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Monster High Sweet 1600 Walkthrough

Poptropica Monster High Draculaura Dress

A sweet dress for Monster High fans in Poptropica

There’s a new advertisement building for girl characters on Poptropica for the popular Monster High web site and game. There have been two Monster High ads on Poptropica before, including the original Monster High ad, where you were able to get a very cool outfit in the game. In this mini-mission, they’re throwing a 1600th birthday party for Draculaura and they need your help delivering the invitations. To play, enter the building, which will appear on Main Street on most islands, and then talk to the girl inside. She needs your help delivering invitations to the party. From there, you can start the mini-game in which you turn into a bat and fly through the school delivering invitations. You need to deliver the invitations to the party while avoiding the obstacles. The rewards include a bat follower and Draculaura’s Sweet 1600 Dress. The dress doesn’t disappoint, with lots of color and accessories, including a parasol to keep that nasty sunlight off! The follower is the same bat that you become while delivering invitations in the mini-game.

Take a look at the complete walkthrough here.

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  1. hi people this is turbo lightining just want see if anyone out there, just wanna chat and see whats going on

  2. Yours truly is first, well who would you expect?

  3. Oh My Goth!!!!!!! Now,i have a Count Fabulous follower♥ THANK YOU FIERCE MOON!!!! You are fangtastic!

  4. 3rd! Oh…Monster High……okay then.

  5. CandyStein, I’m sorry, but what exactly do you find so great about Monster High?

  6. 4th everdeen monster high is

  7. please explain to me why Monster High is “awesome”. Honestly, I find it slightly annoying that everyone is over-obsessed with something that is not worth being obsessed over. (Yea! FANGTASTIC! -_- seriously?)

  8. guy witch one do you like it does not tell the end 1) phineas forgets isabellas birthday isabella forgives phineas theres a new neighbor shes super hot and phineas was in love with her tomarrow was her birthday and he remembers her birthday isabella is furious 2) phineas forgets isabellas birthday isbellas meet a cute guy ferb finds out he tells phineas and he gets jealous 3) its valentines and phineas and isabella spend the whole day together but at the end of the day phineas tells isabella he likes a girl named lily

  9. what are you TALKING ABOUT?? I seriously have no idea. Oh wait..Phineas and Ferb??

  10. Well,you are different to me..And that’s clawesome!! i like Monster High’s books because i really liked the characters.. Before i discovered the dolls (i dont like dolls) And the webisodes, i like the webisodes but.. not much ._. I LOVE the books.. They explain exactly how i feel.. You read the Monster High books? Are Voltage!.. And yes.. th expressions are annoying.. The webisodes are awkward..But that my obsession! Im proud of my stupid obsession 🙂

  11. Nice answer 😀 Thnx, cause my head would’ve blown up if those expressions continued and I still had no explanation. LAWL. I agree, not specifically with the books you mentioned, but books are generally better.

  12. clawesome? fangtastic? pffffffttttttttttttt. lol

  13. the cheat on the s.o.s bout is just get on the top of the bout and push the ice block in then it will do the rest

  14. Been there,got that!if you are wondering where to find the AD it’s in wild west island.That dress and follower is so cool!thank you,firerce moon!

  15. I just lost my gold card for that one.I got a new outfit on and I can’t find it and I can’t turn off my count Fab follower!Firece Moon please tell poptropica creators that I lost some my outfit and can’t turn off my folower and can’t get it back!

  16. Aah… where do you get it???? am i too late?

  17. Hi!
    I need help with all islands on poptropica!
    If you could log into my account please help me with what ever you can!

    thanks so much


    if you log on change my character to say u were there

  18. where can i find it?

  19. u cant get it in 2012!!?? 🙁 NO WAY

  20. i looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Monster high i have all the books but i didnt finish reading all of them! i <3 monster high

  21. i want this how do you get it please tell me now ok

  22. i want to get that game but i can’t so if you now then tell me stright away ok

  23. Please Fierce Moon Which Island Should Go To The Monster High Sweet 1600 Ad?

  24. Is this monster high thing on elimited time only?

  25. They should have continued that AD until at least FEBRUARY. That was when the line accually CAME OUT. And for those of you who don’t know, I know everything about Monster High.

  26. um poptropfan just wonder but was there an episode of what you said ?

  27. i cant see it i only see tron

  28. Where is it? I’m not trying to be rude but, WHERE THE HECK IS IT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it gone or something?

  29. Shaggy Sky, I’m so with you!!! I LOVE MH and know everything about it……. but i’m not sure if you’re wrong or not. BUT MH RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aseptically Clawd and Ula D.

  30. what island is it on

  31. i love monster high especialy draculaura she is a scary cute vampire but my o wont let me bye anything of monster high nether the dolls:(

  32. When did you post this

  33. Ugh! I wish I had this costume! I love Monster High, especially Draculaura! Why, why, WHY???!!!!

  34. oh come on i been searching the island of draculaura ‘s birthday