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Mystery Train Departs

Yee-haw! Mystery Train Island has finally arrived in Poptropica after a lengthy wait. Paid members can access the newest Poptropica adventure right now. There was a cool moment when the counter hit zero and a train rolled across the screen. Woo-hoo! When you arrive in the game, you’ll be in Washington D.C. next to a train about to depart for Chicago and the World’s Fair. A number of Poptropica citizens are there trying to get on board to attend and see major attractions like the Ferris Wheel. Your first set of tasks will be to find a ticket to get on board and help many others as well–including a few famous travelers like Thomas Edison.

Here’s part one of the video walkthrough.

Check out the Mystery Train Island Cheats page to watch parts 2 through 4 of the walkthrough and to get the step-by-step written guide (coming soon!)

Sneak Peek for Non-Members

Not a paid member? Don’t worry. You can still get a sneak peek at Mystery Train Island. Non-members can travel to the island by balloon and walk around the Main Street area, where you’ll see some of the Poptropica citizens and the train at the station. You can even help Thomas Edison and board the train, but you won’t be able to complete the full quest. The island will open up completely to non-members in October.

Poptropica Mystery Train Island Sneak Peek

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  1. 4th yay Ill be first next time

  2. And by the way Mystery Train Island has come out and its totall epic

  3. what do you do to save the transformer

  4. How come there so many new peeps, poptropica must be getting reall popular

  5. Infernape are talking about the show Transformers?

  6. Oh by the way what part of New York do you live in?

  7. And you know who Cuddly Sun is?

  8. bet it,EPIC,it’s challenging

  9. I know who cuddly sun is,I live on long island

  10. I am stuck at the part with the lions and you have to get through the gaurds.

  11. Okay, Mystery Train Island has come out for MEMBERS ONLY, so now non-members have to wait until… like October? I finished all the islands except for Mystery Train and now I am bored as ever.

  12. OMG that sounds soo tantalizing… D: stupid membership.

  13. @wild scorpion

  14. im almost done the theif is … THE FRENCH REPORTER!

  15. come on! i am doing it! don’t ruin it! 🙁

  16. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 PROBABLY IN FIRST TEN!

  17. I FINISHED TOO!!!!!HI FIVE!!!!!



  20. BKR16 NOW.


  22. ok then what do you do after you rescue houdini?



  25. OMG!!! I am stuck on the part where you have to reveal the imprints. Anybody?????????

  26. how do you do the chase thing?

  27. rub the pencil on it,you get the pencil from the first car
    (P.S, no more spoilers the island is great but when you spoil it you ruin it for those who haven’t played it yet)

  28. Please to someone who finished it! help on the chase! H-E-L-P!

  29. duck duck DUCK,there’s no way to avoid the sacks,the side blinks red when a danger is imminent

  30. yay! i wish i was a member though 🙁

  31. not the roof thing! there is a way to avoid the sacks to jump over them! i’m talking about the end where the guards chase you!

  32. the sneek preview is so cool!

  33. you must find a path,it takes a little trial and error,I cant really explain it

  34. How do you get tesla out of the coal room?

  35. So I got the order sheet, but I used the pencil a while back. How do I get it back?

  36. OMG i don’t have membership and i’m playing the island
    weird but AWESOME 😀 😀

  37. yeah, i wish i had membership. i should get a poptropica game card from target! i have gift cards for target. i could buy a gift card with a gift card
    redundant? perhaps…..

  38. ooooh! i made a mother nature costume! here’s what you do!
    wavey hair from that person on cryptids
    both bangs and green dress from the prom queen costume
    green lips from the green rock star OR green lips from fairy queen
    fairy queen wand
    either colorize or go to 24 carrot (in the far left in the diner) to get nice green hair (i went to 24 carrot and mixed yellow and blue. blue first, then yellow)
    optional: add fairy queen wings or tinker bell wings (i dont have the wings)

    click my name to see it!

    i have a good costume idea: a rainbow angel. it would be like the angel, except the wings would be more colorful!

  39. this sucks

  40. if you want to play so badly, ask to go to target or best buy or whatever and take $10 out of your wallet!

  41. I’m stuck on the part where you have to find out who took the Transformer. Everyone thinks it’s so despicable!!

  42. Is anybody here today? I need to find out who took the transformer. Jeez…Poptropica Secrets would have it BY NOW. But all islands get harder. :'( I want to be one of the first ten people! This island is soooo freaky hard. Does anyone have a clue what to do???

  43. BTW Thanks Infernape. You saved me there. 😀

  44. How do you get passed the lions???? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  45. Argh!!! Mom mom won’t buy me membership!!! 😡

  46. mystery train has a beautiful arcitexture

  47. Wow 50 comments in one day guess mystery train is pretty popular.
    Man I wanna go to that boarding school so badly but my parents dont think its safe and their trying to get me homeschooled.

    P.S. I hate homeschool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Anyways srry B.C. and N.H. you guys are missing all the fun and whatever noobs are spoiling the island you better shut up

  49. And David or should I say $David$, I thought you hated poptropica

  50. Don’t worry… I feel VERY bored and left out too.

  51. drake, why dont you go to a public school? p.s. i thought you were 24 (or was that someone else?)

    to anyone who’s been posting questions about how to get past certain parts of the new island, i’d post the answers if i knew them.

  52. look what i found! (see link below)

    PLEASE NOTE: i only posted this cuz i thought it was interesting. i am partially a “Belieber” and i do not have “Bieber Fever.” but i respect that he was discovered on youtube. and i like (some of) his songs. Baby, One Time, Love Me, Never Say Never, One LEss Lonely Girl

  53. one word, two digits and one symbol: membership $10

  54. i got membership but it just ended:(

  55. Hi all! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while…
    Devin just convinced me to go to this Radio Disney thing this morning
    and when we were just there Devin PREFORMED ONSTAGE and got me
    to do this dance with his! I looked like a nubhead!!! Anyway it was drizzling
    and then a freak storm like a BAD monsoon hit! Hail the size (litterally) of bouncy
    balls almost knocked me out while I ran through the knee-high water, then a dude
    (a friend of mine) rolled down the window of his car and FILMED US!! He also filmed
    the dance and threatened to put them on YouTube! Anyway we ran the mile or so, back
    to MY house and Devin is changing into some dry clothes, his mom said he could stay for
    dinner! And this morning we found a snake in my yard and tyler knocked it out with a shovel
    and chopped it in half! Ad after he chopped it in half it was still moving and crawled OVER MY FOOT!!!!!!!!!!! AGGGG anyway we also had a swim meet this morning in San Maunel!
    Well, Dein is done so BYE!!!!

  56. Neat Hopper my parents dont want me to go to a public school for a reason and I’m 13 not 24 and please try to hate Justin Bieber as much as possible

  57. too bad this island is 4 memeber only (sigh) at least poptropica could lets us use credits 4 this island!!!!!
    PS: poptropica still is a fun and addictive game though

  58. Hey guys! So…I passed the lion part but how do you get in the belly dancer club thingy??

  59. this wait is going to drive me crazy, just like shrink ray.

  60. Shrink Ray is easy! Why does it drive you crazy?

  61. I sware i completed Mystery train,Look me up on avatar studio my user name is megafunlover!

  62. I cant wait for that goldin popstar to come out in the poptropica store!

  63. does any body know how to get a picture for you profile?

  64. i mean, y’know the countdown at the bottom? when it finally was the day it opened i was so excited and then it turns out it was only for members. So i was constantly checking the website for the day it finally came out, and it drove. Me. Crazy.

  65. hmm… it must’ve been someone else who was 24…. maybe david? or someone

    and there was a dance at my school on friday and some kid requested a song and the DJ played it. the song was the Pokemon Theme Song remix! it was funny

  66. Srry about your uncle, B.C., David dont say stupid things

  67. I beat Mystery Train Island and it turns out that the french reorter wasnt the thief, so, so far nothing has been spoiled

  68. I mean french reporter not reorter

  69. And non-members can play the Mystery Train demo, just so you know

  70. oh srry the french reporter is the thief srry

  71. lolmynamenameis… the guards are only on the ground and they won’t chase you up. so if you stay off the ground, your good. oh and i finished it yesterday. best island yet

  72. Long time no see.
    For those of you who were her in 2008… HI!
    I hope you remmber me. I’m Super Thunder/Jennelle. I think I’m coming back.
    For those of you newbies, hi.
    I’m ST. Nice to meet you.

  73. ur so lucky to have membership!!!!!!! im not allowed,

  74. hi im back not that any of you will remember me but that doesn’t matter,
    anyway im a member and mystery train island was so easy!
    i seriously want the golden pop star outfit to come out again,
    and all the membership outfits to come back out !

  75. i also really want that outfit to comeout again! why did they even take it out?

  76. the truth is i almost care about clothing only!!! but not only

  77. Hey Shy Dolphin u no how your playing mystery train?, I mean your super lucky to play it if you not a member?

  78. And was the golden popstar outft for members only?

  79. no it was for both but 4 some reason they took it out

  80. Bashful Cloud, I’m sorry.
    My aunt had to put her cat to sleep the other day. his name was Oscar and he got some sort of infection. poor thing was deaf and blind. i think he was between 15 and 17 years old (he was found as an abandoned kitten after Hurricane Opal).

  81. wish me luck on the NJHS elections! i ran for VP and Secretary! i’ll find out the winners tomorrow!

  82. say whaaaaaaaaattttttttttt??????????
    wait what did drake say?

  83. two words BOYS STINK!

  84. L.S. Are you really trying to copy my name? Really.

  85. I remember I was in NY when the planes crashed, with my cousins on vacation.
    My aunt just about passed out and being only 3 I had no idea what was going on and why everyone was running going into the subway?

  86. David what the hell is your problem your trying to trash talk me for something stupid

    P.S. Welcome back Super Thunder

  87. Im srry about 9/11 David but wait I just remembered something, what I said has nothing to do with 9/11!

  88. And Super Thunder, do you know who Wild Thunder and Jade are?

  89. And Pirate Girl stop saying stupid things about boys, your no better

    P.S. B.C. change your name back to normal, the new one looks kinda weird

  90. And Neat Hopper is your cat still alive?

    P.S. How do you know it was deaf and blind, must be a pretty harsh life.

  91. o sory about your cat neat hopper

  92. Yeah that cat must have a pretty bad life, srry N.H.

  93. i only discovered this site 3 or 2 weks ago so you could call me a newbie and welcome back then

  94. Hey Nora was this golden popstar outfit only for girls or for girls and boys?

  95. And ST I’m one of the major epic ppl here so you can’t call me a noob.

  96. i think it was 4 both

  97. hello is anyone there?

  98. what does that have to do with anthing?

  99. ugh, i have homework pretty much every day now. and i have a project due on friday. so i can’t be posting 24/7. here’s a brief update on what i’m up to:

    hey Super Thunder! i like your website! you dont know me (unless you’ve read the previous comments). and i’m a 14-year-old girl in the 8th grade.

    guys, it was my aunt’s cat that was put to sleep, not mine (i have two and they’re only 8 or 9; my cats are still alive and healthy.) and i think the cat’s vet ran tests to determine that the cat was deaf and blind. and if you clapped suddenly next to him (the cat), he wouldn’t respond, and his eyes had very faint pupils (that’s what happens to a blind cat’s/person’s eyes if they’re blind).

    when 9/11 happened, i was 4. i was showing my mom one of my toys in our bonus room (we used to call it the TV Room but then we took the TV away cuz we were getting our carpets replaced) while she was watching the news. i asked my mom what happened and she told me that an airplane crashed into a building. (she didn’t want me to be scared, and i probably would’ve been!) i think i finally found out aruond the time i was in 3rd because i recognized a picture that i saw on the news. and i actually saw Ground Zero then i went to NYC in 2009 (i think that was the year…).

    i found this news article!
    (summary for those who dont want to click it: a school principal in CA is forcing the cheerleaders to wear sweatpants under their miniskirts during the school day (they wear their uniforms on game day as a tradition) because it violates the dress code.)

    i lost the NJHS (nat’l jr. honors Society) election 🙁 but you know what’s strange? none of the people i voted for won!!

    if you are a Florida Gator’s fan, i’m sorry. you’ll probably lose the game this weekend against the Vols. (don’t mess with Rocky Top! we back Pat! oh wait, that was basketball….)

    that’s about it. ttyl. (sorry to those of you who hate long comments)

  100. hello i am new here but all i know about this this site is that there is a mean person named david

  101. spelling mistake, sorry

  102. i completed the island 2 TIMES it was kinda harrd beacuse i did not USE ANY CHEATS i promise u i did not.anyways i feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for u people without membership.(i wish i could help u people with no membership) 🙁

  103. i will not stop until you turn nice, got that

  104. KIND: caring, loving does not hurt anyones feelings like you do 4 no reason at all
    KIND: opposite of david
    PS:this was ment 2 be 4 david

  105. sooooo… isnt it about time you say your im gonna turn nice speech!?

  106. david can be rude sometimes but overall, hes a nice person

  107. True Nora. Everyone has a cability to be nice, even the most hardend crims. If they reach in deep, they can still find humminty.

  108. Try to make nice, BM. Ignore the song “Not Ready To Make Nice”.

  109. hey guys,i have a new glitch for ya and its TOTALLY REAL.I know,I know ya don’t beilieve me,right? BUT THIS IS REAL.U can get the RAINBOW PUFFLE, THE GOLDEN PUFFLE,THEDIAMOND PUFFLE, AND THE SILVER PUFFLE!FOR FREE!ALL ya have to do is just POST THIS in ANNY web page 3 TIMES!once u‘re done, log on to club penguin, press f5 + ctrl AND LOOK! Their urs

  110. CW im not sure if thats safe and its not worth losing a laptop

  111. How do you guys upload your pictures??? Aheam lazy bones andBashfull cloud and… who else had it???

  112. Whats up with brave monkey???

  113. this might sound of topic, but i won the birthday outfit

  114. yeah, but that sounds more fake then unsafe

  115. I love poptropica!!!!!!!!!

  116. Hi everyone! Im new here! So…. HI!!!!! 😀

  117. i hope you like it so much and i hope my friends get on it

  118. Thanks for the sillyist thing. Bug time. yeah.

  119. One of a kind. yeah? yup.

  120. who is your favorite person?

  121. I love poptropica. Do you?

  122. Do you like the 39 clues? I do.

  123. i looooooooooooooooove poptropica so much

  124. I really love the detectie work thing in mystery train island I just HATE it when a website that use to have EVERY THING free now a membership ad everybody’s doing it! Thereis no moe websites that don’t have a membership thing it annoys me to up here! And i’m really Angry becuase they WON”T TELL YOU WHEN THE ISLAND IS COMING OUT FOR EVERYBODY ELSE! As long as you tell me how long it’s going to be it doesn’t bothe me to much but if you don’t tell me it really get’s on m nervers arrrrgg!

  125. Fast Fire,an island will ALWAYS be available 1 month later on the same day