would of went!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙄 :mrgreen: too late now.

  44. Hey Grey Feather I’m kinda new here, so how do I comment? Do I need to sign in or something? And if anyone wants i can make a multiverse room!!!!!! Okay? 🙄 :mrgreen: :jealous: :happy: :excited: :tongue: :upset:

  45. @ World- Ain’t got no time for what you think can be described as love
    I’ve cut your hold on me, you’re missing me, I’ve had enough
    It’s been so long since you have treated me like I deserved

    So long, baby, I’m gone
    You can leave a message for me after the tone

    Who sings this? 😀

    Fascinating 🙂

  46. WS:I say Night Watch! It was a really good island,though.

  47. Ahem-my sign.

    ~~~~Oooohh~~~~He’s the greatest~~~~Oooohh~~~~the the ultimate one has arrived~~~~to sign on this beautiful project~~~~~foreverrrrrrrrr~~~~

    ~~~~Strong Cat~~~

  48. GF.
    okay, whats going on? i think maybe you and YC both got the same virus.

    I like the idea of meeting and playing (or winning. bwahahah.) with each other, but i think we’re all in different time zones. slightly. if we want to play in a multiplayer room together, we ALL need to plan it together.

  49. WS is right! In Australia right now, it’s Tuesday, 16 April at 8:12 AM. :mrgreen:

    Fascinating 🙂

  50. im here

  51. im back

  52. ayman arif! yay! you probably don’t remember me, (i don’t think i was even commenting when you were here.) but i remember you! even though you only commented for a short time, you were still missed. where ya been?

  53. @CK.
    you live in australia? cool. 🙂

  54. Hey Ayman! Nice to see you again!

  55. Agree with WS.

    It’s April 16 at about 10:20 in ours now.

  56. In Australia now, it’s still Tuesday, 1:16 PM

    Hey ayman! Hope you stay for a while! 😀

    Fascinating 🙂

  57. @WS-Contestei-wha? ❓
    BTW-SC’s signature is awkward…though I guess I can accept that. 🙂
    @Anyone who dosen’t want to sign-Make your own petitions, though we can only have a maximum of 4 petitions (including mine), and we can’t sign each other’s petitions.

    At least we have one sign, which dosen’t even say Sticky, Clown, or Poptropican Explorer.
    I corrected the Poptropical to Poptropican.
    Like IndiaN, or AmericaN.
    I used your country as an example.

  58. GF:Wait a minute,Are you saying that you saw my country in that multiverse room
    I made? Oh,well.

  59. Oh,and also,when I look at my signature,I think”What?! Did I make that?!” Ugh.

  60. Yeah!
    Roll over.
    See stats.
    Awk! Awk! Awkward!

    { ___ }

  61. This is better:
    [ L ]

  62. Nah.
    That’s worse.
    Just ignore those.

  63. 😆 GF ❗

    Fascinating 😉

  64. You get to go in someone’s body?! COOOOOOOOOOOL!

    ~The Bite is Rite ; )

  65. -sigh- not really known around here…. looks like you guys are originals. im dont think i can be like you guys 🙁

  66. @ PD- Don’t feel like that! Yes, I’ve been on this blog for a pretty long time now but we don’t mind newbies! 🙂

    Fascinating 😆

  67. Cool Smarticle

    Yay! I’m a newbie! 😀

  68. Cool Smarticle

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    No this is a different kind of hey
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  69. Cool Smarticle


  70. Cool Smarticle


  71. @ CS- Yea ❓

    Fascinating 😛

  72. Cool Smarticle

    Did you read this?

    Hay is for horses
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    ¡Hola! ¡Español y hablo español! ¿México’s langue es español, no es?


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    What do you think?

  73. @ CS- Yea, of course I did ❗ ☺

    Fascinating 😎

  74. Cool Smarticle

    Did you not comment because you didn’t know what to say? How to respond?

  75. @ CS- Exactly.

    Fascinating 😆

  76. Cool Smarticle

    I was bored. I thought it was funny. What do you think ❓

  77. @ CS- It’s cool…

    Fascinating 🙄

  78. Cool Smarticle

    I just copied and pasted the French and Spanish and the other stuff I did on my own.

  79. Cool Smarticle

    Would you like to know how I did the other stuff ❓

  80. Cool Smarticle


  81. @ CS- Ok.

    Fascinating 😆

  82. I pressed and held Alt while pressing numbers.

  83. •◘○♠♣♦☺☻♥ Like this CS ❓

    Fascinating 😮

  84. Cool Smarticle

    Yes ❗ You can press Alt and double digets too!

  85. ╞ ☺ í τC•x Cool ❗

    Fascinating 😎

  86. Cool Smarticle

    And triple digits!!!!

  87. @ CS- o à τ ô F ⌂ ± • N ¬ ? % a E æ ¼ Ü ╫ ├ < ╕▓ ↕ ╩ A ç

    Fascinating 😎

  88. @ CK – ╥x,1£-46{╘5W«M\+◙ Hmm…… even 4 number digits…..

  89. @ CS – ╘ ╚ ┌ r ╞ ♥ d + ◘ & Ω h { ┼ 8 # ↓ ♣ « √ Z d F ║ ▬

    Fascinating 😎

  90. @ CK – g╬5\│f◄ 5 number digits……

  91. @ CS- OMG ❗ This is AWESOME ❗

    M ┼ ► ⌡ α├ v ← ε U O ┬ ╣ô ‼ ² d A ╜

    Fascinating :mrgreen:

  92. @ CK – IKR ❗


    And 6 digits!

  93. @ CS- Awesome ❗ I’m guessing you can do 7 digits, right ❓

    ♠ ░ ▓ 2 ô M E ¡ ö C S à ₧ ≡ = I 1 ╧ 5 2 ┴

    Fascinating 😮

  94. @ CK – And 8 and 9 maybe ❓

    ╟ÄU∟c¬8 Åá{

  95. @ CS- Ok

    C j ü ⌡ « ♫ ) ╕\ [ à K c L í

    Fascinating 😛


    ╟▓U(6◙╛ NÄB

  97. @ CS- This is Epic ❗

    ╘ f ; â • ♀ ♪ ♂ > Γ ↓ U V Y W T Q R S X b a ╕ ├ ╪ ╥ ╖ ╕ ┼ ╛ º É τ Å ♫ ☼ ä æ T § ▒

    Fascinating ➡

  98. @ CK – So true. 😆

    ╟Ä╟4♠$86+ƒ65?A4Ç4B5♥116»8C♠4{1t•◘74¡4 1d4Dâ§

    😯 Whoa!

  99. @ CS- I like these music notes. ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

    Fascinating 😯