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Inside Steamworks – The Hatch

Hey everyone, the public launch of Steamworks Island is only a few days away and that means soon everyone will be able to play the latest island on Poptropica. Yay! Hopefully you’ve already read through my Poptropica Cheats for Steamworks Island walkthrough and seen the Steamworks walkthrough video on Youtube. They cover everything you need to do to beat Steamworks Island.

But since not everyone has the time or need to watch the entire walkthrough, I decided to highlight some of the harder parts of Steamworks Island this week and write-up some mini-guides that cover some of the more challenging parts of the island. We’ll start with one of the first things you’ll come across on the island: the Hatch.

The Hatch is located in the Hub zone, which is just to the right of the Main Street area. When you first come across it, you’ll see that it’s glowing red-hot and if you touch it, you’ll bounce off with a big “Ouch!” You can still jump over it, but you cannot open it and go inside. You’ll soon discover that’s something you’re going to need to do, so finding a solution to opening the hatch is a top priority.

Hatch too Hot in Poptropica Steamworks Island

The hatch is too hot to touch or open.

The key is finding something to cool it down, and nothing cools down hot surfaces like water. But where can you find water? The key is the Robot Crab, which you’ll find up by the Living Quarters in Gear Alley. Jump on top of him to pick him up and you’ll also get the key to Sully’s shop. This is important, because you’ll need to get into Sully’s shop for the second part of the solution.

The Robot Crab has a little dome on the top with water inside. But you can’t open the dome by yourself to get the water out. For that, you’re going to need help from another robot, Sprocket. To find him, go inside Sully’s shop and ring the bell on the desk. He’ll wake up and then start following you around. Simply go back to the Hatch and then open your backpack. Click on Use on the Robot Crab card and then Sprocket will take it from you, fly high in the air, and drop the poor little Robot Crab onto the Hatch. The glass will break with a Splat and the water will cool down the Hatch, allowing you to open it and go inside.

Sprocket drops the Robot Crab onto the Hatch

Sprocket gives the Robot Crab the old heave-ho. Poor little guy.

There’s the solution to opening the hatch. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting more Steamworks Island hints and tricks over the next few days. Remember, it opens up to the public on Thursday, September 9!

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