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More Sneak Peeks of Cryptids Island

The Poptropica creators are having fun teasing us with more screenshots and scenes from the new upcoming island, which will be called Cryptids Island. There have been a few screenshots posted before, but the latest two include a scene with balloons along with a picture of a cave that something or someone appears to be living inside.

I’m not sure what the balloons are for other than that balloons are pretty common in Poptropica. We travel from island to island in one, we get them as cool prizes for parties, and of course, even Balloon Boy has one. The cave definitely seems like the hiding place for one of the Cryptids on the island. Probably Bigfoot!

Poptropica Cryptids Island Cave

I wonder what lives in this cave on Poptropica Cryptids Island? Probably not that squirrel.

Still no word on when the new island will be released for Poptropica members, but stay tuned.

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  1. If you notice in the lower left-hand corner, there is a tree with brown leaves. I wonder if this is the trees from Counterfeit Island. After all, other islands have been involved in quests before, if you remember from Counterfeit Island.

  2. If you also notice in the cave, there is a human ribcage and the shadow of something…


  4. I wish the island is called “Ledgenary Island” 🙁

  5. Maybe the balloons could be used looking for a sky cryptid like the Thunderbird.

  6. Meachaman you are right!Grigory you are too they are some footprints outside the cave.There is a shadow a tree like in Counterfeit island and some bones.This is odd…but i have a scary feeling about this

  7. What is the squirrel doing up there?

  8. big foot lives in that cave!!

  9. i think its a gaint catipaller becaues it has a worm tail sticking out?!

  10. hey! there is a show on cartoonnetwork called secret saturdays and it says crptids!

  11. there is a grey bunny in the cave

  12. lol that squirrel is funny looking

  13. If you look closely you will see the bigfoot print on the cave. You can see it better on the blog.

  14. Man! I missed the special halloween thing! Dang it!
    i’ll see it on youtube.

  15. ugh! Can’t find it!

  16. Ha! Just watched some of it! Hi to the larious!

  17. HEY!?
    It is really late where I am at right now. Whew. Yeah. Bye!

  18. Oh. And new post.

  19. hi every body !

  20. secret saturdays is so cool and yeah it has cryptyds!

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  23. the squirrel’s so CUTE!

  24. Nicholas you look friendly lets be friends, but one question are you a girl or boy, just asking you don’t have to answer!

  25. ugh im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! bored! even more than i was earlier on!

  26. who believes in cryptyds, i only kinda believe in the loch ness monster!

  27. wow im the 10th to comment ! by the way that was sarcasim!’_’

  28. although im still the 10th to comment!

  29. hey guys a long time ago i thought of this, ok go on Poptropica and then keep pressing control shift 4 not too fast but not too slow!

  30. by the way the result of this is that your poptropican will smack his but !

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  33. I’m a female.
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  47. Okay. The last hangman was for you smart Paw.
    Name a letter.

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  58. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVp01pdI81I
    He’s not king.
    But he is still so proper.

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  71. nicholas do you know where to get the wand thats on the avatar called nicholas!

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    Smart Paw is hilarious.

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  93. Hey guys. it seems poptropica is not working at the moment. simply just opening to the “New Player or Returning Player” page is not working. is this jut me or is it poprtopica?

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  112. Yes, Cuddly Walker, is right. I wonder what members will get from this island?

  113. one of my biggest habits is swearing.

  114. cuddly walker is right. if we tell them to stop swearing, they will swear all the time. I agree with Cuddly Walker.

  115. Totally. We should ignore them and stop talkin about how much we don’t want them to swear. Agreed?

  116. Random persongoo-

    agreed 🙂

  117. hey guys, why is great pumpkin islands walkthrough in the “special walkthrough” list not the ordinary one?

  118. Plus, if you click on it, it gives you a picture of Snoopy pretending to be the Great Pumpkin.

  119. *mimicking* If you tell them to stop swearing they will swear all the time.
    I think I finally found out why I don’t like most of you on here.

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  121. Oh and I’m still at the theory that White Dragon and white Dragon 2 are the same person.
    And I’m sick and tired of the theory that kids act up to get attention. None of you on here are doctor from my knowledge. None of you. I hate that when people think that when a kid misbehaves it has to do with problems at home or they just want attention. Like when a kid is a bully they think “Oh there must be problems at home.” *scoff*

  122. Maybe they bully because they are plain psycho!
    Okay. I’m done yelling about absolutely nothing important.
    So. I think we all know what the Poptropica Island will be named. BUT what about what it will be about. Anyone got an idea?
    (I’m probably here alone.)

  123. Wait. This is a question.
    Why do you tell people what to do on here especially if you are not there parent or you older then them?
    Second question.
    Do you actually think they will listen to you?
    Third Question.
    Do you think you can ignore every situation that is on here?
    Okay. Back to subject.

  124. i saw that. poor linus.

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    Why do you tell people what to do on here especially if you are not there parent or you older then them?
    Second question.
    Do you actually think they will listen to you?
    Third Question.
    Do you think you can ignore every situation that is on here?
    Okay. Back to subject.

  126. i know why smart paw is a smart ass!!

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  138. Time to answer Smart Paw’s questions!
    This is the time where we answer the wicked boy Smart Paw’s questions!

  139. Lets go to you’re second question!
    Why do you tell people what to do on here especially if your not there parent or older then them?
    My theory. They might not realize they are being bossy. Truth be told. I wouldn’t listen to you either because you are not older then me nor my parent. Like this kid in class thinks that telling us to be quiet is going to do anything. Please. He can get out of my face. That is what he can do.
    But hey! I don’t know everything.

  140. Do you actually think that they will listen to you?
    Most likely yes. When you tell someone what to do you expect them to listen. So. Of course they do.

  141. Do you think you can ignore every situation on here?
    I have no idea. It all depends on the person. Like on this show I watched last night called What Would You Do? A lot of people ignored the situation. That is why I am asking for insight. Most of my answers were bias and opinionated. I need someone else oinion. Let us make this a debate. Not an argument. But a debate. Lets us be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to show wrath.

  142. Thanks for answering my question. And in one of your answers you said about a show called What Would You Do? I watched that too.

  143. Your welcome.
    Where’s Scary Shell?
    I need to see her for a moment. Or Cuddly Walker.

  144. (P.S. I’m not going to say anything mean.)

  145. hey nicholas, i am wasup, will i do? well anyway i think that nicholas and smart paw are the same person. anyway i will debate. my opinion on Q3 is that not just me personally but alot of people i know do find the conversations that go on here very interesting and just want to join in.

  146. smart paw are you a girl or a boy, you dont have to answer if you dont want to!

  147. He’s a boy. Nicholas and Smart Paw can be the same person. Or they could know each other.

  148. What do you think the new island is about?

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  163. Dani the Magnificent

    You copied me1 And Smart Paw is a guy1 And I don’t think he knows Nicholas but it id possible!

  164. Dani the Magnificent

    Me and smart Paw did that stuff together!
    Ugh! And I’m asking smart Paw if he knows who Nicholas is or knows Nicholas.

  165. Trust me. I don’t know him.
    Besides. We can do something that they could never think of.
    Bless my soul
    Herc was on a roll
    Person of the week in every Greek opinion poll
    What a pro
    Herc could stop a show
    Point him at a monster and your S.R.O

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    He was a no one
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    No he is honcho
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    Just like that!

  167. Dani the Magnificent

    I know this song! Um.
    And when he smiled the girls went wild
    With oohs and ahhs
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    Muse: On every “vahse”

  168. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh and what are you going to be for halloween. I’m Rapunzel.

  169. Not doing anything for halloween.

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  170. Dani the Magnificent

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    Say amen
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    Folks lined up
    Just to watch him flex
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  171. Hercie he comes he seizes he conquers
    Honey the crowd were going bonkers!
    He defeated the moxie with brains and spunk!
    Zero to Hero!
    And whod’a thunk!
    *Claps with a change of beat*

  172. Who put the glad in gladiator!
    Who’s daring deeds brought great theater!
    Isn’t he bold!?
    no one braver.
    Isnt he sweet!?
    Our favorite flavor!
    Hercules Herculs
    Hecules Hercules!

  173. Sorry.
    *clears throat*
    Bless my soul!
    Herc was on a roll!
    Flying high!
    And the nicest guy!

  174. Cool. I’m being a bunny.

  175. oh GOD. just shut up and go away nessbac. What are you, 7!?!?

  176. sorry i havent been on poptropica in a while

  177. omg
    !this is awsome!!!! CANT WAIT

  178. I’m worried dani the magnificent or smart paw will ‘come after me’. Scary shell might be worried too. Dani and Smart paw think I’m a copy cat


  179. *snickers* A bunny?
    That’s cool man. I mean its a costume. Who cares if you dress as a bunny. As long as it isn’t pink. I went to a party. I dressed up as a vampire. Not twilight vampire. But a vampire vampire.

  180. Oh and you are a copy cat. You copied my sister. Which is a definite NO.

  181. Oh and don’t say God’s name in vain Scray Shell. Not trying to be your boss but…………I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

  182. Run nessabc. Smart Paw is psycho!

  183. I can’t believe you sang a song from Hercules yesterday. By the way you didn’t finish the song. One of these days can you sing a song that is not in a movie?

  184. Oh and I’m not psycho. Just mental.

  185. Mental? Very english.

  186. Trying to increase my vocabulary. It has dwindled over the ages.

  187. Wow. Dwindled. Nice. Say something else!

  188. I refuse. Doing so would make an ass out of myself.
    I choose not.
    (I sound so stupid yet smart at the same time.)

  189. You sure do.

  190. 🙄
    So. Are you going to sing a song that is not in a movie?

  191. Let me finish the first song first.

  192. Wait. Before we continue.
    I know this will sound weird or embarrassing or both.
    But I’m paranoid when it comes to things like this because I want to protect my sister…………Cuddly Walker. Do you like my sister? Because you’re so nice to her but so mean to me. And the only way that any guy would do that is probably because they like her. I’m most likely wrong but……………….please be honest. I’m not gonna hurt you. I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise. Just want to know. And don’t overreact either.

  193. He was a nothing
    A zero, zero
    No he’s a huncho
    A hero, Hero
    Soaring the sky at breakneck speed
    Zero to hero
    Herc is a hero
    Now he’s a hero

    Yes Indeed!

  194. 😆
    He is mean to you because your a jerk.
    But he is awfully nice to your baby sis. How old is she?

  195. 8. Turning 9 in March.
    (I dated a younger girl before. Actually I’ve dated younger girls lots of times.)
    Hey! Gotta go!
    But still sing a song that is not from a movie.

  196. 🙄
    And you wonder why he doesn’t like you.

    Keep drinking coffee
    Stare across me from the table
    While I look outside

  197. So many things I’d say if only I were able
    But I just keep quiet
    And watch the cars that pass by

  198. You got opinions man!
    We are all entitled to ’em
    But I never asked

  199. So let me thank you for your time
    And try to not to waste anymore of mine
    And just get out of here fast

  200. I hate to break it to babe
    But I;m not drowning
    There’s no one here to save

    Who cares if you disagree
    You are not me
    Who made you King of Anything?

  201. Pause for a moment.
    This is dedicated to Smart Paw for asking me to sing this song and the boy in my class who thinks he can tell me what to do.

  202. Well. Smart……………SP really didn’t ask me to sing it but… well…….. you know.

  203. So you dare tell me
    Who to be
    Who died and made you King of Anything?

  204. Finish the song tomorrow.

  205. Yeah. No one is online.

  206. How I feel:


    Please! Someone on here please be nice to me! PLEASE!!!!


  208. Technically, nessabc, you aren’t ignoring Scary Shell by saying you are ignoring her.

  209. Also, I will attempt to be nice. 😀
    *hands ice cream*
    *throws yogurt*

  210. Is anyone on here?

  211. And Super Thunder how do you type bold letters?

  212. Uh, ok then:
    I may be a little slow today, but what is Cryptid? I have no idea, and I may know, but forgot it… 😥

  213. BTW: Those ads about La La Loopsy dolls remind me of the movie Coraline. My friends say it was creepy, but I think the ad song is creepy.

  214. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    Now I will officially change my name on here.

  215. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    In fact, I just did.

  216. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    I think Those lalaloopsy dolls are just plain creepy.

  217. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    I have no idea why, I just think they look creepy.

  218. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    My mom just said to my sister that its time for a tickle. No response.

  219. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    Is anyone still on?

  220. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)


  221. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)


  222. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    I’m blue, da dum dee da dum da dum, da dum dee da dum da da dum dee da dum da.

  223. Hyper Bubbles (Styx)

    Have I just not seen anyone’s comments?

  224. (throws pie at nessbac!!) 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. its true he did! the threw food at me!

  226. so blame him cuz i am innocent like all of you.

  227. Oh, that’s the nicest thing someone has ever said to me! 😉

  228. This is how you type in bold.

  229. How do you make angry eyebrows?

  230. I’m an actress. I LIE.

  231. I think diary of a wimpy kid island should be an island

  232. Sorry if my writing is messy. I’m eating bacon.

  233. You know, scary shell, you don’t have to like me if you don’t want to. I don’t care if you do.

  234. Oh and thank you super thunder for trying to be nice. I accept your offer. Everyone who thinks SS started it say I.


  236. cool there’s a new advertisment!

  237. “It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. Or what is the color of your skin. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you.”
    “Because your irritating.”

  238. Is scary shell crazy? If you think so, say I.

  239. When I try to click COMING SOON nothing happens!
    I wonder why……..

  240. Name the new island “music island” and at the end you have to type a rapp
    and verse Drake at typing the beginning of Drake forever

  241. or call it “manny island”

  242. Dani the Magnificent

    Cool. You put the creators blog right there so we can just click and go.

  243. Lucky Scorpion = l s.

  244. Wow. Cryptids Island. A maze ing. Stuck in a maze therefore I am amazing.

  245. princeess middle east


  246. Sorry, nessabc, but Scary Shell is my friend too. I think we all started it.
    *grabs ketchup and squirts nessabc in the face*

  247. (throws pie at nicholas) FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!

  248. food fight is a game. its just 4 fun

  249. hey remember how in october the Cryptids logo appeared . well it happened 2 me 2. but it only stayed up4 lik 15 mins 4 me. kl.

    PS. hyper bubbles , yes crazy shell is crazy

    PPS. Imean scarie shell

    PPPS. NESBABC , who is scary shell . she is craz

  250. she threw FOOD at your face!?

  251. I think that I should go to poptropica now and get some items now.

  252. I like poptropica and I can’t wait untill the new island arrives.

  253. nessabc= 😀 (mrgreen)

  254. i will be nice too. super thunder is really cool and smart.

  255. Awesome! Check these out! Roll over them to find out how to make them. : sry- :rofl- : be- : ok- :red- :haha- :S- : (- : razz- : )- :no- : search- : @- : frown- : king
    Some may not work. If none of them do- SORRY!

  256. Awwwww. Sorry guys! It worked on cheatsguru.com.

  257. i think i should go to sleep soon
    if anyone thinks my name is weird, dont tell me because this is the first one i used on potropica

  258. i don’t think your name is wierd.

  259. *scoff* Please. Nice? Liar.

  260. you are lame and pathetic.

  261. You are lame for still talking to her.

  262. Grow up. like seriously.

  263. Hello! Hey is anyone on right now? Im bored, n dont say that Im wierd just becuase I made that comment that I figure no one read or cared about. Ok?

  264. ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (feels like crying) 😥

  265. R u saying that sarcastically, or is that for real??

  266. lolmynameizcheerfuldolphin

    🙂 :'( >:o >:( 8) 🙁 :\ series of faces!

  267. Hello? Any one there? I’m a bit of a night owl, if you can’t already tell.

  268. What do you mean Icy Leopard? Oh and Scary Shell if you want Rachel to stop tell her your sorry but you still don’t like her regardless.

  269. Whoo hoo! Finally you listen!

  270. rachael you apologize cuz u called me trash.

  271. Is that what hurt you feelings?
    I’m sorry.

  272. No I’m just asking if u ment that for real and ur not just sayin that. And now is everyone friends?? Or just not goin to say anything at least?

  273. Hello?

  274. hi. i meant that for real. i got frustrated

  275. hey everyone of course ppl no what cryptids r well i studied it in yr 2 actully just i did for news day ooh yh lil kids go on this website lol rofl 🙂 😀 XD

  276. Wow y’know its soooo stupid you guys are chatting on a comments page on cryptic island and your not even talking ablut cryptic island Rachael and scary shell and icy leapord, theres no point fighting on a dumb comments section you guys probably live way far away from each other so you can’t even see them in real life anyways! Guys, don’t let some stupid online bullier get to ya. the person who started the argument is just looking for one so you know it takes 2 people to argue so just don’t respond. 🙂

  277. Hey look very closely at the cave…….. Is it just me or is there wot looks like the top of a dino skeleton??????

  278. I think Amazon Warrior is right, look deep into the bottom of the cave…

  279. Oh, and Scary Shell, thats good to hear. 🙂

  280. Oh, oh look! There’s a Bigfoot footprint on the side of the rock face! It’s hard to see, but it’s lightly shaded… and the tree looks like it was scracthed… the scracth is a long shot but that’s what I think. This island is killing me with the mysteries!!

  281. Are you on here Icy Leopard?

  282. lolmynameizcheerfuldolphin

    Lol! I never want to go into THAT hole 😀

  283. Well I’m on now, question is are you??

  284. And I would’ve been on but the computer was acting up…

  285. We (smart paw n me) rlly need a time when we both kno we’ll be on this is rediculous, dont u think

  286. I would never go into a hole/cave regardless of wats in there

  287. lolmynameizcheerfuldolphin

    Love ur site,Scary!

  288. How about tomorrow at 6 on this website.

  289. OH MY gosh I LOVE POPTROPICA AND oh my gosh i need spy island my user is pollypoketgirl so get ON IT

  290. thanks,cheerful dolpfin, your awesome. 😀

  291. i am not going in that deadly hole.

  292. super thunder, there is a daily pop newspaper coming soon

  293. i cant go to any island now O_O ;_;

  294. WAHH!!!!!!!!!! IM STUCK ON STEAMWORKD HIBERNATION CHAMBER!!!!!!!! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. i quit Poptropica 😛

  296. i want some cheez puffs !!

  297. (gives peacepal cheese puffs)

  298. oh srry i geuss u kinda figured out that i wasnt on, but if u see this today im goin to be here for quite the while…

  299. nicholas is after me. he hates me and i hate him.

  300. Dang! that was yesterday. Ugh.
    Smart Paw is on his way to Texas.
    It’s the fifteenth.
    He won’t be here for a while.

  301. I need a new island since I did all

  302. is there any one from Scotland i will come on regulary and talk to you if you are so please tell people to come on and tell them to tell other people and so on so i can meet someone else from Scotland and also i can’t find someone from Scotland in America

  303. sorry. i’m not from scotland.
    French and German. And American! 😀

  304. Hey i was just askin if everyone was ok now, Lucky Walker, i wasn’t arguing
    and no sorry im not from scotland either but i have a friend who has roots–ik it doesnt mean much but watever

  305. Oh, i started a new page, cool–random

  306. one more thing… y is smart paw in Texas??

  307. Guys, I’m back n i just checked the Pop. Creators’ Blog, n it has something to do with the Hazmat Hermit n a cliffhanger…can anyone make sense of it??

  308. And y has no one been on the past 2 days??!

  309. blog owner there are 2 new postes to the cliff hanhar and the goats around a shack

  310. i know sibrain:и кноњ ит!

  311. what does that mean???!!!

  312. ANSER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. hey, um, icy leopard, um,well,can I tell you a secret about my self?

  314. well,…………………………………..ANSER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. I HAVE A…………………………………………………………………………………..CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  316. I know, I know it’s freaky but, it’s true!And I know what u are going to say, “what kind of curse?” it’s an animal curse, my animal curse, is a DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. and don’t say it’s not true, becase than I would burn you till you are a pile of ashes on fire!!!!!

  318. bye! i’m going to play some games, Don’t bother to chat till sunday afternoon!bye!……..again!

  319. Uhh… how could u hav a curse n still be able to type?? If this curse of urs is real, of course. N look im no magic hater, but how did u get a curse in the first place, and if ur making this up-really?- or if this is true i need proof…

  320. Oh and did i tell u people that i do believe in magic… n dont any of u dare to say that im strange, or wierd!!! Im quite practical actually and i want to be a scientist….

  321. When do you guys think we’ll hear of a launch date for Cryptids Island? I’m guessing we’ll get it this week.

  322. I didn’t know cryptids island was comming soon.What is it about?

  323. Icy Leopard- Hazmat Hermit is probably in the Himalayas, because he has a Sherpa guide. I’m guessing he’s looking for the Yeti/Abominable Snowman.

  324. flip-flop [me] is so happy cuz i beat all islands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  325. hey i saw a barbie thing- i went to it with my 11 year old girl and its very easy. you win this dog and an ugly pink dress.

  326. Ohh…that makes sense, i guess he is…now when is Cryptids comming out? I NEED TO KNO !!!!!

  327. Oh n the creators just confirmed wat we already kno… that the new island is called Cryptids. It’s so old news it’s not even funny.

  328. i only play this game once and a while but i cant wait for cryptids island

  329. I cant wait! OMG i cant wait!

  330. Hey Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! even though no one will see this until tomarrow

  331. Gimme a new island or watch out for your butt!!!

  332. hi im from australis and i lov poptropica and i cant wait till cryptids

  333. hoold on why did i post that twice????
    that was wierd…..

  334. i can`t wait tell cryptids island

  335. c’mon already!!!I cant take it anymore!!!my head is koocoo for this island!!I’m a member!!!C’mon island!!!go online already!!people r waiting for you!!waiting to play the new island!!!Members r crossing there fingers when they go online!!they just can’t wait!!ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. please send me{silly beetle}a note when it comes out {creators of the new island}PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!THANKYOU…

  336. Ah! PoptropicaSecrets! You commented! You! You! I asked you to reply to me! *whine* Why!?
    I’m all cool.

  337. Oh and I think you food out the island that week.
    Like this week.
    I wish I was there when you commented.
    Poptropicasecrets you are so nice.
    You don’t tell us to shut up.

  338. Oops. Food. Found.

  339. Does anyone know what a Cryptid is? It’s a mythological creature. Example; Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman (Yeti as Himalayan Shepras call him) and other stuff that people think isn’t real. BUT I THINK IT IS REAL! so stuff those scientific losers and say hello to myths!!


  340. HOY! poptropica secrets, or whatever your name is; please send me an e-mail showing you are real! i can get your e-mail and we can be kid of like friends!


    PS. all of you make me feel pretty minor.
    PPS. if you know zippy fly. tell him to stop taking all the high scores for Daily Pop games like UFO joe.

    Eli :=)

  341. Is anyone that i kno from here still here?? Scary Shell?? Smart Paw?? Anyone?!?!

  342. i can’t wait when cryptids comes online 😀 😛 🙂

  343. Geuss not, if u wanna cacth me i wil be in/on Criptids Island Officialy Annaouced– i kno i spelled that wrong

  344. Why would squrrel live in the cave. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. and it will die too. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  345. You should google my blog, the Poptropica Excitement Blog. It’s cool, like your place.

  346. Shaky Fox - Poptropica

    Hi. I happen to be interested in cryptids but not a member. So when is it coming out? And how do you defeat captain crawfish? In skullduggery at the end? He always defeats me. ‘ve viewed youtube and gone to wikianswers already but no luck! 🙁

    HELP! And oh, any clues on spotting Nessie on the viewfinder in cryptids? Its already on the map but not much to do. I did costumizing !

  347. that cave looks …………..

  348. i know what the prize is……..


    its pretty dumb

  349. somebody tell me how to pass to viewfinder!!!! somebody here please help me!

  350. the prize is a nessie hat

  351. Members on Poptropica play December 20 2010 and non-members play January 17 2011.

  352. what does it look like sqeezy dragon

  353. r u allowed 2 c eachother?

  354. looks like inside the cave is fire breathing monster

  355. this is the best website for poptropica cheats!