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Monsters Inc. Ad Walkthrough

If your Poptropica character is between the ages of 10 and 12, then you can play in a new Poptropica advertisement mission for Monsters, Inc. There are two prizes if you can complete it, the Monsters Inc. Theatre Room and the Monsters Inc. Boo Outfit. The Poptropica creators added the Boo Outfit recently because the first prize was pretty lame.

This is a pretty hard mission. You need to collect colored cards while avoiding the guys in the yellow suits. Here’s how to do it.

First, enter the mission. Then head up and to the right past the doors that are moving on the conveyer and you’ll find one of the cards. Then go all the way to the top left by riding up the platform elevators and you’ll find the blue card. Once you get both cards, return to the platform right where you started. There are two gray objects that hold doors in place. Click on one of them and then select your blue card.

You’ll arrive inside a bedroom. Collect the two cards here and then exit the room. Then click on the gray door holder thing again and select the light blue card. You’ll be in another room. Find the orange card. Then exit the room and click on the gray door holder one more time. Select the orange card and you’ll arrive in another bedroom with a girl inside. Click on her to rescue her and end the mission.

You’ll get the theatre room and the boo outfit as rewards. The theatre room just puts you inside a room where you can watch Monster Inc. trailers. Boring! The Boo Outfit looks pretty cool, though!


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