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Island with a Mansion

The Poptropica Creators have started to show some really early concept sketches of the newest upcoming island. Of course there’s no name yet, but we know it will include a mansion. And that’s really all they’ve told us so far. Since we’re only seeing really early sketches, this new island is probably still quite a ways off. In the meantime, the countdown for the public release of Steamworks Island continues. It will be available for everyone to play on September 9.

What do you think of the sketches of the mansion? It looks very fancy!

P.S. We moved PoptropicaSecrets.com to a brand new server tonight. Please post a comment or visit the Contact page to let us know if you see anything that’s not working right. Thanks!

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  1. First to Comment! I think it won’t be an island, it will be a mansion for Back to School!

  2. I mean mini-quest. 😳

  3. Hah! 2nd to comment! Yay me! πŸ˜€

  4. I think it might be Millionare Island or Mansion Island or something. When’s it coming out?

  5. Wow Agent X, Your blog’s background is cool. 😎 And you have a picture of sprocket!

  6. 3rd to comment! πŸ™‚ ! cool buildings.

  7. there is another building on the creators blog the title is .. ‘a cozy country estate’

  8. when i first saw the mansion i thought it looked a tiny bit like the one on counterfeit island but without the people or gargoyles or whatever those things where.

  9. 4rth to commet i agree with enveryone!

  10. I think maybe you have to solve the mystery of a robbery, because who wouldn’t want to rob a fancy mansion? (Not that I would ever do it) Kinda like counterfeit island.

  11. ayh! but…(Read the fortune cookie page) sever change? bye cbl

  12. Has anyone seen Mary? k bye…cbl

  13. hi guys im home from the studio and im so sleepy

  14. i think it will be a civil war island because those look like mansions from that time period.

  15. okay guys i am ofically leaving.
    most of you were very nice and great friends. (with the exeption of jeall)
    and jeall please if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it. i will still come here just not comment. well mabey once in a while.

  16. okay i beat spy and supper hero island and it was cool i can fly and ned noddle head is a nerd.

  17. A long time ago, Poptropica released some pictures. Some have never come out, but a few were found on new islands afterwards. Perhaps it might be a long time before this one comes out (It took a few YEARS for Reality TV to come out.)

  18. First of all a mature person wouldn’t make fun of people Jeall. So you need to close your mouth.

  19. Long time no see!!!!!!!!!!
    Wat up guys????!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hey Lin.
    Same here. TOO MUCH SCHOOLWORK,man!!!!!!!

  21. Bye Rain. It was nice knowing you.

  22. Maybe it’ll be a normal town that has secrets or an Alien Invasion comes along! Beats me.

  23. hey guys i need to tell you some thing im going to new york with justin for the mtv music award please watch it i hope they show my face you guys might see me at the mtv music award on september 9, 2010 please watch it i have long blonde hair and i will be wearing pink and brown and please if you think im ugly just tell me!!!!!!!!! im almost related to justin im like his cousin so i dont really care bye!!!!!!

  24. Sarcasticly GFY(good for you)

  25. civil war island would be awesome except they’d hav to find a way to make it in gory

  26. What Do You Think The Island Name Is Going To Be I Think Its Going To Be My House Island

  27. hmmmmmm not sure wat it is but wat is it!?!?

  28. Good morning. Going to school soon!

  29. Methinks it’s fairy tale island. It could be the title of any fairy tale that involves a mansion. I don’t think we’re short of those.

  30. i is new here so were is the cheats πŸ™‚ 8)8D

  31. i is new here so were is the cheats

  32. i agree with superman πŸ™‚

  33. on the poll on poptropica creators blog , the mansion for tuesday was my faviourte , but do we realy want something on a new island to look like the one one counterfeit island? i dont think so i want islands to be different. sorry that you had to leave rain hope you and jeall can be friends! πŸ™‚ p.s i dont know what happened i just read that rain is leaving . πŸ™

  34. I don’t know what kind of island this will be. But considering the Poptropica Creators islands have been alternating between past, present and future, like in Astro-Knights it went from a combo of past and future to present with Conterfeit and Reality TV. Then past with Mythology and Skullduggery, back to the future with Steamworks and finally past with this Victorian-era mansion. I sense a long-running pattern….

  35. Hey Super Thunder, who’s Golden Star?

  36. Let me see if I can make a new face: :demon: :mrgreenangel:

  37. hi guys hows it going so i hear theres a new island on poptropica i think it comes out for memebers on december 24, 2010 well g2g bye i might come back later peace out

  38. oh and i was talking to mary conley one meebo and she said some one is going on her account and she said stop using it because it you use it she cant go on her account any more so ya any ways bye

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  42. Wow. Kelly beiber. I dont believe you actually r cousins with justin beiber and your swimming with usher. We. R not fools.

  43. Come to DDB31. Ignore TRUSTY coyote. She’s my other player but I’ll be using super thunder

  44. suer thunder: DID THE CODE EVEN EXPIRED!?!?

  45. yea i think the code did expire , cause i tried it and it didnt work πŸ™

  46. I can’t wait for the new island to come out! πŸ™‚

  47. Or mini quest. Or whatever. :mrgreen:

  48. 😳 Never mind!

  49. Is anybody here? I’m bored. :bored:

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  51. Seriously, NOBODY?! 😑

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  55. I’m sorry everyone. I got bored of waiting.

  56. uhh why do i always come on when no one is there?

  57. hi guys i’m rains sister. i like you all but she wnats to say that she only likes cw and mathy. i like you all but she said that she also likes candy cotton and super thunder but she didn’t know them much. i don’t feel the same. you are all awsome.

  58. hi i’m jenny rains older sister. i think rain was only friendly to the people who never were mean to her. you guys just voiced your opinions though. i never agree with rain. i think you all rock. and rain only liked cw and mathy. you all
    (in my opiion) rock.

  59. Hey guys. I did mention many island suggestions a while ago. I remember. And………uh. It could be a clue island or a civil war or underground railroad island or a tale twisted island. But there are plenty more suggestions I have. If you want to hear mine………….just ask. K. I will be here for two hours so. Hurry up and ask please.

  60. Dani the Magnificent

    Anyone on here?

  61. Dani the Magnificent

    Cool. Hey Jenny do you think my brother Smart Paw rocks. Because sometimes it feels as if no one likes him. He doesn’t care. But I do.

  62. Hey Magnificent. I like Smart Paw. Well………………….I don’t really know him. but on here he a’ight.

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  64. ??? nicholas and company!!! do you all KNOW each other??!! im confused and lost in your conversations!! plaese explain.

  65. Um……….not really.

  66. I fell asleep a while ago. I’m tired.

  67. Cuddly? Danny?

  68. Quick hawk? Anyone? Smart Paw? Jeall? Khmer Girl?

  69. I remember one time. I created a guy character. I went to super power island and costumized the pink costume with the mask. So then I went to the common room and dudes must’ve thought the character was a girl. Till I took the mask off. Then no one hung out with him no more. I don’t know why I did that.

  70. Nicholas. That is really messed up. You made the dude look gay!
    Wow. Really? Wow. That is jacked up.

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  88. i dont realy know if this can happen to every poptropican but when you stand at the top of the water thing on early poptropca (excacltly on top of it) then you start to vibrate (well your character does) i dont know if it can happen to everyone but it happens to me a lot when i stand on top of it! well you can test it and see πŸ™‚

  89. it might take you some time to get excactly on top of it.

  90. oh and if you dont know what im taling about it is the big thing that drips water out of it i forgot what you cal it though ! 😳

  91. and as i said you might not get it your first few times.

  92. it easier with a jet pack.

  93. Hello Jeall. I have a question. How am i good? Do you mean I am good at figuring out things or something else? Anyway. Got a report to research.

  94. i love you kelly beiber

  95. Hi Cuddly. Or Walker. Or CW.

  96. Hm. Must have left.

  97. ? *shruggs* Uh…I JUST HAD AN IDEA!!! The boys choose what girl they would marry if we were the last people on earth…If the girls dont get the guys they cant say anything…What do U think? (Tomarrow school starts so Im havin’ the Best Last Day Of Summer Ever, so bye cbl)

  98. Finally I’m back on!!! How r u guys???

  99. Ehhh *Said at the same time as shuggs* bye cbl

  100. Ok… and no one is on… Oh well. I like the mansion. Maybe it’s a rich person who lost an important thing, and he/she lives here?

  101. ehhh.,.. My idea???: The boys choose what girl they would marry if we were the last people on earth…If the girls dont get the guys they cant say anything…What do U think? my idea?!


  103. Um………………………probably civil war or underground railroad. We would be abolitionists. As I said before with one of my ideas a while ago that CW rejected. I’m most likely right. I think I am 65% correct. And Jeall. What the snaps are you talking about?

  104. I dono… yah… probably it is… WAIT! it probably IS the underground railroad!! Ya know why???? cause poptropica is a LEARNIN” website!! it probably shows SLAVES and we will learn!! k bye cbl

  105. I said all that a long time ago. Does anyone hear me? I gave these ideas out.
    Anyway. I really hope we are abolitionists. Because any race can be one. Unlike with slaves and slave catcher. I hope it is choose your own adventure too. Because they made a book about it I believe.

  106. Can anyone see this comment if you can say your favorite color.

  107. my favorite color is none of your business.

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  109. Hi Smart Paw. Why did you create a different username. And why are talking like a valley girl.

  110. i reanted a book(Choose an adventure) It was kinda scary… Blue… I C U…. whats with the PawI’? and abolitionists??? ehh… CBL bye

  111. Like um hello. Every one who loves poptropica. Um…………………..how many like the new costume in the store because I like so totally don’t. It is so boring. Omigosh.

  112. Is that one of your sisters??//He DOES seem…girly…mabye its comein’ out!

  113. OMG thats NOT sp…That we no… now, Nicky…Ur supoosed to ask “mabye its comeing uot? Whats that supoosed to mean, Jeall?” whay arent u askin that?

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  116. Smart Paw are you gay. If you are dang it!

  117. I am the real Smart Paw. Just changed my name.

  118. I think it is ….Ill BRB… Its an impersonater

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  121. Okay. Who the heck thinks they can pretend to be me. Only I can pretend to be me. And I am not gay. I love girls. I only feel attracted to girls.

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  127. First of all that other person is impersonating me. I changed my character a while ago. Must be someone from Texas.

  128. haha! it was SP playin’ a joke! K Im doin’ my new name

  129. SPI I know who U are…But I promised I wouldnt tell so fine! sorry SP… A promise is a promise…

  130. yay! Im sawn!! (I made that up…) hello?

  131. I can see you Jeall. Or Zippy.

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  135. No “dude”. I am. I have always been.

  136. U and..Others(Who will reamain nameless) Im Jeall…always will be….soon my name will just be Zippy hero allthough Ill be called Jeall…hello?

  137. Hey Zippy. Tell this impostor who the real Smart Paw is.

  138. SP….If ur who I think U are… please…stop…or ill say who U are.err…ill say who I THINK U are.

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    Shut up Jeall. You are acting like a brat.

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  142. Just trust me. It is me. I can prove it. Hey Spy.

  143. I knoe U are U…But SPI is not know I think it is

  144. My name is Smart Paw. Well it really isn’t my name but it is my screen name.
    Hey. Why doesn’t someone ask us questions about us. The person who gets all the answers right is SP.

  145. OK thats it…The imposter is CW… Im sorry…this might be the end..like The Fortune Teller said…

  146. When was the first time we saw SP?
    Was it one.
    At a multiverse party.
    On poptropicasecrets
    Or three

  147. Uh………………..I have no idea.

  148. At a multiverse party.

  149. Wait!!1 I know how to put this at peace!! SPI what is SPs REALL name! I know(I have reasons)

  150. uh oh… multiverse party is true… SP, Ur in sudden death

  151. Nicholas

  152. Nicholas W. (I am not saying my last name.)

  153. SP? I mean not SPI? what do U say?

  154. SP,Whats Ur state? just role with it?

  155. What movie did Smart Paw see with Rachel when they went out on a date?

  156. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It began with a A right. No it began with a V right. Or was it a Q.

  157. Twilight:Eclipse
    I hate that movie. It sucked. (No pun intended.)

  158. I dont remember… wait! it was a Chic Flick…. uh…

  159. I don’t know. I must have slept through it.

  160. I got a Q: Was it just SP and rachel? Or was someone else U knew in that theater

  161. Spy is correct. It was Eclipse.

  162. What is my name?

  163. I don’t know your name. Nicholas.

  164. Nicholas real name begins with an A. That is all I will say.


  166. Smart Paw is the real Smart Paw.

  167. My mom was there.

  168. I don’t remember.
    But I do know Nicholas identity. Her name begins with An.

  169. Jeall. Smart Paw is the real Smart Paw.

  170. No! SPI Is the reall spart paw! the only question SP got right was ur name!!! they didnt even answer my Q!!! Im being all german again!!! Lebewohl!

  171. Spy. You are a fake.

  172. Guys. I am begging you. (And I don’t like to beg.) I am the real Smart Paw.
    Spy. Is someone else. I don’t know who. But I am real.

  173. Hey guys. I’m going to read the previous comments.

  174. Ich dispiese Sie Sicko’s! Auf Wiedersehen und gute riddens!

  175. Oh shut up I am real. So. You can leave.

  176. English real quick. CW, Why were U SPI? not cool!

  177. I wasn’t! Trust me this time!

  178. people know Im jeal… so does this read?

  179. Danny! Soy real. Pregunte a mi hermana. Por favor. Danny el Magnifico!

  180. Trust me Jeall. Smart Paw is real.

  181. Dani the Magnificent

    What do you want gosh. I was doing my homework.

  182. Dani the Magnificent

    Oh dios mio. Smart Paw que ha falsificado tu identidad?

  183. I SWEAR it wasn’t me this time!

  184. I don’t know.

  185. Dani the Magnificent

    If this is the real smart Paw. What am I saying?
    Firteca shamena toka seda. Fushka brulandeasa. Wehas.

  186. Gibberish.

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  188. Dani the Magnificent

    Smart PawI’ is an impostor!

  189. U know….CW… This must be the end…as The Fotune Teller said…SO… goobye…

  190. yes dani the magnicant i do

  191. Dani the Magnificent

    CW! Why did impersonate my brother! You already talked about my mom!

  192. yes i do dani. again this is jenny

  193. you guys can i tell you some hting persinol

  194. I don’t think CW impersonated your brother. And I was right.

  195. Go ahead Kelly.

  196. Jeall, it’s not me. Please trust me!

  197. I am not. Smart Paw is. Sis. You gotta believe me.

  198. Guys, Please believe me. I didn’t do it!

  199. and i cant even stop crying

  200. Oh whatever. It is out. I am the impostor. Omigosh. But I wasn’t trying to be. I just created a name and rolled with it. Gosh. Like this has been one big misunderstanding. Like I would want to be Mr. Big and Bad Smart Paw? As if!

  201. That is sad kelly. What was his name?

  202. the only thing i can do right now is pray for him

  203. And another thing. I don’t talk like “As if!” and “Whatever” and crap like that. I just talk like that on here.

  204. What is he dying from?

  205. COOL! Can’t wait for this island to come out!

  206. Hello. I want to know what is he dying from?

  207. Wait a minute you said you’re aunt took you in! In that case a godmother is only chosen by a parent. And the only way you would have known if your god-brother was dying is if your godmother told you or told you’re aunt and your aunt told you. In that case shouldn’t your godmother know where your parents are. In that case shouldn’t you be able to contact your parents.

  208. You’re story isn’t making entirely as much sense.

  209. Yah… CW,I wish I could entirely beilve U…Im gonna do my passion…Sing sad songs…for I am sad…

  210. Wait. Spy. Who are you?

  211. I only come around every 75 years
    Also the star from the sixth sense has the same name as me
    My middle name is from Greek origin and was originally given to males
    Its meaning is “defender”
    My last name is where you can borrow money
    Also a model and talk show host has the same last name as me
    Who am I?

  212. Haley Alexis Banks
    Long time no see.

  213. Hm. I’m still mad at you.

  214. You did a great job impersonating me. But not great enough.

  215. I wasn’t trying to. I was trying to have some fun.

  216. pseudonymous bosch


  217. Onyx? Onyx is a beautiful name. I planned to name my daughter, if I have a daughter Onyx Michelle. If I have a son, Orion Maxwell.

  218. I think Levi is a much better male name. Piper for a female.

  219. Stop acting like my wife.

  220. Stop acting like an immature pig!Mister cheat on my girlfriends!

  221. Whatever. At least I don’t quit every relationship I’m in.

  222. Me!?
    You’re the one who made out with Arianna last night! oh yeah. I know what you did.

  223. What!? Okay. Shut up. Before nobody’s business is everybody’s business.

  224. *humming*

  225. Fine. Let’s just let the past be the past. Truce?

  226. Truce.

  227. So um. What has been up?

  228. Not much.

  229. Like hi Super thunder. Like Omigosh. I would love to go to a room code multiverse party thingy!

  230. One quick question? How did you know all that stuff?

  231. I have my connections.

  232. ummmmmmmmmm

  233. hey guys umm my god brother just died now umm

  234. πŸ˜₯ wait i have to umm go now

  235. To ,kelly bieber, : it’s supposed to be : c r y : , not :crying: . :mrgreen:

  236. Nobody? Oh, come on! 😑

  237. You guys, come on! Or else…… πŸ‘Ώ

  238. Hello.

  239. Like OMG. Can anyone see me?
    Hey that like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo totally rhymes.

  240. Like um hello. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hello? Helly hell hell helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? Hello?

  241. oops. Not supposed to say he double hockey sticks

  242. go to the poptropica creators blog at: http://blog.poptropica.com/ to see another sneak peak of this un-known island.

  243. the new island is a dinosaur one

  244. answer me when your ready

  245. i know what the new island name is!!!!! The one after Steamworks will be called: Great Pumkin Island, i think its a weird name, its going 2 be an easy one, how do I know this? I have my ways… πŸ™‚

  246. Great Punpkin Island here we go!!!!

  247. cool ! i think dinos + poptropicas amazing graphics= cuteness! i also think poptropica should have music

  248. i am talking about smart paws riddle in the previous comments

  249. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  250. do you know how to get a poptropica membership for 1 year and get all the costumes?

  251. do you know where to get the poptropica membership for 1 year and get all the costumes?

  252. i am so mad because everyone on poptropica r laughing at me because the have year membership costumes HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP MMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. can someone tell me there room code

  254. well i cant help me i just wasted my ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS on junk!!!

  255. Minerva McGonagall

    The 2 mansion is hideous.

  256. princeess middle east

    I wonder when they are going to release the new island.I have mebership. Does anyone have an idea what they’re going to call it.Maybe dinosuar island

  257. πŸ™ i wish they could release the island. here is my multiverse code. ADX86

  258. wow o.m.g great website.

  259. The mansion’s too fancy and too new. I like old-fashioned mansions and i like best, a normal mansion to live in.