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Island Smackdown Round Two – Spy vs. Nabooti

Time Tangled Island handily defeated Shark Tooth Island in the first matchup in round two of the Poptropica Island Smackdown, where you get to vote on the best island in Poptropica. Next up are two heavyweights, Spy Island and Nabooti Island. Which one will win? Read on and then vote in the poll to decide!

Spy Island advanced to round two by defeating Super Power Island. Spy Island is one of the favorites in Poptropica–it features some very cool gadgets and a thrilling surprise ending.

Nabooti Island is based on the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. In this exciting adventure, you travel all over the continent of Africa to help the Nabooti tribe recover their treasured ancient jewels. Nabooti beat Big Nate Island to advance to round two.

Now here’s where you come in. It’s time to vote. Which of the two islands is better and deserves to advance to the final four? Place your vote now and check back soon to see who wins!

Which Island is Better?

  • Spy (76%, 2,112 Votes)
  • Nabooti (25%, 688 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,797

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  1. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Spy island!

    ————————————♥♥ Sandy ♥♥

  2. NOBOOTI! Spy was sorta boring i think, i mean in nabooti you get to travel with the plane map thingy, you get to do that beast mine car ride, theres that AWESOME bobby trapped pyramid, you get to battle goats :), and get totally beat up by those digger dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBOOTI OWNS SPY!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. Nobooti reminds of Indiana Jones and those movies are totaly tight!

  3. Spy island is AWESOME with all the cool gadgets! Like the bow tie grappling hook, and the chameleon suit!

  4. And I agree, the Indiana Jones movies are AWESOME!!!


  6. nabooti!!!!!! it is my favorite of all the islands!!!!!!!!!!

  7. SPY! It’s like, waaaaaaaay cooler than Nabooti.

  8. nabooti is SOOO better than spy! besides the spying gadgets, whats so great about spy? Nabooti is great and fun adventure, filled with excitement, thrills, action and surprise!!! spy is sort of dull, the “battle” at the end with director D. is so easy, and and Its mostly just walking around figuring out puzzles!

  9. GO NABOOTI! spy sux, naboot rox!

  10. sorry i’v posted 3 times now but i forgot to say, The main thing that makes nabooti so much better than spy, is that in spy, it’s all one boring, grey place, but in nabooti there’s exotic locations that you can visit like a tropical rain forest, a dazzeling water fall, mysterious caves, an exciting pyramid in egypt, and a hidden and very dangerous diamond mine!!!

  11. Go spy! Dude, like, you get to get pass guards and dogs, lightbeamers, and well, I should call it heights! And I did a cheat and I got extra credits just for that!

  12. I’d rather have spy win! Nabooti’s cell phone tricks;
    Santa Claus? For Christmas. The nerdy brain? Nerds would need that. Police officer? Go to Super Hero island! Who would want something like those? Spy should win!

  13. indiana jones, you are SO right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Go nabooti! I like spy too, but nabooti is better!

  15. hmmm……. both are great. hard to choose 😛

  16. has anyone heard of wizard101 if anyone has any unwanted high level accounts here plz give them to me

  17. i love nabooti better
    she love it too

  18. Spy Island. Definitley. It is cooler than Nabooti because Spy Island has alot of cool high tech stuff and Nabooti just sounds like the name of a person’s rear end.

  19. okay pplz, i have a contest, i am going to tell you a username and password, and whoever logs in and changes the password wins! and gets to keep the account. figure out what the time on this thing is compared to where you live because i will tell you at exactly 11:20 on this clock. so get ready!

  20. make that 11:30

  21. okay, further delaymentit will be at 12:00. for sure.

  22. is anybody going to do it? because i will not put it up unless 3 or more people are going to try, the account has 150 credits.

  23. sorry, 225.

  24. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    I’m gonna try.

  25. I will do it!!!!!!!!!

  26. When is this going to happen? I’m bored out of my mind!!!!!!!

  27. Polly the awesome girl

    Happy 5 hours and 2 minutes before the ball drops for 2011! I want Nabooti to win! Much more fun to play.

  28. Polly the awesome girl

    It also sounds like a booti! Bootie means butt! That’s also why I chose it!

  29. Happy New Year Eve!! go spy!! Hi Sandy, POLLY, Reheat, Nessabc!! 😀

  30. thanks rough horse! NABOOTI!!! vote for Nabooti!!!

  31. Spy Because Nabooti Is To Long I Think I Looks So Boring

  32. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Happy New Year’s Eve to you to!

    ————————————♥♥ Sandy ♥♥

  33. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Oops, I mean too.

  34. indiana jones is soooooooooo awsome as almost everybodyI hope nabooti wins

  35. happy new years eve!!!! and go nabooti!!

  36. Spy! But Nabooti?Hahahaha! :’D

  37. A million XOXOXOs to spy!:)

  38. Super spy! Beside Nabooti should be called Nabooti Kicker! :’)

  39. Spy 比 Nabooti 个 好! (Spy is better than Nabooti!) :p (I’m a chinese person!)

  40. You know Nabooti is pronounced Nai bu i. Both I’s are pronounced like the two e’s in sleep.

  41. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Almost 2011!

  42. GO NABOOTI!!!

  43. Three more minutes!

  44. It’s 2011!!!!!!!

  45. ok …..HERES A CONTEST………i [perfectgost1] will be in chat rooms crying and u will have to find me and post on here soo when u do i will check and see if u posted the right place that i was i might picku and u haveto play a game with me and win and if u win this contest u get a acout with lots of cretits so oooooooo go

    hint-my first spot is spy island so hurry i wil be moving

  46. and gooooooooo by the way go spy island

  47. 2011!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. Hey, Nabooti, guess what?
    U-G-L-Y! You ain’t got any aliby! You ugly! Yeah, you ugly!
    D-U-M-B! You don’t have a clever brain! Yeah you dumb!
    M-A-M-A! What are you crying for? Yeah your mama!
    :p :’D

  50. White Dragon Girl


  51. Happy two zero one one! P.S. I saw the ball drop.

  52. White Dragon Girl

    No one could see my comments ever since Christmas… 😥

    So now that I can comment, here are my words of wisdom:
    Ok, so it was obvious time tangled would win… but this round is difficult for me.
    Nabooti is awesome. Indiana Jones has a point with the colors thing and all. I really like Nabooti, talking to ghosts, stealing stuff from bad guys, and maybe playing a mean game of mancala. But for me, once your done with it, there’s no point going back there. Sometimes I go back to islands to battle, or customize, but for me, once your done with nabooti, that’s just it…
    As for Spy, it was alot of fun with the gadgets and all that. Maybe kinda similar with counterfeit, you know, the whole “finding out who did it” thing, but overall it was really cool. Jumping (or should I say swinging) on skyscrapers, sneaking out of restaurants partnered with evil forces, and saving all of poptropica’s head of hair (except for the bald…) was in fact the best parts of it. But it does seem gloomy when you solve the island. And the boss battle was pretty simple. Though Nabooti didn’t even have a boss battle, just puzzles and … yeeaahhh.

    I’m not gonna vote though. No point for me voting; I’m not gonna vote for one (cuz I like the other) and voting for both doesn’t change anything. I’m just gonna leave it up to you guys…

  53. White Dragon Girl

    Darn, I couldn’t see the ball drop. I was disappointed, considering I’ve never missed it before.
    Well, until I was nine, that is…

  54. White Dragon Girl

    … Just to let ya’ll know, I’m changing my name. I’m looking right now…

  55. Ok, does anybody have this name? Because I’m claiming it.
    (White Dragon Girl)

  56. White Dragon Girl

    Ok, what about Esoteric Phoenix?

  57. White Dragon Girl

    Unfortunately though, in that name, the comments aren’t showing… 🙁

  58. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Not bad…

  59. White Dragon Girl

    Too bad White Dragon is common… Looks like Spy is probably gonna win, unless each Nabooti voter votes again 20 times. I’m not sure that’ll happen though…

  60. spy island PWNS nabooti!

  61. I’d kick Nabooti’s booti if spy didn’t win!

  62. White Dragon 2 STOLE my account and made it ugly!! Go to http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/ and type in Uspace88.

  63. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    PJ: I did that.

  64. White Dragon Girl

    I really need to change my name. Whenever someone says “White Dragon 2”, I think you’re talking about me!!! 😥
    Well, I’m glad you aren’t! 🙂

  65. White Dragon Girl

    S,TTYOG, why did you do that? Isn’t it bad to change other accounts? But then again, I tricked my sibling into thinking I hacked someone’s account when it was my own… :laugh:

  66. Esoteric Phoenix

    WHY ARE NOT MY COMMENTS SHOWING?!?!?!?!?!?!??? 😡 😥 :happy: :love:

  67. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    I dunno. But she did just give it away. And I do like hacking accounts; I hacked my friend Jeanellee’s account.

  68. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Party! DEL74

  69. ok the winner will be either
    1. Steamworks
    2. Counterfeitt
    3. Mythology.

    i think steamworks will win, but i hope counterfett does

  70. White Dragon Girl

    I hope Counterfeit wins too. :thumbsup:

  71. Esoteric Phoenix

    I hope Counterfeit wins too. 😉

  72. Polly the awesome girl

    u r mean, greedy storm, and hi Popular Jumper!

  73. Polly the awesome girl

    Go! Mythology!!

  74. Polly the awesome girl

    It actually looks nice, Popular Jumper. I like the braids with the curls, earrings{ horrible}, star necklace{pretty}, and outfit,{cute}!

  75. I’m wondering how old everyone here is.. I feel like I’m too old to play poptropica xD

  76. NABOOTI KICKS SPY”S SKINNY LIL’ BOOTI!! Go Nabooti! Spy is boring, Nabooti is am awesoem adventure, full of excitement, thrills, and surprises!!!!!!

  77. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Who wants to party? Go to AMV61!

  78. We don’t have a contest against Steamworks,Counterfeit,and Mythology, polly the undignified girl. We have a contest between spy and nabooti. Spy still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Look! A little kitty!

    (゚、 。 7
    l、 ~ヽ

  80. ainsley,the girl who steals

    hey yall what up oh and sandy the ten year old girl that was mean and popular jumper how do u make an acount like that

  81. Ummm, I don’t see a kitty Sandy!

  82. i luv copying others clothing! if you have a blabber mouth as your mouth, please come to the early poptropica SODA POP SHOP, thank you!!! PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS, and most importantly CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Hie! I got back on facebook!! Angel is my friend. She’s on the up right corner. I’m bad with my left and rights. I showed her poptropicasecrets.com! =) ~Cheerful~

  84. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Psophia: You can’t see the kitty? It’s right over ———————————-
    (゚、 。 7
    l、 ~ヽ


  85. Olivia the Awesome Octopus

    Spy I enjoyed sooooo much better then Nabooti maybe because It was my first Island or maybe because I was obsessed with spys at the time or maybe because it’s just better. Anyways happy birthday earth! Your older then two thousand and eleven!

  86. this island smackdown takes to long.. hurry up pc+s!!!!

  87. Oh, now I do!!!!! BTW, you should check out Super Thunder’s blog. I am an author on it! My picture is the one that looks like Super Thunder’s execpt it is gold. If you go on it, please take the polls. We love your feedback!!!

  88. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    I like both Spy and Nabooti, but I prefer Spy.
    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

    (゚、 。 7
    l、 ~ヽ

    ╔╝╚╗♥╚╣║║║║╠╣ ♥PeAcE♥

  89. Sandy, the Ten year old girl

    Oh yeah, forgot the bunny.

    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

    (゚、 。 7
    l、 ~ヽ

    ╔╝╚╗♥╚╣║║║║╠╣ ♥PeAcE♥


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  90. Polly the awesome girl

    that’s cool as a cooler with more ice in it, Sandy girl! and by the way, psophia, BTW, you should check out Super Thunder’s blog? What website was that?

  91. NOBOOTI! Spy was sorta boring i think, i mean in nabooti you get to travel with the plane map thingy, you get to do that beast mine car ride, theres that AWESOME bobby trapped pyramid, you get to battle goats , and get totally beat up by those digger dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBOOTI OWNS SPY!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. Nobooti reminds of Indiana Jones and those movies are totally AWESOME!!


  92. nabooti is SOOO better than spy! besides the spying gadgets, whats so great about spy? Nabooti is great and fun/exotic adventure, filled with excitement, thrills, action and surprise 🙂 !!! spy is sort of dull, the “battle” at the end with director D. is SO easy, and and Its mostly just walking around figuring out puzzles!

  93. everyone go to avatar studio http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/ and type in “paperimp” to see my awesome Indiana Jones costume i put together! 🙂

  94. wher did you get the indiana jones costum.

  95. and i forgot the e on costume

  96. forgot to vote but if i did, it has to be spy!!!!!!

  97. I got the hat,under shirt, and satchel, from the guy named Vincent in Nabooti, and i got the jacket from some random guy in a mutiverse room, and the pants i had from the beginning! i took me about a tear to assemble it, but i love it, and it was well worth the wait!!!

  98. princeess middle east

    I want Steamworks to win.Come on Steamworks

  99. steamworks rocks!!!!!!

  100. Down thing, part two of my other post.

    Spy: 🙁

    It’s so hard and the people there couldn’t figure out it was the director! I knew it before the mystery was solved! This island has to be more though out and SUPER low for Poptropica creators! Try to come up with a better moral! This moral is: Make people bald. Did I mention THIS LOW FOR YOUNGER KIDS?

    Nabooti: 🙁

    It’s also hard! The mini-islands on here are easy and, on mountains of the moon, the rock keeps hitting me and the goat is annoying. It butts me in the head! Nabooti’s style is lame and, don’t get me wrong, I’m a black person but, DO ALL THE PEOPLE THERE HAVE TO BE BLACK?! Nabooti’s moral is: Steal and find. NOT NICE TO YOUNGER KIDS!

  101. go spy island! i won you 12 times by macking sooo many acounts!

  102. Hmm.. Nabooti is too Hard…Spy island is 2nd of my favorite island!

  103. I say Spy Island because all the gadgets and the agent stuff.Also I like it how Poptropica made Director D. all behind the laser hair removal.

  104. nabooti island so will win

  105. nabooti has so many island just to make it hard