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How to Beat Zeus in Mythology Island

A lot of the big boss fights in Poptropica are difficult to win. While looking through the comments for the Mythology Island Walkthrough, I saw that a lot of people are really having trouble beating Zeus in the final battle for that island. He is a pretty tough opponent, but the good news is there are some really simple strategies on how to beat him. Check out this video for a short guide on how to defeat Zeus in Mythology Island. I’ve also written up the techniques below.

It’s All About the Clouds

If you do only one thing (well, besides shooting) in your battle with Zeus, it should be collecting those pink clouds. They are your life force. Each time Zeus hits you, you lose a cloud. If you lose all your clouds, you fall from the sky and Zeus wins. So keep getting clouds! Really.

Attack and Run Away

Zeus has the same basic attacks and in between those, he’s pretty vulnerable. So quickly move in to shoot him and then run away. You especially want to run away when he turns semi-invisible because he’s invulnerable to your attacks in that state. So move off to the side and wait a few seconds before going in for another attack. What should you be doing while waiting? Yes, you guessed it! Gather more clouds!

Eventually, you can easily wear down Zeus if you follow these simple directions. I think most people are really just having trouble because they don’t back off and take the time to gather up more clouds. Remember to keep switching between offense (shooting Zeus) and defense (picking up more clouds) and you’ll win easily.

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  2. first comment! i beat it in like 2 minutes

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  12. I tried and tried to beat zeus in the final battle and i always lost untill i came to this place and i tried one more time and i beat zeus in the final battle and it was easyyyyyyyy

  13. This is the hardest i still didnt win!

  14. Pathetic.
    I didn’t need a tutorial to beat zeus.
    Shinigamis are much more stronger than zeus.

  15. How Can I get In the House Of Haydes And How Can I get The Flower of sphinx

  16. easy to fight and good

  17. this really work the first time i fought him i lost until i notice the clouds
    so follow the advice!!

  18. Ummmmmmmmmmmm I don’t think it’s TOO hard but it was REALLY funnnnn
    BTW figured out the pink cloud things the at the second battle but thanks anyway 🙂

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    Wrong grammar sorry 😳

  20. wow thanx for the tips i couldn’t beat zeus but then after i looked at this i beat him on the first try!! 🙂

  21. It was hard to beat it with a slow laptop, but I finally did!!! 😉

  22. sayb if you get the mystical items back after the zeus fight how come you don’t become ruler of poptropica like it says you will?

  23. @ negaman1020: Because your Poptropican is a nice person and wants to leave peace in Poptropica

  24. lol i already beat this island without cheats lol hehehehehe

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  26. poptropica is not easy.

  27. I beat him in like my fifth try. It took me a while to figure out your pink clouds are VERY useful.

  28. it was so easy i just gathered up the pink clouds and won and it was the first time i tryed it really no kidding

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  32. LOL it is way too hard for me!

  33. LOL it is way too hard for me! because i cant get to the clouds in time when i am close to beating zeus!

  34. Gods it took me a half hour- still didnt beat him- then i came here poof i won the upside ? i know why cronus diddnt like zeus

  35. This stupid thing hates me!!!:(

  36. Oh, i totally agree Kareokeeeeeee. He is MEAN!!!!!

  37. Perfect Dragon

    Cronus didn’t like Zeus because he was afraid Zeus would get more powerful than him and overthrow him (which is exactly what happened)

  38. OMG!!! It’s basically IMPOSSIBLE!!! Zeus is near indestructable…silly computer! I got him to 0.000001% health and I had about 10 clouds and he “struck me down”! Why? WHY?

  39. ilikepancakes9

    where do u get the pomegranate to enter Hades’s realm

  40. how do u get a whisker from that cat a the under world

  41. and i have been on time tme tagled island

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  43. i am stuck!!!
    for the part where u play ur clairnet for tht flower thing wht music do u play?? wht buttons do u press? grrr!

  44. Mighty Snowball

    how do u get the hydra scale???????:(

  45. to get the hydra scale you must stomp on all of the heads. to get the pearl you must time your movements. to get the flower you must go way above the sphinx and turn on the water and make it flow just right. to get the whisker from cerberus you have to play a song on your reed pipe. to get the ring from the minotaur you have to go through the labrynth.

  46. hi It’s me jorel
    :mighty snowball press the hydra to get it’s scale

  47. where the tartarus can I find zeus’ FAT A**

  48. i cant get through the maze how do i organize the bones???????????????????????

  49. Right when you get into the air and are about to battle Zeus, hit the space bar and you get to be semi-invisible like him. His wind attacks will take a slightly less effect and I think it affects your cloud count too, because I had about a dozen of them swarming around me even when Zeus decided to be Annie Oakley.

  50. you organize the bones by making them say TEN

  51. OMG!!! I can’t beat him. One time I had a lot of clouds and 1 more strike would kill him right? Well he just zapped me with 1 bolt and I was “struck down” PLEASE HELP ME BEAT THE MEAN DOOOD!

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  54. It’s always the same for me. I have three clouds left and Zeus has this tiny sliver of health… then he hit hits me and I fall. He doesn’t have that weird glowy thing going on or anything he’s normal, he bumps into me then I die… It makes no sense.
    I’m REALLY frustrated here.

  55. hes so strong he strikes me super fast

  56. lol
    i avoid it
    and i won
    and im sorry to poptropica

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  58. mythology island is HARD

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  61. quiet dolphin you organise the bones so that the say TEN.

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    ITS THE RING OF THE minotaur waaa $.$ (cries)

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  67. Nevermind–I beat him. Now I’m on Time Tangeled Island.

  68. Lol what I did was go behind the screen and wait… until the coast was clear (acctulay the west) then bam! Zues:I give up I give upppp! *sobs* take ye stuff backo!!

  69. I’d tried it but it wont work the tips are useless

  70. i beat alot of islands but i cant beat this one HELP!

  71. invisable crush

    HELP i cant beat him when ever he gets 2 low health he heals and kills me!

  72. invisable crush

    never mind i beated him

  73. I finally did it! The trick is just to shoot him ,not click on him. BTW ,whatever you do ,don’t get too close to him! He might zap you for multi!

  74. i already tried all that heebie jeebie! i still cant beat him!!!! i wanna tear my hair out and scream!
    D’:!!! 🙂

  75. if i beat him ill be awesome. 🙁

  76. hey guys/girls here is how to beat him
    first,when you rise shoot him fast then go to your right (tip: don’t shoot him when he is white, the bolts will come at you) when you see white balls around him try to doge them, they will follow. if they him, the clouds go away. move when the wind comes go far right when he trys to side hit you and when the bolts in a circle come doge them

  77. keep going around in circles and keep clicking fast youll beet him in 5 minutes

  78. can someone help me beat zues

  79. I beat every island besides Mystery Train Island I can help anyone who needs help.- Shaggy Shell

  80. littlecandyworld

    If anyone needs help on defeating Zeus, ask me! In my opinion it was the most fun battle I had in Poptropica.

  81. @red wing

    Actually, it is not a cat, Its name is Cerberus and it is a three headed DOG
    (not to be rude or anything just thought i would say that)

  82. quiet dolphin: spell TEN with the bones, “take away six but still leave ten”. Get it?

  83. holy moly it take like half an hour to do it grr

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  85. shaggy shell if you can help me read my earlier post regarding zues i REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO FINISH THIS ISLAND!

  86. to quiet dolphin
    write ten

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  97. Guys, Never give up

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