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Inside Steamworks – The Old Vine

I’m continuing this series of shorter walkthrough posts for Poptropica Steamworks Island. After reading through the comments on my Poptropica Cheats for Steamworks Island Post and on the Youtube video, a lot of people are saying that they’re having problems finding the old vine in Steamworks. You’ll need the old vine to defeat the plant monster hiding in the sewers beneath the hatch. And of course you’ll need to defeat him to get down to the elevator engine so that you can power it back up.

Finding the old vine is very easy and it’s one of the first things you can do on this quest. You’ll find it in Gear Alley, which is the zone just to the left of the Main Street area where you start. Run left past the Living Quarters building until you see a green steam vent right above street level. Jump up on this to ride it to the roof of this building.

Poptropica Steamworks Island Old Vine Step 1

You're going to ride this steam vent to get to the roof.

Once you land on the roof, there’s the old vine sitting on top of it just waiting for you to pick it up and place it in your backpack.

Poptropica Steamworks Old Vine Step 2

The old vine is up here on the roof.

Once you’ve found Sprocket the robot and obtained the Robot Crab, you’ll enter the hatch and descend into the sewers below. Here’s where you’ll use the old vine to grab the steam pipe and defeat the plant monster blocking your path.

Using the Old Vine in Steamworks Island

Eat steam, Plant Monster!

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