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I Feel So Famous

Imagine my surprise when I checked out the official Poptropica blog this morning and saw, well, me! The creators are highlighting players that they call Poptropica Superstars this week, and I’m honored to be chosen. They also pointed out my huge secret–I never finished Red Dragon Island on this character! Eeek. Time to get back to ancient Japan and finish the job. Congratulations also to Grumpy Icicle, who was showcased earlier this week.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. @Prickly Dolphin I always miss! And they come too fast! I think maybe if I had an actual mouse instead of a touchpad it would work a lot better… man, I really need to complete that island!

  2. Um my character is Popular Singer not Popular Tomato. Forgot to tell you! I am going to be working on the islands in order. Skinny Cheetah, my computer is slow and I always win. Use an actual mouse like I do.

  3. I have been on Poptropica since there were only three islands and I have beaten all of the islands, but I haven’t been honored. I wish I had! But I think Fierce Moon deserved it more than I did because she runs this supercool blog 🙂 Rock on Fierce Moon!

  4. I go on three blogs : Poptropica Help Blog, Super Thunder’s Blog, and Poptropica Secrets (Fierce Moon’s Blog)

  5. I <3 ur blog. U deserve it . thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. U guys are tottaly awesome! (cuddly coyote is my cousin)

  7. I hope that the s.o.s island comes soon.I didn’t complete skulldugerry island and i can’t complete ghost story because i have no membership!I am running out of fun islands to complete!!!

  8. I kinda think that I deserve to be a superstar too. I only started playing, like, 6 months ago but I’ve completed all of the islands except fpr Astro knights. I had to redo that one because the game froze and wouldn’t work. 🙁 I agree with Skinny Cheetah though, maybe it’s because I don’t give them my money. congrates to Fierce Moon though! Your walkthroughs have helped me and my sister sooooo much!!!!!!! I love what you are doing! keep it up!

  9. i finished the red dragon island

  10. Crazy Lightning

    Nice one! I really want to be a superstar on there (also, I can’t finish Red Dragon either)

  11. I am a superstar! They just added me, Lone Heart, to the creators blog on May 31, 2012! I am so excited. I beat all the islands 2 times and I am working to 3 times. I have 109 photos and really insane outfits. My username is Jaramillo14 just in case you want to add me.

  12. I ve completed

    19 islands on Poptropica I’m on my way to be a superstar whoooooo!!!

    And nice job fierce moon

  13. I couldn’t finish red dragon island either

  14. good job. if any one want to add me my usrname is Bella4evame

  15. Poptropica actually chooses superstars? How did fierce moon become a superstar? Do you have to be a member to be chosen as a poptropica superstar? plz tell me! pls.
    (P.S. how did fierce moon turn her costume into gold?)

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  17. I beat 27 islands, did not beat astro nights(cant defeat Mordred), steamworks(cant get past monsters), and Twisted Ticket(cant get past Nokken) I am not a member, do you have to be a member? I beat Haunted House

  18. How do you put you poptropican picture on this?

  19. I beat 28 islands(beat Twisted Thicket)