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Getting Through the Fire Planet Volcano in Astro-Knights Island

Astro-Knights Island is the newest island in Poptropica and it’s got some really tough parts. I have a full Poptropica Astro-Knights Island Walkthrough, but one of the hardest parts deserves a little more attention: the volcano on Fire Planet. In this section, you have to go through a long maze underneath the volcano. Every few seconds, a rush of volcanic steam comes through and if you get stuck in the way you get knocked back really far. It can be really frustrating, because if you mess up just a little you can get knocked all the way back to the beginning.

The key is to be really patient and just go from one safe spot to another. It’s best to wait just until the steam disappears and then move very quickly to the next spot. Then wait again. Just do one quick move at a time and with a little practice, you can make it all the way through.

If you want some more help, I made a quick Youtube video that shows you exactly how to do this part of the Fire Planet. If you like the video, please subscribe to my channel.

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  5. i beat the whole thing.

  6. how do I get the space ship to work?the one in the swamp! Where do I get fuel from?WHY is it broken!!!!!!!! You better anser me or i’m calling the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. I think that the rocks are in fire that I might be on fire!Plus it might be to hard to pass it.

  8. I thick that you might get burn up if u touch the steam,well good luck.


  10. thanks don for the tip now i can get into the volcano!


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  17. The hardest part of the Fire Planet is the Robot Lava Dragon.
    First, you should talk to the guy in the red suit. (He gives you the Ice Arrow.)
    Go inside the entrence. You will find the dragon in there.
    Jump on to the chain above you. (You might have to move forward.)
    Then jump on to the next and so on untill you get to the last one.
    Jump off of it, and try to get past the spike ball. After you do that,
    go on the dragons back. (Don’t jump too high, because you will hit the spikes and fly off.)
    Click the lever and quickly go forward. Shoot an Ice Arrow at the dragons mouth when it hangs open. (You might have to try this a few times. It is very hard and the dragon has to be at a different angel sometimes.)
    After the dragon falls into the lava below, the fire knight will come and join you.

    By now most of you that needed help might have already got it done. For those who didn’t, I hope this helps!


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