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Minimizer and Bobblehead Powers

There are two new powers you can purchase in the Poptropica store. Each one costs 250 credits. They are the Minimizer and the Bobblehead powers. Minimizer makes you much smaller than normal–just a tiny version of your character. Bobblehead replaces your real head with one that bounces around a bit. Both of these are kind of silly but fun.

Another neat new feature of the store is the new menu. The creators added a few new options to view items in the store now that so many new costumes are available. In addition to the normal full view where the costumes march to the left and right, you can select Most Popular, Creators’ Picks, and a List version. Here is a quick screenshot of what it looks like.


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  1. fast movement

  2. awesome…do you have to become a member though??

  3. can u tell the cheats?

  4. you are so cool and neat and measy

  5. hey does the time freeze freeze you too? that would be stupid


  7. I passed all the poptropica islands I think I should be king

  8. poptropica is my favorite website

  9. I am the biggest fan of poptropica ever

  10. yes it douse freeze you.

  11. minimizer is cool do u have a cheat on how to get it without buying it?like pumpkin head?

  12. Hey i’ve seen people with NEVER closing mouths even when they r not talking how do u get it????????????????????

  13. the bubblehead was so funny

  14. No u don’t have to be a member

  15. hey im trying to turn my character back to normal but i can’t figure it out! i customized on hades and poseidon on mythology and now i can’t turn back! HELP ME!!!!

  16. and by turn back to normal i mean get the clothes that i had when i started poptropica.

  17. ok now i have another problem…….i just beat speeding spike on superpwer island and i decide that i wanted to use the hades crown and poseidons trident and i forgot i didnt have the hads crown (if i remembered i wouldn’t have tried) and now im stuck in the custscene only able to use the poeseidens trident so……once again……..HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  18. cindy you dont have to but if you are youcan get them for free:D

  19. negaman that is the problem you can not change back unless you saved that in the magic mirrors:)

  20. purple princess eh em…I DONT KNOW HOW!!!!!!!!!! I COULDNT FIGURE IT OUT!!!

  21. yes you have to become a member thank you cindy nguyen