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How to Get the Pomegranate in Mythology Island

Pretty much everyone knows by now that Poptropica Mythology Island is now available for everyone to play. One of the big questions that everyone is asking is how to get the pomegranate. You’ll need this item to get into the Underworld and complete your quest for Zeus. Getting the pomegranate is actually pretty easy, but you have to know where to look and exactly how to jump up to get there. Here’s a little step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to do it:

  1. First, go to the Garden of the Sphinx, which is to the left of the Tree of Immortality.
  2. Jump onto the platform to the right of the sphinx.
  3. Jump again to the right to the next platform.
  4. Jump up and to the right to land on the platform with the rope and sign for the aqueducts.
  5. Now jump up and to the left.
  6. Jump up and to the left one more time.

If all goes well, you should be standing on a platform with a fruit tree and a sign that says, “Free! You pick ’em. You keep ’em.” Jump up to the fruits to collect some pomegranates. You’re on your way to Hades!

If the above description didn’t help, check out Part 2 of my full Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough video. Skip ahead to 04:50 in the video (about halfway through) to get to the part with the pomegranate tree.

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  1. i cant seem to get the pomogranete i keep clicking on the coin and it says i cant buy aything with it!!

  2. THX alot!! i had a lot of troble just for a simple thing!!

  3. to: Bethy, you have to take the pomegranates to hades’ place and put them on the pedastal. ur welcome!

  4. where do you get the pomagrant?

  5. where do yoi get the pomagrant sieriously i cant find it!

  6. kathrine you been seeming to help people with this island i need help i cannot get the pamograntes either they are not on the tree it is acting weird if you can just help me and get back to me soon THANKS kathrine

  7. i have finished the island yes and yay

  8. this is sooooooooooo helpfuk thnx alot i cant believe people cant find it after you do the last jump you have to go between two wooden thing ps give more details

  9. I’ts easier to get to the door to go to the monitor (or whatever it is) and jump up to the right and you will land on the sphinx then jump up again and you are there!

  10. ive finished it im just doing it again

  11. Lol…worked! Just cant get across The River Styx! Oh well…life’s life! :__(

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  14. olympicgymnast103

    omg i cannot get across river styx its soooo annoying i just wish i could swim it