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How to Solve the Door Puzzle in Astro-Knights

Get into Mordred’s Final Battle

One of the questions I keep seeing in comments here on the blog and in forums everywhere is how to solve the door puzzle at the end of Astro-Knights Island. This is the door where Mordred runs into after he reveals that he is the princess in disguise and takes away all of the special weapons you have gotten. Once you solve the puzzle and go through the door, you can take on Mordred in the final battle and rescue the real princess. But you can’t do that until you solve this puzzle!

There’s a really easy way to do it and all you need to know is the pattern. It’s easiest to assign numbers to each of the puzzle pieces and then click on them in a special order. Here’s a picture that numbers the pieces from 1 to 20.


OK, now that you know the numbers for each of the pieces, click on them in this exact order.

5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16

Congratulations, you’ve solved the puzzle and now are ready to move through the door and into the final room to stop Mordred once and for all!

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  1. Brandon Rozanski

    That’s so alsome

  2. Of course, it doesn’t matter what order you press the panels in,
    as the same result would occur just as long as you press all the
    panels in the 2nd and 4th rows, and the two middles on the 3rd.
    The original solution had it just the reverse!

  3. thanks so much! it was hard but i completed it! i coudn’t have don it without this website thanks again! EMMA

  4. The way you solved the puzzle is confusing but I fainally helped my friend rachel get past the door!

  5. anyone needs to do the door well ican

  6. well i can
    sorry about that

  7. I just need to watch youtube

  8. Hi!

    Thanks alot.

    Your the best!

  9. i tryed it it did not work


  11. what day is it

  12. i cant be bortherd to do it

  13. I doen’t know if you have to beat all of the monsters or not to beat Morder.

  14. I haven’t got that far yet.

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  19. wow i never knew i thought it was 5,6,2,12,4,5,2.2,

  20. i’m not even there yet.i just need to beat the bird on jungle planet!

  21. i’m jenna paige kirkbride.i will help you beat the dragon on fire planet.okay.first you talk to the guy.he will give you an ice arow.go inside you will see a dragon.climb from the first chain to the last chain.and you have to get past the tail of the dragon.once you get past that you click on the switch.you get off of the dragon.click the ice arow.shoot it in it’s mouth.once you do that you wait till it stops boncing.then you do that 2 more times.then when you see it’s tail go up.then down.that means you beat the beast!please thank me when you beat the beast.okay.thank you for reading my answers for you.

  22. Thank you so much!I,ve never been able to solve the door before!

  23. How do u get to the door? on astro knights

  24. I tried it and IT WORKED!

  25. thank you soooo much! that door was impossible!

  26. Thank for the help solving that puzzel or i coudn’t do it

  27. thanks i took so long with the puzzle but with this i did it quick!

  28. I tried but it just made it worse! Someone help! That is the only Island I need to finish! If someone helps me Ill help them!

  29. failing noobs XD jk

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  31. mordred was actually quite easy lol

  32. peypey, where did you find thebell clapper at

  33. can someone help! i need big nate cheats

  34. Thanks to this website I have defeated the whole poptropica island!!! I am soo happy!!! Thanks so much!!! ( and I am just 11 years old.)

  35. Thanks whoever posted this. Thanks to him or her I defeated the whole poptropican island!!! And I am just eleven years old!!! BOOYAH!!!!

  36. u dont have 2 do the bosses on fire and ice. just wait 4 the knight 2 say “i will accompony u on ur quest” and ur good 2 go! 😉

  37. i just haf to defeat morder

  38. that helped me a LLOOTTT!!!!!!!!!thnx

  39. Didnt work :l
    Im so irratated at this.

  40. I defeeted that island in 8 days.

  41. it doesent work stupid u liar!!!!!!!

  42. IT DID WORK !!! THX SOOOOOOOOOOO much! UR cheats are awesome!!!:)

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  44. i am already done in astro knights

  45. I didn’t follow yours i follow youtube

  46. wow it worked you have have have have have have have 2 do it backwardx

  47. I was so frazzled out by the puzzle before, and it works! Thanks! But is is the only way to solve the puzzle?

  48. la la la wers the video for the puzzle of mordred


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  54. It does work .. Yes. 000000

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    and i just turned 10!!!

    and no this is my 4th account

  58. thanks i can finally pass that this is pure gold THANKS

  59. if the door is lock how come mordred got to inside

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  61. Well I’ve already finish this in my other account but I’ve just forget…By the way thanks for the tip whoever you are????? 😀

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  67. I’m tried the cheat for the puzzle door but it won’t work.

  68. i got it in less than a minute just keep pressing (^_^)

  69. Serious Lightning


  70. i made it through the door puzzle, without reading the written walkthrough!
    hint: i watched the video on how to solve it. 😀

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  75. mjlover
    Why would you think it was a joke?
    you shoudn’t post your username and password, anyone can hack your account now.

  76. Poptropica came out with this guide on main street it shows u how to do this along with other hard parts 🙂