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Midas Touch Power

There’s a new power available in the Poptropica Store called Midas Touch. It costs 250 credits to purchase, and of course Poptropica Members get it for free. You can use it on yourself or any character you see in Poptropica. Using the power makes the Poptropican turn gold with a little golden glow. Beyond that, it doesn’t do very much but it looks kind of cool!

Here is a short little YouTube video that shows how the power works:

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  1. That power is probably named after the Greek King, Midas. He wished to some god because he helped that god, so the god gave him a wish and he said that everything he touched would turn to gold. Of course, that meant food and people too! He regretted making that wish after he couldn’t eat and turned his daughter to gold after he kissed her on the cheek! He asked the go to undo this and he did, but then cursed him for being such a fool. I mean seriouly, if the god existed, I would stand with him. The ability is maybe one of the gold cards that fit with the theme of the island. Like the followers spook pack is to the Haunted House. Obviously for Mythology Island.

  2. Wow Mythoman you’re probably right!

  3. ya he is i read the story but why do members get it 4 free!

  4. Purple, they get it for free because it says that they get everything in the store, for free. Unlimited costumes, every gold card, EVERYTHING. I think that is so cool. I might get membership.

  5. yeah but ONLY 4 the period of membership then evry single thing dissapears which is why u might wanna purchase xtra membership b4 it runs out

  6. I know, I will, If I get it. It would be pretty cool getting everything in the store.

  7. it is sugardog i have a membership its sooooooooooooooooooo cool u can get everything in the shop for free its so cool you dont have to bother buying more credits so i suggust getting it the 6 month member is kinda expencive though the cheapest is the monthly membership i have the 6 month membership hope u enjoy p.s u can also get the new love potion and heart coustum free

  8. im a member its fun u get to try on everything !!!!!!1

  9. i got every thing

  10. any one a member?


  12. im a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. c’ant for valenntine’s day for the month let membership for free it is love this month

  14. Thanks Sunny, I checked so you know his whole story. Turns out I was a bit off, so here’s what really happened. There was once a satyr (half-humans half-horses) named Silenus who worshipped the god Dionysus, the god of wine and parties (who by the way, grew up with the fun-loving satyrs themselves). Once Silenus got drunk so the concerned Dionysus asked Midas to look after him. He agreed and got a wish, which was for everything he touched to turn into gold. He begged him to undo the wish after food and even his daughter turned into gold. Later, he offended Apollo and he gave him donkey ears. He hid them under his hat but they were discovered by a barber. He was sworn to secrecy but wanted to tell someone, so he dug a hole and spoke the secret into it. But then some reeds grew there and the secret came out through them. Awwwwwwwwwwwww…. No dignity for you.

  15. Do you know that I beat all the missons and they all = DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i want to become a member so badly but then i have to have a credit card and thats no fun

  17. hahaha i dont have memebership but i want it that way i can get it for free

  18. poptropica is the best i have done all of the islands on poptropica.I have to play more on 27/3/2010.

  19. if i could had a membership i will buy all i want in the store.

    and get early access to all island.

  20. poptropica is NOT dumb, its awesome! ( and so is greek mytholgy XD )

  21. i don’t have a memebrship but i have beat astro knights,confetret,spy,big nate,early poptropica,time tanged,24 carrot,shark tooth,but i can’t have a memebrship !!!!!!!!!!

  22. how do i get free islands with out memebrship. i have mltivres

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  24. who acsessed to that cave on the island?

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  26. The Midas touch is boring.everything it does is turn you to gold

  27. whoever needs help i definetlay will help

  28. princessshinegoldheart666

    it looks like they have the cheese touch!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  29. princessshinegoldheart666


  30. they should let you have free membership for completing ALL islands.

  31. I beat every island aceppted skullduggery

  32. @perfect flyer i know right?

  33. Where do you get this stuff, Mythoman?

  34. Also, I thought that satyrs were half goat and centaurs were half horse.

  35. Satyrs ARE half goat, half human. Centaurs are the ones that are half horse, half human. You should know that much……… shouldnt you?????!!!!!!

  36. that Midas thing is a waste of money u