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How to Cross the River Styx in Mythology Island

A lot of people are having trouble with crossing the River Styx in Charon’s ferry boat while exploring the Underworld in Poptropica Mythology Island. In my walkthrough video, I show you how to do this part, but since so many people are still having problems (or maybe just haven’t watched the whole video), I’ll explain it in more detail. This part is pretty easy and it comes down to just one key part: knowing where you should stand.

The answer to that is to stand right where Charon is. Then, all you need to do is avoid the flaming skulls by ducking down and the snapping monster jaws by jumping up. It’s really that easy because if you’re standing in this spot you’ll be in a perfect position to avoid the falling stalactites as well. Trust the guy piloting the boat to know the best place to stand!

Here are a few screenshots to show you exactly where to stand and what to do when each of the obstacles comes up.

Poptropica River Styx avoid stalactites

Stand right on top of Charon and you're safe from the stalactites.

Poptropica River Styx flaming skulls

Duck down low to avoid those weird flaming skull things.

Poptropica River Styx snapping monster

Finally, jump straight up in the air to stay out of reach of this ugly bug-eyed monster.

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  1. try using the minimizer.. you won’t have to duck to avoid the flaming skulls! =)

  2. I ducked down immedietly after the stalectite fell and stayed there untill the flaming skull had safely passed and jumped over the crocodile. I did the exact same thing again but the skull still hit me?!

  3. i ducked when the skull came but i still keep getting hit!?!

  4. I died cuz i ducked when the monster came like,17 times! =/

  5. it is easy you have to to it 4 times

  6. ok im gone now! FOREVER!!!! heehee bye sam!

  7. It worked thanks im near the dogs now!

  8. Random Person on this website

    I do the same thing, except I jump up when I see the weirdo skull. For some reason, the first time I did this, I completed the river part in 2 tries (without help from any walkthrough) but now it takes me like 10 tries minimum. And I keep falling out after the fifth and last crocodile monster. UGH

  9. Random Person on this website

    You have to do it five times. Also, some of you ppl need spellcheck 🙂 cuz seriously u should be able to spell your dad’s job before bragging about it.

  10. If you stay in front of charon just by a tiny bit all you have to do is duck, then you let the crocodile alligator thing hit you and walk back to the front of the boat and do it all over again!!!!!!!!! It’s really easy 🙂

    By the way you need spell check cause isn’t spelled like cuz. You should check yourself before you check other people, just saying 😉

  11. it was way easier to figure out what i needed to do on poptropica.

  12. crap! this soooo damn hard! But your walkthrough is awesome!!!!!!!!

  13. this was really helpful i didnt even watch the video thanks for the help

  14. Nice help but he croc still his us 🙂

  15. Try standing at the back of the boat, it’s a ton safer from the flaming skulls but wait longer to avoid the crocodile.

  16. i really liked the comment about the minimizer. its really helping!!!!!!!!

  17. how do you get a minimizer

  18. With the minimizer this takes NO EFFORT. Even without the minimizer, duck down when you see an alligator. If you duck down while standing at Charon’s position in the boat, sure, you’ll get whacked, but not far enough that you fall out of the boat. So basically, stand in the front to avoid the stalactite. Duck down or use the minimizer to avoid the flaming skull. And duck down when an alligator comes, but just be sure to quickly run over to the front of the boat after getting hit.

    @ Fearless Gamer: You get a minimizer in the store. It costs 250 credits.

    And a note about ducking down to avoid the skulls: Before the boat trip, disable the Torch if you have it on. Plus, costumize Charon’s skull hat. It’s flat enough so that you won’t get hit it you duck down.

  19. In addition:

    For the alligator part, jumping up isn’t worth it because if you get whacked while in the air, you fall off the boat for sure. If you get whacked while ducking down, you get thrown to the back of the boat, but you never get whacked OFF the boat.

  20. Rough Heart (MlledeVroche)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This really helped. I was jumping up when the stalactite fell and then immediately ducking down to avoid the skull, then jumping to avoid the alligator. I stood with Charon, ducking down the whole time until I saw the alligator which was when I jumped up. This works.

    For those of you who are still getting hit with the skulls, this might be your hair. The first few times, even though I was ducking, I got hit by the skulls. This is because I had really tall hair, so I clicked give up and changed to a hairstyle that didn’t stick up as much and that worked. You might want to try that!

  21. Thank you very much you are VERY helpful!!! Luv ur website!!!

  22. i finnaly got accross

  23. jump over the skull instead it works