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Gathering Costumes for Harry Potter Island!



Not surprisingly, since it’s the most popular book series in the history of the printed word, the winner of our “which book would you like to see turn into a Poptropica Island” poll is: Harry Potter! Since it’s almost 100% certain that everyone reading this has read at least one of the books or seen at least one of the movies, I thought it would be fun to do a costume ‘gathering’ for an imaginary Harry Potter Island. It’s like our usual costume contests, only this isn’t a contest. Instead, let’s see outfit ideas for as many Harry Potter characters as we can get.

The Rules:

  1. Dress your Poptropican up like one of the characters from Harry Potter. If you see a lot of Harry’s and Hermione’s in the comments already, try to find someone who hasn’t been done yet.┬áIt’s fine to submit a costume if someone’s already submitted it, just try to have a different take on it somehow.
  2. Open the Avatar Studio item in your Poptropica backpack and copy the link into the comments below.
  3. Remember to tell us who you are…it might not be obvious
  4. Stay in your costume until at least next Tuesday, July 30th end of the day. Why so much time? Because I’ll bet there’s a lot of characters you all could come up with and I want you to have as much time as you need.
  5. Please stay-on-topic in the comments so commenters can easily see what costumes have been submitted! If you want to use the comments to ‘chat’, I’ll be posting something else soon.

I suspect this might be kind of difficult, so good luck! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

(My apologies to whoever the artist is that drew the picture above, but I grabbed the image off of the internet and there wasn’t any illustrator credit to go along with it. A nice anime-style version of the Harry Potter characters, no?)


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