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Ghost Story Trailer Here

The Poptropica Creators released a trailer for Ghost Story Island, which means the island is probably going to be here really soon! Take a look at the trailer below. What do you think? Kind of spooky!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. second

  2. Do you ever actually talk about the main post?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Poptropica Secrets! I hope you eat enough! I had MY share!!! Cherry Cheesecake, Pets, New Movies, New CDs, ( including Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson!!!!!) etc. I hope you guys had a good time!!!!! THX for looking at my blog!!!!!!!!!

  4. When will we be able to STAY ON TOPIC?!?!?!?!

  5. that’s not what we do here calm dolphin,were all virtual friends so we just talk

  6. Don’t you guys have emails or something?

  7. emails arent good for chatting online,and yes,I do have e-mail

  8. plus they may reveal more than we want them to know
    (clearly chatting with a person you cant link a real name or face to works)

  9. Then maybe we should limit our random chat posts.

  10. yup, i prefer ZippyCrab, not my real name. But my friends do not know me as ZippyCrab. I mean, Beside you awesome People.

  11. Who knows L’s real name,I do

  12. Just wondering if you guys knew you could call me L,or L’s real name if you know it

  13. otherwise known as “Kira”.

  14. Nice job Zippy,you found out the secret any one could find out,L and Kira are two different people entirely,I am Ryuzaki/L,my friend is light/kira

  15. Try playing the trailer’s music backwards.


  17. Hey Peter, Make a list of your friends.

  18. L? Ryuzaki? Peter? Infernape? Lawliet? ANYBODY?!??

  19. putting Christmas tree up… BRB

  20. I have a fair amount of friends in real life,only one posts here on under my name,he always says (Kira) before each post,in the show,Kira’s real name is light Yagami

  21. i don’t know anybody here in real life…..

  22. …..i’m actually doing it…………….. i didn’t think i would but in am…………….. i can’t resist….. i just….. have to……. well, here goes…….

  23. No, Ryuzaki, I meant a list of ONLINE friends in order, please.

  24. NO NOT WEBKINZ i used to have an account

  25. yeah. i don’t play much anymore. but i just had to 😉
    charlie brown thanksgiving’s on now on abc!

  26. my username’s Beachkid12

  27. yeah!!!! ON right now!!!! but my mom said we have to watch ice age Christmas because we have the charlie brown Thanksgiving DVD

  28. http://www.zippycrab.blogspot.com is an awesome websitE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. poor ur dsi. I have one 2. Mine is kinda slow.

  30. The Daily News
    UPDATE: Ryazuki has been found!!!

  31. And I own a DSi

  32. If you can find out my username, you will be invited to my party on poptropica.

  33. Never mind

  34. IT is on byp92 room code.

  35. The Secondly News: Wild Scorpion had been found over lots of weeks!!! : Ryuzaki doesn’t talk!

  36. Zippy Crab, Could you please go to the room code?

  37. Yes,beside me

  38. In case you didn’t see it

  39. I still need one person to come. I want to make this a big party

  40. Um wild scorpion,maybe I have a life to live and school to attend,video games to play, friends to hang out with,food to eat,I comment when I can

  41. sorry. I ended the party for a bigger one

  42. you guys……………………………..

  43. do you people know that calm dolphin is write? USE YOU FRIGGEN E-MAILS!!!!!! other people dont care about your stupid conversations.

  44. Hi ya’ll! Thx for voting on my poll! I will totally follow your blog Zippy Crab! Btw ya’ll, you can see one of my other blogs, my movie blog: http://violetpurplefish.blogspot.com/.

  45. I WAS looking forward to the new island, but now i’m not so sure…. :/

  46. you know what i do every time there is a new island? i dress up like the people on that island so i fit in but i dont customize them i look for clothes in other islands

  47. you didn’t follow my blog yet blue raptor.

  48. well, i guess that is goodnight then. Goodnight, and happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  49. hey, this is the 60th comment lol
    happy thanksgiving everyone, i was over at my relatives’ houses so yeah…..we left at one and just got back…..lol

  50. theyre heere ;D



  53. oh my gosh! i got the cutest owl ever. i know im too old for webkinz but it is super cute i have like 14 pets now!

  54. i have like 40. 🙁

  55. Hey Blue Raptor!, thanks a lot for being a member of my site. It means a lot to me. 8) Will anybody else join my blog?!?!? Please do, and if so, please leave a comment. 😉

  56. Oh, and Blue Raptor, Thanks so much for commenting ❗ :1 it really gives me hope to keep going!!!!! :mrgreen: Keep updating!!!!!!!!! OH and again blue raptor, when you commented btw how do you take those pictures of what you are doing i.e. those pics at the bottom of your blog.

    You have to…. 1. go on layout on edit 2. Click “make a new gadget” 3. Add the gadget “picture” 4. hit “choose file” to choose the file from ur computer for the picture 5. hit confirm and enjoy!!!

  57. cool pic zip

  58. thanks poptropfan, brb i have to put ornaments on C-mas tree!!!! BRB though!!! :mrgreen:

  59. I’m following both your blogs Zippy crab and Vanilla wolf

  60. and Zippycrab seems to be obsessed with mr green

  61. got bored so testing to see if old name works

  62. still sticking with Ryuzaki though

  63. Hey “Infernape” who is your best friend on poptropica secrets?

  64. cant say I really have a best friend on poptropica secrets,but I suppose you Zippycrab,are probably my best friend on this site

  65. and I’m still ryuzaki,so again,call me Ryuzaki or L

  66. or peter,I noticed you usually call me peter

  67. you are my best friend on this site 2. I’ll just call you Ryuzaki.


  68. we just finished putting up Christmas Tree!!!! It goes up to roof!

  69. Oops I commented as VW ……

  70. have you heard of “Elf Yourself” by Office Max??

  71. I have heard of it. We’ve done it every Christmas

  72. me too i am working on it riight now

  73. Does anyone here play an instrument? I play the trumpet.

  74. what web browser do you use? usually I use Google chrome,but it was being really slow so I switched to Firefox

  75. Google Chrome. I had WIndows internet explorer but poptropica would not work for that plus my ggogle chrome is super fast. :mrgreen:

  76. I use Google Chrome too, but the computer in my room only has an old Internet Explorer and my dad says I can’t get Google Chrome on it.

  77. I used to play the piano and violin.

  78. Hey guys! I just got 2,000 views on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  79. i play the piano. and i used to use Internet Explorer but now i use Firefox.

    i like your blog, Blue Raptor. and you too VanillaWolf and ZippyCrab.
    hmmm…… i wonder if i should get a blog…….. (i’m thinking about making one on New Year’s day and call it something like “my life in 2012” and blog about everything for a year, but that would be private. i just want to stay ‘web-safe’)
    do you think i should have a blog? what would i put on it?

  80. This is dedicated to Neat Hopper:
    It’s Black Friday Black Friday!

  81. LOL 😀 hahahaha good one! thanks!
    there’s a Kohls commercial where it’s like “Black Friday Black Friday gotta go to Kohls on Black Friday!”
    and yes, i know it’s not named after Rebecca Black. but it’s a funny coincidence.

  82. on Black Friday, my family puts up our Christmas Tree. otherwise, it never gets done until the last minute. technically, it’s up all year (it’s a plastic one where the branches come off and you have to assemble it when you put it up. when we take it down, we reassemble it in the attic so that it doesn’t lose its shape)

    wow. yesterday it was all Thanksgiving. today, everyone’s talking about Christmas!

  83. It is a funny coincedence. I’ve seen that Kohls commercial. What is Black Friday anway? And did you know that Friday was released on a Monday?

  84. cae315 or Neat Hopper will you PLEASE be a member of my blog or at least comment on my page?!!?!?!? http://www.zippycrab.blogspot.com :mrgreen:

  85. what?!,where are the comments

  86. sorry,computer messed up

  87. Black friday is a day of MEGA sales every where

  88. hey wait a minute… cae315………. I know your name!!!!! By the way, thx for being a member of my site!!!

  89. I know Ryuzaki’s too.

  90. You could tell by the first 3 letter is bet.

  91. what is it

  92. no, guys i found out by seeing my followers on blog and seeing their emails and names!!! :mrgreen: Peter K***** and Cae*** M

  93. by the way guys I have 2 leave for my grandparents Thanksgiving party. I will miss u guys A LOT. Please stay on my friends. U r all AWESOME!!! THX BYE!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ❗

  94. I don’t care if someone knows my first name it’s: Caelin

  95. yup my name is ****** anyway see ya later bye

  96. I know ur UN too i just guessed and i got it right anyway BYE FRIENDS

  97. Why are people so tuochy about their names? It’s not like you look their first name up and the first thing that pops up is your profile or your picture or your whole name

  98. I hope the ending of this island isn’t gonna be some sort of joke where all they wanted was something a bit stupid or they were confused.

  99. You have to have a blogger acount

  100. no,I followed via my Google account which I use for my G-Mail

  101. I have 7 predictions abot G S I:
    They are haunting to get revenge on Hemlock Harbor and you have to be a “Ghost Buster”
    The ghosts are trying to get everybody out of the town
    Using “context clues” on what we already know, maybe the late people drowned (a prediction about their death)
    There is one person that has killed all the people
    Since in the vid there is a poster that has a crossed out ghost so that might mean:
    a. They want a brave soul to get rid of all the ghosts
    b. They don’t want anybody to ghost hunt because it might anger the spirits but someone secretly commissions you to hunt the ghosts
    The ghosts are trapped in the town ang that’s why they haunt so you need to find a way to set them free so they won’t haunt anymore

    In the end you will (might) become become a hero to the citizen or the ghosts for your deeds.

  102. Name Where the line is from

    “Deception, fear and vanity and melancholy too..
    I’m strong, I’m not affected by these.
    Someone who is weaker won’t be able to resist,
    You haven’t seen the last of me yet..”

  103. HI GUYS! srry that im not commenting much. lol. Its Black Friday Black Friday Gotta Get Down On Black Friday. and i went to see the new muppets movie today and it was funny 😆

  104. wow. i dont know 🙂


  106. who here has seen the simpsons

  107. The 8th prediction: They want to steal our bodys

  108. i watch the simpsons

  109. yeah the simpsons is stupid

  110. that sounds cool cae135,and you need to wear a special suit so they don’t steal your body,and they could be anybody,(can I call you caelin)

  111. i think they were sailors who think they found a new island but got attacked by residents and seek revenge

  112. yes you can call me caelin

  113. that’s cool poptropfan,here’s what I think”Sailors cast off in search of a new island,which would have been the second know Island in the world,however they mysteriously disappear,the case is dropped due to a possible public up-roar at the thought of a mysterious vanishings,the Island is found once more by agents from spy Island,who over power the natives and discover the truth behind the explorers vanishment,they were attacked and killed by the natives,the natives claimed they are constantly tormented by the spirits of the sailors,and that some disappear in the forest for a night,then reappear,as if they were a new person,with no memories to there past,but they seem to have a mysterious resentment of the natives,the natives are removed,and the Island was populated by modern poptropicans who needed a new start,whether economically or mentally,you are commissioned to go there to investigate the warnings the natives gave,to ease the public,who got leaked information about these warnings

  114. just a theory,feel free to change,add,or subtract from it

  115. SUP. I am back from grandparents…. did you miss me?!?

  116. I totally forgot about you

  117. if tey switched around ghost stor island and game show island it would have been better considering it might be a little awkward hunting for ghosts in christmas

  118. your not supposed to tell him that caelin

  119. you never tell people you forget they exist

  120. i also have a few theorys:
    you capture the ghosts are being held captive by the townspeople for bussiness and you try to free them
    or tired of being tormented by the ghosts the ownspeople ask you to get rid of the ghosts and find you find out what they want so you can get them to leave

  121. yeah… that’s really not nice. 🙂 i just got back from my grandmother’s house.

  122. Thanks a lot. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :* c

  123. You all hate me, right? 🙁

  124. YAY MY MOM IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she did have the flu but she survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just like 1 of my old friends cause she had the flu to but they survived yayayayyayayayyayayyayaya
    (jumping around the house and hugging mom! yyayayayayyayayaya)

  125. AWESOME Thalia thats great!!!!!!!! I am glad she feels better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  127. at least i have one friend.

  128. But there is 1 more sad thing… ok this is it:I got my report card back and i looked at it, it is pretty good but i did’nt get fully meets in math i got generally meets… and my dad wants me to be perfect sooooooo his going to pretty much yell me.
    I’m kinda scared of my dad… no a whole lot everyone wish me luck… and you might want to prepare my funeral cause he might kill me…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  129. It will be OK I wish you A LOT of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  130. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :mrgreen: always here to help!!!

  131. I’m following! My pic on your following gadget is a cat (though you probably can’t see it since its a little grainy). Gee! I hate that My comments are late! I live on the other side of the world!

  132. Hi everyone please go to my blog at http://thinkwithcatherine.blogspot.com/.

  133. and here r good news:we had a book fair at my school and they had the poptropica guide so i bought it! 😀 …. it was $15.00 is that a good deal?

  134. hi Blue Rapta!!!!! :mrgreen: I’m thankful for the friends I have.

  135. Yes Thalia great deal!!!! I have it and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  136. wow! My polls are booming!

  137. yup so are mine!!! Thanks for all encouraging and support!!! :mrgreen: Keep checking up on my site, i’ll check on yours.

  138. “Can’t establish a secure connection,” says Poptropica.

  139. i’m so bored

  140. well not about NCIS… I don’t watch that…

  141. Zippy,your still my best friend on this site,so you got friends

  142. poptropfan, people have bigger problems. 🙄

  143. watching fish hook well lisaing


  145. well, then you are bored out of your mind, watching fish hooks. :mrgreen:

  146. JUST KIDDING! :mrgreen: no sad faces peeps!

  147. right now i”m so confused i dont get fish hooks

  148. yes its over

  149. 🙄 It is so weird and messed up. Hey, where is Thalia and BR>!>!

  150. ps cant wait till who will be the family wizard


  152. hahahahahahahahahhahahaahaahaha :mrgreen:


  154. Ok, I know this is kinda late, but Z.C., I’m sorry if you really felt that bad

  155. I forgive u. sniff sniff :0

  156. i got anger probs sorry

  157. 🙂 we all do, we all do. :mrgreen:

  158. ……………….dont yell dont yell calm y did i even type this i”m so werid lol

  159. 🙂 we all are, we all are. :mrgreen:

  160. ok i get it zip

  161. 🙂 we all get it, we all get it. :mrgreen:

  162. ok now I get it. I’ll stop. :mrgreen:

  163. no 1st is better

  164. its 9:00 bedtime good night

  165. 1st is worst, second is best, third is the one with the hairy chest!!!!

  166. Hey everyone! back! today my class had a mustache party! we did: eat pizza and cupcakes and cookies,watched the smurfs,had a mustache comepittion
    Reason:we won a pizza/mustache party because we raised the most money in the intremitidete classes and defeated the grade 5’s in a bet. and we are the smallest class in our entrie school. there r 16 students.

  167. The rest of my school and I say:
    First is the worst, second is the best, thirst is the one with the treasure chest

  168. Oh and Thalia, my cousins class consists of only 8 people! EIGHT! My class has 23.

  169. You have a hairy treasure chest! 😆

  170. (\_(\
    (=’:’ )

  171. WOW ONLY 8 PEOPLE… what 8 is the half of 16… COOL!! :mrgreen:

  172. ^—-^
    O O
    U U
    !!! !!!

    That’s right, whamed the kitty.

  173. who likes/loves justin bieber?
    who likes/loves selena gomez?
    who hates/loves them together?
    who believes justin bieber is the dad of mariah yeater?
    who…. nevermind ran out of questions.

  174. my answers:HATES
    ummmm…. maybe… no….ummm….

  175. my answers
    who gives a crap

  176. Hellooooooooooooooooooo

  177. wow. you guys have so little people! there are 43 people in my class!

  178. no no no not 43 PEOPLE!!!!!!

  179. who likes sushi? 😛

  180. agh! I hate this! I hate it when it says it can’t let me on!

  181. by the way BR there is only one Zippy Crab. The other 1 was my other EMail. Well, i checked and there is some other ZippyCrabs.

  182. I guess it is a slow…… 2 hours? anyway GOODNIGHT PEEPS OF THE WORLD!!

  183. HELLO!!!!!!!!
    wow. that was a lot of exclamation points. i like them with spaces and usually only two. Like this ! !

  184. why is my comment awaiting moderation?


  186. BYE GUYS SORRY I WON’T SEE U I WILL MISS U GUYS BYE!!!!!I HAVE TO GO TO A BASKETBALL GAME BYE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  187. I feel like using your Poptropican as your Icon is so…..un-original

  188. i don’t know. i was gone too.

  189. what is going on? i wanted to catch up, so i read all the comments on this post, and when i came back to this page, there were like 30 more!

  190. and now they are completly gone! what just happened?

  191. you probably missed allot but I don’t remember what you missed

  192. i missed a lot too. i was going through Christmas CDs. there were 16 and 3 of them were mine (disney’s a season to sing along, kidz bop christmas, my zany christmas). the rest were my dad’s. and you could tell! he had 2 amy grant christmas albums, christmas with the judds (copyright 1987 by the way), 2 kohls cares for kids CDs, a starlight christmas, grand ole opry christmas classics, and more!

    and yeah i can’t wait to see who becomes the family wizard! i think it will be alex. or there might be some strange twist and harper somehow wins.

  193. knowing how the show is centered around alex shell probably win

  194. maybe in a twist theyll all win

  195. if that doesint happin then go alex she rocks plus if she loses mason and her r over

  196. what show are you talking about anyway?

  197. OH,wizards of Waverly place,weird show,I read that someone already saw it and that Alex wins but gives up all her powers to be normal

  198. the comment I just made is a SPOILER

  199. so read at your own risk

  200. no thats the movie

  201. how many times does this happen to them?!

  202. Hello people,hopfully my comment will moderate

  203. Hello people,hopefully my comment will moderate

  204. only 1 time well 2 times after the speacial episode comes out

  205. I AM SO BORED

  206. the card-jistu party is on cp! IDK!

  207. jitsu, sorry typo

  208. HEY EVERYBODY!!! LISTEN UP!!!! I JUST HAD THE BEST, AND I MEAN BEST, DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! :mrgreen: 1. Wake up early and get in car 2. Drive to the basketball game while playing life on the computer with my cousins. ( I MARRIED A JAMAICAN LADY WITH WITCHCRAFT POWERS!!!!!! ) 3. Get the basketball game, PERFECT SEATS!!! 4. See players up close and get skittles! 5. MY FAVORITE TEAM WINS!!!!!!!! 6. ( BEST PART ) WE STAY AFTER THE GAME, LIKE A HALF HOUR, AND THE PLAYERS COME OUT!!!! AUTOGRAPHS AND PICS!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: 7. LEAVE AND DRIVE SOME MORE. 8. GO TO MY SISTER’S FAVORITE ANIMAL ( WOLF) ( VANILLAWOLF) PARK ( A WOLF PARK ) AND SEE WOLVES ON A TOUR. 9. GO TO AWESOME BUFFET TO EAT!!! 10. MY COUSIN FOUND LOST I-POD!!! 11. SING SONGS ON WAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVA!!!!! DID U MISS ME????? CAELIN?!?!

  209. hello?????? anybody??????!

  210. BEST. DAY. EVER! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! OMG THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 CANT BELIEVE IT!

  211. EVER ! ! ! ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  212. ,was trying to ruin your comments

  213. HEY EVERYBODY!!! LISTEN UP!!!! I JUST HAD THE BEST, AND I MEAN BEST, DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! 1. Wake up early and get in car 2. Drive to the basketball game while playing life on the computer with my cousins. ( I MARRIED A JAMAICAN LADY WITH WITCHCRAFT POWERS!!!!!! ) 3. Get the basketball game, PERFECT SEATS!!! 4. See players up close and get skittles! 5. MY FAVORITE TEAM WINS!!!!!!!! 6. ( BEST PART ) WE STAY AFTER THE GAME, LIKE A HALF HOUR, AND THE PLAYERS COME OUT!!!! AUTOGRAPHS AND PICS!!!!!!!!!!! 7. LEAVE AND DRIVE SOME MORE. 8. GO TO MY SISTER’S FAVORITE ANIMAL ( WOLF) ( VANILLAWOLF) PARK ( A WOLF PARK ) AND SEE WOLVES ON A TOUR. 9. GO TO AWESOME BUFFET TO EAT!!! 10. MY COUSIN FOUND LOST I-POD!!! 11. SING SONGS ON WAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVA!!!!!

  214. don’t double comment zippy

  215. it was probably an accident. even if it wasn’t, can you blame him? pretty exciting day, zippy! :mrgreen:

  216. don’t tell me what to do :mrgreen:

  217. It wasn’t on accident. :mrgreen: IT WAS AWESOME THANKS FOR SHARING MY JOY ANGRY GHOST :mrgreen:

  218. good bendy dragon, good.

  219. Well….First, I must tell you all that I like Purdue. Yes, I do very so. Remember that.
    So anyway, we went to a Purdue Basketball game with my cousins today! The ride was actually pretty fun, except I was jammed in the back of the seat with my little brothers. And I actually don’t like basketball that much, but, hey, its PURDUE!!! And i was SO excited to go! But, when we got there we got AWESOME seats! There wasn’t even people in the seats in front of us, so we got to stretch our legs out the whole time. Then, after the game, we got autographs from some people. We even got Robbie Hummel’s autograph! Oh yeh! 😉 And we got a picture with him.

  220. BUT…………that’s not ALL!

  221. After THAT experience, we went to WOLF PARK! :mrgreen: 😎 oh yeh uh huh! I got 3 epic pictures of wolves for $1. Then, we got a tour, and they walked us around the park, and we got to hear the coyotes and wolves howl! And we also saw a cute baby buffalo! (they have buffalo there too) Then, we left and went to an awesome restraunt! (BEST MAC AND CHEESE EVER) Then, my cousin found her iPod she lost! So yeh. Pretty awesome for me! 😉

  222. OH………by the way! if you wanted to know about the “jamacian lady” Zippy C “married” is my cousin brought her laptop in the car, and it had LIFE on it. And in the game you have to get married, and Zippy C chose some weird jamacian lady with huge gold hoop earings! 😆

  223. New page…also IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW…..LIFE is a board game, and they made it on computer. So yeh.

  224. oh and Bendy Dragon, as far as I know, I have never been to Disneyland. I HAVE BEEN TO DISNEY WORLD! Is there a difference? I think. Not sure. 😳

  225. Well! Its officially 12:30, so GOODNIGHT MOON!

  226. by the way Blue Raptor, plz do make costumes and i will share them on my blog. I will say they are made by you.

  227. Im squeezin’ the peach for the night. night’ see ya in da mornin’ folks!!!!

  228. cool whered you get the life game is it online?

  229. and disneyworld is WAY better its bigger and every day they have contest the winner get 1 night free in the castle and everything even the rides are handicap i went there twice in 2007 and 2004

  230. My best day ever:
    Walking around Chicago and standing on glass sticking out from a building 1450 feet in the air! Riding on a double decker bus through the urban streets down town and eating in the Hancock building and seeing a fire from there and running around in Millenium park and more and best of all: It was a Friday so I was playing hoockey!

  231. Wow! Sounds like you had a great time!
    I haven’t been to Chicago since July.

  232. BTW I like your gravatar ZC!

  233. like your clips. There are awesome!! you are also lucky to have membership Fierce Moon.

  234. this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spooky and cool. can’t wait for it to come out!

  235. cae315, I LIVE in Chicago. 🙂

  236. hey im miley cyrus and i know how to complete every island just give me your accont

  237. Here’s a couple of hints, “Miley Cyrus”… First of all, you’re a drug addict if you really are Miley Cyrus. Second of all, you’re just going to mess up other peoples’ accounts.

  238. sounds kind of scary!!!Cant wait for it to come out!!!

  239. Fierce Peanut ♪

    This island will so creeptastic! I cant wait to play it! ♥

  240. hey! hows it going ghost story membership 11/15/11

  241. played the demo and it actually hsd some sounds and this lady was speaking while i was using the telescope and i freaked out

  242. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to hard can’t catch any ghost not even Sweet Richard

  243. Wow!!! You’re the best! I wish I can thank you and give you a gift! All the islands are so so so so so fun!!! I really like you Fierce Moon!! Anyway, are you a girl? Cause I am one and I would like to be your friend. Or pen pal. Bu thanks for all this cheats and secrets. You are my Poptropican life saver!!!