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I Feel So Famous

Imagine my surprise when I checked out the official Poptropica blog this morning and saw, well, me! The creators are highlighting players that they call Poptropica Superstars this week, and I’m honored to be chosen. They also pointed out my huge secret–I never finished Red Dragon Island on this character! Eeek. Time to get back to ancient Japan and finish the job. Congratulations also to Grumpy Icicle, who was showcased earlier this week.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Congratulations Fierce Moon! You can check out our article regarding you here: http://poptropicaislands.com/news/superstars-fierce-moon/. Once again, congratulations dude!

  2. 2nd to comment!

  3. Congrats!

  4. i knew that was u! haha, i was right!

  5. um.. HELLO I’ve betten ALL the islands!!!!

  6. they should interview me i completed 18 out of 20 islands!!

  7. yay fierce moon u rock i go heere everytime i get stuck love ur website ps u should have a contest to see who iss like u the most pps i’m a big fan i’d love 2 meet u/chat ppps the i put in is my moms dont send anythhing to it thx

  8. Incredible Thunder

    fierce moon, did you notice that little side comment? “Yessir, something tells us that Fierce Moon knows almost all of the Poptropica secrets.” LIKE THEY KNEW ABOUT YOU AND THIS WEBSITE! that’s mysterious…

  9. That rocks!

    P. S. this is my first comment on this site except for one that never got approved.

  10. Jade,
    it would be beat NOT beaten!

  11. i really need to know if shrink ray island is only available for members

  12. XDDDDD, CONGRATS MOON!!!! you win 1 billion dallors from me!!!! *gives money* YAY! MOON!!! 3 CHEERS FOR MOON!!!! HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!!!

  13. I beat all islands, all mini quests, bought all items, and I’ve replayed almost all the islands once, meaing I have beaten many Islands twice, and meg,who gives a crap about jades mistake in grammer

  14. congrats fierce moon! thats rly gr8 news!!!

  15. congrats!!!
    wonder whos next :O

  16. Yes, YOU all not know but I do… HaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ah… I love to laugh evily…

  17. awesome!!!!!!!! great job and congrats Fierce Moon!

  18. I bet they know about this website!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! I need to work on my poptropicans, (I have two of them) Visit and comment my website, coolqueen.wordpress.om. Or click my name. Gotta work on my poptropicans! Must work on poptropican GreenCrab. See my poptropican GreenCrab on avatar studio! Username is GreenCrab49. Must finish islands!!!!!!

  19. Ouch

  20. ribs, to a swim meet, certainly would be strange

  21. teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllll me i need to know if shrink ray island is only available for membeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss (evil)

  22. that’s cool!
    I’m worried- it says I haven’t completed any of the islands on my profile that I’ve used forever. I hope the creators fix it.

  23. what did i say jade

  24. Okay, first of all, Jade, you have serious grammer (And anger) problems…are you in high school???

    Second, I’ve done all of the islands exept for Shrink Ray, and completed all of the mini quests, AND beaten Reality TV island game show 149 times…

  25. I know! He also said any kind of meat, home-made cupcakes, or cookies!

  26. very weird anywas congrats fierce moon!

  27. Hey! whats up?

  28. good news everybody im probably getting a dog its a yorkie! its name is tucker (the 25 top most popular dog name!) if nobody cares im going to cry and be very mad! ANYWAYS were did super sal go……

  29. maybe he jumped off a cliff….

  30. I completed Red Dragon Island and well done! I could help you complete it

  31. how do you get chosen for this? cus ive beaten all the islands… and have a cool name 🙂 but anyway congradulations fierce moon!! 🙂

  32. Superstars,they call them? I have played Poptropica since for almost six years and finished all but one island, what knows you if superstar?(Copying and pasting from Yoda quote.)

  33. Oh yeah, and congrats!

  34. ive won sky dive over 490 times…

  35. Wow. I wish I was in high! Well, I need to face the problems first. I don’t wanna be stuck in elementary forever!!

  36. Um Abby, I think you are lying there. (OK, no offense please…I’m trying to be kind and soft now from a week of grueling practices…)

  37. @Perfect Fox: I think you are lying too. (No offense, please.)

  38. I’m not a Pop. Superstar.
    I’ve completed every island except for Shrink Ray, Astro Knights and Steamworks. (17 islands?). I’ve had an account for 3 years. I’m a non-Member (personally, I think it’s a waste of your money to become one). I didn’t complete any mini-quests. I don’t have good good fashion sense like Fierce Moon (isn’t she called Strange Moon, not FIERCE Moon?) and that new Superstar. I don’t play THAT good and I rarely go into common rooms.

  39. A Vote:
    Who do YOU think is the best Pop. Superstar, according to YOU?

  40. Well?????? Is anybody answering?

  41. I like to change names.

  42. CC and WS are the same person. But i forgot CC’s password…

  43. I finished all the islands but I’m not on this website because I’m not a member.

  44. BORING! C’mon!

  45. A Vote:
    Who do YOU think is the best Pop. Superstar, according to YOU?

  46. Hello .http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a= this is one of my two poptropicans.Can you e-mail the poptropica creators?I want to make my own poptropica game website called poptropica 3.

  47. wait that’s not my poptropica account!!!!!!!!! http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a= that is it i hope.

  48. Why does it keep making that link????? Oh if it have to do this one more time… go to avatar place http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/ type in eeeee1409 and eeeee1408 and you will see both my people that undefined one completed all the islands!!!!!!!!I’m worthy of being a poptropica superstar somebody just e-mail the creators please and tell them about me.

  49. Hello Poptropicans! I am Little Seal, also known as Ke$ha! If you want proof, I’ll give you proof. Little Seal is one of my many accounts.

  50. Yeah. On my one account, I was a Poptropica Superstar.

  51. upload where did you get the purple hat?

  52. From a ad silver moon

  53. from a gold fish ad

  54. now is it in poptropica now???

  55. Little Seal: Ooooooooooooh. So YOU’re Ke$ha. I was wondering where you and that Sandy went.

  56. i think short burger is the best player.

  57. Hey, I thought that maybe fierce moon was strange moon… Same outfit, right? This article sorta surprised me.

  58. Congrats! Oh, can you hire me as an author? (For Strange Moon’s fashion reports) I sometimes come up with new ones! My e-mail is tinyp13@yahoo.com

  59. My name is tough lizard, but in real life i am a girl.

  60. I hav a ? how do u get all that stuff in yor honds lik cellfones and skateboards cuz ther not in the store?

  61. OMG! and congrats fierce moon!!!!!

  62. Okay i need proof of Little Seal. Thanks, Loud Lion. if you can’t deliver, im ratting you out. (911)

  63. If you did not become a poptropicasuperstar don’t worry,the creators said you can still be one. ☠♥

  64. Im not a super star I completed 8 islands.

  65. I don’t like membership they give me membership.

  66. Ok, this is my true account/feelings except my user name and/or password for Poptropica. Ive had THIS poptropica account for 3-6 months, My name on Pop. is White Dragon, Ive been playing Pop. since I was 7 (3 years), I love all the islands, I didnt beat Shrink Ray, Astro Knights, and Skullduggeery Island(16/17 Islands Maybe Ive Finished?), I love all the Pop. Superstars, I havent been one yet, AND I love all the Island Experiences. 🙂

  67. i have finished 17 islands!!!!!!!1 yay!!!!

  68. YAY!My favourite blogger is finally popular on poptropica!!

  69. I have been on poptropica for as long as i can remember. ive finished every island except shrink ray, skull duggery and red dragon. does anyne know how to get money fast in skullduggery?


  71. Me too! But I lacked a bit of common sense yesterday while I was finishing it.

  72. Hello my is tough lizard or you can call me TL!

  73. okay

  74. I beated all of the islands and i am not a superstar
    In fact, i beated 30 islands by restarting them

  75. Where Did Fierce Moon get that outfit??

  76. I beat all the islands!

    I have an gold card thats a ticket to astro knights!

  77. Here’s an outfit I have abstracted from the very fabric of my mind: it’s called… Deadly Maiden. To accomplish this outfit, you need to go to Red Dragon island. Find the girl id the teal kimono on the Great Bridge. Customize her hair and add the curly bangs from the girl at Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island. Next, add the front bangs of the prom queen. Next, find the woman in the pink kimono in the Imperial Garden on Red Dragon Island. Either use hers, or the old woman’s kimono in the Bonsai Trees shop. Next, go to Astro Knights Island the first guy you see, customize his sword. Finally, and this is important, on Red Dragon, if you have completed your ninja training, go to the Fortress and use your ninja star. When you have it in your hand, leave the Fortress, and you will still have it in your hand.

  78. hi my poptropica name is Hyper Tornado i have been playing since the first day of june
    Fierce Moon is so awesome. i really want that costume i wish i was a member

  79. i watched every of Fierce Moon’s walkthroughs

  80. Congratulations Fierce Moon!

  81. i am in the middle of astro knights

  82. i am not a poptropican super satr ifinished 21 or 22 islands..and i completed them all twice or thrice and skull i finished once…. waaa

    silverpenguin is me..i was getting ready and getting my star costume and say to myself tomorow i will be a poptropican star – lol but it never happened..

  83. I do believe I deserve to be a superstar… I think the only reason I’m not one is because I don’t pay them money. I’ve had an account since *almost* the very beginning; I’m not sure at what point this was, but there was still only one island with a boat that said more islands were coming soon. I’ve completed every single island EXCEPT wild west (that train game is sooo frustrating!).

  84. Why is everyone saying the train robbery thing on Wild West Island is hard? Thats so easy. When you see a person, shoot them once, if you missed, shoot again. When time runs out, you have won! I so need to be honered. I just got a new poptropican and I am going to complete some islands that I know how to complete. :mrgreen: I keep posting this smiley I love it!

  85. Superstar is a super popstar and rockstar. Also superstar means you are one of the people who did something amazing!

  86. I am a superstar! Even though I am not on the list. Wait a minute, Is there a list? Hmm…. I will wear braids (or ponytails) and nice clothes on Poptropica. I might wear a pop star. I will complete and complete islands everyday. Then we’ll see if I am one of the superstars. My member account name is Lazy Fish. My new account is Popular Tomato. Lazy Fish has completed all the islands (except Game Show Island. Popular Tomato has just started.

  87. When I said, I will wear a pop star, add outfit to that sentence.

  88. how do you get the golden popstar outfit? I like it a lot and it’s pretty neat.

  89. @Prickly Dolphin I always miss! And they come too fast! I think maybe if I had an actual mouse instead of a touchpad it would work a lot better… man, I really need to complete that island!

  90. Um my character is Popular Singer not Popular Tomato. Forgot to tell you! I am going to be working on the islands in order. Skinny Cheetah, my computer is slow and I always win. Use an actual mouse like I do.

  91. I have been on Poptropica since there were only three islands and I have beaten all of the islands, but I haven’t been honored. I wish I had! But I think Fierce Moon deserved it more than I did because she runs this supercool blog 🙂 Rock on Fierce Moon!

  92. I go on three blogs : Poptropica Help Blog, Super Thunder’s Blog, and Poptropica Secrets (Fierce Moon’s Blog)

  93. I <3 ur blog. U deserve it . thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. U guys are tottaly awesome! (cuddly coyote is my cousin)

  95. I hope that the s.o.s island comes soon.I didn’t complete skulldugerry island and i can’t complete ghost story because i have no membership!I am running out of fun islands to complete!!!

  96. I kinda think that I deserve to be a superstar too. I only started playing, like, 6 months ago but I’ve completed all of the islands except fpr Astro knights. I had to redo that one because the game froze and wouldn’t work. 🙁 I agree with Skinny Cheetah though, maybe it’s because I don’t give them my money. congrates to Fierce Moon though! Your walkthroughs have helped me and my sister sooooo much!!!!!!! I love what you are doing! keep it up!

  97. i finished the red dragon island

  98. Crazy Lightning

    Nice one! I really want to be a superstar on there (also, I can’t finish Red Dragon either)

  99. I am a superstar! They just added me, Lone Heart, to the creators blog on May 31, 2012! I am so excited. I beat all the islands 2 times and I am working to 3 times. I have 109 photos and really insane outfits. My username is Jaramillo14 just in case you want to add me.

  100. I ve completed

    19 islands on Poptropica I’m on my way to be a superstar whoooooo!!!

    And nice job fierce moon

  101. I couldn’t finish red dragon island either

  102. good job. if any one want to add me my usrname is Bella4evame

  103. Poptropica actually chooses superstars? How did fierce moon become a superstar? Do you have to be a member to be chosen as a poptropica superstar? plz tell me! pls.
    (P.S. how did fierce moon turn her costume into gold?)

  104. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Fierce moon

  105. I beat 27 islands, did not beat astro nights(cant defeat Mordred), steamworks(cant get past monsters), and Twisted Ticket(cant get past Nokken) I am not a member, do you have to be a member? I beat Haunted House

  106. How do you put you poptropican picture on this?

  107. I beat 28 islands(beat Twisted Thicket)