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Mystery Train Island Comes in September

Well, we got some disappointing news from the Poptropica Creators today. Mystery Train Island won’t arrive for members until Friday, September 9. That seems a like a long time, especially because they’ve been promoting it for a while and the D.C. Diner mini-game has already been out for a week. It just seems like an awfully long time to wait. On the plus side, September 9 is my birthday, so it’s like a big present!

The Creators also posted a new trailer for Mystery Train Island and we learn a few more things about the island. Some of the famous characters that we meet in D.C. Diner, like Thomas Edison and Mark Twain, are on board the train as it heads for the World’s Fair in Chicago. And we learn that someone has stolen part of one of Thomas Edison’s inventions. What are they up to? Probably no good, because every great Poptropica Island has a devious villain!

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  4. i can’t wait for mystery train island to come out in sept!!!! =D=D=D

  5. Fifth. OMZ in the trailer, the Poptropican (and eventually our Poptropican) had a near death experience! 😮 Take a look in 1:00-1:05!

  6. I completely agree. If Poptropica wants to keep up their traffic, I’d suggest releasing Mystery Train island for members as early as next week! What are we going to do if we’ve already completed all of the islands, and D.C. Diner? Just sit around and wait? September 9, 2011 is clearly too long.

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  8. 7th!! That looks so cool. So now the mystery plot of Mystery Train Island is some-what completed. I wonder who’s the villian…

  9. 8th and maybe Ferris is the villain and he’s trying to frame the others! If true, remember I put the idea out there (or at least on this site, unless someone else did) for the villain!

  10. It might take me an hour to finish this. I L♥VE completing new (and was just released) Islands!!


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  13. i thought new islands come out on thursday! it’s a pattern! this island’s on friday

  14. woulden’t it be cool if they acually sold poptropica medallions? like you could buy a 3D medallion with ribbon the color of the ribbons in poptropica? cuz that would be sooooooooooo cool!

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  18. twenty second! anyways mystery train island looks suspenceful. and you know the “legend” video said the “legend” is coming sept. 2011. I wonder if the “legend” has to do with mystery train

  19. it isnt fair that they keep changing the date!!

  20. video is kinda creepy…

  21. i hate the names they give us in potropica!!
    my mom took my membership so i can’t play.
    well i can but all my items that i bought, i can’t use them!! i have been on for 4 years or whenever a year after it started was. anyway the point id that i have the coins to by it back but it it’s too much work i had like 10 pages of stuff!

  22. Choo choo! The Mystery Train is scheduled to depart for V.I.Ps (very important Poptropicans) and M.O.Ps (members of Poptropica) on September 9!

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  42. Hi! I am a member on Poptropica, and today the new island came out which is Mystery Train island. I am stuck on the island and need help, but the thing is nobody has made a walkthrough for the island yet. Can someone help me? If you want to contact me, I’ll be at SpiteSire’s channel on Youtube or E-Mail me at shefox3997@att.net. Thanks!
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