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Is the New Island Called Steamship Island?

Yesterday the Poptropica Creators posted another sneak peek screenshot of the multi-tool. This time the picture was in color. But more on that later. The really interesting part is that the image filename is steamshipmultitool2.png. Many times, the Poptropica Creators include the island name in the filename of the screenshots, even before the island is released.

So could this be the new name of the upcoming Poptropica Island? Steamship Island? We’ll have to wait until Friday to find out for certain, but this looks like it really could be the name.

Now, about that multi-tool. Besides being a final color version of the sketch they provided before, we don’t learn much other than it will be one of a few inventory items that you use in this quest and that the “multi” in the name means it has lots of different uses, so you’re probably going to rely on it several times during the adventure.

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  1. first to comment. mabey they are trying to trick us. they know we can be pretty smart about this

  2. I take back what I said in the previous post. This could mean that everything on the island could be powered by steam. Infact, if the name of the island really is Steamship Island, then Steamship Island may not even be an island at all! It could be just one big steamship! Also, in the creators blog, they said we would have a “blast” using the new tool. Could it include a gun of some sort?

  3. I’m sure this is real, because I found this at poptropica help blog ;] its all proven! Also anyone care to come to my place then type the code: DWD12

  4. Also it could be a island all about steamships!
    Mabye you have to help fix the steamship for a pirate or som sort.
    Then you have to find or trade to get the multi tool to fix it.
    But you didnt know he was evil, so you get some other type of boat to chase after him like you do in superpower when ur chasing betty jetty & on the Dispicable Me advertisement!
    So you use the other multi tool to take apart the ship and win VICTORY!!

  5. Its just a machine that most likely helps you with a steamship or something with steam.

  6. no, i dont think its called steamship island, it just doesnt click. plus there is a very small chance that it would actually be called steamship island

  7. or maybe it is. i dont know but dont blame me if it is cause i dont know ok??!!!! im just excited for the new island, i dont care what the name is

  8. maybe it is a tool that you are supposed to use on a steam ship or maybe like mathmoticious said, they are just trying to trick us

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  10. hey, you know the multiverse rooms in poptropica? well ive tried like 20 codes but they just say “there are no rooms matching your entry”. Maybe its just cause the person is not in their room at the time. i dont know someone please explain to me

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  17. Hmm steamship?
    Maybe the ship Steaming Fury from Skullduggery Island will appear again?

  18. oh i didnt notice. sorry the cab 10145, but you have to admit, its just a smiley face(no offense)

  19. I do not think it’s going to be called “Steamship Island”. Read the next post to see my opinion.

  20. well, we’ll find out tomorrow

  21. i agree its just a ☺

  22. can’t wait

  23. come on!!! bring out the name of the new island already!!! it’s friday and i’m waiting!!! i go on vacation to south carolina next week.

  24. I’ve been having some problems on the new island, Skullduggery. I got a tip that said to sell all my inventory at the trade center, right? Well, I did, and then later it would take away all my dubloons, so I couldn’t get a loan at the one dock. Help please! 🙁

  25. why is ever body basing there guesses of a steam ship? its only a guess that its called steam ship island.

  26. also i agree with cuddly walker

  27. actually, its not a total guess. the filename of the image was steamshipmultitool2.png

  28. I really do hope that @&%$ (sorry) island pops up soon, I’m getting bored with nothing to do.

  29. its steamworks island lol

  30. it really is steamworks island

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  43. it steamworks island

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  45. When is the new island going to release?

  46. heyy ok so how do your get doubloons realllllllyyyy fast on skullduggery island?? cuz i heard that there was a cheat for a million or something but idk what it is ahhh help

  47. oh is there a way to get alot of outfits for free that dont have the free sign in the corner>?

  48. HELP MEE!!! my mech is stuck in a corner and i can’t get in it! how do i get in? its the only way to pass!!!!!!! 🙁

  49. the islands name is steam works island i am almost finshed it because i am a member

  50. I need to know how to make the steam-path

  51. I have finished all poptropican islands