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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

The new Harry Potter movie comes out tomorrow. Are you going to go see it? I can’t believe it’s finally the end of all the Harry Potter movies! I read the books a long time ago and then re-read them all this year in anticipation of the final movie coming out this summer. And now it’s almost here.

I wonder if they’ll ever have a Harry Potter style island on Poptropica. There have been a few wizards and wizard references (like the Twisted Wizard game or all the magic in Astro-Knights) but there hasn’t been anything really like the world of Harry Potter. Maybe they’ll do an advertisement mission when the DVDs come out.

Want to talk more about the new movie? Check out the Harry Potter discussion in the PoptropicaSecrets forum!

P.S. Even there isn’t an official Harry Potter Island, that hasn’t kept us Poptropica fans from being creative about wishing for one! Check out these fan sites featuring Harry Potter in Poptropica ideas.

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  1. First to comment!

    p.s. I’m going to see it tomorrow with my bff because it’s our birthdays (however, i’m a year, 14 minutes, older) i’ll be 14 and she’ll be 13

  2. No Harry Potter Island but something Magical is in the works…

  3. 4th to comment!

  4. Me and my familly might go to the midnight showing in full costume, (were super mega ultra super potter heads,) (P.S.S does any one remember when I went to HP land, I got some costume stuff there,pictures up soon having some technical difficulties)

  5. 6th to comment~

    A Harry Potter Island would be great!!!
    Gonna go see the movie maybe next week or so becuz im going 2 go 2 Florida 4 vacation. 🙂 Haven’t been there 4 a long time!!!!


    Can someone help today i got a poptropica plush well two acctualy but i noticed my shark boy plush was missing his coin code i think someone took it while it was in the store i want my coin code can someone plz help me! PLZ!!!!

  7. I’m going to see it Saturday 23 its going to be awesome!!! Poptropica Harry potter would be AWSOME. It should be twice as long as Astro-Knights and be able to fly broomsticks!!!I’m a big fan of HP!

  8. It would be AMAZING if you could get a deathly hallows tee-shirt in the Poptropica store!!

  9. I’m gonna miss it.
    I read all the books too.
    So long Harry.

  10. im seeing it 2nite at midnite. whoop whoop!

  11. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this to come out since December 2010!

  12. now i know how AWESOME these movies are!!!!!!!!!!!!! we watched one of the movies at someones house it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I was there at Midnight!!!!! My uncle took me and it was crazy packed, but fun.

  14. One did it for power.
    One did it for love.
    One treated death like an old friend.
    The Deathly Hallows.

  15. just saw it, the best harry potter movie EVER, cried a little when Fred died, Fred was awsome.

  16. aww dont give it away infernape!!! 🙁 im gonna see it 2morrow in 3d!!! cant w8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hey I heard Hermonie and and the red head kiss is that true?

  18. lips are sealed meg, sorry lazy dragon, kinda obvious if you READ THE BOOKSSSSSS

  19. Howdy ya’ll!

  20. I saw it! It was good. I liked that part when they were trying to protect Hogwarts and Prof. McGonagal cast a spell and said, “I’ve always wanted to use that spell.”

  21. ya, that was funny, only time mcgonagal was ever not serious

  22. I like Prof. Flitwick. I hate Ron, and I don’t like Harry that much.

  23. The Elder Wand’s really vicious, accounting that it killed its own masters several times.

  24. Please, the Invisibility Cape is more awesome than EW and RS.

  25. Simple question to everyone: Who’s your favourite Harry Potter character?
    Mine: Hermione

  26. I wish Ron and Hermione broke up…

  27. I wish Harry didn’t have three children…

  28. I wish Ginny died…

  29. I wish Dumbledore lived…

  30. I wish Lupin and Tonks didn’t die…

  31. I wish Fred didn’t die…

  32. I wish Percy died instead…

  33. I wish Harry had red eyes. It’d look more evil.

  34. I LOVED the part where Ron broke up with Harry and Hermione.

    It was funny when Ron was about to destroy SLytherin’s locket. It showed an image where Hermione and Harry ALMOST kissed. Ron was like, 😮

  35. :0 not smiling

  36. Oops. 😮 -ing not smiling

  37. I saw it @ midnight. Two hours early and the line stretched across the theater!!! It was insane, and that was one of the least known in the area.

    Has anone seen Potter Puppet Pals? It’s hilarious!!!

  38. aww… voldemort died. he was my favorite

  39. No, PS Creator, I’m not going to see the movie.

  40. The new Harry Potter movie comes out tomorrow. Are you going to go see it?
    No, I’m not, PS Creator.

  41. Harry’s eyes are blue because he has his mothers eyes and his mother had soft blue eyes because she was extremly kind, if you want to know more about harry potter, READ THE BLOODY BOOKS, and why does every one hate Ron, what the bloody hell did he ever do to you.

  42. Harry’s eyes are green…. -_- Besides, people are entitled to their own opinions. I personally have no problem with Ron.

  43. professor mcgonagall is my favorite teacher 🙂 I really want to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. my favorite character is hermione! she is so smart 😀

  45. i wish tonks and lupin didnt die i liked them together

  46. you know the core of rhe elder wand is thestral hair

  47. have you ever read the tales of beedle the bard? my fave is the fountain of fair fortune

  48. in part one i liked the part when dobby said he was a free elf but i was sad when he died 🙁

  49. I like Ron he’s hilarious! And he’s NOTHING like my boring step – uncle ron.
    I think hermonie is my fave…
    HAHAHA At state our team swooped in and took 3rd! out of 18!!!
    not bad for our first year!

  50. such a good movie… though, the ending shld have been where they were standing on the bridge after harry broke the elder wand…

  51. LD: ???

  52. i read the HP books 3 years ago and saw the movie (as i commented earlier).

    3rd on second page!

    p. s. has anyone else besides me heard of Pottermore? if not, search “J. K. Rowling announces Pottermore” on YouTube.

  53. Check out “I Feel So Famous” Page

  54. dont go, jade, i just started commenting.

    p.s. where’s jeal, super thunder, infernape, and escoteric(i think that’s the word) phoenix?

  55. oh well. goodbye Jade!

  56. It’s Esoteric Phoenix.

    Oh well. At least Japan won a victory for their country. But man Solo (goalie) was terrible. She could have done better. Oh well.
    We placed second!

  58. To all you Selena Gomez Fans, Here is a complete Love You Like A Love Song Costume!

    Outfit 1:
    1. Buy the Vampire 2 outfit and use the hair.
    2. Buy the Pop Star Costume and use the bangs and microphone.
    3. Dye your poptropican’s hair black or dark brown.
    4. Wear the black polka dot dress from Spy Island.
    5. Wear a black vest.

    Outfit 2:
    1. Wear the Black Blouse from under the Vampire 3
    2. Wear the Goth Girl (From Astro Nights) Skirt
    3. Wear the straight hair from Gamer Girl.

    Outfit 3:
    1. Wear the Frilly White dress that is usually in the Multiplayer Rooms
    2. Dye your hair white and make your skin REALLY pale.
    3. Wear the hairstyle from the Royal Ball costume.
    4. Wear the bangs and blush from the Angel costume

  59. I hate harry potter but my bf(Google 101) loves it. Jinny and Harry? Hermine and Ron? George’s ear blowing off and Fred dieing? Pizza?(I know random… But I want some.) Voldomort is ugly. His younger self(Tom Riddle) I thought was attractive but I mistook him as Snape. Dumbledor dieing? I donno. Harry’s old. I donno… My books are going good! Anyone miss me?! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

  60. jeall! 2 l’s!!! And Jade! It’s not gay! It’s happy gay! Not… THAT gay!

  61. Can you show a pic of each of the costumes? Let me guess, Outfit one, The one Selena wears when shes singing in the kareoke place(Or the hippy Selena), Outfit Two is the english version of her, and Outfit Three is kareoke or hippy. I’m not sure witch on outfit 1 and 2 are. The hippy dude reminded me of my dad. But you forgot the japan or chinese one. In the car. But preety good. Ill make somthing like that.

  62. My fav outfit on that vid is the English version. Ooh! And you also forgot the mexican outfit. Well, Im going into 5th grade and for the talent show I wanna do something nice for my last year at my also elementary, So in middle show my bf and I(Google 101) are gonna sing ET Katy Perry. So Ill go the outfit on that and Naturly By Selena Gomez. Ok? Bye unless anyone’s here!

  63. HI Jeall! I’ve missed you but I haven’t really been here. I got an internship with a clothing company and have been D-signing clothes! Good for you on your book(s)! I just finished my 4th in a series I started! so… Google101 is your “bf” as in boyfriend, boy friend, or best friend??? Yesterday my team took third at a state meet!

  64. i love the pottermore ad it is so cool

  65. Best Freind! Eww! Not boyfriend! *Shiver* Good job with all your stuff And thanks about my stuff. I’m hoping to get into competitive swimming, ballroom danching, archery, spordplay or fencing, or gun. Like, As a sport. Well, Bye! and why havent you been emailing me?

  66. who dies, harry potter or lord voldamort?

  67. SORRY! jw… Competitive swimming is a whole lotta fun! But first just join a rec team not a club swimming team! You don’t wanna start at like CAC or anything! I have also done archery once at a friends its SUPER fun I won $100 in a bet for the most bulls eyes! I go shooting with deven, and ty, and Randy and we all use Randys guns thats also fun! If you were talking about me with the emails sorry I’ve been busy! TTYL!

  68. has anyone started getting ready for school? ( i know you’ll hate me for bringing up that subject. get it? school? subject?) I printed off the school supply list yesterday, though it has been on the site since JUNE. according to the list, my homeroom teacher from last year (gr. 7) will teach 8th grade this year. i hope they don’t put our homeroom together again. but if they did, i’d have SO MUCH STRESS. on the up side, i’d get to wear my tee shirt from field day that says “Go Team [name of last year’s homeroom teacher]” that my friends made.

    p. s. meg, that’s awesome!
    p. p. s. Jeall, i like ballroom dancing too, even though i never got chosen when it was guy’s choice. even though i had to choose the SAME GUY for both girls’ choice. I was in cotillion last year and i’ll be in it this year.

  69. Yeah I have my school started TODAY! I keep sneaking into the bathroom with my laptop! My bf and I are in the same grade but I’m not sure about our classes yet! We’re at the top of the pack for Middle school/ jr. high! So it should be a fairly good year… but so far it sucks!

  70. Hi! i created a new multiplayer room if anyone wants to join then my room code is bvv72!

  71. Sorry! I wasn’t here I was out.

  72. meg, which company is it?

  73. Anyone miss me while I was out for 2 days?

  74. um… LittleMissMatched. They’re out of NY and they only have a few stores in like Disney land, They are mostly online at http://www.littlemissmatched.com if you wanna check it out. Its not a big company but eh

  75. I’ve been an intern there for a little over three and a half months
    I also joined an “aprentinceship” thing for them on top of my internship
    you can go to http://www.discoverygirls.com/dg-blog/blog/little-missmatched-blog-showcase where my blog is featured as a winner of June!

  76. that’s so cool meg. i do art in school (though sometimes i wish i’d done chorus or band) and i won a local t-shirt design contest.

  77. p. s. that was 2 years ago

  78. ummm…. what????

  79. oh srry, now i get it….. good job neat hopper!!!

  80. thanks!

  81. if you have a website (which i do) or a myspace (which i don’t) then click my name to get text with glitter.

  82. click my name to go to Google Sites

  83. cool! Ok my bf deven keeps on saying “YOU CAN’T TASTE A PICKLE WITH YOUR EAR!!!” isn’t that random?

  84. Uh… Ok… Click my name. Join my site! PLEASE!!!!!!! Its about animals! and music! Ok???????? click it!

  85. OK! So thats whos been emailing me that stuff I was all like “what the heck”
    cuz i kept getting it!

  86. oh wow ha

  87. I thunk it was spam my older brother alex keep giving people my email!

  88. the thing that i love about harry potter is that is completely special; there’s nothing else like it and it isn’t affiliated with anything. if they made an island of it, the originality and awesomeness of harry potter would just go away. that’s just how i feel.

  89. i want to drink butterbeer!

  90. i got braces they feel weird! 🙂

  91. I’ve had braces two and a half years and I have to have them until I’m FIFTEEN!!!!!
    this is going to take FOREVER! And last week I got springs!

  92. they have butterbeer at Harry Potter land, its good,(its non-alcoholic)

  93. silver moon, i got braces last summer and my mom didn’t tell me until 5 days before the appointment!
    infernape, i went to orlando earlier this summer, but i didn’t go to Universal.

    p. s. if you go to Orlando, go to the restaurant called Taverna Opa. best Greek place ever! it has the only hummus that i consider good hummus. it’s cool because you get to pound the hummus yourself. but the background music gets loud, so sit outside.

    p. p. s. i’m Greek

    p. p. p. s. i love GreekFest

  94. it was good but the others were better.

  95. i just puplished a book its on sale in chapters and indigo its called The Black Chronicles Part II

    get the first one too they only cost 10 bucks each its about these group of kids who freed these black demon things and yeah and part 3 comes out in 2 and a haIf years.

  96. grigory, you PUBLISHED a book?! That’s SOOOOOOOO cool. I plan to write a book series later on in life. two of my favorite series ever are Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and The Gone Novels by Michael Grant. They rock. FYI: i only read the first book in each of those series so far. and i’m going into 8th grade (for those of you whose parents consider age-appropriateness of books).

    as for the Greek translations, i can read Greek (though i can’t always translate it) so when you do the Greek translations, i use it as practice.

    τι κάνεισ; (how are you)
    ποια βιβλία σας αρέσει; (which books do you like)

  97. i used Google Translate, then copied and pasted.

  98. Cool grigory. I want to publish a book too. Someday.

  99. go there…

  100. that movie was a little sad for my sister ;-(

  101. mrgreen

  102. Darn!!! Faces dont work anymore!!!


  103. nevermind

  104. mr:green

  105. :0 🙂 🙁 ;(

  106. sigh again

  107. canada yay extra taxes free health

    usa yay no taxes expensive health

    where would you rather live in?

  108. um…. Don’t know gotta think!

  109. By the way, i am going to write in russian instead of greek for once

    ивчрпь прмпсап прмпв псмпор оиримро пасвр ир мпмр поы ропмач ьоиорп!!!

    That means the president bathed naked in front of the teacher!!!

  110. oh….kay……then….. bye bye now!

  111. this is so weird: grigory said he wrote a book AND typed in Russian. that’s weird because i know a guy that’s a good writer and is Russian. but the “That means the president bathed naked in front of the teacher!!!” part was sort of random, so i doubt i know you.* but, grigory, if you know a girl with glasses that tells jokes to which you reply “ha ha ha. FUNNY,” then that would be too weird.

    *(actually, i don’t know i know anyone here in person. i can see why internet security is such a concern.)

  112. and Bashful Cloud, i love your gravatar picture. good luck with 7th grade. Here’s some advice for starting 7th grade:
    1. don’t let boys bother you
    2. ask for help if you need it
    3. be involved with your school (sports, student council, etc.)
    4. be careful who you tell the names of your crushes to. if they ask, say “we’re just friends” or “it’s not like i hate him”
    5. get your work done on time
    6. study for tests
    7. if you don’t want to watch a certain video in health class, just look at the wall or something near the TV screen. it’ll look like you’re paying attention
    8. if by chance someone decides to hate you, at least TRY to leave them alone.
    9. if one of the spontaneous haters is stabbing you with a gel pen in math class and it leaks all over your green Aeropostale polo, TELL THE TEACHER!!!!!

    (i learned 1, 4, 7, 8, and 9 from experience)

    here’s some advice for the end of the year;
    1. if someone writes in your yearbook “[name of person] totally thinks ur a babe” don’t believe it.
    2. if a teacher writes to “please work in your jokes over the summer” work on them. what else are you gonna do?
    3. if you get prank-called or prank-texted and you know who it is, either hang up or mess with them for a bit. for example, if “Batman” txts you and says he loves you (true story), send a text to maybe 3 or so friends saying “i just got a text from this number. do you know who it is?” and here’s what’ll happen.
    friend 1: sorry i dont recognize it
    you: that;s ok
    friend 2: ooooo ooooo i no pick me!
    you: okay, friend 2, who is it?
    friend 2: it’s batman, duh.
    [here’s where i would say OMG I KNEW IT WAS YOU I KNEW IT!!!, but then friend 2 would reply ugh goodbye.]
    that’s why i hate batman. i even saved the number on my phone as “Batman?” i cant wait to see what’ll happen next. school starts in 25 days…..

    and i learned 1 and 2 from experience; 3 is still a work in progress. . . .

  113. and when someone is giving a report that you couldn’t care less about find something funny about them to STARE at
    like once my enemy was giving a report and had a red bra on under a white shirt and it had rained and she didn’t know you could see through her shirt and I stared at her so hard that she screamed “what the F*** do you want?!?!?” into the mic@! She got detention FOR THE YEAR and they called her parents! BOO-YAH!

  114. u can buy the shrink ray island shrink ray gun in the pop store!!!

  115. the gun is awsome, you can enter a room,(like the science fair on Shrink Ray island) and minimize yourself and use the gun on every one else,(Mr. Silva actually grows because as the incredible shrunken man he is smaller than the shrink ray shrinks)

  116. make yourself and every one else small again

  117. Uh! I just went to the dentist. Got a filling. My jaw hurts! Gregory, Did you self publish, Use a subsidy publisher, or use a comercial publisher. Im publishing myself right now(Though my book isn’t finished). I know German, Spanish, Russian, Yiddish, and English just a little(Though of cource I know english alot). Nice advice… I think. And I am going into 5th grade in… 34 days. Boo-yah! bye!

  118. I have only had two cavities my WHOLE life!

  119. Yeah this year I’ll be in 8th So its my second year in middle school/jr. high but here in AZ we only have K-8 and high schools!

  120. one more thing that happened to me; at the end of the year we have to put the textbooks and dictionaries into this one room. so we were carrying dictionaries into the room. there were people crowding around the place we were supposed to put them, so i sat down on a chair that was there. well, then this guy (the good-writer Russian dude), who, like me, had a huge stack of about 6 dictionaries, put it on my stack which was on my lap, then speed-walked away! so i couldn’t get up without them falling. luckily, two of my friends came back and helped me. when i got back to the room i was like “not funny” `:-) :–) 😎

  121. i found some emoticons but i dont know if theyll work


  122. in TN, elementary is K-5, middle is 6-8, and high is 9-12.

  123. [:|] robot
    (.V.) alien

  124. neat hopper: its same here, too

  125. I am eating sausage! Its cold and dry 😛

  126. uhh… i dont really like sausage…

  127. It was so gross! And my mom made me eat it! “to help me grow” whateve I fed it to one of my dogs

  128. the grosses thing i ever ate would probably be eel. my favorite food is pasta. my favorite exotic food is calamari (which you should ALWAYS CUT UP! i almost learned that the hard way)

    and of course all Greek food is GOOD Greek food

  129. and today my friend txted me and said that they put the list of teachers on t he school’s website! but i don’t have a reading class! here’s my schedule:

    1st period: Honors Algebra 1
    2nd: nothing! (for those of you who don’t know, that’s not normal)
    3rd: (the year is divided up into 4 quarters. each one we get something different. we always get PE twice.) nothing (again, not normal), PE, Health, PE.
    4th: art
    5th: physical science (i HOPE that’s honors!)
    6th: honors social studies
    7th: honors language arts

    i am smart and was in all honors last year, which is why i’m worried about the reading class!

  130. eww you ate EEL?!?!? I’ve eaten dog, rabbit, horse, and cyote turd on a dare and I’ve eaten is ty’s moms cooking SORRY!

  131. My friend(Google 101) and I sang at open mic one night and its on Utube. But I cant show anyone because its safety issues. Sorry.

  132. And my schools same as yours NH. Bye!

  133. me 2! But its almost never humid here!

  134. cool! My does when its not humid so you DO NOT wanna see it in humidity!
    I just saw this harry potter movie with my bf it was really good!

  135. Think I’m awesome? Follow me @MegKoltz! Tweet me!

  136. hey i cant beat criptids!!! its so hard

  137. hey guys i saw harry potter so sad harry i will miss you

  138. there now im haley no longer skywolf which is wiered

  139. \.
    /. im mad at my boy friend for eating all my soup i needed it more than him i am sick!!!!!!!!!!

  140. I’m sorry to hear that. 😥

  141. 七律·长征
    红军不怕远征难, 万水千山只等闲。五岭逶迤腾细浪,乌蒙磅德走泥丸。

  142. oh I’m sorry

  143. what does

    Not afraid of Mao Zedong’s Red Army Long March expedition Qilu difficult, arduous journey only lightly. Wuling winding Teng small waves, go Ni Wan Germany Wumeng pounds. Sands film cliffs warm water, large Bridge cross cable also. Minshan more like snow thousands of miles, to do after the joy of the three services. mean unknown

  144. what is this I don’t even? ^

  145. and meg, i’d tweet you if i had a twitter. i’m over 13 but my parents won’t let me. i want a facebook, but i guess i’ll have to wait till Christmas or next summer.

  146. HARRY POTTER ROCKS! I HAVE SEEN EVERY MOVIE NOW!!! oh and by the way the new shrink ray gun in the poptropica shop rocks to! you can shrink almost anything. A cat becomes a kitten. those dogs may look tuff on spy island but one zap of the shrink ray it turns them into puppys. even in wild west island you can shrink your horse. and when you ride him you become small to. but only when ya ride him. it doesnt shrink so small. the orignal shrink ray gun on shrink ray island can shrink a lot more. believe me i have done it

  147. come to my multiverse room, code: ASX78

    I will only be in there 25 minutes

  148. I need at least 1 poptropican in my room, pleeease, you have until


  149. thanks NH! Too bad my parents couldn’t care less but with 5 sons and 1 girl you really can’t be! my bros are Randy(18), Alex (14), ME(12), David (10), Ryan (6), and noah (2). They also have a new baby on the way! GTG!

  150. Ok. My crazy PC is acting haywire AGAIN!!! I can’t wait for my birthday to get a new one!!

  151. Wow… that’s a lot of brothers Meg!

  152. Yeah its a REALLY good thing that I’m a tomboy! The baby is a boy and is due the day after MY B-day if hes a day early we’ll have been born on the same day!

  153. YESSSSS! that would be so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to the midnight movie premiere as bellatrix lestrange 😀

  154. just got an itunes gift card in the mail for my b-day from my godparents. any song suggestions?

  155. um…. Mute Math and BarlowGirl!
    “Harder then the first time”, and “Particular People”!

  156. thanks for the suggestion meg.

    to everyone else: just give suggestions of ANY good song. i need more good music and/or artists. in my opinion, mi ipod has way too many Kidz Bop and Hannah Montana and not enough Katy Perry and Ke$sha.

  157. Yeah mine are all christian rock and such!

  158. i watched it [:|] (.V.) so nice!!!!!!

  159. I am a total geek for harry potter! I really want to see this movie.

  160. @Neat Hopper & Infernape:
    FYI, It’s a chinese poem (NOT your meaning) written by the first chinese president, Mao Zedong.

  161. 真笨!连这都不懂!

  162. O well Its pretty fun! My older brother Randy and I are the closest of anyone in our family! He always takes me places! Last year he took me to paris!!! (paris, Texas that is!) He always takes me on dates with his gf, and is like a best friend/dad to me! He even took my bf, and me to harry potter and we stayed at the theater ALL day! In between movies either act like you’re gonna buy food or, hide in the bathroom! We are going to Utah this weekend to visit his old high school buddy it should be tons of fun!!! But my other older brother – alex (14) is SUPER mean and rude and everything bad, then david (10) is a mamas boy/ goody two schools! Ryan (6) is “superman” or at least THINKS he is, and noah (2) is cute but crys and poops too much because i ALWAYS have diaper dooty (get it? hahaha)

  163. I have to share a room with ryan, and noah! And soon a new baby! The baby is SOO gonna be a boy (i hope) I mean one more boy can’t hurt! But girls – prissy, frilly, pink, needy, drama filled ball of sassy rudeness NO THANK YOU!!!!!

  164. thanks everyone for your suggestions!

    and bashful cloud, i already have SOS and its awesome.

    here are some of my fave ipod songs:
    Low by Flo rida
    4 Minutes by Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
    Picture to Burn, Our Song, Should’ve Said No, I’m Only Me when I’m With You, A Place in this World, Mary’s Song (Oh, My, My, My), and The Outside by Taylor Swift
    Party in the USA, Let’s Dance, 7 Things, Full Circle, Bottom of the Ocean, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, See You Again, and East Northumberland High by Miley Cyrus
    With Love by Hillary Duff
    Let’s Dance by Vanessa Hudgens

  165. and meg, that must be cool to have so many brothers! i only have a little sister (grade 3).

  166. harry potter rox. its funny when they think harry is dead and then he just jumps out of hagrid’s arms ad runs


  168. are teachers allowed to threaten you?

  169. becuze mine just did!

  170. 201 comments! Do you really wanna know?

  171. tell us meg!

    p. s. when did you start school? mine doesnt start until August 15.

  172. I ALWAYS talk way too much during class, she always tells me to shut it and slaps me with a ruler or a book – hard! My bf – deven told her to knock it off….. blah blah blah i talked again she told me to chose my friends wisely, shut up or else, and that deven and I are both stupid and are getting suspended for a week! FUN, FUN, FUN I gave her my “moms” number and she called it and told my “mom” that i was suspended it was actually ashley my 26 year old friend so my ma don’t know i got suspended so deven and i have been hiding out at her house! hahahah if my mama only knew!
    So we also kept sneaking into the movies and got kicked out and the libary also kicked us out so we mostly hang at our club its very hot! Any advice?

  173. OTHER then telling my mom DO YOU WANT ME DEAD?!?!?!?!?!
    School started yesterday and I got the same STUPID teacher as last year!
    she keeps moving up we only get a 6 week break in the summer it SUCKS!

  174. WT* (cuz i don’t cuss) WHAT KIND OF FREAKIN’ (that’s not a cuss) SCHOOL ONLY HAS A 6 WEEK SUMMER BREAK?!

    meg, how big is your school? where is your school? what grade are you?
    mine’s about 1,100 students. it’s in the most populated city in east TN. i’m going into 8th.

    meg, you should call your brother Randy and ask him for advice. if he’s as close to you as he says, he’ll do what he thinks is best. also, since he’s 18, he can probably order a mini-camera to record your day at school. record each day until something “big” happens between you and the teacher. then, show it to a school administrator or principal or your 26 year old friend or your mom or the cops.

    i agree with you when you say she’s SATAN!!!!!! (okay, you didn’t say it but you were thinking it), but try to stop talking. i know you’ll be mad at me for saying that, but i’m not a talker and i dont get into trouble for talking….a lot. i mean, sometimes i chat with this guy…..

    another thing, you fooled your mom (i hope she doesnt go to this site), but what about your dad?

  175. Strange Moon can you make a Jack Sparrow Costume Here or anyone else?

  176. OK! Well my dad doesn’t madder he’s in Texas! Deven has never been here! Randy still lives with us so I don’t even need to call! Ok probably about 500 kids in florence and I’m going into 8th! And the camera thing is a good idea but I am broke and so is Randy! Randy actually would be like rich but he loaned me all his money! My school only has 6 week break! Me + my bf – deven decided to rebel but we got detention for a month for calling our teacher stupid THAT i will NOT be trying again!

  177. I AM SOOO BORED!!!!

  178. the shrink ray gun should be worth 50 because its just a waste

  179. mines in ontario

  180. im having nightmares about myself and i cant even stay in this house

  181. we have about 3 month summer break here….

  182. i will be on the recent posts if anyone needs me…

  183. hey, anybody…i made up a really cool harry potter costume…and it doesn’t cost anything!!!!
    -Go to Astro Knights, find the goth girl in the mill and copy her bodice and skirt.
    -Get a ponytail from anywhere. (Looks good with black hair, but it doesn’t matter)
    -Go to Super Power and get the nerdy glasses and purple cape from Ned Noodlehead (he’s wears a cape when you finish the island and defeat Betty Jetty).
    -You can find a grey tie from anywhere, which looks cool, but you don’t need it.
    -If you have the Fairy outfit from the store, or anything else that gives you a wand, awesome!

    Now you’re ready! 😀

  184. Really, Meg? I’m going into 8th grade, and I”m a nerdy Broadway freak…Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite shows!!! 😀

  185. no way! Thats my moms fave too!
    she watches it like once a week!

  186. if anyone wants to be luna lovegood heres how to do it.
    step 1: get the graduation outfit(free) costumize in blue(for ravenclaw) or white
    step 2:go to the carrot king diner on carrot island and die your hair(fill it almost up the top with white and a couple drops of red)
    step 3: find the crimped hair and earrings in multiplayer rooms (note the earrings are separate)
    step 4: go to nabooti island where 3 people sell stuff costumize the necklace off of the lady in blue (butterbeer corkscrew necklace to ward of nargles or whatever)
    step 5: (optional) get a cute belt from the multiplayer room
    heres a link to my avatar studio just copy and paste

  187. harry potter 4th year costume:
    reality TV: go to the market and copy the tie shirt on the magazine guy. then go outside and get the hair from the guy outside the tv shop.
    random people: gray jacket
    super hero: red cape
    shrink ray science fair: calamari guy’s glasses, belly-button girl’s pants and for casual look, Mr.Silva’s shirt without cape.
    store: if you don’t have the wizards of waverly place wand or you got rid of it, buy magician costume and copy wand and cape. ta-da. look at what it looks like by going to the avatar studio and put in: harrpopper.

  188. luna lovegood costume:
    random: black jacket w/ white shirt shirt, blue tie, side bangs
    astro-knights: goth girl skirt in ye old romour mille
    cryptids: curly hair on main street
    24 carrot: carrot king make platinum blond. Ta-da! go to poptropica.com/avatarsudio and look up: luna<3good1

  189. or for Luna find the barbie blond ponytail.

  190. jedi costume:
    skullduggery: the boy with the bandana’s shirt and pants
    store:sky hawk warrior’s sword
    red dragon: main street girl’s brown coat, jack’s hair. Ta-da. check it out on a poptropican by putting in: thejedi20 at the avatar studio. :mrgreen:

  191. saw the pre-screening of this movie. i also got a free tee that says Muggle on it

  192. giant tornado,
    type in jack.sparrow1 in the avatar studio.
    skullduggery: chicken man’s shirt, musket man on main street’s satchel, any brown pants
    random: dreads
    store: pirates outfit copy belt and sword, magician outfit copy facial hair Ta-da! check the costume out by entering: jack.sparrow1 in the avatar studio.

  193. prev. comment for Giant Tornado’s Jack Sparrow costume question

  194. cae315’s cosumes are cool. I checked them out myself.

  195. Cae315’s costumes are cool. i checked them out.

  196. who the hell cares about harry potter

  197. @:-selenagomez-:@ Um, EVERYBODY who’s even WORTH spending time with?! Why are you even reading this article if you don’t like it?

  198. Hey, is anybody on here a big enough nerd to get into PotterMore besides me? >blush<

  199. Hey, does anyone know anyone with the username “Short Panda”? Their username is my full real name, and that ind of freaks me out because I don’t really have a common name. Maybe it’s my boyfriend…?

  200. Okay, and I am *not* going to respond to that… :/

  201. Does anyone have Jeff Kinney’s e-Mail? I’d like to send a message about how many Poptropicans would like a Harry Potter Island.

  202. Mostly to annoy people like “@:-selenagomez-:@.” But also because I also would very much like a Harry Potter Island.

  203. oh yay! @:-selenagomez-:@ commented something else innappropriate about me, but i guess Fierce Moon must have deleted it!

  204. And Grey Crab, IKR?! 😀

  205. Friendly Lightning

    I am the biggest Potterhead in China and can answer all HP questions correctly

  206. oh sure friendly lightning but i am the biggest potterhead in the UNIVERSE and if any one objects bring it on.

  207. Yeah right! Name every single character in Harry Potter.

  208. in out of like two hundred on sporcle i can name 194, how bout you? dont think you can. you just can’t admit it can you? your just a FILTHY MUGGLE!

  209. friendly lightning, you are a muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle muggle! I am a HALF-BLOOD! my mom is a halfblood and my great great great great grandmother from my dads side was a squid so if he didnt marry my mom i would still be a muggle-born.

  210. Friendly Lightning

    Oi Silver Moon then I ask you how can you PROOF that u r a witch? HOw can you proof that u r half blood of muggle born? If you can’t PROOF it, then everybody is a witch or wizard and which magical school did u go to anyway?

  211. i go to salem witch institute, it’s in America. and i am a half-blood because my mom’s great great great great great great grand mother is a squib and that means my mom is a muggleborn and my dad is a muggle.

  212. and i cant prove it because you are in china and i am not allowed to do under age magic. and before i went to charms school, i used to go to hogarts but we recently moved to America.

  213. and you’re still a filthy MUGGLE! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  214. and if you point out that i said my dad was a muggleborn. every one makes mistakes gosh! like you don’t make mistakes.

  215. Friendly Lightning

    You might have realised that in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them they mentioned a Chinese Fireball dragon so don’t think I don’t have magical blood.

  216. Friendly Lightning

    And you know that laughing at muggle for being stupid is something against the wizarding laws? And there are some real smart ones too. I’m in the Moufa (means magic,stupid)magical school of China.

  217. laughing at a muggle is not against the laws and did you just make that up cause i don’t see that in any of the harry potter books and i’m sure there are chinese wizards but i’m sure your not one of them. of course i noticed the chinese fireball and how am i sure your not just making up that school. huh? huh?

  218. Friendly Lightning

    And how can I tell that you ain’t making it up?

  219. go on look up salem witch institute.

  220. Friendly Lightning

    yeah and what the the actual website for it? there’s like millions of salem witch institues on the web.

  221. at least we have an actual website but the real one is only for wizards.

  222. Friendly Lightning

    well which one is it? I thought magical people don’t even use computers.

  223. what about the muggle borns? huh? huh? they know how or at least the ones in salem witch institute. they just want other muggle borns to know so they won’t be surprised, it’s a new program.

  224. why should i tell you witch one it is? i thought you already go to moufa or something? and anyway i cant tell you unless you pass the test.

  225. To bad all the dvds have come out and no avritizement:(

  226. um friendly lightning? where are you? guess i win? it’s been like 3-5 days. woo hooo!

  227. Friendly Lightning

    I am currently in Beijing China and im not telling you whear i live. you didnt win and you r going off topic. i thought this was about whos a bigger potterhead.

  228. fine ok i don’t know how we got here. 🙂 but ok were both the biggest potterheads your the guy one and i’m the girl one, k?

  229. Friendly Lightning

    I am a girl too.

  230. oh sorry then both of us, it’s just that your poptropica name sounds like a guy name cause like harry has a lightning bolt scar and he’s a guy, you know…….

  231. Friendly Lightning

    You can say that.

  232. so we’re okay now? like friends?

  233. Friendly Lightning

    all right.

  234. wow that was a long long long long silence 🙂

  235. hey! are you still there?

  236. Wow. I can’t believe u guys were fighting over yhat

  237. Hi I :<3: Harry Potter

  238. I like Harry Potter, but i don’t know everything about it… And i can’t believe you said you were a wizard/witch, pretty sure theres no such thing but you can believe what you believe Silver moon.

  239. Not trying to be super rude or anything, i’m just keeping it realistic

  240. Blame my imagination.

  241. im rereading the first book