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How to Cross the River Styx in Mythology Island

A lot of people are having trouble with crossing the River Styx in Charon’s ferry boat while exploring the Underworld in Poptropica Mythology Island. In my walkthrough video, I show you how to do this part, but since so many people are still having problems (or maybe just haven’t watched the whole video), I’ll explain it in more detail. This part is pretty easy and it comes down to just one key part: knowing where you should stand.

The answer to that is to stand right where Charon is. Then, all you need to do is avoid the flaming skulls by ducking down and the snapping monster jaws by jumping up. It’s really that easy because if you’re standing in this spot you’ll be in a perfect position to avoid the falling stalactites as well. Trust the guy piloting the boat to know the best place to stand!

Here are a few screenshots to show you exactly where to stand and what to do when each of the obstacles comes up.

Poptropica River Styx avoid stalactites

Stand right on top of Charon and you're safe from the stalactites.

Poptropica River Styx flaming skulls

Duck down low to avoid those weird flaming skull things.

Poptropica River Styx snapping monster

Finally, jump straight up in the air to stay out of reach of this ugly bug-eyed monster.

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  1. NO TO AVOID THE FLAMING SKULLS U JUMP OVER THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The codes on Shark Tooth are on the brick wall.

  3. oh i just stand at the very front even though i get hit but i don’t get knoked out of the boat

  4. I stay at the back of the boat and then jump over the skulls.

  5. thats u do thanks for helping

  6. Thank you a LOT. This was exactly what I needed to beat mythology island. Thank you!

  7. it didn’t work on ducking in through the skulls…cuz u need to jump through the skulls!!!

  8. That was exactly what I did Sneaky Wing…I moved to avoid the stalactites, jumped for the skulls and jumped higher to get out of the way of that monster. It’s not too hard for me

  9. Poptropica Fan

    I think everyone has their own ways, first I go right to the left (Not too far or you fall off- oops!) then duck for the skull, and jump for the alligator (More menacing than crocodile, so I suppose that was a alligator lol!) Though sometimes if I jump a bit to the left I fall off the boat. Your website is very good and I love it. You did the walkthroughs a bit differently to how I do the puzzles, so it was a bit confusing when I start doing something, get stuck, use your videos, but then get confused because you do them differently.

  10. Lazy Fang (POPTROPICA NAME)

    you have too admit,that monster crocodile thing is UGLY!

  11. poptropicashem12

    I still cant beat zues how can I get those white orbs but thanks for this tip.

  12. How do you defeat Zues?

  13. yea it is ugly, lol

  14. look at the walkthrough for it christopher

  15. IM HAPPY, That doesn’t help! No offense.

  16. hey u with the shirt and pants yeah im talking to u

  17. christopher maybe the poptroica secrets person will give us some more help on that part?

  18. how do i get in to the underworld

  19. I did exactly what PoptropicaSecrets did. Stay just where Charon is and duck the skull/green fire thingie and jump just as the monster jumps up. I fell in a few times until I got the hang of it, so don’t get discouraged.

  20. the boat thing is really hard but I did it!
    infact I beat MYTHOLOGY ISLAND its
    hard and easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i had no problem on the boat but i went to the back not the front of the boat

  22. The boat part is like the hardest part…

  23. thanx every1 that wuz soooo helpful!


  24. help!

    how do u open the gate to get to zues

  25. Mac, that makes no sense. How can one thing be hard AND easy?

  26. yeah,mac.i can’t do anything hard and easy.that would be weird.i agree with christopher.besides,why are we talking about mythology island?

  27. Matthew, the River Styx is IN Mythology island. By the Way, Isn’t “Styx” a weird name for a river?

  28. Wait, where did Matthew’s comment go?

  29. down here,christopher!

  30. i can’t believe you didn’t know where my comment was,christopher!

  31. maddy oh maddy i dont even now U but you duck 2 avoid the flaiming skulls well i do

  32. now it’s up there!

  33. christopher i agree styx is a weird name for a river

  34. but how do you move the stone that blocks HADES THRONE ROOM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. answser right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. umm well what do you do when the skull hits you the OTHER way . ( right )
    thats what gets me because i mean i keep falling right .

  37. how do you not get nocked over to the right .

  38. omg thank you so much and your youtud vids i made it ! now im going to finish the
    island with the help of your vidios ! just have to play the song to get past the dogs .

  39. now how do you pass getting through to zues ? when you have all the stuff and
    you get bigger and you fly ? i can’t seem to get it right !

  40. after you get hit COLLECT THE PINK CLOUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is the only way to survive! otherwise he will blast you out of the sky and you
    have to start over.

    i beat mythology island in 2 hours but the River Styx took an hour! LOL!

  41. how do you beat the island?

  42. I honestly think it was much easier jumping over the magic skull but it only worked with the right timing, because when you duck sometimes you duck in a different spot but still under the ferryman but it still hits you which is a real bummer, so in my opinoin you should also write up or able to jump over skull!


  43. Well emily you click to shoot and try to let Zeus’ green bar under him (appears when you shoot him) empty but avoid the attacks from Zeus if you have only a few clouds under your feet dodge every attack and try to stand on one of them floating around. When Zeus’ green bar is empty you’ll beat Mythology Island

  44. Blaise A.K.A Blazemonkey

    Wow thatnk you so much!

  45. While people keep saying, “Jump over the skull!!!”, this ducking is way easier.Both will work, but you can’t depend on the skull’s movement.The skull is just floating around,going in every direction.If you duck correctly,he won’t get the chance to spook in and hit you at all.

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  48. can you get jokes?

  49. i cant hit the right notes for the ceburus to fall asleep.

  50. ~!Easy steps to cross river!~
    1. Fist go in the front of the boat but go in front of te man steering(be careful u can fall in if your too close to the edge.)
    3. Hurry , when thats over quikly jump over the monster (jump high he actually can jump.)
    4. Repeat a couple of times and in no time ull be on the other side

    (4 easy tips how to get across STYNX RIVER)

    (easy huh)


  51. How to defeat ZUESS
    1. ull see pink clouds just a hint they regain ur life so get them
    2.click at the old man trying to attack u
    3. avoid trying to be hit by the energy ball thingie
    4.he will repeat himself so just follow these steps


  52. sorry for my spelling errors 😛

  53. Vampyre Princesa

    Ok for all of you who think Styx is a weird name for a river. Styx is a Titaness and she won over the honor of Zeus and then the River Styx is the crossover of living and dead. The Olympians would swear by it ex. ‘I swear on the River Styx I will not hurt my children on missions’. Styx is said to be polluted by hopes and lost dreams that people throw away and forgot. Some tales even said that the River Styx could make you invulnerable ex. Achilles heel was his weak point while every where else was indestructible. According to one tradition, Achilles was dipped in it in his childhood, acquiring invulnerability, with exception of his heel, by which his mother held him. This is the source of the expression Achilles’ heel, a metaphor for a vulnerable spot. Hope that clears that up.

  54. It’s a pzattern

  55. goldenfeather99

    can someone do the defeating zues part for me?

  56. goldenfeather99

    never mind I did it

  57. Lily, to get past the gates to Zeus, you have to get all five items and talk to Athena. Zeus will take the items and then you have to go talk to Hercules. Use Aphrodite’s mirror to go to Hades’ Throne Room and Hercules will move the rock. Hades’ symbol on the mirror is a skull. Then you have to click on the trident on the mirror. Hercules will move that rock. Then use the mirror to get back to the gate. That symbol is a lightning bolt.Hercules will break the lock and then you can get in.

  58. Yall are making this too difficult!!! All you have to do is stand where Charon is. Move back there every time you get hit by something. As long as you stay on the boat you can live. DUH!!! Good Luck!

  59. I did all that suff but i can’t make it can someone do it for me?????????????=(

  60. i finished everything without a single cheat

  61. impossible if you duck down you will still be hit dude yaa lol

  62. your tips are wrong i tried and then i failed becuse if i stand on charon i get hit and if i duck in the flamming skull i get hited


  64. omg o have like 9 medals !!!!!!!!! can u beleive that? yea and my favorite websites r poptropica,clubpenguin,facebook,petpetpark! luv ittttt

  65. You can swim in the River Styx. But do it before you take off in the boat. Just swim around.

  66. How do you get Hercules to help you?

  67. How do you get the miarer

  68. sorry for the wrong spelling

  69. i beat it and im a member

  70. seems esay but it is soooooooooooo not lol 🙂

  71. It’s like a pattern! But i jumped over stalagtites and over skulls!

  72. lol adam

  73. to dodge the flamin skull buy minimizer in the store. put it on. once you see the skull………………………………………..dont even duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfrom to duck no name jump 9 day mother may sunner day jet hi school over truck ok in gum a jam phoe 9729390682 call me back,

  75. Wow It Was So Hard But I maid It But Atheana Hercs SIs said The Beast Soothes Music? ???

  76. how do i move the boulder in front of the throne room (Hades throne room)

  77. i know what River Styx is Vampyre Princesa i’m a mythology expert!!!

  78. Is anyone on? Roomcode: oops i forgot 8( !

  79. what the heck i didn’t that it was so easy!i mean like i don’t know:|


  81. hey! when you stand there and minimize, you dont have to duck from the skull things either!

  82. Oh my God! How is this hard to ya’ll?


  83. This is soooooo hard can some one do it for me!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

  84. P.S.youla8suprising NO NEED TO BRAG!!!!!

  85. OMG i cant beat the flipin river i dont no y tho

  86. This doesn’t work. Seriously dodgy! :-@

  87. it works beter in the back of the boat!

  88. DUDE!!!!! I have tryed again and again the way you said, and IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

  89. it does work it just takes a couple of tries!

  90. Okay I Am Gonna Try It But If It Doesnt Ill Sue Poptropica And It Will Never Ecsist!!Because My Dad Is A Loyer!!!:]

  91. Chill,And Relax You Will Get It

  92. ok avoiding the stalactites and jumping from the monster does work. BUT no matter wat u do ducking from the skulls doesnt work! u still get hit!

  93. i cant do it ive done it 25 times!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  94. …and what happens if the flaming skull hits you FORWARD?

  95. poptropicarules

    i beat the river

  96. if you use the minimizer you dont even have to duck from the skulls. all you have to do is jump from the monster

  97. OK, people, it’s not that hard. It’s easier to jump over the flying skulls then to duck, but my problem is, the 3rd rock that comes down from the top keeps hitting me forward and then I die. Any help on that, please? (:

  98. Hi, I Find It Easier To Buy The Minimizer, So If You Stay In Front Of Charon, All You Have To Do Is Jump From The Crocodile,
    Thank You lulu For That 🙂

  99. How many times do you have to repeat the procese???

  100. Kat was right…it works better in the back of the boat,try it guys I get mad to but God says never ever give up!
    Try your hardest. >3

  101. =D it works!!!!

  102. NO madder what i do i can NOT jump at the part when the rock falls at the same time the fire head comes and when the all a gate r even jumps up what is up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Well, I did it about fifty times before I cound do it, cuz i kept moving out of place when I jumped from the crocodile thingy. I got past it though! 🙂

  104. Oh yea, and if even when you duck you still get hit with the skulls, try making your hair so it doesnt stick up so high. It worked 4 me…

  105. i cannnttt do iitttttttt hhheeeeeeeeelllllllllllpppppppppp

  106. I am so mad I’ve tried a million times. But I keep on trying, don’t now why been on this stupid island for 2 weeks! Stupid fire balls and rocks keep on hitting me. Going to try this method million more times. Can’t believe I can’t pass it!

  107. how many times do u have to do it

  108. @happy sun…wow, nice spelling and grammar! If you’re dad’s so great, then why didn’t he put you through school?
    Pertaining to the walk-through, this level is close to impossible. I’ve tried numerous times, and timing is really key.

  109. How many times does it take?

  110. Your mean RandomSingerGirl!!!!

  111. Ladies no fighting and JDK it IDK get it right gosh!!!!

  112. Do stay in the front of the boat, but jump over the skulls, and as soon as the falling thing falls, jumo and you’ll jump over the skull. It totally worked for me!

  113. Guys! Its really easy! But, when the skulls go over you, don’t immeadietly jump up. stay low, then when you see the dragon head, stand up, then jump!

    Best Wishes~!

  114. Okay, I’ve read through the comments, the REAL easiest thing to do is stand at the BACK of the boat, JUMP OVER the flamey heads, and jump over the croc. You’re Welocme!

    The Helpah

  115. Easiest method, ever:

    Move forward to Charon’s spot and duck. The stalactite misses you. The crocodile and the skull both will hurt, but you get shoved to the back of the boat instead of off of it. Move forward and duck. Move forward and duck. Repeat until you make it through. Simple!


  117. Sometime this method works, sometimes it doesn’t .

  118. Wait, I wasn’t talking about the ‘bad spellers’ thing in my last comment.

  119. this freaking rivier stynx thing has beeeeeen pissing me off soo hard i cant beat this thing!

  120. Ya this still doesn’t work b/c when you duck the stupid skull it still knocks you off EVERY time.

  121. is there a cheat that lets you skip it ???

  122. is there a cheat that lets you just skip it or something??

  123. How many times do you have to go through each segment in order to go through?

  124. For the river he is right, just stand where the guide is. But, you dont even have to jump or duck just keep moving back to where the guide is everytime you get bumped out of place by a skull or a gator.

  125. If you just use minimizer and stand in front of Charon you don’t have to do anything! When the crocodile hits you just walk back up to Charon! It works! Trust me!

  126. Another way is to stand at the front of the boat when the rocks fall and use the minimizer card for the skulls and jup when u see the croc head! 🙂

  127. hey! i did it! just duck at the back of the boat and jump up and land in front of charon!
    if it doesn’t work keep trying!

  128. i cant stand this flipping island i have tryed every thing but i fall in the river ant like the third rock GRRRRR i HATE this anoying island!!!!!! :@

  129. Thanx!!! It worked well for me. U have to be right at the edge front of the boat 4 it 2 work

  130. It seriously does work!! I just did it!!

  131. Thankyou thankyou thankyou, this was brilliant I got past first try using this method. Fantastic!

  132. This really works! Thanks so much!

  133. try using the minimizer.. you won’t have to duck to avoid the flaming skulls! =)

  134. I ducked down immedietly after the stalectite fell and stayed there untill the flaming skull had safely passed and jumped over the crocodile. I did the exact same thing again but the skull still hit me?!

  135. i ducked when the skull came but i still keep getting hit!?!

  136. I died cuz i ducked when the monster came like,17 times! =/

  137. it is easy you have to to it 4 times

  138. ok im gone now! FOREVER!!!! heehee bye sam!

  139. It worked thanks im near the dogs now!

  140. Random Person on this website

    I do the same thing, except I jump up when I see the weirdo skull. For some reason, the first time I did this, I completed the river part in 2 tries (without help from any walkthrough) but now it takes me like 10 tries minimum. And I keep falling out after the fifth and last crocodile monster. UGH

  141. Random Person on this website

    You have to do it five times. Also, some of you ppl need spellcheck 🙂 cuz seriously u should be able to spell your dad’s job before bragging about it.

  142. If you stay in front of charon just by a tiny bit all you have to do is duck, then you let the crocodile alligator thing hit you and walk back to the front of the boat and do it all over again!!!!!!!!! It’s really easy 🙂

    By the way you need spell check cause isn’t spelled like cuz. You should check yourself before you check other people, just saying 😉

  143. it was way easier to figure out what i needed to do on poptropica.

  144. crap! this soooo damn hard! But your walkthrough is awesome!!!!!!!!

  145. this was really helpful i didnt even watch the video thanks for the help

  146. Nice help but he croc still his us 🙂

  147. Try standing at the back of the boat, it’s a ton safer from the flaming skulls but wait longer to avoid the crocodile.

  148. i really liked the comment about the minimizer. its really helping!!!!!!!!

  149. how do you get a minimizer

  150. With the minimizer this takes NO EFFORT. Even without the minimizer, duck down when you see an alligator. If you duck down while standing at Charon’s position in the boat, sure, you’ll get whacked, but not far enough that you fall out of the boat. So basically, stand in the front to avoid the stalactite. Duck down or use the minimizer to avoid the flaming skull. And duck down when an alligator comes, but just be sure to quickly run over to the front of the boat after getting hit.

    @ Fearless Gamer: You get a minimizer in the store. It costs 250 credits.

    And a note about ducking down to avoid the skulls: Before the boat trip, disable the Torch if you have it on. Plus, costumize Charon’s skull hat. It’s flat enough so that you won’t get hit it you duck down.

  151. In addition:

    For the alligator part, jumping up isn’t worth it because if you get whacked while in the air, you fall off the boat for sure. If you get whacked while ducking down, you get thrown to the back of the boat, but you never get whacked OFF the boat.

  152. Rough Heart (MlledeVroche)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This really helped. I was jumping up when the stalactite fell and then immediately ducking down to avoid the skull, then jumping to avoid the alligator. I stood with Charon, ducking down the whole time until I saw the alligator which was when I jumped up. This works.

    For those of you who are still getting hit with the skulls, this might be your hair. The first few times, even though I was ducking, I got hit by the skulls. This is because I had really tall hair, so I clicked give up and changed to a hairstyle that didn’t stick up as much and that worked. You might want to try that!

  153. Thank you very much you are VERY helpful!!! Luv ur website!!!

  154. i finnaly got accross

  155. jump over the skull instead it works