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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

To everyone here in the United States, a big Happy Fourth of July!!! It’s time to celebrate our nation’s birthday. She’s an impressive 238 years old today. Hopefully you and your family and friends are enjoying a very nice and festive holiday. I know a lot of you on the East Coast are dealing with Hurricane Arthur. I hope that doesn’t ruin your plans too much. Remember, a rainy 4th of July is a great excuse to sit inside and play more Poptropica!

Seriously, I hope most of you here in the USA are enjoying a great day outdoors and enjoy the fireworks!

Here’s some really cool statistics about the Fourth of July that I found on the Web:

  • More than 74 million Americans are planning a BBQ for the Fourth of July.
  • An impressive 87 percent of American own outdoor grills.
  • Americans consume 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July weekend.
  • Americans buy 750 million pounds of chicken leading up to the Fourth of July celebrations.
  • By comparison, Americans buy only a measly 190 million pounds of red meat or pork in the lead up to Fourth of July.
  • Americans spend $203 million just on condiments for Fourth of July.  This is more than $92 million we spend on chips and $60.3 million we spend on dip.
  • About 68.3 million cases of beer are sold over the Fourth of July weekend.

I guess we like to eat!


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