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Light the Lantern in Poptropica Haunted House

Everyone seems to be really excited about the new Poptropica Haunted House mini-quest that just launched. In this mini-quest, you have to do a lot of puzzles and find a bunch of items to get into a big Halloween Party at the end. One of the things that people are having a tough time with is near the end. After you finally get all the items you need, you are supposed to go talk to the cat over near the kitchen on the main floor. But he tells you that you need to light the lantern first and a lot of people are getting stuck here because it’s not obvious where to go.

The answer is to go back downstairs into the cellar and head all the way over to the left. Under the cellar stairs, there is a barrel marked as Kerosene. Click on that to walk over to it and light up your lantern. Now you need to go back and talk to the cat again and then he’ll give you the final clue to go all the way outside and find the crying cherub statue. There’s a hole in the ground there now, and you can use that to get into the party.

The entrance to the party won’t appear until you’ve lit the lantern and talked to the cat again.

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  1. An EXACT replay of the Holloween-by released Haunted House.

  2. wheres the lanturn?

  3. it costs 350 credits!

  4. At julia: to get the lanturn, you have to go to the clocks and wait until they strike midnight at the same time (this takes a while)
    At: Nicholas: Correction, it costs 350 credits NOW, it used to be free 🙁

  5. the haunted house cost for 350 credits

  6. i remember it cost for 0 credits
    but its 350 credits

  7. hThis is hard cause the clocks part is hard.

  8. hey this little part of how to light the lantern was really helpful!!!! thx for it! 😀

  9. man your post are outdated its free again

  10. i love this help tthhaannkk yyuuoo 🙂

  11. So first go to the little place called film then get the lantern

  12. go to a place called film then as your light you find a lantern

  13. Yay know ho to get lantern fuel

  14. the hauntedd house is free