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Movie Island Characters!

Here are the characters you guys came up with for our own fan-created Movie Island! Of course, they’re all awesome. Great job, everyone. That’s it for our Design Our Own Island project. I can’t believe how cool it turned out. Now if only the creators of Poptropica were making a movie-themed island. Hm

Seymour the Stuntman, the Main Villain!

Four of you submitted costumes for our evil antagonist, Seymour.  Scary Sky describes their version of Seymour as “kind of quirky yet snobby.”  Clearly, you’re all on the same page with Seymour’s attitude: check out the mouths on this motley crew. They all look pretty unhappy. A great touch for Movie Island’s jealous villain!

seymourShakyBee seymourSmartDolphin seymourFriendlyClown seymourScarySky

The Talent Scout, Your Helper!

We’ve got four submissions for the talent scout who helps you as you try to outwit and outlast Seymour the Stuntman. Bashful Socks came up with a name for her: “Tiana Ageant, and her motto is, ‘If I can make a star out of a blimp, then I can make a star out of you!”

talentScoutMessyIce talentAgentBashfulSocks talentScoutShinySword talentScoutSmallMoon

The Film’s Director, the Unwitting Instigator!

Since the director of the film is the one who casts YOU in the role Seymour had, the director is actually the one who gets the plot rolling. Three of you submitted ideas for the director’s costume. Grey Feather and Silver Ghost liked the name Casey for the director, although one is a she-Casey and the other a he.  Grey Feather had this quote for her: “I am Director Casey! With a nice necklace and a fan just in case I get hot, I should be just fine!”, while Silver Ghost described him as “Neat, long hair with a pretty good suit.”  Magic Popper liked the name Seyter for the film’s head honcho and gave him a camera to accent his role.

caseyDirectorGreyFeather caseyDirectorSilverGhost seyterDirectorMagicPopper

Actors and Actresses, Movie Island’s Cast!

A whole bunch of you created some fantastic costumes for the various actors and actresses who are working on our film on Movie Island. Sporty Dragon’s actress had this to say: “My co-star is Charlie Fox, who plays Leanne Phillips in a surfing scene in the movie.” Wild Star just described his actor as a “cool person.” Jason Brody is the name of Shy Bird’s actor. Brody “always appears on movies about aliens and astronauts.People can see him on a street called Boulevard Street.” Zany Runner’s actress Lauren Brown always appears on Golden Lane and is described as “a mixture of fairy,gamer,pirate and singer.She’s a snobbish person and hates talking with regular people.” Purple Wolf’s given us a “bottle blonde hottie” and Fierce Snowball rounds out the group with an actress who looks like she’s in a supernatural police film. Cool! I love that some of the actors are in their movie costumes while others are in their glam wear.

charlieFoxActressSportyDragon wildStar jasonBrodyShyBird laurenBrownZanyRunner actressPurpleWolf actressFierceSnowball

Stuntgirls, Fake Baddies, and Hired Ninjas, the Colorful Supporting Cast!

Gentle Hawk created this Fake Ninja and said, “He WOULD hurt you, but he might break a nail.” On the other hand, we have Cool Tooth’s REAL Ninja, who promises to give your character a lot of trouble.  After all, as Cool Tooth says, “he’s got a sword!” Another hired villain is from Red Coyote, who was inspired by movies and books, such as “Ramona Flowers hair & bag, Emily The Strange dress, and Chewbacca grass ammo thingy to create 90′s grass ninja!” We’ve also got Alexandra the Stuntgirl from the imagination of Cool Kid. Alexandra “is the stuntgirl for this actor named Leslie Gosier. She has to put up with a lot as Leslie is always bossing her around. She is a bit of a tomboy and loves skateboarding.” Lastly in this category, is Young Crown’s actor detector, whose catch phrase is: “I must decode the last actor for the role!”

fakeNinjaGentleHawk hiredNinjaCoolTooth hiredVillainRedCoyote alexandraStuntgirlCoolKid actorDetectorYoungCrown

Hair and Makeup, the Crew!

Only one submission for the film crew, but it’s a fantastic entry from Nice Sun who wrote: “This is my movie character Avril. She is a hair, make up and clothing genius who puts together outfits for all the characters, does their make up and styles their hair (obviously), but when Seymour starts sabotaging things she becomes a suspect (she’s innocent in the end) because while Avril wanted more cutting edge outfit designs and looks the director told her no and they had to be plain so she then screams “I’ll make you pay for denying my expertise in the fashion world” but as it turns out she just ends up sneaking into the directors closet and ripping up his clothes.”



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  1. no stinking way are they going to tell us who is going to be on the island i stinking mad but i do look good and i totally love avril nice sun purple wolf silver ghost

  2. I think this song will go well with the contest:
    It’s just my opinion Lol!-zerz
    Wow, everyone did better than I expected, good luck to all!

    @Wish Granted

  3. Ya’ll must really like Paramore.

  4. Lol I don’t like them BS I love ’em! 😀 I also love the costumes everyone came up with!

    @Wish Granted

  5. Npe BS.

  6. Omg mine was the only hair and make up person?!!??? ^.^ awesome I stick out the most of all since im the only one >o< hahahaha mine looks like avril lavigne ;P haha add me at KnockKnock36

  7. Nah.
    Never heard of them.
    And, really, Cool Kid, the costume you ALWAYS wear?
    At least I can take of the weird “Director Casey” costume.
    Why did I handle a fan?
    I’m an idiot who always puts in fans!

  8. If the avatar studio would frickin not have turned me into a robot i had a PERFECT talent scout.

    Curses 🙁

  9. Did you type the whole link to show your poptropican thingy? Dude[ette], you know you could’ve done copy and paste. 😐

  10. my character is supposed to be directer Casey

  11. If you look at the numbers on my face,you won’t find thirteen in any place.
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  17. @ GF- Well FYI I don’t where that all the time! Its just a costume that I have saved in my photos. Gosg! 🙁

    Fascinating 🙂

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  20. @BS

    I pretty sure I copied and pasted. Now that I think about it… I’m positive that I did that. This is just sooooo confusing.

    Still, Curses:-(

  21. ha ha.
    I AM cool tooth and gentle hawk. those are my extra’s. you couldn’t expect ME to wear both those costumes, could you?
    BTW, I am a GIRL!
    my actRESS’s bio is:
    Name: Winona Rebecca,
    Acting Position: Annie O. Fresca, tough girl on the street, and a bit of a pickpocket, but she (almost) always returns everything. She is knowledgeable about all the stores and places in her side of town. She is a bit of a loner, even though she is friends with everyone, and would be lonely if it wasn’t for her pet ferret, carter. She likes cracking jokes, and can be clumsy, but she knows how to keep things under control.
    Real Life: A bit similar to the one above, but she knows about MOVIE SETS, and has a pet hummingbird, Verdi, instead of a ferret. She is a little more clumsy, and likes to brighten up a situation with jokes, and is often pestering the director with ideas on how to do the movie. She and the director eventually get into an argument about it, and so Winona goes up into the rafters of a Hawaiian movie set to be alone for a while, when a big tiki head almost falls down on the director. Winona cuts a rope and and throws an anvil right below the director that makes a hole in the floor that the director falls through before the tiki head falls on him. Afterwards, Winona is blamed for pushing the tiki head on the director, but the one who really did it was Seymour. At the end, they figure out the main character got it all on film, and Winona is cleared of the blame. She and the director make up and are friends afterward, and Winona directs a movie of her own.

    P.S. @giant eagle: a clock. 😉
    Audit first, Edit later (although I had to do a lot of editing with this comment 😉

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  23. I can’t wait!
    When is the new Island comming? I can’t wait plus it has been ages a new island hasn’t appeared! (-_-)

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  28. sorry ck im all messed up on people and to bs tell me if im wrong i was asking if any body new thalia and to you how did short leopard get band

  29. i really liked shakey bees seymore the stuntman costume it was SWEET!!!

  30. no,they ALL ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  44. beep boop 🙂 🙁 :0 :O

  45. Lone Ice: Zanny Runner where did you get the metal leg!!!
    Mad Bettle: We’re along with our friend are making a fan-made movie island to.

  46. Yay, I got chosen!

  47. Howdy yall! Glad to meet ya! I am Smallcat123456789 and I hope yall love poptropica as much as I do!
    Did yall hear about the fellow scout {Girl and boy scout of course!} on poptropica? I think there should be a Girl scout and boy scout island called The Mystery Scouts island! I hope it becomes real!
    If so see yall there and I PROMISE it will be the BEST poptropican island EVER!!!!!!
    See yall there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I wish I knew about this earlier 🙁

  49. Wow! I really love this website! (And I also love Poptropica. . .) But seriously! This website is the best! Great job!