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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

The new Harry Potter movie comes out tomorrow. Are you going to go see it? I can’t believe it’s finally the end of all the Harry Potter movies! I read the books a long time ago and then re-read them all this year in anticipation of the final movie coming out this summer. And now it’s almost here.

I wonder if they’ll ever have a Harry Potter style island on Poptropica. There have been a few wizards and wizard references (like the Twisted Wizard game or all the magic in Astro-Knights) but there hasn’t been anything really like the world of Harry Potter. Maybe they’ll do an advertisement mission when the DVDs come out.

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P.S. Even there isn’t an official Harry Potter Island, that hasn’t kept us Poptropica fans from being creative about wishing for one! Check out these fan sites featuring Harry Potter in Poptropica ideas.

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe u guys were fighting over yhat

  2. Hi I :<3: Harry Potter

  3. I like Harry Potter, but i don’t know everything about it… And i can’t believe you said you were a wizard/witch, pretty sure theres no such thing but you can believe what you believe Silver moon.

  4. Not trying to be super rude or anything, i’m just keeping it realistic

  5. Blame my imagination.

  6. im rereading the first book