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I Like Pie!

First, I want to personally thank the Poptropica Creators for giving me three new costumes to wear for upcoming island walkthrough videos. The Large Fries and Hamburger costumes can now officially be retired, because I like Pie! Really, I do.

Yup, to celebrate Pi Day, 3/14 (the mathematical number Pi is often abbreviated at 3.14), the Poptropica Store now has not one, but three new food costumes available. They’re all slices of pie. The three costumes in the new Sweet As Pie collection are as follows:

  • Mud Pie – Watch out for the worms.
  • Lemon Meringue – Lemon Meringuey, sweet, yet tangy.
  • Cherry – My oh my.

A nice touch is that the “hat” for each of the costumes is a dollop of whipped cream. The costumes don’t have any special moves triggered by the space bar, but the cherry pie features some nice dripping action.

Grab some pie today!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. eva the 8 year old kid

    1st again!

  2. eva the 8 year old kid

    ok i was first on 3 posts in a row

  3. eva the 8 year old kid

    do you know a thing in the poptropica store for 50 credits?

  4. eva the 8 year old kid

    i need a account with at least 75 credits on it

  5. eva the 8 year old kid


  6. eva the 8 year old kid


  7. eva the 8 year old kid

    i want a poptropica account with credits on it

  8. Make a new account and beat the easiest islands, that’s what I do

  9. Incredible Thunder

    Plus if you save for the first timeyou get 75 credits.

  10. We had pie at school in honor of this yesterday

  11. I memorized 3.141592653589793238463643383279502… that iss as far as I remember.

  12. Ok seriously i can’t believe a saying that i made up has become so famous…. I like pie… no one may believe me but at least i will know…

  13. mmmm. i <3 pie!!!

  14. Hi, Fierce Moon! I’ve been thinking of starting a Poptropica Fashion Blog. Here is the summary:
    Ever been trying to save up a few hundred credits? And when you DO have a few hundred credits, you can’t decide what to buy? Well, wonder no more! PFB (not the official name) sure can help you! Okay. How many of you look forward to Mondays? I’m guessing not alot. SO, PFB features a Costume Of The Week every Monday, so you can have something to look forward to! And no, they don’t have to be an official item in the store. They could be costumized or mixed. And you can vote!
    Oh and what should i call it?

  15. dont click on any of the links they are just made up websites

  16. I have got to get at least about 75 credits….

  17. Hey Dizzy Snowball, that sounds like a great idea. You should also think about becoming an official Fashion Reporter here on PoptropicaSecrets.com. I’m looking for a new person to help out!

  18. eva the 8 year old kid

    i want to be one to!

  19. eva the 8 year old kid

    i have tons of ideas look up xismycat and evababee7 to see some

  20. Dizzy Snowball that sounds like a great idea, I’ve been wanting to do something like that too.

  21. Happy ghost AKA Blitzwing

    the secrets to cool are in grasp.one, a good outfit like mine is the darkai suit. go to red dragon island and get the angry sumo hair. buy the rock star outfit and put on the white hair on top of sumo hair. wear a ninja mask with any hair you want if u cant get to the sumo. go to vampires curse chatroom to get a cape(VAMPIRE CAPE), then on ur body wear somthing black and dark. make a skull/ghost follower and wear a ninja sword. enjoy ultimate coolness

  22. I can’t wait to see you in the twisted thikit walkthough in your new pie costme

    __ha ha ha oink (thats my new signiture)
    (p.s. Right by the logo it shows you in a pop star coustume what happend to THAT<no offense i just like pop

  23. Ohhhh it’s bout time they came up w/ that 😛

  24. good idea dizzy snowball
    i made a black and white outfit:
    white paper boy hat
    black hair with vamp girl 3’s style
    biker jacket
    white prom queen dress
    robin hood bow

  25. Trusty Heart aka Elaine

    What do you thinkof the waffle outfitt for international waffle day… I think It looks cool.

  26. I love the new pie costumes and i got the lemon meringue one. AWESOME and Epic.

    I <3 PIE/3.14

  27. how do you make your own videos?

  28. yeah yeah im kinda out of poptropica and as u know ITS BAD TO CHEAT

  29. having a party in party time tower now!!!!!!!!!calm lepord 🙂 🙂

  30. Hello,Fierce Moon!:) I have an idea for a new feature for store items.
    A lot of us like to look at the new items in the store.But what if we happen to buy something we don’t really want?That’s why I would like to add the refund feature to the store cards.Also,since it takes a while to earn credits by completing islands,how about we get back all our credits or earning them by other ways(e.g,playing games)?

    Please tell me what you think about this.

  31. Cuddly Leopard, you do know that Fierce Moon doesn’t work for Poptropica, right? To tell the Creators your idea, click on “contact us” on the Poptropica page.

  32. By the way, Fierce Moon will probably check newer pages for comments to reply to.

  33. I LIKE PIE?!?!?!?! WHAT THE H***



  35. Dear Fierce Moon, Have you ever considered making a comedy corner? when you share silly Poptropica stories along with glitches and cheats and poptropica jokes? And then have some reporters give the heads up on what to expect and announce contest… i also have the name in mind: Poptropica Weekly 😀