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The Mystery of Van Buren

The Mystery of Van Buren

Regular viewers of the Sneak Peeks section in Daily Pop have been seeing a lot of images of some sort of log cabin mansion lately, including some interesting pictures that feature the name, “Van Buren.” Based on the overall look of the images appearing in Daily Pop, it looks to be part of an upcoming episode of Survival Island. But beyond that, we don’t know much.

What we can tell from the pictures of the mansion/lodge is that this Van Buren person is somehow connected to hunting, and that may play into the overall storyline of Survival Island. There’s also one additional interesting clue: the motto (in Latin) on the Van Buren coat of arms is Virtus Tentamin Gaudet, which translates to, “Strength Rejoices in the Challenge.”

So who is Van Buren? It’s probably not a reference to the American President of the same name. But is he a hunter? Isolated on this strange island? And what will we encounter when we arrive at his lodge?

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  1. It may end up being like the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” considering the photos and the episode description.

  2. I love your walkthroughs, it helps so much! And I love how organized the website is, so trying to get help on a particular part is super easy xD

  3. It sort of looks like Cryptids Island, might just be me. But overall, this looks pretty epic.

  4. aw bubblenuggets!

  5. the man who owns the cabin is i think a rescuer but we are acually the prisinar and we have a radieo we send a distress call but we dont know whos listteneing its in the website

    ” Distress Signal
    A broken radio. A chance for rescue. Send a distress call if you can, but beware of who might be listening!”

    Cabin Fever
    Your rescuer offers a hot meal and a comfy bed, but you’re not his guest — you’re a prisoner. Can you escape the wilderness lodge before his next hunt begins?!”

  6. Van Buren is the hunter from Jumangi, the movie about the african board game that comes to life.

  7. fierce moon, the next episode of survival island is out, oh and when is the video walkthrough for the first chapter coming out

  8. I think I may know what this is implying. There is a short story called The Most Dangerous Game. Long story short, there’s a rich guy that is super at hunting animals and lives on a island. A fellow washes up on said island and the rich guy challenges him a a hunting game. Don’t want to spoil the ending cause it’s really good but I do think this island could be something like that story!

  9. fierce moon, they have released the next installment of survival island