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Is A Monster Island Coming?

One of the greatest mysteries in Poptropica History is the strange tale of Monster Carnival Island. This island was promoted briefly in the early days of Poptropica, but never launched. It was then forgotten completely until the Creators posted an old sketch of the island last year in the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop.

And now, if you’ve been paying close attention to the newest screenshots appearing in Sneak Peeks, you’ll find that a lot of them hint at an island filled with monsters. The carnival theme is gone, but there are plenty of monsters showing up in the concept art and screenshots for the new island. Specifically, there are a lot of vampire and werewolves. So will we be seeing a Monster Island after all? Perhaps a little Vampires vs. Werewolves action, a la Twilight? Let’s take a look at some of the clues that you’ll find from the latest sneak peeks.

A Tomb

Rest Easy

It's a vine time to take a long nap.

One of the screenshots features a tomb with a statue and an engraving that reads, MEMINERUNT OMNIA AMANTES (the V is actually a U. Stone engravers often carved a U as a V because it’s easier to make straight lines). This phrase is in Latin and translates to, Lovers remember all. Could this be a tomb for a vampire?

Monster Chemicals

Chemicals Between Us

Mix and match. What could go wrong?

Another screenshot features a chemical mixing scene where you add drops of certain chemicals to what appears to be a slide under a microscope. The chemicals are Mandrake Root, Wilted Wolfsbane, and Garlic Extract. Wolfsbane supposedly repels werewolves and Garlic repels vampires. Mandrake is also a plant with several supposed magical properties. Perhaps part of this new island involves getting rid of pesky monsters.

Life’s a Stage

Some of the screenshots show a play or movie about Vampires. One has a theatre out in the boonies. The performance at the theatre is called, Young Vampires in Love and another screenshot shows characters from the new island. Some of them look a lot like vampires!

Character Actors

A few new Poptropicans for you to meet.

Hot Tickets

You don't get a first-run theater out here in the boonies.

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  3. guys witch one do you like it does not tell the end 1) phineas forgets isabellas birthday isabella forgives phineas theres a new neighbor shes super hot and phineas was in love with her tomarrow was her birthday and he remembers her birthday isabella is furious 2) phineas forgets isabellas birthday isbellas meet a cute guy ferb finds out he tells phineas and he gets jealous 3) its valentines and phineas and isabella spend the whole day together but at the end of the day phineas tells isabella he likes a girl named lily

  4. Poptropfan -_- seems like you like disney channel more than Poptropica…

  5. i did some research and the characters (human characters) of this island theyre clothing looks Romanian it also has the fact that Dracula (Vlad III Dracula also known as Vlad the impaler) real person who ruled Romania supposedly around the 1400 while defending his fathers and his kingdom from the ottomans Transylvania which is a region in Romania in which he was born and raised. anyway he was nicknamed Vlad the impaler because that was his favorite way to execute people anyway from the looks of it vampires are riing out in Romania and youy need a way to stop them or else which would explain alot.

  6. so basicly Vlad the impaler or Vlad the third dracula was a real bad guy and draco is latin for dragon and his father was a member of the order of the dragon and he made Vlad join at early life and Drac is Romanian for the devil

  7. everdeen its true but i still luv poptropica

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  9. sorry *n’Γͺtre pas

  10. I want it to come too! I think it’s a friends thing… I hope so!

  11. A friends thing? In what way?

  12. Vampires vs. Werewolves? Clawesome.. or Fangtastic.. Ok, Voltage.
    They are cool.. But the headless horseman and Frankenstein still are the best monsters!!
    Ps: Everdeen i response you in the last post πŸ™‚

  13. Sup peeps…. REMEMBER ME?!??!

  14. OH I GET IT. Yea, i do hope there is a friends option. T’would be funner. *more fun. πŸ˜€

  15. I think its a play-off of the movie Van Helsing, a monster hunter. He gose off to Transilvania to hunt down Count Dracula who wants to create vampire children using Dr. Frankenstiens machinery. (Hint to the screenshot of the guy in the lab)
    While battling with Dracula he is suddenly transformed into a werewolf.

  16. i wish the vampire or werewolves can bite us so we can just be like them

    PS. am wearing Draculara’s 1600 dress (in poptropica ofcourse

  17. how do you put a picture in the thing? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  18. sorry am always commenting at the same time but am so hyper cause this new island is coming and there’s vampires on it and i <3 vampires

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  20. i love vampires

  21. i so hope its vampires vs werewolves! i luv werewolves personally. if we’re hunting them im gonna b sad and happy at the same time i luv this stuff

  22. I luv vampires

  23. werewolves are beast! (no pun intended)

  24. vanpires bite. (okay, that was totally intended.

  25. duhhh
    u posted about the island a while ago, they read about it bcaz this is the top poptropica website, and are trying againg

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  30. Can’t Wait for a new Island!

  31. wow how could poptropica possibly have enough room on the map to make more islands!!!???!?!??!?
    what are they going to do make another map?!?!?!?!?

  32. we need a island like this, its good for twilight fans and maybe people who want to read twilight but their MOMS DONT LET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hmph : [
    as i was saying i also like monster stories
    ghost story island was kinda sad though, i started to cry
    and yea, how will they fit all the maps
    are they going to make “page 2”!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

  33. The map used to be really small. They’ll just expand it (again)

  34. Just let monster carnival island come out!

  35. It might show up after feburary on the map.

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