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Hair Colors

Using my favorite hair style, I’m going to show some of my best colors. Some are simple, some are a bit more complicated. The outfit I’m using with this post is “Tough Girl”, and I found this vivid pink mouth on someone in a Multi-Player area (I think it was the Hair Club…) Enjoy!

Bella Black

Audacious Auburn

Beautiful Blonde

Bodacious Brunette

Rebellious Red-Head

Bodacious Brunette: On 24 Carrot Island, use the hair coloring drinks. Mixture- Red for 5 seconds, yellow for 2/3, and black for 4.
Rebellious Red-Head Mixture: Red for 6 seconds, yellow for 2/3.
Beautiful Blonde Mixture: Yellow for 6 seconds, white for 3/4.
Audacious Auburn Mixture: Red for 4 seconds, yellow for 2/3, and black for 2/3.
Bella Black: Just fill it completely black for a super dark look.

Enjoy using my 5 main hair colors!

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  1. An amazing feat, White Sword! But I don’t think anyone else is on…
    Room Code: DZZ92

  2. White Sword are you there!

  3. the outfit im wearing is called “the biker god!” ! 8) !

  4. Hello, are you still on?

  5. I am!

  6. You’re closest to Bodacious Brunette, Sandy.

  7. 801!!! Great job guys! We need 1020 to beat the record.

  8. thats so cool i like the Audacious Auburn 😀

  9. Hey, I’m super bored! Strange Moon can you come up with an outfit that fits the title ‘Wedding Girl(bride)’

  10. Whoa… It was just yesterday we were at 400… :omg:

  11. I have a new outfit modified for different hair colors. It’s called Helen of Sparta.

    1. Go to the Delphi, Greece section of Time Tangled island and put on a head wreath from the guy in front of the oracle’s place.
    2. Go to Mythology island and put on the girl in front of the museam’s whole dress with sash and the mouth.
    3. Buy the Vampire Girl 1 and put on the hair.
    4. To know what I am talking about, in the free avatar studio, type for the username- Helenofspartablond.

    Red/ Auburn (my natural hair color is auburn :)-
    1. Go to the Delphi, Greece section of Time Tangled island and put on the head wreath from the guy in front of the oracle’s place.
    2.Go to Mythology Island and put the girl in front of the museam’s mouth.
    3. Go to the restraunt (still in mythology) and put on the purple girl’s dress, sash and cape.
    4. Put on the Vampire Girl 1’s hair.
    5. To know what i’m talking about, in the free avatar studio, type in the username- Helenofspartared.

    1. Do the same first step of the first 2 hair colors.
    2. Go to Mythology and copy the girl next to the restraunt’s sash and dress.
    3. Wear a pretty braid. Preferebly the one in the begining were you make your character.
    4. To know what im talking about, in the free avatar studio, type in the username- Helenofspartablack.

    1. Go Mythology Island and (in the restraunt) costumize the green girl’s dress, sash, and cape.
    2. In the front of the museam, costumize the girl’s lips and bangs with blush
    3. put on the famous wavy hair.
    4. To know what I’m talking about, in the free avatar studio, type in the username-

  12. Princess Holly of Poptropica

    Hi! I made a boy character just for this outfit-

    Everything off the guy at the Jungle plant on Astro Knights except the helmet
    The sword from the guy on Main Street on Astro Knights
    The bow off the Robin Hood outfit in the store
    Credits: 75

    I call it: The Hero of Time!!!
    That’s right, I’m an absolute Zelda nerd!

  13. Princess Holly of Poptropica

    Oh yeah, no I’m not up at midnight, it’s just that I’m in an other country right now!!!

  14. how to make the hair colour black but a littlllllleeee brown?

  15. hey click my name! is this auburn ?

  16. HEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your listening unknown, nobody cares if you are ” Back in Hong Kong ” so quit posting that up on the web!! GOD!! YOU ARE SO NOT COOL BUT I AM!!!!!!

  17. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    The outfit looks best with black hair.

  18. Striped Toes: Black, a little bit of red in it.
    Princess Holly: Me too! I’m playing Spirit Tracks now!
    Silver Moon: You must’ve changed it; it’s blonde now.

  19. now?

  20. OK, I have tons of style and I think the thing where you have to throw darts on Cryptids, I think it’s rigged so, you always lose! Anyone think my style is good? Whoever thinks so, click my name and see my style! Write 991 if you agree with my style and type 992 if you don’t. Type 371 if you agree that the game is rigged and type 372 if you don’t.

  21. ok i cant click ur name FF. type in a WEBSITE.

  22. the website has to be ur poptropican’s avatar so we can see u when we click ur name.

  23. ok i CANNOT find lips like that, im not even kidding i want then soooooooo bad


  25. What…what…what…what…what…what…what…what…what…what…what…what…

  26. Um, hi. I’m new here and what is this website anyways?

    I saw the ad on videos for this and, I couldn’t resist! I typed the address right away and it popped up here. And my friend, Fearless FLAME, (who, by the way, likes to be called: Ke$ha because she’s her biggest fan! Oops, I was supposed to say she was Ke$ha 😳 …….) reccomened this website to me and she said,” Oh, I’m friends with White Sword. She’s sooo awesome! Blah blah blah!” ( Which is the tittle of one of Ke$ha’s songs) I’ll be the judge of that! And she said there was this good-lookin’ chic around. Where is she? Can’t find any fashionista’s….
    Anyways, can someone show me around? I have great ideas for costumes, awesome hair colors,( Strange Moon, you inspired me!) and lots of other stuff. So, I hope I have a good time chatting and looking at, well, cheats and secrets!

  27. Heey, BFF! Whazzup? Hey,hey, um, I might bail early. Someone, please introduce my friend!!!!

  28. OK, I’m alone! White Sword’s gone, Ke$ha’s gone, Strange Moon is gone, why is everyone gone?!

  29. ok kesha, go to art students/private school students right now1!!!!!!!!!

  30. “‘Cause In My Castle I’m The Man!” -Bruno Mars, The Lazy Song

  31. How do you change your skin color?

  32. hello is any one here i posted one time so i was wondering if u wanna know any other cool websites i know some like fantage.com or animaljam.com so if u know animal jam i know lots of codes for it and if u want the codes ask me i will be checking back here if u want any codes i know lots of them so u can ask so and if u want to add me on any of these virtual worlds just leave a comment and i promise to answer back so just write asap when u can i will be happy to give u answers so do it when u can ok

  33. and also u change skin color by going to early poptropica to the left when u r there

  34. one time i tried it and i got a crazy hair color which was i think blue-ish blackish auburnish

  35. im back so boa how did u get that hairdo?


  37. go to early poptropica, go to the place with the tall buildings and stretchy clotheslines. a man will be there with a cart with balloons. pick a balloon… and your face will turn into the same color as that balloon!

  38. Hello everyone!
    Now for the update on news:
    Many of you poptropicans may have already noticed, but the Island Smackdown is still cheering and congratulating the famous and popular Spy Island.
    #1: In the first place, we have Spy Island in the lead, with 1,134 votes and a percentage of 65%.
    #2: In the second place, we have Time Tangled Island, with a total voter of 617 and a percentage of 35%, but good job Time Tangled! You are still a really great island!
    Besides the Smackdown, we have a sudden rumor of a new island coming out.
    #1: The mysterious island’s name will be Wild West Island. So, speaking of the wild west, many of you will instantly think of cowboys and cowgirls, incluuding ranches, horses, cows and other cattles that ranchers breed. And, you were right. On the Poptropica Map, an island with the words “Sneak Preview” is between Nabooti and Mythology. So, this island isn’t a rumor. This is REAL.
    OK Poptropicans, we still have more! Well, the Poptropica Creators must have thought about how small the Poptropica Store is, so…
    #1: The newest costume available in the store is a fabulous but simple one, called the “Disco King” if your poptropican is a boy. Don’t worry, girls. For you, there will be one called “Disco Queen”.
    #2: The Creators must have done a pretty decent job on coming up with the “Bigfoot Costume”, or whatever it’s called, because I have seem lots of people wearing and showing off with a fake Bigfoot on their heads. That’s the whole costume, really, though, except for a T-shirt and black pants. So, I’m not saying that the T-shirt and the black pants are decent, but mainly because of the awesome, fantastic Bigfoot hat!

    Well, that’s the latest report for The Weekly Surprise: White Sword the News Reporter. Thanks for listening and reading, have a wonderful, happy and fabulous Chinese New Year on Jan. 3rd!
    a 🙂 and a 🙂

  39. All right,
    Let’s hear for our interview with the Weekly Surprise Intersiewer White Star!
    Hello White Star! Anything new for us to hear?
    WS: Why of course.
    #1:OK then! I want to know about the Island Smackdown, first thing of all.
    WS: Well, first thing is that Mythology is winning! With a total vote of 666 votes, Mythology has a percentage of 70%.
    #2: Oh! That’s great. Why is it winning?
    WS: Well, of course, Mythology Island is an awesome one!
    #3: *roll eyes* Oh, well, OK I get it White Sword, but, is something particularly awesome that makes it awesome?
    WS: Well, it allows you to actually meet some of the greatest gods and goddesses in the world.
    #4: Can you name some of them?
    WS: Sure! Athena is my favourite, Artemis, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hestia, Hermes, Ares, and, of course, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.
    #5: All right, then! What about the also very popular Counterfeit?
    WS: Oh yes. Counterfeit is one of the most popular islands on Poptropica, our world. With a percentage of 30%, it has a total vote of 288. I know exactly why it is not winning, and almost failing to win. That is because, at least this is what I think, Mythology has a more exciting background and story. Of course, thieves are all around us. But, really, no poptropican can ever see a god or goddess that often.
    #6: All right then! Thank you very much, Star.

    Well, this concludes our interview with the Weekly Surprise! Thank you for listening and reading, and happy Chinese New Year today! The people in China are already celebrating today! 新年快乐! (Happy New Year!)

  40. Hey, Strange Moon. Where’d You Get That Awesome Hairstyle? 🙂

  41. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Made Pink With
    Red 6/7 Seconds And White 4/5 Seconds or until u like the Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. they’re cool strange moon! way to go!

  43. Hello everyone. Today is Feb. 13th, 2011. Welcome to the Weekly Surprise: News Report. Today we will have a report with News Reporter White Star!
    Today’s subject will be: El Mustachio Grande

    #1: Hello White Star.
    WS: Hello White Sword. What would you like to ask about Grande?
    #2: Well, I do have something to ask. First of all, who is El Mustachio Grande?
    WS: That’s an interesting question. Grande is the main villain of the suddenly-popped up Wild West Island. In the paragraph describing Wild West Island, it said that a dark shadow was lurking around on Wild West. That dark “shadow” is El Mustachio Grande.
    #3: That’s some nice informations, Star. Do you know what he looks like?
    WS: Well, the Poptropica Creators printed a very blurry picture of Grande, so nobody knows for sure what he’ll look like. The Weekly Surprise predict that he has a big mustache, and a some how “evil” pair of eyes.
    #4: Oh! Well, what do you think his proffesion is?
    WS: According to our prediction, Grande is most likely to be a cowboy or a rancher. Except, no matter what he is, we know for sure that he will be evil.
    #5: Well that’s some shuddering news. My last and most important question is, do you think Grande will become a popular villain, like, for example, the popular Dr. Hare on 24 Carrots Island, Black Widow on Counterfeit Island, Betty Jetty, or Zeus?
    WS: We must know this: it is only after an island comes out that we know for sure what it will be like. Therefore I am sorry to say that I don’t know the answer.
    #6: Thank you very much for the fantastic info, Star and have a good day. Happy Valentines Day!
    WS: Wish you a happy Valentine too!

    OK well this concludes our report with Star.

  44. Hello Poptropica Fans!!!
    I’m Icy Fire.
    I’m a new here but I’ve been playing poptropica for a while now.
    And I’d just like to say Thank you to whoever wrote this page…I don’t look for the name!!!
    I needed serious help!!


  45. The Poptropica Gazette.
    Costume News:
    On Saturday May 7th,Icy Fire produced 3 new costumes.
    Ms.Fire is a member of the Super Fashion Gals and has recently just joined.The costumes are called “Trendy with a Touch of Orange”Cute Nerd” and “Extra Fun”.
    Go to the Cute Girl and Queen of the Underworld page to see these costumes.

    We are hiring new members to post their own stories on the Poptropica Gazette.
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  46. Lady Gagette costume:

    When you’re on Pewter Moon on Astro-Knights Island, equip the green girl mouth.
    Get the strap around purple top.
    Get the Gamer Girl hair.
    Get the really big bang.
    Wear the Biker jacket.
    Wear the white skirt with pink leggings.
    Dye your hair green or a weird color.
    Buy the Pop Star costume and wear the mic.
    Click on my name to see!

  47. wow you can change ur hair color?! awesome!♥

  48. In order to actually look like a silver angel,you need to do:
    1.Buy the Angel Costume
    2.Costumize a White Hat
    3. Go to 24 Carrot Island and go to the Cafe’
    4.Half the cup black,and the rest white until you see like a silver color
    5.Drink the smoothie,then you’re done!

  49. i am white star?! what the heck!

  50. I have a really pretty hair color, like I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like this:
    1. Almost half the cup red
    2. White for 3 or 4 seconds
    3. Black for 1 or 2 seconds
    4. Yellow for 1 second
    5. Red for 1 second
    6. White for 1 or 2 seconds
    7. Drink the smoothie!

  51. Where did you get that outfit from?