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Island Smackdown – Astro-Knights vs. Counterfeit

We’re almost through the first round of the Poptropica Island Smackdown, where once and for all we’ll settle the question of which island is the best in all of Poptropica (well, at least until they release the new one!) The competition has been fierce so far, with clear winners in each of the contests. Here’s a chart that shows all the first round competition leading up to the “Final Four.”

Poptropica Island Smackdown Chart

Here's the standings after several competitions in the first round of the Smackdown.

The next competition is between two favorites from last year: Astro-Knights Island and Counterfeit Island. Astro-Knights hit the scene in the summer of 2009 and was one of the most imaginative (and long!) quests released. Counterfeit Island came out in December of 2009. There was very little fanfare leading up to the release and most of us were expecting Reality TV Island. But this was a pleasant surprise. Counterfeit Island was shrouded in mystery and full of exciting twists and turns. Both of these quests featured very tough boss fights at the end.

But which one was better? It’s your turn to decide. Read the summaries and then vote below to determine which one will survive to the next round.

Astro-Knights Island

Astro-Knights arrived in the late Spring of 2009 and was at the time by far the most ambitious and complex Poptropica Island. It brought together a Medieval knights of the round table setting with futuristic space travel. In this quest, you need to rescue the Princess, who has been kidnapped by Mordred, also known as the Binary Bard. During the quest, you travel to different planets to rescue the other knights who attempted to rescue her but failed. Finally, you take on Mordred himself in one of the toughest boss fights in the game. Astro-Knights is a difficult and challenging island but very fun to play.

Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Island arrived in December of 2009 after a series of sneak peeks were posted on the official Poptropica blog featuring Comic Kid exploring the new island. In this mysterious quest, you need to find out who’s behind a plot to steal some of the world’s most valuable art. There are many twists and turns and huge surprises in this island. You never really know who to trust or what’s going on! Counterfeit Island featured a very fun chase sequence riding aboard scooters, an extremely cool part where you had to travel to another island on Poptropica as part of the story, and a big surprise at the end when the identity of the villain was revealed. It also featured one of the more difficult boss fights in the game. For sheer surprises and fun, Counterfeit Island scores big!

Let’s Vote

As exciting as both Astro-Knights and Counterfeit Island are, only one can advance to the next round in the Poptropica Island Smackdown. Which one do you think it should be? Vote below to send one island to the next competition and the other one packing. Vote now because this poll will close soon!

Which Island is Better?

  • Counterfeit (53%, 542 Votes)
  • Astro-Knights (48%, 487 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,022

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  1. yay Astro-Knights is winning!

  2. 8)
    :S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 👿
    😉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Counterfeit is winning!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OMG I CAN’T believe just HOW many people voted 4 Astro Knights


  7. AK is WAY better…
    It’s challenging…

  8. another thing…
    HH isn’t really an “island”
    i think you should make that one between GP and Cryptids when it comes for non members…

  9. it would take too long to wait

  10. oh i think that astro knights is a lot of fun

  11. ANYONE HERE?????????

  12. i like counterfeit better

  13. counterfeit rules!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yay Counterfeit rocks!!!!😀

  15. Astro knights belive it or not i was the first to beat i beat it in 10 min when the early access pass came out


  17. OOPS, 😳 i mean “GO ASTRO KNIGHTS!:D 😀 😀 :D”

  18. OOPS 😳 again, i mean “GO ASTRO KNIGHTS! 😀 😀 😀 😀 ”

  19. counterfiet is winning! 😡 👿 😡 👿 !!!!!!!!

  20. wow this is closer than other smackdowns XD

  21. i mean 😀 and 😛

  22. I’m going to try to get an icon

  23. i mean astro knights was fun but in counterfeit you get to ride a scooter…. Ya ya i know there is a rocket but in counterfeit you get to be a full detective.. 😀 but yes i agree astro knights was more challenging so yeah 🙂

  24. actually, dizzydee, that would be dumb, because people ALWAYS think the newest island is best, then the winner would be clear.AND the smackdown is between the 2 halloween islands, duh.

  25. yall! astroknights has to pull through!!!

  26. GO COUNTERFEIT!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  27. I, too, want Counterfeit to win.

  28. Go Counterfeit!!!!

  29. my faverite island is great pumpkin island so far-maybe it will be cryptids!

  30. GO COUNTERFIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE COUNTERFIET

  31. Wow it’s hard for me to choose. Counterfeit and Astro-Knights are both my favorite 😆 but I chose Counterfeit anyway… :shy:


  33. ok so when they have the vote between HH and GP i’m definetly voting GP cuz HH isn’t an island plus it’s WAAAAY to short. anyone agree with me?


  35. wow 603 people have voted? well actually it probably went up about 30 more votes just while i’m typing this and your reading this.

  36. hey srry to be off-subject but how do you set a profile picture on your comments?

  37. Go Counterfeit! That is my fav island!

  38. Yes. Even though Mythology has an awesome ring to it, I think Counterfeit will win first place.

  39. i heat Astro-Knights 🙄

  40. 😡 Super thunder. You beat me!
    but not this time! I will lose my mind if i have too! *laugh hysterically*

  41. that is so cool right

  42. ❓
    Wow. Nicholas. Calm down.

  43. I hope counterfeit wins!

  44. HEY-HEY, guys and gals! Whats up! (sarcastic answer: THE SKY)

  45. I dun like losing, so I vote for both. 😛

  46. @Nicholas
    Your scarier than the one at my school. Are him? O_o

  47. I mean are you him?

  48. you can search for nessie again the same day!!!
    just log out and sign in and you can search again! do it as many times as you like

  49. omg i think i saw nessie’s tail! i guess that doesn’t count though.so while i was looking through the view finder on all my charectars i saw a black dog named sparky,a spotted dog named rusty, a poptropican i a sail boat, a floating carrot,a bag of popcorn,a seagull, so+me other kind of sea bird that had a really thick beak, a poptropican in a jet plane,blue fish, greenfish, and rocks. i am not kidding. i seriously saw all this stuff through the view thing on poptropica.let me know if you’ve seen anything that’s not on my long list of stuff. especially if it’s nessie! oh yeah and the carrot was floating in the water not in mid air. and the way i know the dogs’ names is cuz the times i saw them the scottish or irish r something guy told me the names. wow this is long.

  50. i saw tire wheels, balloon boy, hot air balloon, creepy black dog, helicopter, staemboat, sailboat, fish, popcorn and some carrots

  51. astroknights island is coming back…. this is tense 🙂

  52. @WickedHeart07 Uh no. Just competitive. and I’m not a male.


    hey you guys BALLOON BOY IS SAVED!!!! 🙂 in the new island sneek peek when your looking for nessie he is in a air balloon!!!! 🙂

  54. Counterfeit is my all time favourite outfit. I so hope it wins.

  55. I mean Island ( not outfit)!!!! *blushes* sorry!


  57. Oops, I MEANT that Astro Knights is still far behind Counterfeit, not ALMOST BEATING it.

  58. Wow, Lucky Ice, do you have problem with SIGHT SEEING ABILITIES? Plus I thought you hated ASTRO KNIGHTS?

    Ha ha!

  59. mynameisluckyicebutichangedittodizzyclawsomynameisdizzyclawafterall(phew!)

    White Sword! You beat me in Counterfeit! I’ll see about that in Astro Knights!

  60. mynameisluckyicebutichangedittodizzyclawsomynameisdizzyclawafterall(phew!)

    ?_? Agent Sword! You were so slow in completing Spy! Mwah Hah Hah Hah! Are you an “Agent” after all?

  61. omg i did not know that there was a website like this i cant find nessie they dont giv me enuogh time or anything

  62. theyve had it for a while

  63. did counterfet win?

  64. Oh no! Astro knights is really almost beating Counterfeit now!

  65. Well I guess your right, lucky icy!~

  66. i ove countferreit

  67. yo, this is totally embarassing!!!!!!!!! i cant get out of the brain monster place at the end of steamworks. i kow if you saw my posts on skullduggery forever ago, you know im supposed to be good at it. yeah at SKULLDUGGERY! some expert tell me your email adress and i will give you my password to poptropica so i can get out of this mess and have some actual fun!

  68. when i said kow i meant know. i better hear some reports by tomorrow morning!

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  72. if you adopted a pet in the last 4 months then this will work.
    go to poptropica.com/avatarstudio and for the username type in directerd20.

    there is a picture of him. At first he will be named invisible bee but once you see the link type in mynewpuppy instead of the code. example http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?mynewpuppy then at the end add his or her name. it will load for a second and then an animal will come up. if you do a fake name this will not work. i got funny hawk but he has the word hawk. all of the links you do will have an animal if you havent named him or her yet do mynewpuppy or mynewpet instead of your pet’s name. it will usaully come up as the same one, funny hawk.

  73. i choose astro-knights



  74. silver dragon AKA izaiah

    me think that skulldugery should wn ageinst steamworks.

  75. poptropica quiz! queistion : i am mean bad and i live in couterfeit island who am i?

  76. blue rider is Black Widow

    I AM THE REAL SUPER SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 😯 😯